So WAS It Fraud? – “Oh, look what the cat dragged in… Un-sourced back to the original, so I can’t verify it — and it might well be bull****. In general my rule as anyone who’s followed my reporting over the last close to 15 years knows is that without sourcing I won’t run it no matter where it came from. But there are times exceptions are called for and this is one of them. Among the reasons for my decision in this instance are that at least one instance of serious fraud in the trials on teens has been documented by the victim herself attempting to take said message public — in a wheelchair — and having it spiked by the media. That standing alone might have been enough but in this case its even more-compelling because the claim can be verified as the reports are it was across multiple locations.” – Karl Denninger  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM KARL WHICH IS BASED ON THE LINK BELOW!!!!!!

Why They Didn’t Stop the Trials – “A science insider reveals how the Moderna vaccine managed to pass the human trials despite serious adverse reactions that exceeded the limit required to shut them down by a factor of more than THREE.” – VOX POPOLI

Moderna testing COVID-19 vaccine on infants nationwide despite ‘negligible’ risk from virus – “Seventy-nine locations in 31 states are listed as participating in the so-called KidCOVE study, which started with children ages 6 to “less than 12,” followed by ages 2 to less than 6, and finally 6 months to less than 2 years. The infant trials have received sporadic media attention. Vaccine safety pioneer challenges trial leader’s claim about COVID risk to children under age 1.” – Greg Piper

UK Vaccine Mandate May Force 123,000 out of Health Care Sector = Alexander Zhang

The Vaccine Is Killing More People than Covid – “We know the vaccine does not protect. We know it injects a pathogen into the body. We know the vaccine causes death and illnesses. There are known facts. Yet the campaign to coerce universal “vaccination” with a “vaccine” that is far more dangerous than Covid continues. This implies the complete total dishonesty or stupidity of the medical establishment and political leaders, or it points to the implementation of a campaign decades in the making to reduce and limit the human population.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Covid-vaccinated death rate is 1.8x the unvaccinated death rate in Sept 2021 — UK Office for National Statistics – magnora7

Pediatric Deaths – “How many children died ini your state – of COVID-19 – or anything else? Jan 1, 2020. Since that start date over 60,000 children have died of any cause and 558 pediatric deaths have been attributed to COVID-19. That’s 0.93% of all deaths during that period of time. Parents you have 100 problems and COVID is just 1 of them.” – Justin Hart

Sketchy U.S. Surgeon General Attempts to Rebut Matthew McConaughey and Vaccine Hesitance in Children – “U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy appeared on U.S. state television (CNN) Wednesday in an effort to push vaccinations for children. Mr. Murthy is married to a woman named Dr. Alice Tu Chen. If you look into the past of the surgeon general’s wife, you will discover Alice Chen is essentially a ghost – from the perspective of: who were her parents? The lack of parental and familial history is a key characteristic of CCP implants in the U.S. Surgeon General Murthy is pushing hard for vaccines in 5 to 11-year-olds. Most U.S. parents are reasonably hesitant about using an experimental untested vaccine on their children. Murthy is very focused on creating pressure on parents to vaccinate their children with an emergency use product against a virus that poses no significant threat.” – Sundance

The Mask Distraction – “There is no more vivid symbol of the Covid-19 pandemic than the widespread use of face masks. Surveys usually show a high degree of compliance to mask mandates. This level of compliance occurs, despite the often contradictory information about mask efficacy in preventing infection by respiratory viruses. The second and most important conclusion is that even relatively low room ventilation reduces the accumulation of viral aerosols, and protects as well as the best available masks (N95 and the like).” – Beny Spira  – THE MASK HAS ALWAYS BEEN A SYMBOL OF OBEDIENCE AS IT’S SAFETY EFFECTIVENESS HAS NEVER BEEN PROVEN!!!!

