World’s first nationwide lockdown for the unvaxxed approved – “Austria will impose new curbs on the unvaccinated starting from Monday. The measure aims to ease pressure on hospitals and ICUs.” – RT  – YOU  ARE INSANE IF YOU PUT UP WITH THIS. THIS SHOULD BE THE STRAW THAT BREAKS THE CAMEL’S BACK. WILL IT???????????????????????????????

Worldwide vaccine failure – “From Singapore to the Netherlands to Iceland to Vermont. And coming soon to the entire northern half of the United States. This is not how it was supposed to go. Deaths hitting new highs in Singapore (85% of the population fully vaccinated – NOT adults, the entire population):” – Alex Berenson

What MSM Will NOT Report – It’s A Pandemic Of The Vaccinated, Numbers Of Deaths & Horrific Injuries Keep Increasing (VIDEO) – “I don’t know why the lies continue,” another health care provider says as she questions why this isn’t being told. “I see it every single day. I have seen nothing but vaccinated individuals.” – @neverlosetruth

The Death of Science and the Rebirth of Superstition – ““Science denier!!” A snarky phrase I am sure most of you have heard many times. In the beginning of this Covid debacle, when there was clearly only “one science” approved and presented by the media, it took a bit of digging to find other scientific hypotheses. Now it is not so difficult to see clearly that there is a deeper, more robust, science that is contradicting the mainstream. But still we hear the mantra “follow the science!”” -Todd Hayen PhD

Troubling increase in cardiac emergencies. What’s going on? – “According to data that tracks emergency room visits across Germany, starting in early May there has been a significant increase in admissions due to cardiovascular reasons – with most weeks over 50% compared to recent years, this phenomenon has continued for the past several months. What is responsible for these additional visits due to cardiovascular reasons is not clear. However, it may be an early warning sign of a more widespread adverse response to the COVID vaccine.” – David Heller


Biden Regime War on Humanity with Mass Destruction in Mind – “Horrors unleashed by Biden regime and complicit dark forces are horrifyingly real. There’s no end of them in prospect without a second US revolution to accomplish what the first one failed to address when everything changed but stayed the same under new management. If genocidist Bill Gates had dictatorial powers he likely craves, refuseniks unwilling to self-inflict harm through kill shots — and oppose masks that don’t protect and risk respiratory harm — would be criminalized. Calling for punishing them, he wants truth and full disclosure about all things flu/covid banned by digital censorship, along with medical surveillance, simulated bioterrorism attacks he likely wants rehearsed ahead of launching the real things for greater mass-extermination than already. Separately, the American Medical Association (AMA) promoter of medical tyranny in support of mandatory kill shots filed an amicus brief on Thursday with the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in support of the draconian Biden regime mandate from hell.” – Stephen Lendman


With Thanksgiving, the vaccinated again show that they’re unclear on the concept – “Not only are they unclear on the concept, but their lizard brains record only fear now and they’re incapable of living in the real world.” – Andrea Widburg

Surgeon General To Matthew McConaughey: Shut Up About Vaccines! (VIDEO) – “The US Surgeon General sharply rebuffed actor (and possible politician) Matthew McConaughey for saying in public that he is not rushing to get his kids a covid vaccine. The top US Doc also issued a handy “tool-kit” to help stop “misleading” covid memes from spreading.”- Ron Paul


UN-Backed Banker Alliance Announces “Green” Plan to Transform the Global Financial System – “The most powerful private financial interests in the world, under the cover of COP26, have developed a plan to transform the global financial system by fusing with institutions like the World Bank and using them to further erode national sovereignty in the developing world.” – Whitney Webb

10 ways to take our power back – “Pharma wants us atomized, addicted, chronically ill, and dependent on them for survival. We want real people, real connection, real food, actual health, and personal sovereignty. So how do we get there?” – Toby Rogers

‘Tools of white supremacists’: How Democrats degrade blacks who don’t obey – “It’s racist, stupid, and plain wrong for black Democrats to label Virginia’s admirable lieutenant governor ‘dangerous’ and a ‘blackface’. How dare they discredit the achievements of a bright black woman. In her Virginia victory speech, newly elected Lt. Governor Winsome Sears, who ran as a Republican, said. “When I was in the Marine Corp, I was still a Jamaican, but this country had done so much for me, I was willing – willing – to die for this country…” That sure rattled the cages of some black Democrats, who didn’t like hearing that things are actually great for black people in the US… especially hearing it from a black woman. READ MORE Why the black US professor ranting at white ‘motherf**kers’ is historically ignorantWhy the black US professor ranting at white ‘motherf**kers’ is historically ignorant It caused Joy Reid of MSNBC to warn the public:” – David Haggith  – JOY REID IS A DIVIDER. VERY FEW PEOPLE ON THE LEFT REALLY WANT TO UNITE THIS COUNTRY. THEY WILL CALL PEOPLE RACIST IF IT SUITS THEIR GOALS, BUT IN REALITY, THEY ARE THE ONES WHO ARE THE MOST RACIST!!!!!

