CDC shifts pandemic goals away from reaching herd immunity – “Since the earliest days of the pandemic, there has been one collective goal for bringing it to an end: achieving herd immunity. Many Americans embraced the novel farmyard phrase, Now the herd is restless. And experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have set aside herd immunity as a national goal.” – Melissa Healy  – NOVEL “FARMYARD PHRASE’????? NOW THEY AREN’T JUST MOVING THE GOAL POST, THEY ARE GETTING RID OF THE GOAL. SO IF IMMUNITY IS NOT THEIR GOAL WITH THE VACCINES, THEN IT MUST JUST BE ABOUT CONTROL. I THINK WE KNEW THAT ALL ALONG!!!!!!

The Covid Hoax: The Steamroller to Tyranny. “It’s not Just a Question of Vaccination or No Vaccination” – “Covid’s mortality rate is about 0.07%, or less. Anything else is a lie. The very Dr. Anthony Fauci said so in a peer-reviewed paper, New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), “Navigating the Uncharted”, March 2020. Yet the steamroller bulldozes on, rolling over all the scientific evidence, and since the steamroller pays and corrupts the media, the media keep lying and corrupting people, and the governments keep corrupting, threatening, blackmailing, coercing certain vulnerable scientists into continuing with the lie despite their better knowledge. Deceit-propaganda has no end with a narrative that is a total lie. The steamroller consists of the governments and their corrupted media, the entire UN system, in particular WHO and this powerful elitist cult, whose members are not be named, but are generally known.” – Peter Koenig

New VAERS analysis reveals hundreds of serious adverse events that the CDC and FDA never told us about – “The CDC and FDA have said the vaccines are “safe and effective.” They haven’t found any serious issues with the COVID vaccines. Zero. Zip. Nada. It was the DoD that found myocarditis. The evidence in plain sight shows that they are either lying or incompetent. Or both. But of course, the medical community is never going to call them on this. So that’s where our team of vaccine safety experts comes in; to reveal the truth about what is really going on.” – Steve Kirsch

Vermont has the highest vaccination rate in the country. So why are cases surging? – “The delta variant is partly to blame.” – Meredith Deliso

Why Bill Gates Is Pivoting on Existing Covid Vaccines – “Early on in the pandemic, to get a sense of Gates’s views, I watched his TED talks. I began to realize something astonishing. He knew much less than anyone could discover by reading a book on cell biology from Amazon. He couldn’t even give a basic 9th-grade-level explanation of viruses and their interaction with the human body. And yet here he was lecturing the world about the coming pathogen and what should be done about it. His answer is always the same: more surveillance, more control, more technology.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker  – AS I STATED THE OTHER DAY AND SEVERAL OTHER TIMES – WHY DO PEOPLE LISTEN TO THIS GUY: ON VIRUSES, THE CLIMATE OR ANYTHING ELSE FOR THAT MATTER.  NOT TOO SURE HE IS EVEN THAT KNOWLEDGEABLE WHEN IT COMES TO COMPUTERS. HIS SOFTWARE ALWAYS NEEDED UPDATES!!!!!!!

Merkel says vaccination is one’s ‘duty’ to society – RT

FDA recalls millions of Covid test kits over false results – “The US Food and Drug Administration has issued “the most serious type of recall” for popular home testing kits that show if one is infected with coronavirus. At least 2.2 million products may have been showing false positives. No false negative results have been detected. However, the inaccurate diagnostic could have life-threatening consequences. A person might receive wrong or unnecessary treatment, including with antiviral and antibody therapy, and suffer additional trauma over having to isolate from family members and friends. It might also lead to people disregarding precautions, including getting vaccinated against Covid-19, the FDA has said.” – RT  –  THEY WEREN’T TOO CONCERNED ABOUT THE FALSE POSITIVES IN THE PCR TESTS WERE THEY!!!!

The Unmasking of Dr. Mengele S. Fauci – “Irony of ironies: members of the feckless GOP that not only stood by while Dr. Snake Eyes brought America to her knees through bizarre, uncalled for “lockdowns” and “mask-ups,” but also did nothing as he pushed a dangerous experimental gene-disrupting shot on our public while virtually banning therapeutics that work against Covid, are now suddenly outraged and calling for his resignation—not because he’s responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths of Americans, which he is, but because he tortured puppies.” – Cherie Zaslawsky

How to massively skew reporting of covid deaths and vaccine reactions – ” When you subsidize something, you get more of it. when you tax it, you get less. It’s easy to get people to do more of something if you pay them to do it. That’s simple and straightforward. Hospitals got paid massive sums for finding covid cases. There was a huge pool of federal money that went to them and vastly boosted revenues. States got aid based on covid counts and covid deaths, so they found ways to get more covid on more death certificates. It’s just simple math. You do what pays.” – El Gato Malo

From clapping to sacking – 18 months in the life of a nurse. – “The anonymous account of a nurse on a virtual Covid ward.” – Laura Dodsworth




Letter to a Colluder: Stop Enabling Tyranny. Stand Down … So You Can Stand Up – “I’m willing to die to defend my liberty. Are you willing to die to take my liberty? No? Good. Then stop enforcing totalitarian measures against your neighbors on behalf of the tyrants, who wouldn’t hesitate to annihilate you. Stop planning, directing, supervising, controlling, and performing their dirty work. Become part of the resistance instead of an enabler of democidal despots. Whether you are a law enforcement officer, public health official, psychologist, scientist, medical professional, educator, employer, censor, propagandist, or any other agent of complicity in this war against the people, you are what makes dictatorships possible. You are what makes enslavement possible. You are what makes genocide possible. You are what makes the Biggest Lie in history possible.” – Margaret Anna Alice  – EXCELLENT READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Recognition – “So, the net result of this year’s Glasgow Climate Summit is to pledge gobs of money from the “rich” nations to protect the poor nations, while mandating the reduction of oil, natgas, and coal in all nations, i.e., the global economy. We’re going to use less energy whether Klaus Schwab (and the Persian cat in his lap) likes it or not because our money is increasingly no good, which translates into a general loss of mojo for this round of civilization. The massive matrix of mutually self-reinforcing activities is seizing up — the mining, making, harvesting, and transport of stuff. That’s exactly what the “supply chain” melodrama is about. Of course, the Glasgow Summit did allow a bunch of people to feel self-important, to bethink themselves morally superior, which is the status currency of our time — the brownie-point having more actual value than the dollar these days. (Do you suppose it’s a mere coincidence that the people who refuse to get agitated by the climate change panic are often the very same people skeptical of the “vaccines.”)” – James Howard Kunstler

Biden’s vaccine order is about power, not health – “It’s the PATRIOT Act of Covid, imperiling our freedom” – Peter Van Buren

Now The Organized Takedown of Global Fertilizer Supply? – “The global energy shortages which have driven prices for coal, oil and natural gas to explosive highs in the last months are a predictable consequence of the mad pursuit of “Zero Carbon” economic policies that have seen foolish governments subsidize a growing share of electricity from unreliable solar and wind generation. One consequence has been a five-fold rise in the price of natural gas or methane across the globe. That extends from China to the EU, USA and beyond. A follow-on consequence of that natural gas shortage and price explosion is a growing crisis in world agriculture fertilizer production. This may all be no accident. It fits the WEF Great Reset Agenda of UN 2030.” – F. William Engdahl

I Read Biden’s Build Back Better Plan And… Oh, My God – Ann Coulter  – SORRY, WHITE MIDDLE CLASS ARE NOT INCLUDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s in that infrastructure bill? – “Don’t ask Nancy Pelosi, who’s too drunk to say. Read between the lines of this interview from the World Economic Forum, and you’ll see that this trillion-dollar boondoggle is, among other things, congressional preparation for the UN’s Agenda 2030.” – Mark Crispin Miller

Why Democrats got stuck with Kamala Harris – “Harris conforms wonderfully with the dictates of these radical woke times, where politicians are judged less by their personal talents and accomplishments than by their identity; less by the size of their intellect than the color of their skin. US politics, which once upon a time was built on the rock of personal merit, has been reduced to a box-ticking exercise that is increasingly willing to substitute raw political talent with pretenders.” – Robert Bridge

Charity Begins at Home – Kamala Harris Demands Global Leaders Feed the World While Biden Drives Inflation Causing Massive Food Poverty in U.S. – “This article is written as both a representative disconnect of the current administration, and also as a direct warning to readers of a never before seen increase in U.S. food prices. As grandma always said: “charity begins at home.”” – Sundance

BLM activist threatens ‘bloodshed’ if New York’s new Mayor Eric Adams dares tackle crime – “The mainstream press gives these violent threats from this pariah the kid-glove treatment.” – Monica Showalter

CNN To Reportedly Fire “Good Number” Of On-Air Talent, Staff In Major Shakeup – “Making lemonade out of Lemon? CNN is going to revert to a 100% news channel, and a “good number” of CNN’s “talent/staff” will be fired as part of a major shakeup.” – Tyler Durden  –  I THOUGHT THEY WERE SUPPOSE TO BE A NEWS CHANNEL ALREADY. AS FAR AS TALENT GOES; THAT’S QUESTIONABLE. I GUEES LEMON AND QUOMO COULD PUT THEIR RESUMES IN AT MSNBC. THEY COULD USE A FEW MORE OPINIONATED ASSHOLES!!!!!!!

After Cheerleading Censorship for Years, WaPo Now On Receiving End of It, And They’re Pissed – “This is exactly how it starts. The useful idiots act as cheerleaders for the information controllers as it helps them in the short term. But, inevitably, those chickens will come home to roost. Alex Jones’ rhetoric, along with many other folks with whom you may disagree, whether hateful or not deserves its platform like everyone else. Ideas in the conversational realm fight for themselves. Because a few easily swayed individuals take tidbits of information and make brash decisions does not mean that this information should be stopped. When the state and Big Tech ramp up this campaign of censorship, regardless of its intentions of preventing threats or hate or anything else, it will be used to silence everyone who the establishment disagrees with — history proves this to be the case, every single time.” – Matt Agorist

Rebuild America and Fight China? – “No president since Eisenhower has dared to seriously rebuild or repair the United States. Compared to effectively modernizing Europe, the US often looks thirty years behind and depressingly backwards. Unfortunately, Biden’s renewal plans, which will cost upwards of 2.5 trillion dollars are to be financed by higher taxes. The imminence of such increases and printing of billions of newly minted dollars has of course ignited a storm of inflation, now running at over 6.2% in the US alone. Meanwhile, the Pentagon continues to spend trillions of dollars preparing for more small wars and gearing up for a big-time conflict with China. It would have made better sense to raise the hundreds of billions needed to finance the anti-Covid campaign and Biden’s national renovation campaign by extracting the money from the terribly bloated military budget.” – Eric Margolis  – WHILE IT’S TRUE THE FINANCING SHOULD POSSIBLY COME FROM THE BLOATED MILITARY BUDGET ESPECIALLY WHEN WE JUST LEAVE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF EQUIPMENT BEHIND. IT WILL BE INTERESTING TO SEE IF THE MONEY ACTUALLY GETS SPENT ON REAL INFRASTRUCTURE OR NEW GREEN DEAL PIPEDREAMS. AS FAR AS SPENDING ON THE COVID VAX CAMPAIGN, THAT WAS MORE WASTE TO BASICALLY BENEFIT BIG PHARMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COP26 Climate Summit About to Conclude With a Plethora of Hogwash Statements – “Another climate summit is poised to end in comic failure. The final task is producing a meaningless set of statements every nation can agree with but not follow.” – Mish

It’s Finally Getting Cold and Europe Doesn’t Have Enough Gas – Rachel Morison and Anna Shiryaevskaya

US and China: Collision or Cooperation? – “Are China and the U.S., the world’s preeminent powers, headed for a clash or a level of engagement that will enable us both to avoid either a hot war or a second Cold War?” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Russia Deploys Paratroopers To Belarus After Blasting Increased NATO Reconnaissance In Region – “There is no more doubt that the United States is exploring the region as a possible theater of war,” TASS cites Russian officials as saying.” – Tyler Durden

Ukraine: Ground Zero for Biden Regime Confrontation with Russia? – “By any standard, the Biden regime — nominally headed by an imposter in the White House — is the most recklessly dangerous one in US history. Along with waging global war on public health with intent to destroy it at home and abroad, it risks unthinkable confrontation with China, Russia and/or Iran by its rage to transform them into US vassal states. It’s escalating tensions on all things Taiwan, the JCPOA with Iran and Ukraine with diabolical aims in mind.” – Stephen Lendman

China is About to Make a Huge Mistake: Make Xi Jinping Dictator for Life – Doug Bandow

Camouflage tricks to make yourself invisible – “You cannot make yourself invisible if you do not address the hearing, smell, and vision senses. You can’t just pick a camouflage outfit and hope for the best when you are hiding from someone/something or if you go hunting. It would help if you covered all the senses mentioned above to become hidden. Let’s look at each sense and figure out how to become invisible.” – Bob Rodgers

Who Will Take Care of Extended Family Members Post-Disaster? – “You never know who may show up at your door post-disaster. Family is family, and if you are the “crazy prepper” relative, you can likely expect relatives to show up post-disaster. You may have tried to convince some of them to prep to no avail. And here they are, at your door. ” – Aden Tate




Blame the Supply Chain and Protect the Elite – “6% inflation rate wreaks havoc. The current yield on the world’s most important asset – the 10-year U.S. Treasury bond – is only 1.46%. The 10-year Treasury is the backbone of pension funds, corporate savings, Social Security, insurance programs, and other institutional holdings. But at this rate, they’re losing 4.54% of their money each year. Who wants to take that deal? That’s why U.S. deficits… like those in Argentina… are now being funded almost entirely by “printing press” money.” – Bill Bonner

The Inflation Death Spiral has Begun: Inflation Hits Stocks, Bonds and Government Like a Bomb Cyclone – “One or two dimwits told me I was stupid to be thinking inflation would be the driving force of 2021 due to shortages and Fed money printing. The cockiest one even assured me his second-grade education in economics said inflation wasn’t even happening, yet inflation has relentlessly surged higher every month to finally now hit a forty-year high:” – David Haggith

The futility of central bank policy – “It is only now becoming clear to the investing public that the purchasing power of their currencies is declining at an accelerating rate. There is no doubt that yesterday’s announcement that the US CPI rose by 6.2%, compared with the longstanding 2% target, came as a wake-up call to markets. Along with the other major central banks, the Fed’s reaction is likely to be to double down on interest rate suppression to keep bond yields low and stock valuations intact. The alternative will lead to a major financial, economic and currency shock sooner rather than later.” – Alasdair Macleod

Status of Social Security and the Trust Fund, Fiscal 2021: Beware of Vicious Dog – “Biggest COLA since 1982 already eaten up by inflation.” – Wolf Richter

Consumer Sentiment Fell in Early November as Inflation Fears Grow and Partisan Divides Deepen – Robert Hughes

Wall Street Is Not Only Rigging Markets, It’s Also Rigging the Outcome of its Private Trials – “When it comes to sycophants, Wall Street has no shortage of them willing to shill for its egregious private justice system called mandatory arbitration – a system which systematically guts the guarantee of a jury trial under the Seventh Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Think about that carefully, the industry that is serially charged with rigging markets and other felonious acts, is allowed by Congress to run its own privatized justice system.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Housing Is Officially A Bubble – “Since we’re in the “everything bubble,” it kind of follows that real estate — one of the things about which people with more money than sense tend to get most excited — would be rocking. And it is. But bubbles are about more than rising prices. They’re also about behavior, to be specific behaviors that hardly anyone would consider wise in normal times.” – John Rubino

Silver Supply Deficit Inevitable. (VIDEO) with Dave Kranzler – “Andrew Maguire sits down with hedge fund manager and mining stock specialist, Dave Kranzler, for a deep dive into the precious metals markets. The pair discuss the impact of retail silver buying on the market; the future of gold and silver premiums and industry predictions of a severe silver supply deficit in years to come.” – Kinesis Money

Entire System Disruption (VIDEO) with Steve St. Angelo – Liberty and Finance

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.06EUR




Joel 1:10      The field is wasted, the land mourneth; for the corn is wasted: the new wine is dried up, the oil languisheth.