Crimes against Our Country – “The year of sickening global psychosis ended with virologist and vaccine-uberspecialist Dr. Robert Malone truth-bombing the Internet with three hours of straight talk about the US health authorities’ campaign to destroy the lives of at least half a million US citizens (so far) By health authorities I don’t just mean Dr. Anthony Fauci, We know what you did. You engineered and patented a gain-of-function virus at the same time you conspired with pharma companies to devise and patent pseudo-vaccines, and then you loosed both of them on the public. You didn’t just fail to adequately test the “vaccines” cooked up by Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson, but you deliberately botched the trails and lied about it. You created rich $$ incentives for hospitals to mis-treat Covid patients by failing to use known, safe, effective anti-virals. You conspired with social and news media to suppress information about those common anti-viral drugs that would have informed many patient’s decisions and saved thousands of lives.” – James Howard Kunstler  – A MUST READ FROM MR. KUNSTLER!!!!!!!!!!!!

WATCH: Fauci Caught Lying AGAIN, Claims Non-mRNA Vaccines Like “Covaxin” Have Not Been Approved In the US Because “They Have Not Applied” – Turns Out, They HAVE – “We have enough vaccines, the best vaccines available, in the United States. I’m puzzled by that question. We have more vaccines than we need right now. We just need the people to get vaccinated with the vaccines that we have. The mRNA vaccines are desired by everyone else in the world. So we have what we need; we need to use it.“ – Julian Conradson  – BASICALLY HE’S ADMITTING HE DOESN’T WANT TO USE A REGULAR VACCINE, JUST THE EXPERIMENTAL mRNA ONES!!!!!

It is not about Corona anymore – “Restrictions continue in Germany independent of all metrics, despite falling hospitalisations.” – eugyppius  – WAS IT EVER, REALLY!!!!!!

Dis information comes from The New York Times – “Weird chart. Looking at it one would almost think that new Covid cases are perfectly correlated with (mRNA) Covid vaccination levels at both the state and national level:” – Alex Berenson

Video: WHO Head Vows To Vaccinate 70% Of The World By Summer 2022 – “The clock starts now.” – Steve Watson

Hospitalisations by COVID-19 vaccination status. (Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: 06-Sep-20 to 12-Dec-21) – “Main points: The rise in weekly admissions is concomitant with the rise in vaccinations and only abates when adult vaccinations also abate. The weekly variation in admissions for all ages, 18+ years, is more strongly correlated with patients vaccinated prior to admission than unvaccinated patients, both before and after the midpoint of vaccination rates.” – Joel Smalley  -ANOTHER STUDY SHOWING THAT IT’S A PANDEMIC OF THE VACCINATED!!!!!

COVID scam falls apart; it’s over – “Here’s Walensky’s money quote: “…people can remain PCR positive for up to 12 weeks after infection and long after they are transmissible and infectious.” That means MILLIONS of FALSE positive test results have been logged as REAL, in the past two years. If you can’t trace the implications of THAT, I can’t help you.” – Jon Rappoport

Indiana life insurance CEO says deaths are up 40% among people ages 18-64 – “Davison said the increase in deaths represents “huge, huge numbers,” and that’s it’s not elderly people who are dying, but “primarily working-age people 18 to 64” who are the employees of companies that have group life insurance plans through OneAmerica. 40% is just unheard of. Most of the claims for deaths being filed are not classified as COVID-19 deaths, Davison said.” – Margaret Menge  – LET’S SEE. NOT COVID DEATHS THEN WHAT TYPE OF DEATHS ARE THEY. HE SAYS THE PAST 2 QUARTERS SO WHAT CHANGED FOR THE WORKING AGED PEOPLE. WELL, THEY WENT BACK TO WORK AND MANY HAD TO GET VACCINATED TO DO SO BECAUSE OF JOBS OR STATE MANDATES!!!!!!!!!

People are dying, but not the ones you think for the reasons you think – “In other words, more Americans are dying since the vaccine than ever before. That last paragraph may be the beginning of a huge upcoming bolus of evidence showing that the anti-jabbers were right all along: the injection that rejoices under the misnomer of a “vaccination” is, instead, a life-taker, not a life-saver.” – Andrea Widburg – MORE ON THE ABOVE. NOT TO KEEP BEATING THE SAME DRUM, BUT ANDREA  PRETTY MUCH CONCURS!!!!!!