The Lynching of Kyle Rittenhouse – “Somehow, an event only involving white people was turned into a race issue. When you’re dumb as a hammer, everything looks like a nail, I guess. And when you don’t have reality on your side, create your own and insert something like critical race theory (CRT). Speaking of dumb as a hammer, enter MSNBC personality and ironically named Joy Reid, who told her audience the circumstances of the trial “are almost built for an actual CRT course.”” – Derek Hunter

The Perils of Weighing Public Opinion Over Evidence – “Even with the court agreeing to a key favorable instruction, the prosecution may have doomed this case by responding to the weight of public opinion rather than to the weight of the evidence.” – Jonathan Turley

The real villains in the Rittenhouse trial – “It’s not Kyle Rittenhouse. It’s not even the rioters in Kenosha. The real villains in this case are the public authorities who allowed rioters to wreak havoc unopposed for three nights in Kenosha in response to the shooting of Jacob Blake, a police action that was ultimately deemed justifiable. While watching the video of the destruction, one has to wonder: why weren’t police and firemen there protecting Kenosha?” – Jonathan Cohen

They All Knew It Was a Lie: Photo Released of John Brennan Telling Obama About Hillary’s Efforts to Paint Trump as Russian Operative (VIDEO) – Jim Hoft

The White House’s Latest Statement on Gas Prices Is So Astonishingly Stupid, It May Be Aneurysm Inducing – “Buckle up, folks, you’re in for a doozie. Jen Psaki’s latest thoughts on gas prices are just that bad. “Look, our view is that the rise in gas prices over the long term makes it an even stronger case for doubling down our investment and our focus on clean energy options so we are not relying on uh… the fluctuations and OPEC and their willingness to put more supply and meet the demand in the market.” This is either a flat-out stupid understanding of how energy prices are determined or, and much more likely in my opinion, an admission to altering policy to send gas prices soaring as a means to justify insane spending on less effective and more expensive energy sources.” – Scott Hounsell

Energy Insanity In Michigan by Democrat Activists and Governor Whitmer – “Gov. Gretchen Whitmer seeks to shut down a natural gas pipeline that serves two thirds of the Upper Peninsula.” – Mish

Killing America: John Kerry Vows, “By 2030 in the United States, We Will NOT Have Coal Plants” – Selwyn Duke

Biden Treasury nominee: China is a ‘shining example’ of ‘smart’ economic policy – “Saule Omarova is coming for your money. A top Biden Administration Treasury nominee wants to model America’s economic system after the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) centralized control platform.” – Jordan Schachtel  – HAVE LINKED SEVERAL ARTICLES  ABOUT BIDEN’S NOMINEE FOR COMPTROLLER OF THE CURRENCY ALREADY. CAN NOT STRESS ENOUGH HOW RADICAL AND DANGEROUS HER CONCEPTS ARE!!!!!!

America is Under Attack by Marxist Globalists (VIDEO) with Martin Armstrong – “There is massive inflation, huge defaults of debt in China, a badly broken supply chain and a hostile government against “We the People” here in America. It sure looks like the end of this system is near. Armstrong contends it is not an accident that all this is happening now to the United States because Marxist globalists want to overthrow our Constitutional form of government.” – Greg Hunter

The Damage Has Been Done And The Consequences Will Be Suffered: “Have a Healthy Storage of Food, Precious Metals and Necessary Supplies” – Amy S.

