An Open Letter to Friends – “This letter is from longtime Automatic Earth reader and commenter “Huskynut” in New Zealand, written for the people in his address book. It may be good therapy for everyone to put all their Covid thoughts and frustrations in writing.” – Huskynut  – A VERY GOOD READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Questioning “The Science” Becomes a “Sickness” – “It is bad enough that contrary facts are labeled “misinformation” by “fact checkers” who recently admitted they’re in the business of offering opinions and thus, cannot be held liable for smearing fact-providers as peddlers of “misinformation.” It will get worse when to utter contrary opinion is taken as evidence of mental illness – by the same “fact checkers.” They already have a name for it – Post Pandemic Stress Disorder. It “afflicts” those who wonder aloud – or online – why they were healthy before they got Jabbed and no longer are, having been Jabbed. But don’t worry, there’s a cure. Another Jab – this time with psychiatric meds, to calm your “anxiety” and (of course) increase your passivity and suggestibility.” – Eric Peters

Omicron is Not Normal – “Everything suggests this variant was leaked from a laboratory engaged in gain-of-function research. No immediate progenitors are known; its closest relatives are viruses last seen in early- to mid-2020. The orthodox explanation for this awkward fact, is that it has spent the last 18 months lurking “in a geography with poor genomic surveillance … or … in a chronically infected individual.” The simpler explanation is that it leaked from a laboratory.” – eugyppius

Top Pfizer, Moderna shareholders get richer quickly, make $10 billion the week after Omicron hits – “Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel saw his personal wealth rise by $824 million with the discovery of the latest variant.” – Tim Jackson

Omicron is a Massive Let Down For Lockdown Fanatics (VIDEO) – Paul Joseph Watson

Here’s A Reality Check – “To Joe, to all the Reeeing Karens, to Jerome Powell, to Anthony Fraudci and hundreds more: If you don’t read sign language I’ll do it in English:  **** YOU. Oh, yes, the stawk market looooves it some bull**** out of the ******* makers. Moderna’s shares were on a tear yesterday — until people said “wait a second, what?” Why? Because muh variant, that’s why. Who forgot that everyone, including Moderna, Pfizer, Biden, Fauci and everyone else just a few months ago told us all: If you take these shots you won’t get *****. We’re sure of it. It was a lie. It wasn’t an error, it was a lie.” – Karl Denninger

Video: German Health Minister Calls For Immediate Forced Vaccination Of Entire Population – “Vows to push mandatory vaccinations “by all means”” – Steve Watson

Even CNN switching jerseys on “covid cases” as a relevant metric – “Watch as the truth becomes too large to hide behind the pandemocratic narrative. Stelter is, of course, correct. cases are not a a meaningful metric and never were. running over a million tests a day at a 40 Ct looking for likely irrelevant trace genetic material with little correspondence to symptoms, live virus, meaningful infection, or potential transmissibility has been the most barkingly insane foray into public health malpractice in the history of humankind. We’ve been running more covid tests per week in some seasons than the US has run flu tests in its entire history as a nation and running them at such outlandishly overclocked sensitivity that probably 90% of “cases” were non-clinical.” – El Gato Malo

Omicron: The Lockdowners’ Last Stand – Ron Paul

School District in New York Sends out Email Warning Parents of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Students Grades K-12 – “Eastport-South Manor Central School District (ESM) in Suffolk County, New York sent out an email to all parents informing them about the new physician in their district. The new hiring was part of the new regulations regarding Sudden Cardiac Arrest of students Grades K- 12. In addition, districts are required to make sure that all staff are aware of the warning signs of sudden cardiac arrest and what to do if a person experiences sudden cardiac arrest, the email continued. A concerned parent reached out to The Gateway Pundit saying that the email is very suspicious, considering New York is very close to mandating the COVID shot for students to attend school.” – Jim Hoft

