Roving Ronamaniacs – “By now, everyone who is willing to assume the risks – and they are serious and several – of the cure for what doesn’t ail them has done so. The rest aren’t “hesitant,” as it is oilily styled. They aren’t interested. Chiefly on account of the increasing awareness – among the thinking – of the serious and several risks. As opposed to the non-rewards attending the assuming thereof. This thinking is, of course, unacceptable – to those interested in making sure everyone is forced to assume the risks of the cure for what doesn’t ail them. To assure that everyone submits, to put it more accurately. It is why Joe Biden will – according to news reports – send swarms of officers hither to harass the “hesitant,” ” – Eric Peters

Covid 19 coronavirus: Ultra-contagious Lambda variant detected in Australia – Mitchell Van Homrigh – LET’S UP THE FEARMONGERING. NOW WE HAVE “ULTRA CONTAGIOUS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boris, don’t give in to the neurotic middle classes – “Let’s be real: some people want to live in lockdown forever because they fear and loathe ordinary people.” – Brendan O’Neill

Biden Regime Upping the Stakes to Poison Americans? – “Repeating his earlier call for a “full-scale wartime effort” to combat seasonal flu now called covid, Biden’s double and regime hardliners are upping the stakes to harm refusniks like their covid-jabbed counterparts. About half of Americans are jabbed, around two-thirds of adults. The push is on to get children and adolescents jabbed before returning to school. The Biden regime intends sending emissaries of mass-extermination door-to-door — along with establishing workplace clinics — to get unjabbed Americans inoculated with toxins designed to irreversibly harm health, shorten lifespans and kill. According to Pharma-connected “health experts,” it’s not enough. Extremists among them want mass-jabbing mandated” – Stephen Lendman

Dad: My Son’s School Made Him Get a COVID Vaccine, Now He Has a Heart Condition – “A 17-year-old student, who recovered from COVID but was required to get the vaccine in order to attend school and play soccer, developed a heart condition soon after getting the Pfizer vaccine.” – Megan Redshaw

CDC Insists Benefits Of mRNA Vaccines Still “Clearly Outweigh” Risks Of Dangerous Side Effects – Tyler Durden

Dirty Truth About the Only FDA Approved COVID Prescription – “Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, favors using remdesivir, despite a lack of science-based evidence of it being effective against COVID-19. Conversely, ivermectin, a long-used antiparasitic drug with a known profile of safety, is effective against the virus but information is being suppressed as fear strategies are used to funnel the public into vaccination programs.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Jagged Little Pill: How Many Lives Could Have Been Saved If We’d ACTUALLY “Followed the Science?” – “Is it Safe or Isn’t it, Merck? As far back as early February, multinational drug company Merck contributed to the demonization of Ivermectin with statements to the effect of: ) there is no evidence that Ivermectin works for COVID-19 ) there is a “concerning lack of safety data in the majority of studies,” suggesting that the drug may be unsafe.” For a drug that has a “lack of safety data” and which “may be unsafe,” Merck had no problem donating billions of doses of Ivermectin to fight river blindness in plagued third-world countries. So either it isn’t safe, and Merck has no problem sending unsafe medications to third-world countries. Or it is safe, and Merck intentionally tries to hide a potentially effective treatment for COVID from the world.” – Dagny Taggart and Josh Taylor

Red Blood Cells Of Long-Haul Covid-19 Patients Are Smaller Than Normal; Explains Blood Clotting Risk – “But What Causes Red Blood Cells To Be Misshapen May Not Be A Virus At All” – Bill Sardi


The Second Amendment’s Right to Bear Arms: What It Means – “When it comes to gun rights in particular, and the rights of the citizenry overall, the U.S. government has adopted a “do what I say, not what I do” mindset. Nowhere is this double standard more evident than in the government’s attempts to arm itself to the teeth, all the while viewing as suspect anyone who dares to legally own a gun, let alone use one in self-defense. Indeed, while it still technically remains legal to own a firearm in America, possessing one can now get you pulled over, searched, arrested, subjected to all manner of surveillance, treated as a suspect without ever having committed a crime, shot at, and killed.” – John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead  – EXCELLENT MUST READ FROM JOHN AND NISHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can Mass Subjugation Save American Democracy? – “Compulsory national service could provide politicians with an army to enforce their commands across the nation. Pundits gush about the tasks that conscripts could do as if there was a magical pot of gold at the end of the compulsion rainbow. The compulsory service prescription for unity ignores how politicians are to blame for much of the current national strife. One of the clearest lessons from the compulsory service crusade is that much of the nation’s elite media and opinion makers utterly disdain individual liberty. Since freedom for average Americans has zero value in itself, pundits and poohbahs have zero concern about politicians destroying it.” – James Bovard

