With omicron, you need a mask that means business – “Why high-filtration respirators are better and how to find a legitimate one. Given all this, you want a mask that means business when it comes to blocking viral particles. Unlike cloth masks, N95, KN95 and KF94 respirators are all made out of material with an electrostatic charge, which “actually pulls these particles in” – Maria Godoy  –  A LITTLE PROPOGANDA FROM NPR.  I GUESS BEFORE WE DIDN’T NEED MASKS THAT MEANT BUSINESS. ARE THEY SAYING THEN IT WAS JUST FOR SHOW BEFORE. THAT’S MY TAKE AWAY HERE!!!!!

Patriotic Duty My Eye – “Rough Rider Teddy must be rolling in his grave as he looks down upon these poseurs gathered in the Roosevelt room. For crying out loud, every one of them is double vaxxed and totally boosted. And they have issued orders to force the same upon more than 130 million of their countrymen—allegedly to prevent the latter from becoming walking vectors of disease and killers of their neighbors. Yet if the Vaxx is actually a spread stopper, why do they sit there in their masks? What’s the need to protect Biden from Fauci when the sainted doctor is armed to the teeth with vaxxed-in antibodies? And why is Biden festooned with the medical equivalent of Depends when he’s already got the accident-prevention protection of the Vaxx? Or does he? ” – David Stockman  – GREAT READ FROM MR. STOCKMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If All Of This Seems Familiar, That Is Because We Have Seen It All Before… – “Doesn’t it seem odd that New York City just keeps setting new record after new record even though so many New Yorkers have been “fully vaccinated”? Another parallel to the early days of the pandemic is that Bill Gates is starting to make lots of noise again.” – Michael Snyder – AND THAT’S A PERFECT DESCRIPTION – HE’S JUST A BUNCH OF NOISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Super Immunity”: Pandemic collapses into self-parody – “Claims that “breakthrough infections” might be good for you are hilariously desperate. The Covid19 “vaccines” don’t work. They’ve admitted it, and now they’re seriously trying to tell us it’s actually a good thing. Indeed, whether they were ever meant to work, what they are actually for and why the establishment needs to push them so hard, are interesting questions for a future article. For now, let us confine ourselves to Big Pharma’s stated intention: The “vaccines” are allegedly meant to stop the spread of “Covid19”. They don’t do it.” – Kit Knightly

“No Country Can Boost Its Way Out” – WHO Warns Biden Plan Could “Prolong” Pandemic – Tyler Durden

Oh look – Omicron is here. – “Omicron is here and the near vertical take-off likely indicates a wild ride of speculation and intrigue in the weeks to come.” – Justin Hart

Vaccination Madness Spreads in Cities, Even at Fox News – “Fox News went beyond Mayor Bill de Blasio vaccine or test mandate to an outright vaccine mandate for employees.” – Mish

Three ‘What Ifs’ We’re Not Supposed to Ask – “Counterfactuals, like “conspiracy theories,” are frowned upon by those who look guilty when they are posed. Here are three to chew on during the holidays:” – J.B. Shurk

Hollywood movies featuring “deadly viruses” on the loose – “I’m republishing this piece because protests against vaccine mandates are rising across the world; Here in the US, we have a demented mandating nut in the White House, and another nut who left the White House last year and keeps pumping up his destructive Warp Speed vaccine, as he currently tours the country. “Omicron” is very much a movie title. Fear the Omicron. It attacks by night. And it’s being used to explain all the people having heart attacks and dying after vaccination.” – Jon Rappoport

Omicron infections result in 80% lower risk of hospitalization, 70% lower risk of severe illness: studyOmicron infections result in 80% lower risk of hospitalization, 70% lower risk of severe illness: study – Paul Shiver

Does the Army really have a COVID-19 ‘super vaccine’ and future variant killer? – “Lots of hyped claims. No evidence just yet.” – Jordan Schachtel  – THE DEFENSE ONE ARTICLE IS BELOW !!!