Sputnik V: It’s what Klaus Schwab craves! – “The bigshots behind Russia’s vaccine have deep ties to the World Economic Forum. There appears to be growing consensus that Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum may not be a force for good. In fact, mounting evidence suggests Schwab and his protégées are responsible for a great deal of misery and general mischief all over the world.” – Edward Slavsquat


The Grinches In Our COVID Winter Of Discontent – “A White House message of Christmas doom for the unvaccinated. It appears the only effort the Biden administration has put forward to solve COVID since occupying the White House is to scare the dickens out of everyone. And who better to ramp up year-end fear, distracting the nation from months of unmitigated disasters, than the adviser to President Joe Biden on all things pandemic? It’s clearly orchestrated poetry. Is he a tad bit green? Does he have yellow eyes? He’s been observed attempting to purloin the heart and soul of happy folks, abusing dogs, and changing his message as often as his skivvies (we hope). This week, he is impudently trying to steal Christmas.” – Sarah Cowgill

On Omicron, Joe Biden and his ilk will again be proven liars – “Last week, in a coordinated effort, Joe Biden’s White House issued a foolishly disturbing message that he seems certain to repeat today. For unvaccinated, we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death — if you’re unvaccinated — for themselves, their families, and the hospitals they’ll soon overwhelm. In other words, on this latest iteration of the Wuhan Virus, Democrats continue to do the only thing they’ve done well the past 20 months: promote fear and falsehoods. I’m predicting a lie. Biden’s predicting a “winter of severe illness and death” from Omicron for the unvaccinated. Let’s take a look in April and see who was right.” – Trevor Thomas

Joe Biden: demented idiot or crazy like a fox? – Andrea Widburg

Biden vowed a return to normalcy — instead, we got a year of chaos – John Podhoretz

Fauci calls for Fox News host to be fired ‘on the spot’ for ‘kill shot’ comments – “Watters’ comments come just weeks after Lara Logan, another Fox News personality who hosts a show on the channel’s streaming network, compared Fauci to a Nazi doctor infamous for experimenting on prisoners at the Auschwitz death camp. At the time, Fauci called out Fox News for staying silent and not commenting on Logan’s comments. “What I find striking, Chris, is how she gets no discipline whatsoever from the Fox network,” Fauci said at the time to MSNBC host Chris Hayes.” – Oliver Darcy  – SO FAUCI’S FEELING ARE HURT. WHINE TO CNN ABOUT IT, TONY.  CAN’T TAKE THE HEAT THEN GET OUT OF THE FIRE. PERHAPS HE SHOULD BE THE ONE FIRED ON THE SPOT. LOGAN’S COMMENTS ARE NOT ALL THAT FAR FROM THE TRUTH AS FAR AS FAUCI EXPERIMENTING ON DOGS AND BASICALLY WITH A VACCINE THAT IS EXPERIMENTAL AND BEING USED ON PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CNN Loved The ‘Kill Shot’ Metaphor Until Fox News’ Jesse Watters Used It Against Fauci – “CNN frequently uses the “kill shot” metaphor in its coverage, but after Fox News’ Jesse Watters used the same rhetoric at a Turning Point USA conference to make a point about tyrannical health bureaucrats, the corporate media network is throwing a hissy fit.” – Jordan Boyd

The Totalitarian Moment – “Woke Democrats are establishing “Social Justice” despotism. I rather think that what we are seeing is a deliberate and all-encompassing media driven propaganda campaign designed to deliver bread and circuses while also reducing the choices that people are able to make in many of the aspects of their daily lives.” – Philip Giraldi

Mobs, Mob Looting, and Other Crimes – “Let me say here and now that I’m not here to point the finger at any one group of people. From what I’ve seen, legal protests were taken over by groups with their own nefarious purposes. Whether those groups rose from within the ranks of the protesters or infiltrated their ranks is a question that has yet to be answered, but I think it’s clear that not everyone who protested was a criminal.” – Bill White

Europe On Edge Of Energy Disaster As Power Prices Smash All Records – “It’s about to get a lot worse.” – Tyler Durden

