Reindeer Games – “Covid is our mutating monster, but Big Pharma’s silver bullets and wooden stakes have proven quite lame. So, the resourceful superhero, Dr. Fauci (“The Science”), has induced his magic messenger, Santa Claus (a.k.a. the FDA), to deliver two brand-new light-sabers to humankind to keep millions of disordered minds churning with hope of slaying the object of their fear. Enter stage-right-and-left: Paxlovid from Pfizer and Molnupiravir from Merck. The names alone sound like mysterious invocations from a druidical rite of redemption. Molnupiravir, you see, works as a DNA polymerase inhibitor, the same as (sshhhhh) ivermectin, except that, unlike ivermectin — which is considered about the safest drug in the world, and which won a Nobel prize for its inventor — Molnupiravir is hardly tested at all. ” – James Howard Kunstler

PAXLOVID and Molnupiravir: Avoid – “My opinion on these drugs is pretty simple: avoid. How good is the FDA at EUA approval for COVID drugs? Well, so far, to be honest, pretty shitty. The first three Covid drugs approved under EUA were Remdesivir, Baricitinib, and Tofacitinib. All were EUA approved for inpatient use (in hospital) only, demonstrate dismal effectiveness and are replete with black box warnings and side effects such as organ failure, blood clots, serious infections and malignancy.” – Steve Kirsch

This Will Really Ruin Anthony Fauci’s Xmas – “Yes, Robert F Kennedy’s book exposing “The Real Anthony Fauci” was the most-bought non-fiction book on Amazon this week! How is that book even allowed to be published in today’s censored world? How long before Bezos gets a tap on the shoulder and is asked to remove such abhorrent blasphemy?” – Tyler Durden

Omicron Deaths – A Surprising Number (VIDEO) – “Bottom line: There’s no more reason to lock people down or to enforce vaccine mandates. Covid is over. The data is all coming up roses for omicron. The best we could have possibly hoped for. That’s what the data says. Remember, if the data changes, so will I, but until then, this is where we are.” – Chris Martenson

Fun Fact – “If you find this news worrying, the problem is you. “A pandemic so deadly you need a test to be sure you don’t just have a cold instead” seems a little histrionic, no?” – El Gato Malo

If You’ve Had COVID You’re Likely Protected for Life – “If you’ve had COVID-19, even a mild case, major congratulations to you as you’ve more than likely got long-term immunity, according to a team of researchers from Washington University School of Medicine. The evidence is strong and promising,” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Video: MSNBC ‘Doctor’ Calls For Denying Medical Care To The Unvaccinated – “Calls for a ‘ranking order’ on who gets medical care. The comments come in lockstep with those of CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen, who yesterday demanded Joe Biden “further restrict the activities of the unvaccinated.”” – Steve Watson

The war on the unvaccinated – “In 2022, we must defend bodily autonomy.” – Fraser Myers

Media Says No Shame In Breakthrough COVID After Guilting The Unvaxxed For Months – “The Washington Post published an article on Thursday urging “self-compassion” for the vaccinated who are caught off guard by contracting COVID-19.” – Jordan Boyd – YES QUITE ALRIGHT FOR THE VAXXED TO SPREAD THE VIRUS, BUT HEAVEN FORBID AN UNVAXXED PERSON MIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!


COVID Jabs: Ineffective, Oppressive and Dangerous – Iain Davis

Associated Press Gaslighting about Consensus on Covid Vaccines for Children – “By claiming there is a consensus, the Associated Press is brazenly spreading misinformation on a very sensitive subject. There can never be any positive consensus on vaccinating healthy children against Covid among medical professionals, because it is an undisputable scientific fact that the risks of injections far exceed the risks posed by the disease itself. According to a cost-benefit analysis conducted by risk-assessment expert Toby Rogers, 117 healthy children in the 5-11 age range will have to die of vaccine-related side effects in order to save one child from dying of Covid 19. The only way the mainstream media can say there is “consensus” on this subject is by deliberately suppressing and censoring those who say otherwise.” – Vasko Kohlmayer

In Denmark, an omicron pandemic of the vaccinated – “Danish government researchers have acknowledged that vaccination offers effectively no protection against catching Omicron, and some analyses indicate that it actually heightens the risk of contracting the variant. I have all along been deeply worried by the lack of long-term study of the mRNA pseudo-vaccines. The emergency use authorization necessarily bypassed any long-term study based on the panic that was fostered by our media and governments. Getting the body to manufacture spike proteins could well have unforeseen consequences.” – Thomas Lifson

A Myth is Born: How CDC, FDA, and Media Wove a Web of Ivermectin Lies That Outlives The Truth – “New Mexico officials admit they were wrong: Two people died from covid. NOT from ivermectin. Yet the CDC generated the nation’s highest health alert and a thousand fake headlines on false cases.” – Linda Bonvie and Mary Beth Pfeiffer


2021 forced Christians to defend their faith (and way of life) like never before – “It’s an honor to be with all of you in this time of upheaval and uncertainty. I firmly believe God chose us to live in this time for a reason, and has greatly honored us with all the crosses and trials He’s given us. So, to all of you, have a very merry Christmas. Your faithfulness and courage will be rewarded by the Christ Child who came to us on Christmas Day 2,000 years ago to bring the light of salvation to a dark world.” – Ashley Sadler

