2022 Will Be a Year of Extreme Tyranny: Perception or Reality? – “In the midst of this tyrannical environment, the renewed push to use the spectre of non-sensical man-made climate change to further frighten the masses will not only be employed, but will eventually become the new ‘Covid,’ replacing the fake virus threat, as has been the plan all along. There also could be war plans in the offing, even if only used as another distraction and threat against society. As government and its controllers often state without any thought given; nothing is off the table, including medical and military martial law.” – Gary D. Barnett

How to Create a Health Care Crisis – “Do you have some sense that we’ve been in this place before? Another variant, another round of panics, more restrictions, models forecasting mass deaths, experts weighing in on all the things you must do, masks masks masks, exhortations from discredited experts demanding that you do things again even though they didn’t work the last time. This is just a remarkable scene. Nearly two years after locking down to crush the virus, to stop the spread, this is where we are. It should be more than obvious that the mitigation measures did not achieve the goal and caused enormous damage. The ghoul this time is: Omicron.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

Tripled Vaxxed 4.5 Times More Likely to Test Positive For Omicron Than Unvaxxed – “Not a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Fauci and Biden are Pathological Liars – “Both are alleging without providing a speck of evidence that 97% of Covid cases/hospitalizations/deaths are the unvaccinated. This is a total lie. Information from every country shows that it is the vaccinated who are suffering injuries and deaths.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Putting Lipstick on a Pig – “With rare exceptions, MSM operate as a virtual cheerleading echo chamber for the Biden regime’s diabolical agenda. — the NYT expressed support for what demands condemnation. It failed to expose and condemn tests designed to create large numbers of false positive results in healthy individuals. It failed to explain that jabbed individuals comprise the vast majority of outbreaks, hospitalizations and deaths in the US and Europe.” – Stephen Lendman

UNDER YOUR SKIN Microchip implanted in your arm could track your Covid vaccine status with just a cell phone scan – “The microchip technology startup called Epicenter is creating a microchip that will be implanted under a person’s skin and will rely on existing “near-field communication” (NFC) to send data regarding one’s vaccination status.” – Catherina Gioino  – HMM, A STARTUP IS DOING THIS. LOOKS LIKE THEY ARE LOOKING AT THIS VACCINATION THING TO BE A LONG TERM PROPOSITION!!!!

Boosters Boost Infections, “Omicron Mild”, Least Vaccinated Countries Fewer Deaths, Vaccinated at Greatest Risk – “With a vaccination rate 4 times the least vaccinated countries the 8 most vaccinated countries produce a mere 5% better decline in deaths from their recent peaks. A paltry return for vaccines which have caused nearly 2,000 deaths in the UK, 9,000 in the USA and 31,000 in the EU.” – Rodney Atkinson

What the VAERS Data Tell Us About COVID Jab Safety (VIDEO) with Jessica Rose Ph.D. – “A common attempt to explain away the VAERS data by so-called fact checkers is to say that it’s unreliable because anyone can file a report. This is pure hogwash. Yes, anyone can file a report, but there are penalties for filing a false report, and the filing is time-consuming and exacting. We can be quite certain there’s no over-reporting going on.” – Joseph Mercola

Why Jake Tapper will never agree to debate RFK Jr – “Tapper would lose the debate very badly. #MakeJakeDebate” – Steve Kirsch

Anthony Fauci Says Unvaxxed Relatives Not Worthy Enough to Attend Family Christmas Gatherings – “Notice how Fauci doesn’t have that “tell them not to show up” outlook toward unvaccinated illegal aliens entering the country?” – Sundance

Insider Spreadsheet Tracks Climate Conference Covid Catastrophe! – “Right at the outset of their COVID-19 protocols the AGU Fall Meeting (a conference of climate scientists and activists) they note: “Only fully vaccinated people may attend #AGU21 in-person in New Orleans.” Low and behold, one by one the attendees started dropping like flies. And by dropping we mean: slight colds and testing positive for COVID-19. Jessica Tierney, an attendee who goes by the handle @leafwax on Twitter was one of the first to admit a positive AB test: Jessica Tierney @leafwax · Dec 20 AGU-flu, #COVID19 version. Looks like I picked up some #Omicron at @theAGU #AGU21. I’m Moderna triple-vaxxed, and wore a KN95 at the conference, but… Curiously, the attendees can’t seem to bring themselves to admit that they probably contracted Covid at the event. Who can blame them? Every one vaxxed. Everyone masked to the hilt. What are the chances?! Occam’s razor however tells us… they probably got it at the event.” – Justin Hart