How Much Longer will the World Continue to Look to Medical Doctors to Save Them? – “The COVID-19 Plandemic did not corrupt the medical system. The corrupt medical system gave us the COVID-19 scam. COVID-19 only revealed the true motives of this system, which is to enslave people through medical tyranny, and not heal people. Healing people is a terrible business model, as you eliminate your repeat customers.” – Brian Shilhavy

Lockdown has destroyed the Australian spirit – “This once easy-going country has become illiberal, mistrustful and divided.” – Nick Cater

Fear porn, testing hysteria, and tyranny – “According to the mainstream media, print and digital, COVID is surging, omicron is deadly, and everyone with a scratchy throat runs to a testing center to see if he is “infected.” It’s madness on a grand scale. Most of them are not infected, but these thousands of hypochondriacs are waiting hours in line for a test that, even if negative, may be positive the next day. The clamor for more tests is ridiculous.” – Patricia McCarthy

CNN Story Perfectly Captures The Mass Covid Neuroticism Of 2021 – “”Chicago woman quarantined in airplane bathroom for 3 hours after testing positive for Covid-19 mid-flight” – the CNN headline reads. The start of the story perfectly encapsulates the kind of neurosis and failed precautions and anxiety-inducing “health rituals” which have taken hold over vast segments of the population. The woman took no less than seven Covid tests just before the flight: Before the flight, Fotieo told CNN she took two PCR tests and about five rapid tests, all of which came back negative. But about an hour and a half into the flight, Fotieo started to feel a sore throat. And here’s the kicker: the woman who gave herself seven Covid tests but learned on the 8th that she had the virus was fully vaccinated and had received the booster. But CNN still reminds the reader that it’s the “unvaccinated population” that we have to worry about here:” – Tyler Durden  – NO WONDER PEOPLE CAN’T GET THE TESTS, SOUNDS LIKE THIS LADY BUYS THEM BY THE CASE FULL!!!!!!




The Extreme Tyranny Today Has Been Caused by Mass Voluntary Compliance – “Who among you has no master? Who among you is not a slave? How can so many be ruled by so few? A huge preponderance of all societies cannot negate these questions, for there can be no certain answer or honesty from obedient and irresponsible fools. Ignorance is no excuse, cowardice is shameful, and indifference is immoral. Mankind has sunk to his lowest level, but compliant commoners fear not. The enslavement of billions at the hands of a few evil masters will allow the collective to wallow in self pity together; If you find these words harsh, so be it,” – Gary D. Barnett

The Truths We Dared Not Speak in 2021 – “At the end of this terrible year, we are left only with ironies.” – Victor Davis Hanson

A cat’s tale: how getting canceled by twitter made me more optimistic than ever about free speech – “Once upon a time, on an internet not so very far away, there was a cat who met a bluebird. the cat had opinions and ideas. the bluebird had a forum and a promise to “stand for freedom, empower dialogue, and speak the truth to power.” the cat believed the bluebird and set about joining this community. A good fairy tale has a moral, and the moral of this sad and all too common parable is this: it is easy to become that which you purport to hate.” – El Gato Malo

GOODBYE, OLD FRIEND Heartrending moment dying chimp named Mama, 59, meets her human best friend for the last time – “AT the ripe old age of 59, Mama had defied the average life expectancy of a chimpanzee by all accounts. But as she was hit by a lengthy illness, the elderly chimp was refusing food and stayed curled in a ball – until a old friend paid her an unexpected visit.” – Katie Davis  – IF THIS DOESN’T MAKE YOU TEAR UP, NOTHING WILL!!!!!!

This YEAR in the New Normal – “This week we review what OffG will be on the lookout for in 2022.” – Off Guardian  – ON COVID AND THE “BIGGER PICTURE”!!!!!

So did Gallup scrap its annual ‘most admired’ poll because Trump kept winning it? – “Was it sheer spite or marching orders from Team Obama or Team Biden, anxious to ensure that the public didn’t get wind of Trump’s popularity? It would make sense, given the “Let’s Go, Brandon!” mood of the country. Biden and his incompetent sidekick both sport public approval ratings in the high 20s” – Monica Showalter

IRS: Stealing Is Okay If You Pay Taxes Guilty until proven innocent, so don’t forget to declare your loot to the IRS. Most funny memes are jokes or exaggerations, but one currently making the rounds on social media would typically fall into the category of an obvious fake – except that it is true. In it, the IRS all but presents itself as a partner in crime.” – Caroline Adana