US Army Creates Single Vaccine Against All COVID & SARS Variants, Researchers Say – “Within weeks, Walter Reed researchers expect to announce that human trials show success against Omicron—and even future strains. He said nearly all of Walter Reed’s 2,500 staff have had some role in the vaccine’s nearly-two-year development.” – Tara Copp  – HMM, LET’S SEE. NEARLY 2 YEARS PUTS US BACK TO DEC. 2019 . DIDN’T THE VIRUS SUPPOSEDLY NOT ARRIVE HERE TILL AROUND JAN. 2020. OF COURSE THAT IS UNLESS THE ARMY ALREADY HAD THE VIRUS AND KNEW ABOUT SOME OF IT’S VARIANTS AND STARTED WORKING ON A FIX FOR THEIR OWN BIO-WEAPON. OH, AND LET’S JUST HAPPEN TO SHUT DOWN FORT DETRICK IN 2019 TOO. IS SOMEONE LETTING THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG HERE.  DOESN’T REALLY MATTER, WE’LL JUST SHIFT THE BLAME TO CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chicago Mayor Lightfoot To Unvaccinated: ‘Your Time Is Up!’ (VIDEO) – “Although the omicron variant is rapidly vanishing in its South African country of origin, US tyrants like Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Fauci are still trying to ramp up the fear to put Americans against Americans. Lightfoot’s threats against a class of people have no place in a civilized country.” – Ron Paul

‘First Omicron Death an Anti-Vaxxer’ Story Falls Apart (VIDEO) – “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.” – Paul Joseph Watson

England hospital units may close as staff revolt over jab mandate, says NHS leader – Denis Campbell

34,337 Deaths 3,120,439 Injuries Following COVID Shots in European Database as UK Public Data Show 35 Deaths 213 Hospitalizations Among Booster Triple Vaccinated – Brian Shilhavy


Christmas in America – “What if the world was full of darkness before He came into it? What if there is much darkness still today but some glimmers of light? What if those glimmers of light are from places of faith in Him? What if those places of faith in Him are also places of joy? What if we recognize that He is the light of the world? What if Christmas is the birthday of the Son of God and the Son of Mary? What if we recognize the presence of the Son of God and the Son of Mary in our hearts and among us? What if the God-as-baby whose birthday we celebrate is the savior of the world? What if we don’t hide this but live it? Merry Christmas.” – Andrew P. Napolitano

‘Dune’ and Human Potential – “Why would traditionalists, conservatives, or people interested in race care about Dune? First, it rekindles the prospect of human greatness. Dune is also about genetics, science, and religion. The sisterhood is largely a eugenic society.” – Gregory Hood  – HAVE NOT WATCHED THIS VERSION OF “DUNE” YET SO I CAN’T MAKE A RECOMMENDATION. SAW THE ORIGINAL MOVIE YEARS AGO AND READ THE BOOK OVER 50 YEARS AGO. MAY HAVE TO RE-READ IT, WITH A NEW PERSPECTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can You See The Signs That Are Happening All Around Us? – “Just because most people have eyes does not mean that they are able to see. We live at a time when global events are going haywire all around us, but the vast majority of the population is still asleep. Even though our world is being rocked by pestilence, economic troubles, wars and rumors of wars, widespread civil unrest, and great natural disasters, most people simply assume that life will eventually return to “normal” at some point. Sadly, that isn’t going to happen.” – Mac Slavo

Fake Unifier-In-Chief Ends First Year In Office The Same Way He Began – “When he entered office, Biden promised to be a unifier. After what we’ve seen this year, it’s undeniable he’s only been a divider. President Joe Biden is closing out his first year in office the same way he opened it: with a divisive message to two Americas under the guise of a crusade for unity because the messenger isn’t Donald Trump. After Biden wrote off a large portion of the nation as white supremacists at his inauguration, he’s writing off the unvaccinated as responsible for the pandemic.” – Tristan Justice

Durham zeroes in on Clinton campaign, could call some aides to testify, court memo reveals – “Hillary Clinton’s team long fought to keep its ties to Christopher Steele’s dossier from public view, but Special Counsel John Durham is now making clear he has a strong interest in her campaign’s behavior during the Russia collusion probe. He is even suggesting some of her aides could be summoned as trial witnesses.” – John Solomon

Please—Stop the Coup Porn – “Military officers should quit all their coup porn talk—either to remove a president they don’t like, or to project their own reckless, insurrectionary behavior onto their political opponents.” – Victor Davis Hanson

No, we still won’t eat the bugs! – “The ongoing efforts to (literally) force bugs down our throats have been kicked up to another level as the European Union recently voted to approve insects for human consumption.” – Helen Buyniski

The Atlantic Claims ‘More People Carrying Guns Tends to Result in More Shootings.’ Decades of Data Show They’re Wrong – “The Atlantic recently suggested the surge of violence in 2020 was the result of the increase in firearms sales in 2020. The claim is pure fiction.” – Jon Miltimore

