The Great Big Delta Scare – “Why the Delta scare? As a virus mutates, it becomes more contagious and less lethal. And then eventually it mostly disappears. Many voices claim that Delta will be with us for a very long time, but we should be so lucky. It’s way more likely that it will soon be followed by a next variant that will in turn become dominant. And more contagious and less lethal. And no, that’s not because of unvaccinated people, or at least there’s no logic in that. If most people are not vaccinated, the virus has no reason to mutate. If many people are, it does. So this CNN piece is suspect. Vaccinated people are potential variant factories, just as much, if and when the vaccines used don’t stop them from being infectious, as the present vaccines don’t, far as we know.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

The Delta Variant, the unvaccinated, the two Americas, and other propaganda fabrications – “There is no Delta Variant. Because there is nothing to vary FROM. In other words, as I’ve been proving for more than a year, SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t exist. But the vaccine establishment and public health officials are pumping up the Delta hoax in order to convince more people to take the highly dangerous RNA COVID vaccines (genetic treatments).” – Jon Rappoport

Delta Scariant Fake News – “It risks no greater harm to anyone than other flu/covid strains, despite state-sponsored/media proliferated fake news claiming otherwise. Defying science, the NYT falsely called the flu/covid Delta variant “worrisome because it is highly contagious (sic) and spreading rapidly (sic). The above is all about Delta’s transformation into a scariant to mind-manipulate unjabbed refusniks to get theirs.” – Stephen Lendman

Fauci doubles back to masks, suggests vaccinated wear them in low-vaccination areas – “The CDC just lifted mask restrictions on May 13 but Fauci says new delta variant virus warrants more caution. Fauci made the rounds on the Sunday shows to address the new, contagious COVID-19 delta variant and slowing vaccination rates, offering his changed advice on masks. Dr. Anthony Fauci’s recommendation led to howls by many on Twitter, who noted recently released emails from the NIH doctor suggested masks provided little protection. DOES ANY SANE PERSON CARE WHAT LITTLE NAPOLEON SAYS?” – John Solomon

Fauci-Funded EcoHealth Refuses To Give Wuhan Documents To Congress – Tyler Durden

To Prevent Three Deaths, COVID Jab Kills Two – Dr. Joseph Mercola

What are the Top Reasons for Not Getting Vaccinated? – “I’m afraid of dying just getting the shot,” said one respondent.” – Mish

Dr. Bret Weinstein: ‘Perverse Incentives’ in the Vaccine Rollout and the Censorship of Science – American Thought Leaders

New Study of Israeli Data Shows Lack of Benefit & Much Harm – ICWA

The meltdown over masks – “The lockdown lobby is apparently petrified of having to interact with the Great Unmasked.” – Soiked

Rare Neurological Disorder Documented Following COVID-19 Vaccination – “Clinicians in India and England report cases Guillain-Barré syndrome after individuals received COVID-19 vaccines” – American Neurological Association


The Ice-Cream Flavor Next Time – “Wondering who is actually running the “Joe Biden” government? Some of us out here are. (Do you think we’re allowed to say that?) For instance, have you tried googling the name Susan Rice lately? Remember her? Maybe not. “Joe Biden” appointed her Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council. From the looks of things across the country, you’d think her plate would be heaped mighty high, what with “insurrection” and other white mischief threatening to take down the republic. Enjoy the summer while you can because Corona Virus is coming back in the fall and watch out for people who are vaccinated getting sicker than the un-vaxed. That will be a mind-bender, as if Americans are not already utterly perplexed and bewildered by one political swindle after another.” – James Howard Kunstler

Unworthy Americans – “Independence Day has come and gone, this year being not just a reminder of the greatness of the American ideal but a painful reminder of how so many of our fellow Americans have fallen short. They are delighted to forgo the strenuous rigors of citizenship in favor of the flaccid idleness of serfdom. It’s pathetic, and unworthy of a great people. What the hell are these sheep thinking? They were commanded by their betters to wear a mask inside, outside, while they drive their ridiculous Prius with the “I’m With Her” and “COEXIST” bumperstickers. They were told not to wear one, then to wear one, then to wear two, and they did. The elite told them to get the vaccine because it would protect them, that the shots would make them free again, and they took the shots, but then immediately afterwards the master caste told them that while they were now immune, they still had to wear a mask because…science or something. It was never quite clear. Yet the sheep eagerly did so. They got bait and switched, and the sheep were satisfied with the switch part.” – Kurt Schlichter

The Genesis of Our American Collective Meltdown – “Our adversaries can’t quite believe their good fortune. Had they thought up ways to divide and impoverish America, they could not have improved on our own collective meltdown.” – Victor Davis Hanson

The Blind Leading the Clueless – “Most of us watch television. In part, we seek to be entertained, but, additionally, we often seek to be enlightened as to “what’s going on.” In a difficult era like the present one, in which some of the most prominent countries are experiencing the onset of an economic crisis, virtual cartoon characters are competing as choices in political contests, governments are becoming increasingly rapacious and a police state is developing rapidly, it’s not surprising if the average person questions, “What on earth are they thinking?”” – Jeff Thomas  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump’s July 4 message: “Liberty is your God-given right” – Sharyl Attkisson

Trump must be extremely clean if this is all the NY prosecutors came up with – “All corporations, including the WaPo and the NYT, should now be investigated to make sure that no executives ever get free stuff, like country club dues or special transportation, without paying income and payroll taxes. Since the Trump organization got in trouble for paying private tuition, every university that gives free or subsidized tuition to its administrators and professors will now be charged with a crime, and the perk will be cut off. Does anyone think that will happen?” – Jack Hellner