Vladimir Putin of Russia: Statesman – “As you will see, he is actually a peace maker and statesman not only of the decade but possibly of the century. Time will tell. Equipped with a law degree, he came to power in Russia, the result of his work for the state, his recognized brilliance, planning and organizing ability, after a stint with the KGB, as some of the U.S. powers, like Bush senior, came through the CIA. It’s hard to find any acknowledgment of his genius and achievements any where in the Western press, including the encyclopedia Britannica. But far from being an enemy of the West, a closer look reveals a calming presence in the face of a repeated Western (U.S.) affronts and apparent false flag operations.” – Cameron Salisbury

Why is Washington collectively punishing the Afghan people? – “The decision to freeze nearly $10 billion in government assets has put an already impoverished country on the brink of state collapse.” – Daniel Larison

‘Infuriating’ Report Reveals ‘Breathtaking Cover-Up’ of US Airstrike That Killed Syrian Civilians – “Advocacy groups, human rights defenders, fellow reporters, and other readers of The New York Times were outraged Saturday after journalists Dave Philipps and Eric Schmitt published their investigation into a deadly 2019 U.S. airstrike in Syria and all that followed. “This is nothing short of criminal conspiracy,” said Daniel Mahanty of the Center for Civilians in Conflict. “They bulldozed the strike site and manipulated logs. Who is going to jail for this?”” – Jessica Corbett  – CAN’T BELIEVE THE TIMES ACTUALLY INVESTIGATED THIS CONSIDERING THEY HAVE COVERED UP ATROCITIES IN THE PAST BY THE U.S..  SEE STEPHEN LENDMAN’S ARTICLE LINKED ON 10/13/19!!!

Putin Says ‘Nothing Good’ If Belarus Halts Gas Flows to EU – Ilya Arkhipov

The EU has brought the border crisis on itself – “Belarus has only been able to ‘weaponise’ migrants because the EU fears them so much.” – Tim Black

Autumn Leaves: ‘Miracle Mulch’ For Your Spring Garden – “There are many uses for those discarded leaves, and below are a few common ones.” – Kristen Duever


Another Housing Crisis in America Is Coming – “Let’s begin our discussion of the next Housing Crisis with a relevant personal anecdote, that is a microcosm of what is happening all over the United States right now. Some of my relatives made the wise decision to live within their means and build a smaller (by American standards) house in the early 2000s. They live in the Midwest which means there is generally plenty of space for a big house even within city limits. Mortgages and loans were super easy to get for even fantastically large sums of money at that time. So my kin were definitely in the minority in terms of choosing something smaller and affordable rather than a giant debt pit with a huge kitchen. In a region of America known for having a shockingly low average income of $20,000-$30,000 per year in the 2020s, the banks two decades ago were just throwing $300,000 worth of credit for McMansions to all-comers with seemingly little discretion.” – Tim Kirby

Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Points to Even More Price Inflation – “What is the worst thing a government can do when there is high inflation and supply shortages? Multiply spending on energy and material-intensive areas. This is exactly what the US infrastructure plan is doing and—even worse—what other developed nations have decided to copy.” – Daniel Lacalle

Inflation is surging and people are hopping mad – “Bernice Rink didn’t need to see this week’s eye-popping inflation report to know that prices are getting painfully high. She can see it every time she goes to the supermarket. “Oh my God,” says Rink, “you can hardly buy groceries.” Prices of everyday items have surged during the pandemic, thanks to a toxic combination of staffing shortages and supply chain woes. The rising prices are souring the national mood and taking a political toll on President Biden.” – Scott Horsley

Charting Global Economy: Inflation Shows Few Signs of Cooling – Vince Golle and Molly Smith

First Down Payment on a Boondoggle – “And at 2,700 pages, you can be sure there’s plenty of wasteful pork in it. Only about one-third of that money goes toward actual infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels, roads and airports. The rest is for vague causes like “human infrastructure,” which includes training, oversight and other government intrusion favored by the Democrats. Still, there was enough real infrastructure in the bill to gain bipartisan support. But this so-called bipartisan infrastructure bill is only one part of a more ambitious “infrastructure” package.” – Jim Rickards

Car & Truck Insanity, Hamster Wheel of Work & Inflation, Do Price Controls Work? And Wading into Commercial Real Estate (VIDEO) – Wolf Richter


2 Corinthians 11:26      In journeyings often, in perils of waters, in perils of robbers, in perils by mine own countrymen, in perils by the heathen, in perils in the city, in perils in the wilderness, in perils in the sea, in perils among false brethren;


Rooster crows at the break of dawn
A mother dies without her only son
A doctor laughs in the face of disease
I never once heard a preacher say please

And you, you want to be heard
But none of us understand a word
And you, you want to be free
Then don’t speak like a slave to me.

Policemen who break the laws
Politicians rise and fall
A baby crying for its mothers milk
A daddy’s secret hidden guilt

And you, you want to be heard
But none of us understand a word
And you, you want to be free
Then don’t speak like a slave to me.

( No Speak No Slave by Rich Robinson and Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes )