The next 6 months… – “Biden is leading society into a deadly box canyon. Here’s what I see ahead in the next six months: Between the workers out with vaccine injuries, those who were fired for critical thinking, and the vaccinated who are taken out by antibody dependent enhancement, it’s going to be really hard for institutions to function. There will be problems throughout the supply chain. It will be difficult to run schools, hospitals, police & fire departments, and the military. It will be difficult to collect taxes and run government with so many people missing from their usual roles. This will create an economic & political crisis.” – Toby Rogers

How Much Does Ivermectin Fight Covid19? The Count is 20 ways. – “A new paper explains The mechanisms of action of Ivermectin against SARS-CoV-2: An evidence-based clinical review article June 2021The Journal of Antibiotics by Asiya Zaidi and Puya Dehgani Mobaraki H/T Jo Nova. Beware the Big Pharma has already got the article retracted elsewhere, so this link may not last long.” – Ron Clutz

The Promise & Perils of Vitamin D – “As a dietary supplement, the public’s direct access to vitamin D without doctoring is a problem for modern medicine because of vitamin D’s broad ability to quell many diseases. The biggest confounding factor in vitamin D science is the medical profession itself.” – Bill Sardi

Source: FDA will likely make booster decision without outside advisory committee weighing in – “Allowing boosters for all adults has been controversial, as some FDA vaccine advisers are concerned about the risk of myocarditis — inflammation of the heart muscle” – Elizabeth Cohen

Man Shot to Death Counted as COVID-19 Fatality (VIDEO) – “A man in New Zealand who was shot dead was counted as an official COVID death because he tested positive for the virus after he was deceased.” – Paul Joseph Watson  – TWO QUESTIONS HERE: 1) WHY BOTHER TESTING HIM UNLESS HE WAS UN-VACCINATED AND YOU WANTED TO ARTIFICALLY RAISE THE DEATH TOTALS OF THE UN-VACCINATED FROM COVID. –  AND 2) CONVERSELY THEN, IF HE HAD BEEN VACCINATED, WOULD IT BE CONSIDERED A VACCINE DEATH AS WELL!!!!!!!

TERRORISM: Russian doctor says vaccinated people not feeling so great, even though Putin said that’s impossible! – “Russian authorities are likely hiding data on vaccine side effects because “the statistics are terrible,” according to professor of terrorism Alexander Redko” – Edward Slavsquat

VAERS COVID Vaccine Data Show Surge in Reports of Serious Injuries, as 5-Year-Olds Start Getting Shots – “VAERS data released today by the CDC included a total of 875,653 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 18,461 deaths and 135,400 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and Nov. 5, 2021.” – Megan Redshaw

Draconian Overreach! – “My view is unchanged. The only way to defeat the Biden regime’s diabolical scheme is by popular revolution. Nothing less will work. The scheme unveiled in early 2020 followed years of planning and refining strategy that included enlistment of MSM support. Challenging, halting and driving a stake through its heart is crucial. To succeed requires people power. Draconian power yields nothing without demands with teeth. Now is the time to get mad as hell and refuse to accept what no one should tolerate.” – Stephen Lendman

CDC Admits Crushing Rights of Naturally Immune Without Proof They Transmit the Virus – “After formal demand, the CDC concedes it does not have proof of a single instance of a naturally immune individual spreading the virus.” – Aaron Siri

Biden May be Unleashing the Worse Pandemic in History – “The Biden Administration allows unlimited UNVACCINATED people from south of the Border free access, gives them money, and secretly flies them into Republican states. Not only are these people not vaccinated against this fake pandemic, but the most serious diseases from Polio to Smallpox also devastated South America. The mass migration from South America that the Biden Administration is encouraging may result in the real pandemic with mutation of viruses that have been local. As Fenn explained in her book, it was the Revolution that moved people around and this led to the epidemic of smallpox spreading throughout the colonies. The risk of allowing all of these immigrants into the United States without any medical checks could end up being the most debating act of the Biden Administration.” – Martin Armstrong