Emergency Powers Deployed to Impose Vaccine Passports – “In its infinite Scientific™ wisdom, the city of Boston, Massachusetts just announced a new “vaccine passport” system set to take effect next month. This was one of the first major actions of the recently-elected mayor, Michelle Wu, who’d been hailed by many as a paradigm-shifter for her inspiring Progressive potential. Wu’s passport system is endearingly called “B Together,” because there’s nothing more emblematic of heartwarming communal “togetherness” than compulsory monitoring of medical activity by the government.” – Michael Tracey

ALERT: 2030 Psychological Agenda – Obedience Training for PreK-Adults Already Global with Billions in Funding for Full Control – Part 3: Spirituality in Education Programming – Corey Lynn  – PART 3 OF COREY’S 9 PART SERIES!!!!

The Big Threats Are The Ones We Can’t Come Back From – Caitlin Johnstone

Will Russia Learn In Time Before War Is Upon Us? – “For the first time ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Kremlin has put its foot down. No NATO for Ukraine and Georgia. Period. As I predicted would happen, the Kremlin’s acceptance over many years of insults and provocations encouraged more until Russia’s very existence became threatened. Now that the foot has come down, will Washington’s arrogance and hubris allow Washington to notice?” – Paul Craig Roberts

Exit Nord Stream 2, Enter Power of Siberia 2 – “Military superpower Russia, having had enough of U.S./NATO bullying, is now dictating the terms of a new arrangement. Coming straight from President Putin, it did sound like a bolt from the sky: “We need long-term legally binding guarantees even if we know they cannot be trusted, as the U.S. frequently withdraws from treaties that become uninteresting to them. But it’s something, not just verbal assurances.”” – Pepe Escobar

Iran, Russia and Turkey denounce continued US theft of Syrian oil – “The US occupation is working with armed groups to loot and smuggle Syrian oil” – The Cradle News Desk

Is This Erdogan’s Exit Strategy? – “Since the first assault on Turkey’s finances in 2018, which I wrote about multiple times, I’ve been the lone voice telling everyone that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a lunatic but he’s a lunatic with a plan. That plan is to de-dollarize the economy of a valuable member of NATO geostrategically. The key thing to remember about Erdogan is the following. Everything he’s done, including taking control of the Bank of Turkey, has been to call out the IMF and the banking institutions of Europe as ravagers of emerging markets like the one he runs.” – Tom Luongo

Russian FM Lavrov on whether NATO’s Stoltenberg is fit for the job (VIDEO) – “Russia’s foreign minister said that, if Jens Stoltenberg believes that NATO members can ignore the principle of indivisible security, then, perhaps, it’s time for him to get a DIFFERENT JOB.” – RT


End of Easy Money: Global Tightening in Full Swing, While the Fed Promises to Wake Up in Time Next Year – “Central banks jacked up rates to catch up with run-away inflation, but most fell further behind; only Russia caught up. The Fed didn’t even try.” – Wolf Richter

Fed’s Favorite Inflation Indicator Spikes To Almost 40-Year-Highs, Real Spending Flat – Tyler Durden

OCC Report Shows JPMorgan Chase Owns 62 Percent of all Stock Derivatives Held at 4,914 Banks in the U.S. – “The second striking detail is that this federally-insured bank’s holdings of stock derivatives come to a notional amount (face amount) of $3.3 trillion. Why is any taxpayer-backstopped bank in the United States allowed to own anything near a trillion dollars in stock derivatives, let alone a bank like JPMorgan Chase that has admitted to an unprecedented five criminal felony counts brought by the Justice Department in the past seven years, with three of those felony counts for rigging markets.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens


Downside in Precious Metals is Gone (VIDEO) with Chris Vermeulen – ” We’re at an inflection point with the metals, and the whole sector has been out of favor for a year now. In the midst of the late stages of a stock market top, the precious metals start to out-perform other sectors. It also looks as if bonds and the US dollar could hold up pretty well.” – Kerry Lutz’s Financial Survival Network

This Ignored Metal Market Is an Essential Investment- “Silver, the poor man’s gold. It is often overlooked by investors, even during commodities rallies. In fact, when most people think of this unique metal, they don’t think of it as an investment. They think of their grandmother’s precious cutlery set that’s only taken out for special occasions.” – Laurynas Vegys

Gold and silver prospects for 2022 – Alasdair Macleod

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.16EUR


Luke 2:15    And it came to pass, as the angels were gone away from them into heaven, the shepherds said one to another, Let us now go even unto Bethlehem, and see this thing which is come to pass, which the Lord hath made known unto us.