Was Donald Rumsfeld Guilty of ‘Dereliction of Duty’ as Pentagon Chief on 9/11? – “When Rumsfeld’s presence was needed more than ever before in his career, he went missing in action. What exactly was he doing on the morning of 9/11? One question that many people ask with regards to the events of September 11 was why the U.S. Air Force went missing in action for over 90 minutes as four lumbering commercial jets traveled around American airspace at will. Now with the death of Donald Rumsfeld, 88, the world may never know. Prior to the attacks of 9/11, a mosquito couldn’t penetrate U.S. airspace over Washington, D.C. without being intercepted or swatted down. So what went wrong that fateful Tuesday morning?” – Robert Bridge  – ACTUALLY RUMSFELD PROBABLY DID THIS ON PURPOSE BECAUSE IT HELPED TO USHER IN THE PATRIOT ACT WHICH IS THE REAL REASON FOR 9/11. PART OF THE BIGGER PICTURE!!!!

The NSA Does Not Deny Reading Tucker Carlson’s Emails – “The NSA denied ‘targeting’ Tucker Carlson, but did not deny reading his emails. The NSA also did not deny that it may have accessed his communications through ‘incidental collection.’” – Fred Fleitz

Is It a Conspiracy Theory to Say All This Racial Discord Is Intentional? – Civis Americanus

Indoctrination is replacing education in UK schools as the mission to erase British cultural values intensifies – Frank Furedi  – “HEY TEACHER, LEAVE US KIDS ALONE. ALL IN ALL YOU’RE JUST ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL” – ROGER WATERS

The New State of Play Post Biden/Putin – “Davos sees the best path now for them to complete their Great Reset agenda comes from placing the U.S. and China on an irrevocable path to war. Making a temporary peace with Russia is part of that plan. It’s also a major defeat for Davos. Russia has refused to fight the war Obama’s started and MI-6 ran during the Trump Interregnum on Davos’ behalf. It played the long game of freezing the conflict in Ukraine while allowing the political attrition to take its toll on everyone involved. It also allowed Russia the time necessary to complete its strategic theater dominance in Eastern Europe now having hypersonic missiles capable of neutralizing any thought of NATO air superiority.” – Tom Luongo

HACK ATTACK Russian hackers REvil claim to have infected a MILLION firms in massive cyber attack & demand $70M ransom in Bitcoin – Alice Peacock

Giant Swarms Of Grasshoppers That Can Be Seen On Radar Are Devouring Crops All Over The Western U.S. – Michael Snyder

More Satellites Launched for Low Earth Orbit for 5G/Internet of Things, Drones, Smart Cars, Agriculture, Asset Tracking, etc. – “Cybersecurity and privacy experts have been warning for many years about risks associated with all Internet of Things (IoT), “Smart”, and wireless “Wi-Fi” technology. Additional experts have been warning against launching more telecommunication satellites for other significant reasons. Nevertheless, companies are still getting approval to launch more telecom satellites in the U.S. and worldwide except for in South Africa where they discovered 5G satellites were causing dangerous interference issues.” – B.N. Frank

Canada proposed Orwellian “pre-crime” hate speech bill – Simon Black


No, We Weren’t All Born Yesterday! – “According to the mainstream narrative, we were all born yesterday. There is no such thing as context, history or critical analysis – just cherry-picked short-term data-deltas, which are held to be either awesome or at least much improved from last time. That’s why we predictably got this headline from the Wall Street Journal with reference to today’s June employment release, which allegedly showed “employers added 850,000 jobs last month”. To wit, at the end of Q2 2021 total hours employed in the nonfarm economy were still down 8 billion hours from the Q4 2019 level. That’s right. Eight billion worker hours are MIA, yet the lazy shills at the WSJ, Bloomberg, Reuters et. al. keep pumping out bilge about an awesome economic rebound!” – David Stockman

July 4th: Sorry, America, You Lost Me – “I suppose this fact is unremarkable to the majority of Americans, but my reaction was, sorry, America, you lost me: how is this not insane to depend on sweatshops thousands of miles away to make virtually everything on the shelves and warehouses of the U.S.? It’s as if a war was declared on manufacturing in America and we lost–or simply surrendered. So what is the business of America? Marketing. Everything boils down to marketing in America. Everything is a channel to collect consumer data that can be monetized (no, you can’t monetize your own data; that’s not how it works) or a channel to upsell anyone ensnared in the value chain. Social media: nothing but data mining, marketing and upselling. Internet Search: nothing but data mining, marketing and upselling. Media, telecommunications, banking, etc.: nothing but data mining, marketing and upselling.” – Charles Hugh Smith  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM CHARLES!!!!!

Fed Tricks Markets with Trillion-Dollar Clandestine Tightening – “While the Fed’s current tightening is not exactly a well-kept secret, stock and bond markets seem willing to ignore what the Fed’s left hand is taking away as the right hand is giving. Reverse repurchase agreements, which I have been tracking here, have exploded to a trillion dollars in money that the Fed is sucking out of the financial system.” – David Haggith

The FED Makes Sure Banks & Wall Street Can’t Fail (But The Country Can) – Bill Sardi


It’s Almost Time to Move Into Silver – Kris Sayce

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.07EUR


Titus 3:14    And let our’s also learn to maintain good works for necessary uses, that they be not unfruitful.