Michael “Mike” Anthony Granata of Gilroy, California | 1965 – 2021 | Obituary – “Mike was adamant that people know what happened to him that caused his early and unexpected death. Message from Mike: “Many nurses and non-nursing staff begged me and my wife to get the truth out to the public about the Covid-19 vaccines because the truth of deaths from the vaccine was being hidden within the medical profession. I promised I would get the message out.” – Habing Family Funeral Home


Leftists Support Tyranny – Conservatives Do Not: It’s Time To Separate – “Yes, it’s time to stop pretending as if there is a “gray area” here and call the situation as it really is. The political left is obsessed with control over how people live, act and even how they think. Issues like Critical Race Theory, BLM, big tech censorship, the covid lockdowns and vax mandates have really clarified things to the point that if you can’t see the enormous difference between leftists and conservatives then you are being willfully ignorant.” – Brandon Smith

History Will Grind Out the Truth – “History, however, is slowly sorting it out—despite the approved narrative of the well-connected who misled the country to pursue their own political agendas. Someday historians of public health will unravel the full costs of locking down most of America in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. What are now near-taboo topics—the vigorous natural immunity offered from prior infection, and the terrible damage done by the quarantines—earn cancel culture damnation, employment suspension, and media calumny. But soon they likely will become matter-of-factly accepted as truth. The same will be said of the hysterical myths that surround the unfortunate January 6 riot at the Capitol. Five years from now history will show that there was no conspiracy, no pre-planned “insurrection”—as the FBI has already concluded. ” – Victor Davis Hanson

Open letter to Merrick Garland, US Attorney General: one of your prisoners describes his life in DC Gitmo; the world is reading his letter; how long will you ignore it? – “If you don’t believe his letter merits an immediate intercession on your part, and a speedy investigation, then what are you there for? You’re the head of the US Department of JUSTICE. The last time I looked, the legal framework of America still contained a (fading) phrase: innocent until proven guilty. Do you believe in that concept? Does it strike you as real and legitimate? Or would you say it’s just a fantasy for fools?” – Jon Rappoport

What Is an America that Holds Prisoners Indefinitely without Charging Them? – “The U.S. is facing a serious constitutional crisis over the handling of the cases of defendants in the Jan. 6 so-called “insurrection” in Washington, D.C. to protest the presidential election modus operandi and the results. Those being held for many months without a trial are being denied their habeas corpus rights under the U.S. Constitution and even dating back to English law hundreds of years before our Constitution was implemented.” – E. Jeffrey Ludwig

Democrats Are Profoundly Committed to Criminal Justice Reform — For Everyone But Their Enemies – “Principles of rehabilitative justice, reform of the carceral state, and liberalized criminal justice evaporate when Democrats demand harsh prison for their political adversaries.” – Glenn Greenwald

Tulsi Gabbard Explains Who Is Really Responsible For the Rittenhouse Tragedy- Katie Pavlich

John Durham Is Getting Close to the Jugular – Charles Lipson

The Regime Comes Clean – “When the law givers ignore the law, is there any obligation to obey the law-givers? This question arises in the wake of the Biden regime – the right word, as it conveys the fundamental essence of the thing, as in capo regime . . . as in gang of thugs – announcing it doesn’t give a tinker’s damn for the recent federal court stay of its order to private employers of 100 or more to require all employees submit to the Jab – else be Jabbed, themselves, with extortionate fines applied by OSHA. Which lacks lawful jurisdiction to decree such a thing. Never mind, moreover, that the capo regime hasn’t bothered to shepherd legislation through the “democratic process” – leg-humped when convenient – but rather simply ordered the mass Jabbing.” – Eric Peters

WOW! JUST WOW!… Joe Biden Talks About “The Great Negro” of the Time During Veteran’s Day Speech, WTH? (VIDEO) – “Nothing to see here, folks. Just another day of Joe Biden talking about the “great negro” of the day.” – Jim Hoft

President Biden’s Tattletale Initiative – “Will the president’s strategy to enforce vaccine mandates work?” – Jeff Charles  – MORE UNITING BY BIDEN. GETTING PEOPLE TO TELL ON OTHER PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Biden is all-in for open borders – “Until recently, there was still hope the Biden administration would reverse course and bring law and order back to the southern border. Those hopes were annihilated on Oct. 29, when Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas released a curt, four-page memo terminating, once again, Donald Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols. Before the COVID pandemic, the program had successfully brought order to the southern border by ending the release of illegal immigrants into the United States.” – Washington Examiner