Republican Congresswoman Says Trump Should Never Be Allowed to Run For President Again – “Over alleged role in January 6 raid.” – Paul Joseph Watson

2021 Chicago’s deadliest year in quarter century – “The city of Chicago is kind of the poster child for violent urban environments. It’s not the most violent, necessarily, but it’s right up there with some of the worst. It’s also very visible in a very anti-gun environment. After all, while Chicago doesn’t have much gun control to speak of specific to the city itself, the state of Illinois has all the anti-Second Amendment laws we’re told are absolutely essential in controlling violent crime. In fact, they’ve worked so well in the Windy City that 2021 has gone down as the deadliest year in a while.” – Tom Knighton

Beware 2022: Technocracy’s War Against Humanity Set To Continue (VIDEO) – “It’s important to see the principle of Ordo ab Chao at work. This occult latin term translates as “Order out of Chaos” and hints at modern globalization’s theory of “never let a good crisis go to waste.” Under the cover of chaos, Technocracy thrived during 2020-2021 at spreading its net of control and social engineering. Without chaos, virtually none of Technocracy’s initiatives would have ever gotten off the ground. The point is this: Technocracy thrives on order, structure and predictability but uses chaos to get there.” – Patrick Wood – GOOD ARTICLE FROM PATRICK WITH A VIDEO WITH MATTIAS DESMET AND CHRIS MARTENSON!!!!

The “existential abyss” is key to understanding the crisis we face – “The technocrats created a false idol that failed and now they are lashing out. The technocrats created a Golden Calf to worship — a belief in the infallibility of science, vaccines as the new Eucharist, and an entire economic and social system to serve these high priests and this vision of the world. If the technocrats’ false idol was working, there would be no need for them to worry. But it’s not. Everywhere they look their false idol is in ruins.” – Toby Rogers   – GOOD ONE FROM TOBY, AS WELL!!!!!!!!!

The differences in censorship methods used in US today vs. China – “Many of you have wondered about the differences. Here’s your answer.” – Steve Kirsch

Those Who Support Internet Censorship Lack Psychological Maturity – “In reality nobody ever gets banned for “Covid misinformation”; that’s just today’s excuse. Before that it was the fallout from the Capitol riot, before that it was election security, before that it was Russian disinformation, foreign influence ops, fake news, etc. In reality the real agenda behind the normalization of internet censorship is the normalization of internet censorship itself. That’s the real reason so many people get banned.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Two years on, the Soleimani Spirit gathers clout – “The Americans may have assassinated Soleimani, but the illegal aggression has not thwarted the Quds Force general’s plans for West Asia one bit, and may have even accelerated them.” – Pepe Escobar

Biden’s “Diplomacy Is Back” Falls Flat as 2021 Middle East Policy a Miserable Flop – “By no means has voting blue meant a change for the better; in fact, the only real difference between Biden and Trump in terms of foreign policy is that instead of mean tweets, more respectful language is used to give the new president the veneer of respectability.” – Robert Inlakesh

The Imbecile King who put his foot on the gas pedal – “Little by little, a nation chips away at the very values and institutions that made them powerful to begin with. This story is as old as human civilization. And while the exact circumstances today are different, the themes are very similar.” – Simon Black

New York is Using Race to Determine Access to a Limited Supply of Life-Saving COVID Treatments – “Then there is an additional requirement that makes intuitive sense: the COVID patient must “have a medical condition or other factors that increase their risk for severe illness.” It makes sense that the government would seek to prioritize those who are at higher risk for developing severe illness. But the policy then states that anyone who is non-white — regardless of age, health or underlying medical conditions — is automatically deemed to have met the requirement that one must have “a medical condition or other factors that increase their risk for severe illness” in order to receive this treatment (“Non-white race or Hispanic/Latino ethnicity should be considered a risk factor.”).” – Glenn Greenwald – SO MUCH FOR ALL THAT “WHITE PRIVILEGE” “BS”. I THINK IT’S ALWAYS BEEN “NON-WHITE PRIVILEGE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Afghanistan: a tragedy made in the West – “The era of liberal interventionism drew to a catastrophic close this year.” – Tim Black