Only Second Coming Will Make Things Better in 2022 (VIDEO) with Bill Holter – “I will say without the second coming of Jesus Christ, things are not going to get better. At this point, evil has its hand on too many controls. They control too many avenues. They control the media and just go right down the list. Evil has too much control at this point.” – Greg Hunter  – A MUST WATCH WITH BILL WHO IS ALWAYS A GREAT LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden’s speech had one point and one point only: Get vaccinated – “The unvaccinated are going to die and make everyone else miserable, so do your duty and get the experimental jab. However, there are some indications that Biden’s got it completely bass-ackwards.” – Andrea Widburg

As His Presidency Founders, Biden Scapegoats The Unvaccinated – “Amid rising inflation, an ongoing border crisis, and a stalled legislative agenda, Biden is looking for someone to blame. Bullying these people will not persuade them, and neither will lying about the omicron variant. There’s no evidence right now that omicron is going to bring “severe illness and death,” or that it’s even going to cause a surge in hospitalizations. The evidence so far suggests just the opposite. It’s hard to imagine a message more calculated to divide the country than what Biden’s White House has put out, essentially dividing Americans into an ingroup of vaccinated and an outgroup of unvaccinated, then blaming the entire pandemic on the outgroup — including whatever happens this winter. ” – John Daniel Davidson

COUGHING JOE Biden COUGHS and clears throat through Omicron speech at White House after he was exposed to aide with Covid – Israel Salas-Rodriguez  – DON’T WORRY, JOE IS DOUBLE JABBED AND BOOSTED. HE CAN’T GET, SPREAD OR SHED COVID. C’MON MAN. JUST ASK HIM!!!!

Did Jen Psaki tell us a little more than she meant to about coughing Joe Biden’s COVID status? – “Coughing all over the place during his rare public appearances, multi-vaxxed Joe Biden gives all appearances of having COVID. But if he does, he’s got politics on his mind and therefore isn’t about to be honest about it. The latest nonsense then comes from White House spokesweasel Jen Psaki, who’s making curious claims. “He’s asymptomatic. I spent several hours with him this morning and he is feeling great,” she said. Asymptomatic? As in, has the disease, but isn’t coughing all over the place? That not only is dishonest based on the fact that he is coughing in public appearances but also implies a positive test for COVID. Asymptomatic people with COVID don’t cough all over the place the way old Joe does.” – Monica Showalter


Trump’s vaccine-pimping rhetoric proves BOTH parties are prostitutes to pharma and the central banks – “He seems utterly tone deaf to the reality that it is the unvaccinated who are being condemned, mocked, fired from their jobs, kicked out of restaurants and arrested in places like New York. Trump now appears to be completely isolated from real America, showing zero understanding of the kind of totalitarian nightmare unvaccinated Americans are currently living through.” – Mike Adams

Was the FBI’s Whitmer Chicanery a Warm-up for January 6? – “By removing three dirty cops from the witness list, the Justice Department hopes to prevent any cross-examination during the trial and, one supposes, any link to January 6.” – Julie Kelly

Why Do We Have to Put Up with This? – “Rep. Bennie Thompson, Head Of Jan. 6 Witch Hunt, Thought Insurrection Was Fine—For Blacks In The 1960s” – Eugene Gant – I ONLY LINK THESE, NOT BECAUSE I’M TAKING SIDES, BUT BECAUSE I CAN’T STAND HYPOCRISY!!!!!!!!!!

ALERT: 2030 Psychological Agenda – Obedience Training for PreK-Adults Already Global with Billions in Funding for Full Control – Part 2: Programming – Corey Lynn  – PART 2 OF COREY’S NEW SERIES. A MUST READ, PART 1 PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!!!!!

Giving Kyle Rittenhouse the Celebrity Treatment Is a Horrible Idea – Jeff Charles

Meet Ghislaine: Daddy’s Girl – “Absent from mainstream discourse on Ghislaine Maxwell’s ongoing trial is any mention of the ties, not only of herself, but her family, to Israeli intelligence. Those ties, forged by Ghislaine’s father Robert Maxwell, are critical to understanding Ghislaine’s history and her role in Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual blackmail and trafficking network” – Whitney Webb.  – FOR MORE ON THIS SEE WHITNEY’S ARTICLE LINKED ON 12/05/21!!!!!!!