Christmas Column 2021 – “The power of Christian morality over behavior has faded substantially. Nevertheless, even today in the remains of our civilizational foundations many, if not most, people are still guided by Christian morality. As Christian tradition fades as the basis of behavior, barbarity will gather more strength and reign over us. Liberty is a human achievement. We have it, or had it, because those who believed in it fought to achieve it and to preserve it. As I explain in my Christmas column, people were able to fight for liberty because Christianity empowered the individual.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Everything Going Great – “Bad Faith, Worse News, and Julian Assange. Gospel, a word from Old English, is a compound that means “good news.” And it’s gospel that’s been in short-supply as we head into the Christmas season.” – Edward Snowden

‘Biden seems confused’: CNN questions president’s cognitive health and points out he mixed up COVID-19 tests with antiviral pills in his ABC interview – Harriet Alexander  – OH, CNN JUST FINALLY REALIZING THIS!!!!!!!

Joe Biden Has a Memory Problem – “We’ve said it countless times over the last couple of years. Joe Biden is in cognitive decline. All it takes is a couple of YouTube videos from even just a few years ago to clearly prove it. This president’s lack of mental acuity is in rapid decline and as a result, he has become a danger to this country. That is not hyperbole. By all appearances, the Democrats are desperately trying to hold Biden together — with duct tape and twine if necessary — at least until 2024. God knows the alternative, should Biden voluntarily step down or be shuttled out the door via the 25th Amendment.” – Mike Miller

Lump of Coal Awards 2021: January 6 Edition – “This year’s recipients of AG’s annual Lump of Coal Awards include several prominent bad boys and girls. It’s hard to see how Garland could do more damage as a Supreme Court justice than what he’s doing now as the nation’s top lawyer. In all honesty, Garland is more like Biden or Robert Mueller—a grandfatherly disguise to conceal the sinister actors behind the scenes—and it’s actually Lisa Monaco, his deputy, who’s in charge.” – Julie Kelly

Fake Students, Vacations for Random Koreans, and Fattening Up Eels: Rand Paul Exposes 8 Insane Ways the Feds Wasted Our Money in 2021 – “Yet again, taxpayers are footing the bill for some truly crazy expenditures.” – Brad Polumbo

Here’s How the Energy Crisis Turns Into Hunger and Then… War? – “We have previously warned about a whopping food crisis and supply problems in the fertilizer market. Well, now is worse because that was BEFORE we had the natural gas crisis. Why is that important? Natural gas is THE critical input into making fertilizer.” – Chris MacIntosh

Holiday Ride – “GM’s new commercial, Holiday Ride, makes you feel something. Which is telling, given the subject of the commercial is not a new GM vehicle. About which it is hard to feel anything more than one feels for a new vacuum cleaner. The scene stealer – and tear jerker – is the ’66 Impala SS 427 convertible that an old widower keeps in his barn, collecting dust and holding memories of his youth and his deceased wife. Flashback to scenes of them, both young – the car, new. It was a long time ago. And so it is.” – Eric Peters  – GOOD ONE FROM ERIC ON HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED!!!!

Shocking video shows woman armed with a PICKAXE shoplifting in broad daylight at a Rite Aid in crime-ridden Los Angeles – “It comes as LA and cities throughout California continue to be plagued by robberies amid the state’s zero bail policies” – Ronny Reyes

We’ve Seen the Ultimatum, What Is the “or Else”? – “I’m sure that whatever “counter-threats” Moscow comes up with will be powerful and surprise the West. My recommendation is that USA/NATO take the ultimatums seriously.” – Patrick Armstrong

Checkmate: Iran is spearheading a geopolitical sea change in West Asia – “While the west bangs on about Vienna talks, sanctions and military options, Iran has been quietly building a vast network of alternative solutions to cement its Asian ascent” – Matthew Ehret

U.S. Navy Acknowledges Russian Weapon Superiority – Moon of Alabama

Washington’s real credibility problem – “The US has an increasing tendency to go back on its word and tear up agreements in a fit of pique or with changes in political power.” – Daniel Larison


The Fed’s Catch-22 Taper Is A Weapon, Not A Policy Error – “To be clear, the Catch-22 of taper vs stimulus and stagflation vs deflationary collapse is only a trap for the American public, it is NOT a trap for the Fed. Again, they don’t ultimately care about the survival of the US economy. They’ve been destroying our financial system and currency slowly for over 100 years and they have been speeding up the process ever since the crash of 2008; why would they suddenly want to save it now? ” – Brandon Smith

Oops, Americans’ Big Pay Increases Got Run Over by Even Bigger Price Increases – “Thank you, hallelujah, for the extra money, finally. But where did it go?” – Wolf Richter

The Economy Is In MELTDOWN. The Worst Is Yet To Come. BE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF IT! (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Will Markets Hit New Record Highs Again? (VIDEO) with Chris Vermeulen – talkdigitalnetwork

Fed Officials Think Inflation Should Remain High Through 2024 – “It seems the Fed is not committed to hitting its average inflation target. Inflation will be transitory in the sense that the rate will eventually return to 2 percent. But the price level will likely remain elevated.” – William J. Luther

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.18EUR


Matthew 2:1-2     Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem,  Saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.