Sanity spreads and the circus slinks out of town – “It sure seems like there is an awful lot of backing off and backing down going on all of a sudden. And an awful lot of jerseys are getting swapped so folks can pretend they were on “team reasonable” all along. Either the states and congresscritters are in outright revolt or the polling must be even more apocalyptic than it looks. This narrative is shifting faster than a dual clutch ferrari.” – El Gato Malo

Biden Signs $137 Million Deal With German Company to Produce COVID Test Material – “On Wednesday, the Biden administration officially announced that it had signed a $136.7 million deal with German company MilliporeSigma to produce a key component of rapid coronavirus tests in the United States. The new facility will not be completed until late 2024 at the earliest. MilliporeSigma is a subsidiary of the German conglomerate Merck. At capacity, the plant is expected to produce enough lateral flow membranes to support 83.3 million COVID-19 test kits per month.” – James Murphy  – LATE 2024, HUH??? APPEARS TO ME THEY PLAN ON DRAGGING OUT THE PANDEMIC FOR AT LEAST ANOTHER 3 MORE YEARS THEN. SOUNDS TO ME LIKE IT’S NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING OVER. OLD JOE IS LIVING UP TO HIS PROMISE, THOUGH. HE SAID HE WAS GOING TO GET 500 MILLION TEST KITS OUT, HE JUST DIDN’T SAY BY WHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Video: After Two Years, CDC Head Admits PCR Tests Produce False Positives – “Noting that PCR tests for COVID can stay positive for up to 12 weeks after infection, Walensky stated “we would have people in isolation for a very long time if we were relying on PCRs.” Er yeah, that’s been happening for two years now.” – Steve Watson

COVID, Ivermectin, And ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’: Dr. Robert Malone Gives Blistering Interview To Joe Rogan – “mRNA inventor Dr. Robert Malone gave a fascinating interview to Joe Rogan which aired on New Year’s Eve. If you’ve got three hours to spare, we recommend you watch the entire thing:” – Tyler Durden

Do Not Take Part in the Lie – “Yesterday, I had to take an antibody test in order to get into the studio in Austin. The good news is that my natural immunity from my last round of COVID is robust – with IgA and even IgM Antibodies present. This brings me again to one of my biggest issues with the public policy response. Natural immunity equals or trumps immunity from the genetic vaccines, because the natural immune response is broad (against the all 29 proteins of the SAVS-CoV-2 virus) and appears to hold up better against Omicron. This sustained and robust natural immunity also applies to children. We all know it. Why won’t our government and the main stream media admit it?” – Robert W Malone MD, MS – I GUESS I DON’T FOLLOW DR. MALONE’S LOGIC OR AM MISSING SOMETHING HERE. I UNDERSTAND HE’S SAYING HIS ANTIBODIES ARE STILL UP, BUT AT THE SAME TIME HE IS SAYING “HIS LAST ROUND OF COVID”; WHICH IS KIND OF INFERRING THAT HE HAS HAD COVID MORE THAN ONCE. THAT KIND OF CONTRADICTS THAT HE WOULD HAVE HAD NATURAL IMMUNITY FROM THE FIRST ROUND THEN, DOESN’T IT!!!!!!!

How Likely Is Reinfection Following Covid Recovery? – “We have looked at the published evidence and can conclude based on the existing body of evidence, that reinfections are very rare,” – Dr. Paul Elias Alexander

Top 5 Myths Busted about the Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act – “HR 550 is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. Before we dig into myth-busting this bill, it’s important to understand what the Immunization Infrastructure is. In short, it is the bones upon which a vaccine mandate could rest” – Stand for Health freedom

Are we on the brink of OVER-vaccinating in the fight against Covid? Experts warn dishing out fourth jabs in spring may be unnecessary – and Omicron may be world’s ‘natural’ vaccine that finally ends pandemic – “UK should hold off on a new booster and the wait for data on long term impact of current jabs, experts say” – John Ely


Men Have Forgotten God – “When Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was still a young child growing up in Russia/Soviet Union many of the elder population were asked, why is all this calamity falling upon us? Why are the authorities limiting our freedoms and choices? Why are we not allowed our basic human rights? Why are we starving to death? The answer that Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn remembers hearing as a child from the older, more experienced, wiser Russians was that “Men have forgotten God; that’s why all of this has happened.” Faith is the cornerstone. For when “Men have forgotten God”, the house will undoubtedly crumble. And something else will be built upon the ruins, and this something else will look nothing like America. Just ask Solzhenitsyn, and Washington, and Adams, and…” – Andrew W. Coy

Watch: Kamala Harris Gives Bizarre Answer To Inflation Question – “We’re not sure what this means, but it’s how Vice President Kamala Harris led off an attempted answer – or more likely clumsy and bizarre effort to dodge – to a simple question on inflation…” – Tyler Durden

Winter storm warnings issued as heavy snow looms for central US – “An enormous winter storm will mark the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 by producing accumulating and travel-halting snowfall in at least 18 states from the southwestern United States to the Midwest and even parts of Canada during the holiday weekend, AccuWeather meteorologists say.” – Alex Sosnowski

Morrison’s End – “Doors front man Jim Morrison remains fascinating—even if his literary ambitions never came to fruition.” – Ian Penman  – RAN ACROSS A COUPLE OF JIM MORRISON LINKS TODAY. HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A FAN OF THE DOORS!!!!!