Kamala Harris tries to communicate with the French by addressing them in Pepe Le Pew’s accent – “Going to a foreign country and mocking the locals in their own accent is no way to make friends or project U.S. influence abroad. In fact, it’s not something anyone with any manners at all would do, let alone jet into someone’s country to do. This is the best America can do?” – Monica Showalter

Biden Administration: “Terrorism” Threats From “Possible New COVID Lockdowns”? – “The largest terrorist organization on the planet, the United States government says there are now “terrorist” threats to it over “possible new COVID lockdown measures.” Are they considering another lockdown? But cracks in the power structure are showing, and this bulletin put out by the Department of Homeland Security shows they are beginning to fear us. SecMayorkas issued a National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) Bulletin regarding the heightened threat environment across the United States. ” – Mac Slavo

The Demonization of Core Americans – “Certainly, the Democrats picked the most tolerant group to demonize: normal Americans. But when your party controls the media, the White House, and Congress, eventually even the nicest people get tired of having themselves, their ancestors, and their children denounced as the source of all evil who must pay.” – Steve Sailer

Baffling: American General Already Admits Defeat Against Russians and Chinese – “General Milley’s address at the Aspen Security Forum is a major piece of news and food for thought.” – Tim Kirby

The Government Lies About Its Secrets – Andrew P. Napolitano

They Want National Internet Speech Regulations So That They Can Legally Censor You Into Oblivion – “Facebook, Twitter and other big tech companies actually want standardized Internet speech regulations. In fact, Facebook has been spending millions of dollars on ads that openly call for more government regulation of speech on the Internet.” – Michael Snyder

Highways are Racist and Pete Buttigieg Says He Will Fix That – “Add highways to the growing list of things that are inherently racist” – Mish

A Record 111 Container Ships Anchored Off Southern California As Congestion Crisis Worsens – Tyler Durden

COP26: Greening Finance? – “Presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, who are resolutely hostile to the financial projects of the COPs, have refused to attend, while the big bankers are talking about 100 billion dollars of investment. Contrary to what Greta Thunberg thinks, the IPCC does not predict the apocalypse to deaf governments. It faithfully obeys them and, together with climate scientists, develops a rhetoric to justify policy changes that normal people would otherwise refuse. It is important to understand that it is no longer possible to indebt poor countries (and therefore to keep them on a leash) because the World Bank and especially the IMF are no longer credible. With COP26, the bankers will be able to lend money to save humanity and, in the process, become the owners of the countries whose leaders have trusted them ” – Thierry Meyssan  – VERY GOOD ARTICLE THAT SHOWS WHAT CLIMATE CHANGE IS REALLY ABOUT!!!!

If The Left Ends Parent Rights, You Might Need A License To Raise Your Own Child – “Licensing of parents might still sound fringy, but it’s an old social engineering dream that dies hard. And they’re busily building the road to get there.” – Stella Morabito

Afghanistan: between pipelines and ISIS-K, the Americans are still in play – “US trained and armed Afghan security forces are joining ISIS-K, which makes the US ‘withdrawal’ from Afghanistan look more like an American ‘repositioning’ to keep chaos humming” – Pepe Escobar

Bloomberg CIA Apologia Accidentally Vindicates China’s Strict Domestic Policies – “But in their efforts to justify the need for greater focus on espionage campaigns in China, the article’s multiple authors explain that the US intelligence cartel has been floundering on that front precisely because of the authoritarian policies which western institutions have been aggressively criticizing China for implementing.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Russia and America Now Competing for Biggest Would-Be Invasion Armada – “One again, the geniuses at POLITICO need serious remediation in geography. A little help in selecting security companies the magazine should trust would go a long way toward credibility too. Somebody please tell Axel Springer SE, the new owners, that locating stuff is important? Oh, and clue CNN as well. According to the latest Russophobia scare story by the international policy news outlet, Vladimir Putin’s armored legions are poised on the Ukraine border. The authors Betsy Woodruff Swan and Paul Mcleary published satellite images sent by Maxar Technologies (Yes, them again) purportedly showing the invasion forces. Yelnya, Russia, which is across the border from Belarus, is some 250 kilometers from the closest point of Ukraine. Sorry, I love this stuff. Russia being vilified over a drop in the bucket military exercise, by the same people who have invaded most of the known world at one time or another. The 1st Armored Division is parked right across the Rio Grande from Central America and Guatemalans are not screaming “The Americans are coming, the Americans are coming.”” – Phil Butler

