1st case of ‘flurona’ reported in Israel – “A woman in Israel caught influenza and Covid simultaneously – RT – HERE WE GO, 2022 JUST STARTED AND SO DID THE NEW FEAR MONGORING. I THINK IT’S BEEN FLURONA ALL ALONG!!!!!!!


The Collins and Fauci Attack on Traditional Public Health – “On Oct. 4, 2020, with Prof. Sunetra Gupta of Oxford University, we wrote the Great Barrington Declaration (GBD). Our purpose was to express our grave concerns over the inadequate protection of the vulnerable and the devastating harms of the lockdown pandemic policy adopted by much of the world; We proposed an alternative strategy of focused protection. Unbeknownst to us, our call for a more focused pandemic strategy posed a political problem for Dr. Francis Collins and Dr. Anthony Fauci. Ignoring the call for focused protection of the vulnerable, Collins and Fauci purposely mischaracterized the GBDl as a “let-it-rip” “herd immunity strategy,” even though focused protection is the very opposite of a let-it-rip strategy.” – Jayanta Bhattacharya and Martin Kulldorff  -VERY IFNORMATIVE ARTICLE ON THE REASON FOR THE GBD AND FAUCI’S OPPOSITION TO IT!!!!!!

Not vaccinating kids ‘doesn’t make any sense’ – Fauci – “Parents have a ‘responsibility’ to inoculate their children against Covid-19, the health official said” – RT  – NO, DR FAUCI, PARENTS HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT THEIR CHILDREN. THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PROTECTING AND INOCULATING. IT DOES NOT MEAN THE SAME THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vaccine evasion and an OAS signal in Ontario – A look at some data that a lot of people seem to be misinterpreting. This is the key chart. (generated from the Ontario gov’t website) and it shows something incredibly interesting. it shows vaccines working to stop cases until mid december and then suddenly inverting. this is presumably due to omicron. This is consistent with not just vaccine escape, but vaccine driven acceleration. – El Gato Malo

It’s 2022 and the Pandemic is Over – “Only the most brainwashed True Believers will cling to the failed narrative.” – Mark Jeftovic

Was COVID authoritarianism a practice run for something far worse? – “One man has decided that the COVID panic is a successful trial run for future tyranny based upon the allegedly existential threat of climate change.” – Andrea Widburg  – ANDREA ON THE “BIG PICTURE”. MORE THAN ONE PERSON BELIEVE THIS WILL BE THE MODEL OF CONTROL ON CLIMATE CHANGE AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How the game is really played – “This is just my educated guess on what Fauci probably told world leaders about how to deal with the COVID pandemic. A lot of people have told me this is the best piece I’ve ever written.” – Steve Kirsch  – ALL OF THIS IS PROBABLY PRETTY CLOSE TO THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let the excuses and walkbacks begin – “2022: The Year of The Ass (Covering). We are going to see so very much of this” – Alex Berenson – MAKE SURE YOU READ THE COMMENTS TO THIS DR’S TWEET!!!!

Thousands gather to oppose Dutch virus measures despite ban – Aleksandar Furtula and Mike Corder

Interesting Shift – Australian Government Now Casually Saying They Will Pay for Adverse Reactions to Vaccine in Booster Phase, Media Calls 79,000 “The Rare Few” – “For scale, the entire population of Australia is essentially the same as the state of Florida. Imagine if Governor Ron DeSantis mandated the jab, and told all Floridians 80,000 of you will likely suffer severe adverse reactions, but it’s in your best interest… oh, and you don’t have a choice. Wait… wha, huh?” – Sundance


Dispatches from the New Normal Front: The Ministry of Truth’s War on “Misinformation” – “When 2 + 2 = 4 Is Verboten” – Margaret Anna Alice

When Fake News Drowns Out Truth-Telling, Free and Open Societies No Longer Exist – “Throughout the US/West, people who rely on MSM for news and views are brainwashed to know only what the fabricated official narrative explains. They’re profoundly ignorant about what’s vital for everyone to know about protecting their health and fundamental rights. State-approved fake news over the real thing is perilously close to becoming the law of the land in the US/West ahead. Perhaps it’s coming in the new year to more greatly harden tyranny than already. Looking ahead in the new year, what little remains of a nation safe and fit to live in may be gone before holiday season 2022 arrives without mass rebellion to halt and kill the diabolical scheme before it kills us.” – Stephen Lendman

We’ll Either Rise As A Collective Or Perish As Individuals – Caitlin Johnstone  – MORE OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN!!!!

Did banned mRNA vax inventor Robert W. Malone M.D. just break the Google algorithm? – “Did the Twitter punks who banned mRNA vaccine inventor and bona fide vaccine expert Robert W. Malone, M.D. just set off the Mother of all Backfires? Kind of looks like it, now that they’ve drawn so much public interest to the man that they’ve apparently broken the Google algorithm for censoring stories about him.” – Monica Showalter

Google and DuckDuckGo Handle Dr. Robert Malone’s Claims About “Mass Formation Psychosis” Very Differently – ““Mass formation psychosis.” No, it doesn’t refer to a screwed-up flock of geese flying south for the winter. There have been many commentaries about mass formation psychosis that have hit major conservative news outlets today. But instead of linking to the video of Dr. Malone, any of the stories that dive into the phenomenon, or even reaction videos that expand on the concept, Google decided to promote some random dude’s minute-and-a-half video “debunking” it when people search them for “mass formation psychosis.”” – J.D. Rucker  – WELL GOOGLE HAS TO INFLUENCE THE NARRATIVE. THE THOUGHT POLICE AT WORK!!!!!!!!!!