Ukrainian Official Debunks Phony Claim About Russian Forces Massed Near Border – “Based on Biden regime talking points, a fake news drumbeat pushes the Big Lie claim about Russian forces massed near Ukraine’s border with likely intent to invade in the new year. Russian forces are based in their own territory. The closest ones to Ukraine are hundreds of kilometers away — posing no threat to the country or any others. What US/Western dark forces and their MSM press agents know, they conceal. On all things Russia and other nations free from US control, propaganda is featured exclusively over truth and full disclosure. Not a shred of evidence suggests that Moscow intends to invade any country.” – Stephen Lendman

The Next War: A Look Ahead at Hypersonic Missiles, A.I., Space Combat, and Bio-Weapons – John Hayward

2022 A challenging year – “Where is a secretary of state capable of reassuring the Kremlin and easing Washington out of its commitment to American hegemony? He is nowhere to be found. The situation is extremely serious, because Russia is facing an aggressor whose leaders are disconnected from reality. Biden, who is only there part of the time, has advisors from the Russian-hating neoconservatives at the Center for New American Security funded by the US military/security complex and oil companies. The state department official who oversaw the overthrow of the elected government of Ukraine is now the Undersecretary of State. The warmongers responsible for Clinton’s bombing of Yugoslavia in the 1990s and for all of Washington’s illegal wars in the 21st century are ensconced in the Biden regime. US Senators from both parties are demanding that Biden stand up to Putin.” – Paul Craig Roberts

US Shows the Exit Ramp to Russia – “Getting off your high horse is never easy and it remains to be seen how deftly Moscow navigates its path in the downstream of President Vladimir Putin’s 50-minute phone conversation Thursday with his American counterpart Joe Biden.” – Melkulangara Bhadrakumar

Bizarre neurological illness plagues young Canadians – “Otherwise healthy young adults in New Brunswick are falling ill with crippling symptoms. While the official number of cases recorded since the mystery illness was first publicly acknowledged in early spring has not budged upward from 48, multiple sources told The Guardian that as many as 150 people may have contracted the fast-moving illness. Still more young people require assessment, and several have died.” – RT

50 Things That Americans Should Be Stockpiling For The Chaotic Year Ahead – Michael Snyder

Different Types of Weapons/Tools to Have on Hand as a Prepper – “No matter what type of job you must position you in, you will always have work to complete. To complete this work, you must have tools. Each job will require different tools. This is the same when you are preparing for a disaster or working to survive.” – Bob Rodgers




What I See for 2022: Interest Rates, Mortgage Rates, Real Estate, Stocks & Other Assets as Central Banks Face Raging Inflation – “An extra-special cocktail of three powerful ingredients with no cherry on top awaits us in 2022.” – Wolf Richter

American Exceptionalism: Not Looking Too Exceptional for 2022 – “Based on such domino effects, the Fed now finds itself in a pickle. If it tapers, rates rise and asset bubbles tank, which is bad for the markets which the Fed so loyally serves. However, if the Fed doesn’t taper, inflation continues its steady rise, which is bad for everyone else. Given such options, the choice for the always self-serving, public-ignoring and market-supporting Fed would seem to be against a taper, no? So, why is Powell forward-guiding a taper into 2022?” – Matthew Piepenburg

The Last Great Inflation – “Much of what caused the inflation of the 1970s is repeating” – Milton Ezrati

European NatGas Prices Soar As Supply Constraints From Russia Build – Tyler Durden

There’s a News Blackout on the Fed’s Naming of the Banks that Got Its Emergency Repo Loans; Some Journalists Appear to Be Under Gag Orders – “Four days ago, the Federal Reserve released the names of the banks that had received $4.5 trillion in cumulative loans in the last quarter of 2019 under its emergency repo loan operations for a liquidity crisis that has yet to be credibly explained. Among the largest borrowers were JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, three of the Wall Street banks that were at the center of the subprime and derivatives crisis in 2008 that brought down the U.S. economy.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Everybody Is Certain Gold & Silver Are Set For Imminent Launch To Start 2022 – “A funny thing happens when everybody is so sure of something… On the surface, for myriad reasons, gold & silver should be skyrocketing in price right now. Off the top of my head, to offer just a tiny number of reasons, here’s what the so-called “experts” are saying:” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

New Year, New Hope for Gold and Silver Investors – Clint Siegner

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.35EUR





Jeremiah 20:11       But the Lord is with me as a mighty terrible one: therefore my persecutors shall stumble, and they shall not prevail: they shall be greatly ashamed; for they shall not prosper: their everlasting confusion shall never be forgotten.