Letter to a Tyrant – “I won’t bother to reason with you or appeal to your compassion—because you have none. You are a foul, fetid, festering, fiendish, fear-fomenting fecker devoid of soul, purpose, and meaning. No matter how many lives you masticate, hearts you shred, minds you menticide, and puppet strings you try to throttle us with, you will forever remain a hollow husk of a simulated human. I know you envy us our feelings. You seethe with rage, jealousy, loathing, terror, disgust, and every other malevolent emotion, but you are incapable of comprehending love, joy, friendship, warmth, and abiding peace. This letter isn’t to beg or plead or ask you to stop. This letter is to put you on notice.” – Margaret Anna Alice  –  ANOTHER EXCELLENT READ FROM MARGARET. READ THE LINK YESTERDAY  “LETTER TO A COLLUDER” AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Means Are The End – ” The means are the end, there’s nothing else. The dictators kill their way to the top and then keep on killing. Many of their victims believe the rhetoric. A few grasp during their last moments that their killers meant to kill them all along. Humanity is once again confronted by a movement that once again claims our subjugation and its absolute power will lead to utopia.” – Robert Gore  – ROBERT ON COVID AND THE “BIG PICTURE”!!!!!

Are We Living Through the Most Terrifying Experiment in Human History? – “The “Universe 25” experiment is one of the most terrifying experiments in the history of science. It involves the behavior of a colony of mice, and is an attempt by scientists to explain human societies. Here is what happened. Between the late 1960s and early 1970s, American ethologist John B. Calhoun created a seemingly perfect utopia for mice. The parallels with Universe 25 and humanity are obvious. Clearly we’re a more sophisticated species with the ability to acknowledge, think about, and change course.” – Chris MacIntosh  – VERY GOOD READ FROM CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is the Biden Administration purposely destroying the American economy? – “Idiocracy, controlled demolition, or both?” – Jordan Schachtel

Will Biden’s Vaccine-Mandate “Work-Around” Work with the Supreme Court? – Jonathan Turley

Why Does The Left Think Americans Are Stupid? – “Apparently, Americans are incapable of functioning without the guiding hand of their betters. Uneducated, unkempt, and altogether too dim to manage their lives, progressives inform the American people over and again how we need them to survive because the average citizen must be told what to do (get a vaccine or else) when to do it (it’s now or never) and why they must march to the drumbeat of their betters (just because I say so). Yes, these progressives have a deep need to control everything in the lives of the masses simply because we are apparently neither capable nor clever enough to make intelligent decisions. The left has elevated its political view to a divinely monarchical level ” – Leesa K. Donner

Arrogant Democrats are Republicans’ best friends – “Democrats could have taken the results of last week’s election as a moment to pause and reflect. They could have looked at a new CNN poll showing 60% of voters believe President Joe Biden isn’t paying attention to the nation’s biggest problems. They could have listened to Democratic strategist Ruy Teixeira, who pointed out that crime, immigration, and critical race theory are all real issues that actual voters care about. Nah! Democrats are not doing any of those things. Instead, they seem intent on learning nothing from their huge losses at the ballot box last week. They are instead blaming voters and escalating their condemnation of white people in general.” – Washington Examiner

Democrats Get Schooled in Politics 101: Don’t Tread on Soccer Moms – “The woke flag may be flying high inside of Democratic headquarters, but in towns and cities across America it looks every bit as ominous as the appearance of a Jolly Roger on the horizon.” – Robert Bridge

The woke phenomenon: woke media don’t like to be told they’re woke – “Charles M Blow, an opinion writer for The New York Times, is clearly irritated that wokishness has acquired negative connotations. Blow is unsettled by the fact that the word woke has acquired negative connotations, and that opponents of woke activism seek to render the term ‘toxic.’” – Frank Furedi

The DOJ and FBI have combined to destroy Project Veritas – “And the New York Times happily abets the attack on an organization that is currently suing it. This is banana republic tyranny” – Andrea Widburg

SNAP: The Uncomfortable Truths about the Food Stamp Program – “The good-hearted attempts to provide wholesome food to needy families are not working as lawmakers intended. Whether they play by the rules or not, people receiving SNAP benefits currently spend between 70-100 percent of that benefit on things other than healthy food. In addition to eligibility fraud, SNAP cards or groceries are regularly resold to others. Reports across the nation confirm that the going rate for this type of fraud is 50 cents on the dollar” – Nathan Mayo

Keep burning those fossil fuels – “Mankind’s use of coal, oil and gas is a very wonderful thing. It is worth considering how borderline psychotic the demand for Net Zero is in a world in which 84 per cent of our energy comes from fossil fuels. The ‘deep and urgent’ reduction in fossil-fuel use that greens dream of would, if it ever came to fruition, be a calamity for humankind. It would do far more to bring about the parched, impoverished conditions of their apocalyptic fantasies than carbon emissions ever could.” – Brendan O’Neill