Eviction is Just Another Word for Extinction – “Everyone on both sides of the residential debt divide is staring at a step-function reset of their cash flow when the eviction moratorium ends and that step-function will be a doozy, down. Then when you think through what it is that Davos is trying to do with the Great Reset, which they have stated forthrightly, it is very clear why this moratorium has been extended until this summer, far beyond when it should have been.” – Tom Luongo  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM TOM ON HOW THIS MORATORIUM IS ALL A PART OF THE BIGGER PLAN!!!!

Huge, Troubling Expansion of the Capitol Police Coming, Across the Country – “The Capitol is still locked down, still closed to Americans. One has to ask why. All that is troubling. But now there’s something that perhaps is even more troubling because of the clear potential for abuse.” – Nick Arama

What’s happening in San Francisco goes far beyond ‘shoplifting’ – “We’re hearing a lot about the overwhelming number of murders and attempted murders in Chicago and New York. San Francisco has gone in a different direction. It seems to have become the “shoplifting” capital of America. This honor goes along with its long having been the capital of America for car break-ins.” – Andrea Widburg

Nation’s largest teachers union rubber-stamps plan to promote critical race theory across US – “The National Education Association affirmed its approval for promoting and implementing critical race theory in public schools throughout the US. The teachers union has made critical race theory its #1 priority” – Ashley Sadler

How To Challenge A School Board in 3-5 Minutes – Corey Lynn  – SOME GOOD ADVISE FROM COREY!!!!

Communist Takeover of America in Progress (VIDEO) with Robert Maginnis – “The tip of the spear for the communist takeover of America is China. Maginnis says, “We, by their own definition, are at war with China. Who are the willing treasonous helpers to the Chinese? Look no further than the Democrat Party along with some Republicans, too. Maginnis says, “They have pulled out all the stops with going after us with their control over media, to include the New York Times, Washington Post and others.” – Greg Hunter

Pressure builds for Julian Assange to be released – “The US is appealing against a court decision in January not to extradite the WikiLeaks founder, but no date has been set.” – Alan Jones

The Empire Depends On Psychological Compartmentalization – “If the western media were what it purports to be, every member of the public will be acutely aware of the fact that a journalist is being imprisoned by the most powerful government on earth for exposing inconvenient facts about its war machine. Because the western media are propaganda institutions designed to protect the powerful, this fact is far from the forefront of public attention. Most people are more aware of the smears about Assange being a Russian agent or a rapist than they are of his victimization by a tyrannical assault on world press freedoms.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Big Business Loves Big Government – “Politicians say they pass laws to “protect Americans from big business.” People like hearing that. Many don’t like big business. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that those laws often help big business while hurting consumers. “Big business and big government are not enemies like a lot of people think they are,”” – John Stossel

The BA Cartel Part 2 (of a 3 Part Series) – “The Global Food Cartel – Instrument for Starvation. The control of food for use as a weapon is an ancient practice.” – Sam Parker  – PART 1 WAS LINKED YESTERDAY!!!!

