Is Graphene Oxide Causing What Is Falsely Being Referred to as ‘Covid-19?’ – “Since no such thing as Covid-19 has ever been separated, isolated, or identified, and not one attempt to satisfy Koch’s Postulates to determine if a novel ‘virus’ even exists has been attempted, what is really happening and why have governments worldwide shut down their countries and declared war on their citizenry? What is the real plot, and how many will die due to this fraudulent pandemic scam? Just recently, reports coming from a team of doctors, scientists, researchers, and professors from the Spanish organization, La Quinta Columna, have stated emphatically that the highly toxic graphene oxide is not only present in vials of ‘Covid vaccines’ from most all pharmaceutical manufacturers, but is also being delivered in masks and through ‘Covid’ testing.” – Gary D. Barnett

Why Are Documented Risks From COVID Vaccine Being Downplayed? – “Is “the risks outweigh the benefits” the new “safe and effective?”” – Pennel Bird

Psaki: We Will Be Going Door-to-Door to Harass Americans Who have Not Been Vaccinated (VIDEO) – Cristina Laila

New Normal Newspeak #1: “Herd Immunity” – “The first entry in our new series looks at how the World Health Organization removed natural immunity from their definition of “herd immunity”. Changing this definition during an alleged pandemic, just before experimental and untested vaccines were about to be released, is a clear sign that they were pushing an agenda. Nothing else need be said.” – Off Guardian

Fears arise that lambda COVID-19 variant from Peru may be resistant to vaccines – Lee Brown  – MORE SCARIENT FEARMONGERING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inventor of mRNA technology removed from Wikipedia after he warned against taking COVID jabs – “Dr. Robert Malone is no longer recognized by Wikipedia as being the creator of the technology used in some COVID-19 vaccines.” – Michael Haynes

Compulsory jabs: Pressure grows on anti-vaxxers – Medical Xpress

Prepare for mandatory COVID vaccines in September, Army tells commands – Davis Winkie

Google Force Installs Vaccine Tracking, Tracing on Your Phone – “he Massachusetts Department of Public Health partnered with Google and Apple to create a smartphone app called MassNotify, which tracks and traces people, advising users of others’ COVID-19 status. Massachusetts residents were alarmed when the software appeared on their phones without their consent or notification, raising concerns over privacy and spyware.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

The proposed relaxing of Covid restrictions in England has sparked a social media meltdown from ‘new abnormal’ enthusiasts – Neil Clark


Go Ahead Joe, Keep Lying – “Keep telling us that the economy is strong and “getting stronger” when your party continues to make it profitable to not work and, further, insults those who do. Keep supporting, along with all the so-called “Red” Governors, the premise of employers forcing people to either do dangerous things or be publicly shamed and humiliated, effectively stamping them with a yellow star for refusing, while believing that this won’t lead to plenty of quits and “screw off” responses. Keep thinking you can do the same thing to young adults when it comes to colleges and that’ll be ok too.” – Karl Denninger  – KARL ON THE ECONOMY AND JABS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20 Questions for Nancy Pelosi About January 6 – “Americans, and Republican leaders including Donald Trump, should keep asking legitimate questions and demanding truthful answers. No one has milked the events of January 6 more than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). She set the official narrative early and often, a storyline her scribes in the news media have dutifully repeated without question or scrutiny.” – Julie Kelly

Western Civilization Has Been Destroyed by Diversity – “For decades liberal gentiles and jews have been lying to us that diversity within a single country is wonderful. Hiding behind this lie is an agenda to undermine every Western country by destroying its unity. The tool used was massive non-white immigration, supplemented in the United States with teaching blacks racial hatred of whites.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Critical Race Theory Should Be Banned, and a Black Parent Explains Why (VIDEO) – “The best case ever against critical race theory is in the following video, sure to go viral.” – Mish

What is China Buying in the Biden Administration? – “The simple fact is that there are large, powerful donors to the Biden campaign that have big financial stakes in these green energy companies. It is a wealth transfer to Biden’s biggest bundlers, and that is a huge and massive problem. For those companies with inside connections to the Biden campaign, it is American taxpayer money that is truly “shovel-ready.” Former congressmen and senators, and former US ambassadors are being paid large sums of money by governments such as China, or by firms directly linked to those governments, which do not have America’s best interest at heart. They are lobbying in Washington to get their paymasters’ voices heard.” – Peter Schweizer

The Sociopaths Are Cocksure While Those With Empathy Are Full Of Doubt – “Meanwhile the true artists and visionaries, those with the medicine for what ails us, are bullied into silence by people masturbating their inner wounds onto strangers on the internet.” – Caitlin Johnstone

CNN Says “Tucker Carlson is the New Alex Jones” – “New attempt to lobby for deplatforming of Fox News host. The agenda couldn’t be any clearer. CNN has been hemorrhaging viewers since the start of the year, as experts warn of a “serious credibility problem” caused by the network’s fawning obsequiousness towards the Biden administration. Fox News’ average viewership has been around double that of CNN during the second quarter,” – Paul Joseph Watson