Hostile US/NATO Buildup Near the Russian/Belarusian Border – “The Biden regime is stoking possible conflict in central Europe against Russia and Belarus, against China in and near the Taiwan Straits, and Middle East against Iran. Along with the above and other destabilizing actions, it continues waging war on humanity at home and worldwide with mass-extermination of unwanted people through toxins jabbed into their bodies. Its ruthlessness exceeds the worst of its predecessors.” – Stephen Lendman


Price Inflation Hits a 31-Year High as Janet Yellen Insists It’s No Big Deal – “For example, rising prices are so obvious now that not even the administration can ignore them anymore. Today, the White House released a statement in which President Joe Biden admitted: “[T]oday’s report shows an increase over last month. Inflation hurts Americans pocketbooks” Yet the administration continues to be very much in denial about the causes of price inflation. The Biden statement continues: I have directed my National Economic Council to pursue means to try to further reduce these costs, and have asked the Federal Trade Commission to strike back at any market manipulation or price gouging in this sector. As if “price gouging” were the cause of nationwide price inflation! A Second Strategy: Total Denial. But some in the administration are sticking to their narrative that there’s nothing at all to see here. Janet Yellen, for example, declared on Tuesday that “I’d expect price increases to level off, and we’ll go back to inflation that’s closer to the 2% that we consider normal.” She insists the Fed is very much in control of the situation and won’t allow 1970s style inflation to occur. ” – Ryan McMaken  – I’VE GOT NEWS FOR JANET, THE FED IS HARDLY IN CONTROL ON INFLATION. THEY ARE MORE WORRIED ABOUT KEEPING THE STOCK MARKET UP FOR THEMSELVES AND THE OTHER BANKSTERS!!!!!

Transitory Eh? Uh, No – “Oops… The all items index rose 6.2 percent for the 12 months ending October, the largest 12-month increase since the period ending November 1990” Karl Denninger

The Contrarian Trade of the Decade: The Dollar Refuses to Die – “The consensus makes sense: the U.S. dollar is doomed because the Federal Reserve and the Treasury will conjure trillions of new dollars out of thin air to prop up the status quo entitlements, monopolies, cartels and debt/asset bubbles, and since little of this issuance actually increases productivity, all it will accomplish is the dilution / devaluation of the currency. Put simply, the dollar will lose its purchasing power as the inevitable result of the need to print and borrow ever-increasing sums to pay interest on existing debts, fund Bread and Circuses to keep the masses placated and keep inflating the asset bubbles in stocks, housing, bat guano, etc. to maintain the illusion of prosperity.” – Charles Hugh Smith

‘It’s Been Crazy,’ Turkey Shortages, Supply Chain Issues Impacting Thanksgiving Meals – Louisa Moller

Dollar Purchasing Power Plunges. Inflation +6.2%. For Urban Wage Earners +6.9%, Highest in 40 years, Most Monstrously Overstimulated Economy Ever. – “Fed still printing money and repressing “real” interest rates to negative 6%, new vehicle prices spike by most since 1975, housing CPI jumps, food & energy soar.” – Wolf Richter

The Fed Is Getting Flattened, Whatever Happens Now – “Without being partisan, it’s a question worth asking. Which of the brilliant minds at the Fed, White House, or in Wall Street had a 6.2% y/y US inflation print penciled in for October, the highest since December 1990, and, given base effects into end-year, the possibility we close 2021 close to 7%, the highest since June 1982: that’s so far back it was five years before even Biden first ran for president.” – Michael Every

Stocks slip, dollar gains as US CPI sparks tightening fears – Herbert Lash

Gold $3000: The Ascent Begins – “Is gold’s long-awaited surge to $3000 an ounce finally underway? Are all the traffic lights green?” – Stewart Thomson

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.17EUR


Luke 18:8      I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?