The Kremlin’s Credibility Is At Stake – “The CIA and British intelligence are feeding the public through their media assets the story that Russia’s security concern is really a cloak behind which hides Moscow’s plan to create a new Russian sphere of influence over eastern Europe. Of course, Washington has a sphere of influence over eastern Europe called NATO, but it would be the end of the world for Russia to have any influence with countries that border it. Western orientated Russian intellectuals at the Russian International Affairs Council are already at work undermining the Kremlin’s position on the non-expansion of NATO.” – Paul Craig Roberts

A Surprise Russian Ultimatum: New Draft Treaties To Roll Back NATO – “Washington has declined to comment, saying it is now studying the Russian treaties and will have its answer in a week or so. In the meantime, America’s reliable lap dog Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General, saw no need for reflection and flatly rejected the Russian demands as unacceptable. The “front line” NATO member states in the Baltics also reflexively vetoed any talks with the Russians on these matters. Judging by the last two weeks, I would insert another personality into this equation: Sergei Alekseevich Ryabkov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Kremlin’s showcasing of the bulldog Ryabkov is part of the change in tone, the new assertiveness of Putin and his team” – Gilbert Doctorow  – LONG ANALYSIS, BUT PERHAPS BIDEN BETTER START PAYING ATTENTION TO PUTIN, UNLESS HIS GOAL IS WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What To Do About That Russian Ultimatum – “Before dismissing these Russian demands outright, the U.S. should look closely to see if there are not some issues on which compromise is possible and common ground can be found so the Ukraine crisis might be defused. “Get off our front porch. Get out of our front yard. And stay out of our backyard.” This might stand as a crude summary of two draft security pacts Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei A. Ryabkov delivered last week as Russia’s price for resolving the crisis created by those 100,000 Russian troops on Ukraine’s borders.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Russia Warns NATO Membership for Ukraine Would Mean World War III – Eric Zuesse

A Throne of Chinese Skulls! Oh Yeah? – “The hot question among a number of hot questions is: What will China do? Is there clarity? I would argue yes there is .. some. The paradox is that West pushes for terms of a new partitioning of the world (democracy summit, unending belligerence, cynical, and hypocritical paranoia), while Russia and China expect terms of surrender. According to China, there has to be payback for past empire atrocities. In such an environment a kinetic hot war makes little sense because there is no overt military threat against western leadership. I would argue that Russia’s ultimatum is military containment by agreement, as a first step.” – Chris Faure


Stop Hemorrhaging Money – Sandra D. Lane

Did The Fed Turn “Hawkish?” – No – Dave Kranzler

Enough of this “Bond-Markets-Don’t-Buy-Hawkish-Fed’s-View” Nonsense: It’s the Fed’s Reckless Interest-Rate Repression – “Bond Markets will buy Hawkish Fed’s views just fine if the Fed stops buying bonds, period, and sells outright its TIPS, MBS, and long-dated Treasuries.” – Wolf Richter

Worst Taper Ever: Fed Adds $92.1 Billion to Balance Sheet in One Week – “Taper? What taper?” – Peter Schiff

What If The Rest Of The World Tightens And The U.S. Doesn’t – John Rubino

Prepare Now for “Shock and Awe” Inflation – or Suffer the Consequences… – “The Producer Price Index (PPI) is a measure of inflation expectations by industry producers. Most investors keep an eye on the Consumer Price Index (CPI). However, the CPI gauge is not only incomplete, it is, as U.S. Global’s Frank Holmes likes to say, “backward looking” …and, as Graham Summers pointed out, “gimmicked to the point of fiction.” Producer Price Index Inflation Guage Producer Price Index Inflation Guide (Chart) The PPI is forward looking.” – David Smith

The Fed Gets Its Ducks in a Row for the Next Wall Street Bailout; Quietly Adds Goldman Sachs Bank, Citibank to Its New $500 Billion Standing Repo Facility -Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.98EUR


Romans 12:21      Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.