The NYT Claims American Flag Is “Alienating to Some,” Sparks Outrage – “The New York Times appears to have ceded one of the most conspicuous signs of patriotism — the flying of the U.S. flag — to Republicans, saying it may no longer unite people because it’s seen as a symbol of the “Trump supporters.”” – Veronika Kyrylenko

Why Would Anyone Want To Raise A Family In The Midst Of The Extreme Violence That Is Happening In Our Major Cities? – “With so much chaos and violence in our major cities, many have decided that now is the time to search for greener pastures, and this is driving home prices in certain areas to absolutely ridiculous heights… But as our cultural decay spreads, pretty soon there won’t be any “greener pastures” left anymore. The entire country is coming apart at the seams all around us, and it is extremely sad to watch it happen.” – Michael Snyder

Chicago’s most violent weekend of 2021: 104 shot, 19 of them killed. 13 kids among the wounded -Madeline Kenney and Emmanuel Camarillo  – WHO IS LORI GOING TO BLAME THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oakland Streets Erupt Into ’12 Hours Of Non-Stop Chaos’; Homicides, Shootings, Sideshow Violence – CBS SF

Big Sister Has a Name – “Big Brother turns out to be Big Sister – and her name is Alexa. Her outsized image isn’t plastered to every telephone pole and billboard, all-seeing eyes watching your every move. But her ears are always open – and increasingly, everywhere. In the kitchens. In TVs. In a large and growing number of new cars,” – Eric Peters

Crying wolf in the Ukraine (again) – The Saker

It’s Saigon in Afghanistan – “While perhaps not as dramatic as the “Fall of Saigon” in 1975, where US military helicopters scrambled to evacuate personnel from the roof of the US Embassy, the lesson remains the same and remains unlearned: attempting to occupy, control, and remake a foreign country into Washington’s image of the United States will never work. This is true no matter how much money is spent and how many lives are snuffed out.” – Ron Paul

Interventionism Gave Us Afghanistan and Iraq – “As the Pentagon and the CIA proceed apace with their withdrawal from their forever war in Afghanistan, the temptation would be to justify this forever war by pointing to the 9/11 attacks. For interventionists, including those who are now acknowledging that the forever wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were “mistakes,” history begins with the 9/11 attacks. Not so! That’s because pre-9/11 interventionism is what brought about the 9/11 attacks, which were then used as the excuse for more interventionism in the form of the invasions and forever wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Britain Tries to Scale Up NATO Provocation in the Black Sea – Brian Cloughley

The BA Cartel Part 1 (of a 3 Part Series) – “In this article, we will detail the control over four main areas that are crucial for human existence. They are food, raw materials, energy and finance. The two families and their allied networks in London (the Rothschilds) and New York (the Rockefellers) have increased their control over all aspects of life – especially and most critically in these above 4 areas.At the heart of the British-American-Commonwealth clique, run by the super-wealthy families of the oligarchy, is a combined economic and financial power greater than any single nation-state on Earth. There has been an intense consolidation, tightening the BAC’s death-grip over the production of goods necessary for human life. Under BAC control are 3-4,000 corporate entities. Although they maintain the fiction of corporate independence, their boards of directors are so multiply interlocked that it is difficult to tell one corporation from another.” – Sam Parker

Reset on Your Terms, or be Forced into the “Great Reset” on Theirs – Kratos

How to make green cleaners for your household – Rhonda Owen


The Dollar’s Declining Status as Dominant “Global Reserve Currency” v. the Dollar’s Exchange Rate – “Nothing Goes to Heck in a Straight line, not even the dollar’s hegemony.” – Wolf Richter

Charts For A Crazy World, July 5: Soaring Debt, Negative Interest Rates Set Up Gold’s Next Run – “One glance at this chart should silence any talk of “a return to normalcy”. We are emphatically not headed in a normal direction.” – John Rubino

Inflation Is a Form of Embezzlement – “Historically, inflation originated when a country’s ruler such as king would force his citizens to give him all their gold coins under the pretext that a new gold coin was going to replace the old one. In the process of minting new coins, the king would lower the amount of gold contained in each coin and return lighter gold coins to citizens. Because of the reduced weight of gold coins that were returned to citizens, the ruler was able to generate extra coins that were employed to pay for his expenses. What was passing as a gold coin of a fixed weight was in fact a lighter gold coin. In the modern world, money proper is no longer gold but rather coins and notes in circulation; inflation in this case is an increase in the supply of this type of money.” – Frank Shostak

JP Morgan Rigging Partners Supply 70% of July COMEX Silver Deliveries!! (VIDEO) – “The Hunt brothers were taken out of their silver position for controlling around 100M oz of Physical silver and 100M oz of COMEX contracts…JP Morgan controls 10X that and yet they are still allowed to the the BIG KAHUNA in the silver market supplying 70% of the COMEX Silver Deliveries from their customers holdings…WHY?!” – Bix Weir

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.67EUR


Psalm 94:21    They gather themselves together against the soul of the righteous, and condemn the innocent blood.