Europe on the Brink… Germany, France Must Uphold Peace in Ukraine – “European leaders have eyes wide open but simply are too cowardly to see and act. Shame on them! Europe’s complacency on a vital matter of its own security is damnable. The situation over Ukraine is becoming increasingly combustible, and yet the European Union is doing nothing to avert the danger. Indeed, it can be said the bloc is compounding the danger of confrontation and war.” – Strategic Culture Foundation

Republican Neocons Pushing for War with the Ukraine to Defend Democracy Values – “Tucker Carlson experienced a bizarre interview with Ohio Congressman Mike Turner, who is calling for a war with Russia to protect anal-oriented democracy in the Ukraine. It was really a staggering thing, what this guy was saying. It’s all just such bullshit. As any long-time reader of this site is aware, the democratically-elected president of the Ukraine was overthrown in a coup organized by the US State Department and the EU in 2014. These people were literally paying Ukrainian thugs and neo-Nazis 50 euros a day to riot and attack the cops. Everyone knows this happened. Everyone knows that the current government of the Ukraine was not put in power by elections. But they just lie about it. But even if it was true, and it’s a real democracy – so what? Who cares? Do you care?” – Andrew Anglin

Call It The Department Of Aggression, Not ‘Defense’: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – “It’s silly to call the US war machine the Department of Defense. The US military doesn’t do “defense”, it does nonstop unprovoked aggression around the world. Defense is what the nations who resist US acts of aggression against them are doing.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – MORE OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Great Game in the Caucasus and Central Asia – “The Eurasian chessboard is in non-stop motion at dizzying speed. After the Afghanistan shock, we’re all aware of the progressive interconnection of the Belt and Road Initiative, the Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), and of the preeminent roles played by Russia, China and Iran. These are the pillars of the New Great Game. Let’s now focus on some relatively overlooked but no less important aspects of the game – ranging from the South Caucasus to Central Asia.” – Pepe Escobar

Why Was the US-Canada Land Border Closed for So Long? – “Elected officials and ordinary citizens alike in both countries have been puzzling over the strange fact that Canadians were legally permitted to fly into the US via commercial aircraft — after having gone to a crowded airport and inhaling whatever particles happened to be in circulation — but barred from driving over the border alone in their private cars. Surely there must be some profoundly convincing epidemiological rationale for this policy, somewhere.” – Michael Tracey


How the Fed Played Us—And Cornered Themselves as Recession Signs Mount – “With the possible exceptions of Bill Martin and Paul Volker, history will one day confirm that the Fed is precisely what Thomas Jefferson warned: A parasitical banker’s-bank that will do more damage within its host nation than a foreign army standing on its shores. Here’s the story of how the Fed played us. The Fed’s more recent history of just plain dishonesty, manipulation and market favoritism at the expense of economic realism and free market price discovery opened with patient-zero Greenspan and then remained embarrassingly consistent via the identical policies of Bernanke, Yellen and Powell.” – Matthew Piepenburg

Double Barrel Inflation Locked and Loaded (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

Look Out Below: Why a Rug-Pull Flash Crash Makes Perfect Sense – “It makes perfect financial sense to crash the market and no sense to reward the retail options marks by pushing it higher.” – Charles Hugh Smith

A Record Number of People Quit Their Job for Third Consecutive Month – “The number of people quitting their jobs hit new records 4 out of the last 6 months and the last 3 in a row. In addition to demographics, add a strong jobs market and resistance to Covid shots in the face of Biden and corporate mandates to the mix of explanations.” – Mish

The Power of Labor: Record Churn & Quits among Workers as Employers Desperate to Fill Huge Number of Job Openings – “Millions of people are still watching this spectacle from the sidelines.” – Wolf Richter


1920 is Key for Gold – “In summary, everything is looking good for Gold and the rest of the sector. But while I remain long and would never short a bull market, there are some concerns to be aware of. As Rick Rule once said, and I’m paraphrasing, Gold doesn’t rise because of a crisis, it rises due to the Fed’s response to a crisis.” – David Brady


Proverbs 21:24      Proud and haughty scorner is his name, who dealeth in proud wrath.