Haitian President Jovenel Moise Assassinated By Unknown Attackers – Tyler Durden

‘Rule Britannia, Britannia Rule the Waves…’ – “Time was when Britain’s mighty fleets ruled a quarter of the earth’s surface. Last week, the imperial British lion made a last, feeble roar by sending one of its new anti-aircraft destroyers, ‘Defender,’ to annoy the Russians by patrolling off the south-western coast of Crimea. No one who knows history should be surprised that western moves on Sevastopol and Crimea produced such a strong Russian reaction. Imagine how the US would react to a Russian naval squadron staging war games in the Gulf of Mexico or off New York City. The point of the ‘Defender’ exercise was to humiliate Russia and show off its weakness, all part of the longer-term US/British/NATO strategy to splinter the remaining Russian Federation in a similar manner that the old Soviet Union was torn apart. That’s what the big NATO Black Sea exercise is about. There will be many more.” – Eric Margolis

Russia Says US Engineered June’s Black Sea Provocation, “We’ll Sink” Any Threat Next Time – Tyler Durden

Why Macron and Erdogan Are Suddenly Playing Nice – “The likeliest explanation is the change of characters at the top of the bill in Brussels. Biden’s arrival on the scene and Merkel’s imminent departure from it means Macron and Erdogan must put their mutual animosity in abeyance while each works out where he fits into the new cast. Erdogan’s role has already been diminished.” – Bobby Ghosh

Pressed for answers on Syria cover-up, OPCW chief offers new lies and excuses – Aaron Mate

The progressive civil war over Syria and Assad exposes an astonishing lack of intellectual curiosity by some on the American Left – Scott Ritter

5 Specific Reasons Why You Should Stockpile Food Right Now – Michael Snyder

Home Defense Plan: How to make one – “I hope it never comes to the point where we need to defend our homes and families from that sort of armed assault. But I can’t live in a fantasy of wishes and rainbows. We’ve already seen what happens in the looting and lawlessness that can come in the wake of a major disaster, and that’s not even a TEOTWAWKI event. If criminals break into homes in the wake of a hurricane, imagine when those people are desperate for food and other necessities.” – Bill White


Power, Greed and Status Are Corrupting the U.S. Elite – “What every group wants is more power… more status… and more wealth. An elite has power. Left unchecked, power corrupts it. It becomes arrogant. Then, it is very hard to resist using the government to get what it wants. That is the story, grosso modo, that we follow every day – in which America’s elite, funded by fake money, has become corrupt, incompetent, and self-serving.” – Bill Bonner

The Federal Budget Deficit is about to Hit Record-Breaking Levels (Again)—Here’s Why – “In just one year, we’re set to add roughly $20,935 in new debt per federal taxpayer.” – Brad Polumbo

Russia’s $190 Billion Sovereign Wealth Fund Is Nearly Done Dumping Dollars – Tyler Durden

THE DOLLAR’S FINAL CRASH DOWN A GOLDEN MATTERHORN – “On the one hand gold signifies stability, wealth and the only currency that has survived in history and maintained its purchasing power. That is why governments around the world allegedly hold 34,000 tonnes of it currently valued at $2 trillion. As Greenspan said a few years ago: “If it (gold) is worthless and meaningless, why is everybody (central banks) still holding it?” On the other hand governments hate gold since it reveals their total mismanagement of the economy. Because as soon as they run out of money, tying the currency to gold creates an extremely inconvenient road block that must be eliminated.” – Egon von Greyerz

Bank of Japan Stops QE, Reserve Bank of Australia Starts Tapering, Bank of Canada & Bank of England Already Tapering, Amid Shock-and-Awe Rate Hikes in Emerging Markets – “The Fed is a laggard, now discussing when and how to taper QE. The ECB is an even bigger laggard, as inflation begins to rage.” – Wolf Richter

Stock Market Dips and The ECB’s Power Play – “Global Stock markets seem to be living the dream, but under the surface there are serious concerns. In Yoorp the ECB makes its power play this week to confirm its place within the political trinity of States, EU and ECB by effectively handing itself control of the fiscal and industrial policy levers that could power up Europe. No one tell the Germans…” – Bill Blain

Janet Yellen Thinks a Little Inflation Is a Good Thing (VIDEO) – “Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has conceded that we may well get more inflation than originally expected with all of this government stimulus. But she said if we do end up with higher inflation and higher interest rates, it’s a good thing. It will be good for society, and it will be good for the Federal Reserve.” – Peter Schiff

The INFLATION LIE – Why Would the White House Post This? (VIDEO) – Mike Maloney

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.50EUR


Ecclesiastes 10:14    A fool also is full of words: a man cannot tell what shall be; and what shall be after him, who can tell him?