How Marxists Captured the Universities and Will Soon Capture the Nation – Doug Casey

What If Cancer Was Already Cured? – “How To Activate An Army Of Macrophages To Boost Immunity” – Bill Sardi  – LONG, BUT VERY INTERESTING ARTICLE FROM BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMF, World Bank & 10 Countries Held Alarming “Simulation” Of Global Financial System Collapse – “Earlier this month Reuters produced a report which didn’t receive nearly enough attention among the American public – its contents would be sure to alarm most people concerned with the outbreak of yet more ‘global catastrophes’. At the very least it’s curious timing:” – Tyler Durden

The Medicare Advantage Scam – “Yes, just the other night, watching Monday Night Football, there was that horrible TV commercial featuring a pathetic Joe Namath and his “Medicare Coverage Helpline”. Are you as sick as I am of these TV commercials featuring Namath or other washed-up celebrities. Why are we taught to think that now, rather than enrolling directly in Medicare when we reach the qualifying age, we should instead rush to Humana, Aetna or any one of hundreds, now maybe thousands of companies advertising “Medicare Advantage”? How did a Federal program become so corporatized?” – Ralph Friedly –  A VERY GOOD READ!!!!!!!!!

Putin: It’s Not an Ultimatum, “We Simply Have Nowhere Further to Retreat To” – “Putin vows to the military Not Another Step Back” – Marko Marjanović

Crimea Is Calm, Which Upsets Nato Because It Prefers Confrontation – “Crimea continues to be calm and any move that could result in acceptance of the peaceful status quo will be either ignored or resisted.” – Brian Cloughley

Will the Islamic world save Afghanistan? – “Between the complex internal dynamics of the Taliban and the western trick of conditional aid, it is the Muslim world that must act to save Afghanistan” – Pepe Escobar

Survival Skillls vs. Subsistence Skills – ““Basic” survival skills are needed to provide the essentials (food, water, shelter, navigation, hygiene, communication, mobility, health maintenance, self-defense, etc.) for off-grid/grid-down and extreme SHTF survival events. During crises that result from economic downturns or crashes, such as recessions or depressions, a different skill set is necessary to generate income, to maintain or even improve ours and our family’s standard of living. I call this region subsistence skills.” – Fabian Ommar

Basic Fruit Tree Pruning Tips – When, Why, and What to Prune! – Bob Rodgers


A U.S. Holiday Turkey More Like The Size Of A Chicken, A “Stalk” Of Celery, And Global Urban MASS STARVATION To Ring In The New Year In 2022! – “Enjoy the 2021 holidays, for things are about to go from super swell in the most booming US economy, ever, to global urban mass starvation…” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

The Truth About Inflation (VIDEO) with Peter Schiff – Judging Freedom with Judge Napolitano

2021 Finally Ends – “The year 2021 was a challenging year for precious metal investors and a particularly disastrous year for those of us who make a living trying to forecast precious metal prices. So what went wrong and how can we do better in 2022? Let’s start with this: COMEX gold began 2021 at $1906. As I type on December 21, it’s trading at $1790. That’s a drop of $116 or about 6%. COMEX silver is even worse. After beginning the year at $26.50, it’s currently trading near $22.50 for a loss of about 15%.” – Craig Hemke  – ACTUALLY PROBABLY A GREAT BUYING OPPORTUNITY. YOU HAVEN’T LOST A THING IF YOU OWN PHYSICAL AND HAVEN’T SOLD. REMEMBER THAT PHYSICAL METALS AREN’T PAPER!  WAIT UNTIL IT GETS REALLY BAD AND THEN SEE WHAT IT’S WORTH THEN!!!!

Watch the Top 5%–They’re the Key to the Whole Economy – Charles Hugh Smith

The Great Reconciliation Of Asset Prices – “The coming new year will be fraught with risk due to the removal of central bank and government supports. This could very likely lead to the collapse of the most overvalued stock market in history.” – Michael Pento

CHAOS AND THE TRIUMPH OF SURVIVAL – “The moral message is that when chaos hits, the destruction will affect everyone, rich and poor, young and old. No one will escape by power or devotion. The financial, economic and moral devastation which is about to hit the world will for more than 99.5% of the people come out of the blue like a flash from a clear sky. For most people, coming events will thus be like the definition of the word CHAOS: “A state of total confusion and disorder”.” – Egon von Greyerz

How to Use the Markets to Your Advantage – “Markets don’t care about you. They don’t care who you vote for, what you wear, where you live, the size of your mortgage or rent payment, or whether you work from home, in a factory, or run your own business. They only care about one thing… Money coming in, and money going out. Period. If you understand this, you can make considerable profits from the disconnect between the markets and the real economy. But only if you’re armed with the right tools…” – Nomi Prins

UK Natural Gas Prices Hit New High, Trigger “Marketwide Crisis” – Tyler Durden

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.95EUR


Matthew 24:12    And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.