The Doors – The End (VIDEO) – With Apocalypse Now footage (1979) – NOT THE ORIGINAL OPENING SCENE, BUT AN EXCELLENT EDIT. THE HORRORS OF WAR. WHAT ELSE NEEDS TO BE SAID; EXCEPT NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Putin reviews 2021 in longest-ever New Year address – “The President praised the Russian people’s solidarity in the face of the pandemic and focused on traditional family values” – RT

Straight-Talking Russian Officials Compared to Double-Talking US/Western Ones – “As 2021 segues to a new year, Vladimir Putin extended season’s greetings to numerous world leaders and others as he’s done annually before. Notably he stressed the importance of “equality and mutual respect (that) strengthen(s) stability and security in Europe and the world as a whole.” To the White House imposter, he said “that building on our agreements reached during the June summit in Geneva and subsequent contacts, we can move forward and establish an effective US-Russian dialogue based on mutual respect and consideration of each other’s national interests.” He knows well what he’s up against in dealing with hegemon USA — a nation neither wing of its war party can ever be trusted.” – Stephen Lendman

Will ‘Godless liberalism’ Force Russia to Close Its ‘Window on the West’? – “For centuries, Russia has been open to adopting popular Western traditions, but as the invasive cultural weed known as progressive liberalism enters the scene, Moscow is now forced to rethink the level of its engagement. With the internet and ubiquitous social media, however, such a cultural distancing will not be easy.” – Robert Bridge

How to Compete with the Chinese – “Will the search for technological supremacy lead us to embrace China’s vision of governance by a technologically sophisticated bureaucracy, and what does that mean for individual rights and dignity?” – Todd Myers

The Unmuscular Car . . . and More – “The first bad news of the new year is that it’s official. Dodge will no longer be making muscle cars after 2023. Dodge isn’t kicking the Hemi to the curb because people don’t want to buy them. Dodge can’t build them fast enough to keep up with demand for them. The only reason Dodge has decided to stop selling them is because of government. The plug is being pulled so as to push people toward plugging in.” – Eric Peters

If you need a firearm, here’s why you should buy it now – “The New Year will see a continued breakdown of the supply chain. Everything from food to fuel to firearms and basic supplies will gradually disappear from shelves. Even ordering from huge online warehouses will at some point become difficult in 2022 and here’s why.” – Leo Hohmann

Fellow Libertarians – If You Like RFK, Jr., You’ll Also Like Del Bigtree – “Bigtree has a weekly internet show, the HighWire, which is solely donor funded, so it has no advertisers. interviews scientists, medical professionals, investigative journalists, freedom advocates and others with information critical for sorting out where the true weight of the scientific evidence lies with respect to infectious diseases and vaccines and for understanding the dystopian world we’re living in.” – Davis Taylor

Despite widespread opposition, Japan plans to dump water from Fukushima plant into the Pacific Ocean – “A million tons of contaminated water will be released in two years’ time” – Mong Palatino and Nevin Thompson  – FUKUSHIMA, THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING!!!!!!!!

10 Best Vegetarian and Vegan Supplements for Improved Health – DeannaCat  – GREAT CHOICES AND NOT JUST FOR VEGETARIANS AND VEGANS!!!!

Turmeric That Successfully Prevents Cancer Cells To Spread – “There is some evidence that curcumin, a substance in turmeric, can kill cancer cells in certain cancers. Research has shown lower rates of certain cancers in countries where people eat more curcumin. At the moment there is no clear evidence in humans to show that turmeric or curcumin can prevent or treat cancer.” – Amy S.



Fed Drains $1.9 Trillion in Liquidity from Market via Overnight Reverse Repos – “Banks unloaded cash today for quarter-end window dressing. Money markets funds are biggest counterparties, Fidelity, Vanguard, Blackrock on top” – Wolf Richter

How to Survive the Mega Collapse of 2022 – “The fact is, with Bidenflation raging out of control, cash is trash. Bonds are trash too. A stock market crash may or may not be imminent. But a mega collapse of the economy is most definitely in the cards. What to do… Gold, without question, is the tried and true form of wealth protection. To be clear, gold’s not an investment; it doesn’t pay a dividend or interest. Still, it’s far more than just a pet rock, as Buffett asserts. Gold, specifically, is an anti-investment. It’s a safe haven for wealth. And it’s especially prudent for times like now…when the end of the world as we’ve always known it comes to pass. Yet if gold’s an anti-investment, then what’s silver?” – MN Gordon

The Commodity That Soars When Inflation Is Rising – “Last week, we told you why silver is set to explode because of tailwinds from the New Energy megatrend. Today, I’ll show you another reason why this overlooked metal is set to go much higher in the coming months. Precious Metals Offer Wealth Protection. Like gold, silver is also a precious metal. Many of those who own silver buy it for the same reasons they buy gold: to protect their wealth against negative real interest rates, rampant government debt, and money printing. And right now, real interest rates are negative (when adjusted for inflation), meaning people are losing money on every cent they save…” – Laurynas Vegys  –  THE OTHER ARTICLE REFERRED TO WAS LINKED ON 12/23/21!!!!

Silver 2021 Review & 2022 Outlook (VIDEO) with David Morgan – Wall Street Silver  – 2 OF MY FAVORITES TO LISTEN TO DAVID AND GREG!!!!!!!!

MUST WATCH! Gregory Mannarino’s Calls For 2022. Stocks, Gold, Silver, Crypto, Dollar, MUCH MORE. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Billionaires Are Embracing Crypto in Case Money ‘Goes to Hell’ – “Brokerage founder Thomas Peterffy says its prudent to have some crypto, while Ray Dalio views it as alternative to cash” – Scott Carpenter


Proverbs 30:29-31    There be three things which go well, yea, four are comely in going:  A lion which is strongest among beasts, and turneth not away for any; A greyhound; an he goat also; and a king, against whom there is no rising up.