NYT Editorial Board Ridiculously Claims ‘Every Day Is Jan. 6 Now’ -Mike Miller

What Did Black Lives Matter Really Accomplish In 2021? – “If there’s one thing we can take away from 2021, it’s that the Black Lives Matter movement and all of its hype men in the media are full of it.” – Eddie Scarry

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss – “Three things are certain in life: Death, taxes, and Democrats governing like far-left, dictatorial loons. Case in point? New York City got the first taste of its new boss today, and not shockingly at all, he’s pretty much the same as the old boss. After being sworn in shortly after midnight, Eric Adams opened up his term by signing two executive orders and taking to social media to brag about them. The first granted himself emergency powers to essentially do whatever he wants. The other re-upped the beleaguered city’s vaccine passport system.” – Bonchie

BIDEN’S TROJAN HORSE: From Afghanistan and Across the Southern Border, Biden is Bringing Unvetted Military Age Men from Around the Globe Into the US – Joe Hoft

The US is building, rather than tearing down GTMO prison facilities – “Report drowned out by other outrages of the day prove Biden has no interest in shuttering the military detention center.” – Kelley Beaucar Vlahos

Killer Robots: The Future Of Warfare – “Experts fear an arms race to develop autonomous AI weapons that, if left unregulated, could be the end of humanity.” – Keelin Ferris

The Top 10 Posts of 2021 at The Organic Prepper – “It’s the end of the year, and this is the time that we at Organic Prepper like to take a pulse on the world as we look back over at what our top posts were over the past year. Just as one can monitor what the global population is talking about by analyzing search engine traffic, so we can do the same thing by looking at just what it is that our readers are reading. Looking at this list, what can we gather that Americans as a whole are concerned about? Can we sum it up in one word? We sure can. Tyranny.” – Aden Tate  – HERE IS WHAT THEY FEEL ARE THEIR TOP 10 POSTS. I’M SURE THEY HAVE ALL BEEN PREVIOUSLY LINKED AS THE ORGANIC PREPPER IS ONE OF MY GO TO SITES FOR GREAT ARTICLES. HERE THEY ARE, AGAIN!!!!

In 2022, More Humans, Including Children are Enslaved Than Ever Before in History—We Must Do Better – Matt Agorist

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 1, 2022 (VIDEO) – “Completely engineered climate disruption operations continue to fuel radical weather and temperature fluctuations all over the world. How much more can the climate system take before it is broken beyond any form of functionality? Many are now finally beginning to wake up to the fact that something very nefarious is occurring in our skies. What other controller agendas are simultaneously being carried out?” – Dane Wigington – YES, GEOENGINEERING IS STILL GOING ON. HAS BEEN TOO LONG SINCE I LINKED ONE OF DANE’S WEEKLY VIDEOS!!!

Most Comprehensive Study To Date: Omega-3 Reduces Heart Risks – GreenMedInfo

Tips for managing and using firewood for maximum efficiency – “Wood was humanity’s first source of fuel, and even today, it’s one of the most reliable resources in many parts of the world. There are many things you need to learn about using firewood for heating your home, and the first thing one needs to acknowledge is that no wood is equal when it comes to its heat value.” – Bob Rodgers


2022: The Year of Breakdown – “In other words, our economy and society have been optimized for failure. If we look at the fragility and instability of essential systems, it’s clear that 2022 will be the year of breakdown. Let’s start by reviewing how systems break down” – Charles Hugh Smith

Swamponomics: Economy Still Short Millions Of Pre-Pandemic Jobs – “President Joe Biden has celebrated his jobs record in 2021, declaring that the United States is “back to work.” Some Democrats claimed that he had created more jobs in seven months than any of his predecessors in history. In 2021, it was the highest of highs and lowest of lows on the labor front, with the best report coming in July (1.091 million jobs) and the worst happening in November (210,000 jobs). But the president has failed to add any net new jobs over the last year, compared to before the crisis. Since arriving at the Oval Office, President Biden has witnessed a 6.1 million bump in payrolls. Still, it is estimated that the labor market is short about three to five million positions.” – Andrew Moran

The War on Cash & the Dollar – Martin Armstrong

Handicapping the 2022 Market Casino – “And yes, at this point it’s hard to call markets anything other than a casino or a video game that has detached itself from fundamental reality. For now anyway for I firmly believe reality will make its presence felt again. But for now: The S&P 500 finished 2021 with its third consecutive year of double digit gains closing at 4766 again making mockery of any type of fundamental analysis and again putting to shame any price forecasts issued at the beginning of the year:” – Sven Henrich

Cost of Building a Home Headed Back Up as Lumber Rips Higher to Finish 2021 – “Looking to build a house? Lumber prices tell you what direction prices are headed.” – Mish

WHAT IF… WE’RE RIGHT ABOUT BITCOIN? – “Entering 2022 with the clown world simulation shifting into ever-higher gears, it’s worth remembering why we’re here and why Bitcoin is worth fighting for. So what if we’re wrong? The real question is: What if we’re right?” – Aleksander Svetski


Galatians 5:9      A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.


You’re just an animal in the zoo
Sittin’ round feeling persecuted and abused
You’re locked up and I’m on the loose
But I can’t quite tell who’s looking at who
‘Cause I’m an animal, too
But you’re locked up in a zoo
And you look at me and I look at you

God made the heaven and the deep blue sea
But man picked the flowers and he pulled up the trees
God made the moon and the rain and the sun
But man made the money and the bombs and the guns
So we’re all animals, too
But you’re locked up in a zoo
And you look at me and I look at you

I’m a prisoner but I got no cage
I’m locked up but I got no chain
But the good guys lose and the bad guys win
That’s why you’re looking out and I’m looking in
But we’re all animals, too
But you’re locked up in a zoo
‘Cause you look at me and I look at you

( Animals In The Zoo by Ray Davies of the Kinks )