A Declaration for Anti-Lockdown Reforms – “The horror of lockdowns may be fading into the rearview mirror, but the damage has been done. What was once thought unthinkable and irresponsible has happened as if it was second nature. Even as the United States reopens, Europe continues to fluctuate in and out of captivity. Some state governors, like Florida’s Ron DeSantis, have understood the danger that has emerged from Pandora’s box and enacted legislation to curtail future encroachments on liberty.” – Ethan Yang

‘Mayhem’ as Sydney crowds defy lockdown advice to stay at home – Candace Sutton

Mandating Toxic Flu/Covid Jabs? – “Created as part of a diabolical US/Western scheme to destroy health — not protect and preserve it as falsely claimed — will mandatory toxic flu/covid jabs the next shoe to drop ahead? Hundreds of US colleges and universities require them for students on campus. Whoever could have imagined that higher education would become hazardous to health and well-being on growing numbers of US college campuses? What was inconceivable pre-2020 is today’s reality.” – Stephen Lendman

Unvaccinated people are ‘variant factories,’ infectious diseases expert says – Maggie Fox  – MORE PROPOGANDA FROM THE COVID NEWS NETWORK (CNN)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As Demand for Bioweapon Shots Decrease Governments and Big Tech Look to Squash Free Speech of Dissenters – “The World Economic Forum (WEF) published its new Global Coalition for Digital Safety program this week “to counter health misinformation, violent extremist and terrorist content, and the exploitation of children online.” Of course, they get to define all the forms of “health misinformation” which include any dissenters to the COVID-19 bioweapon shots.” – Brian Shilhavy

Shelter-in-place orders didn’t save lives during the pandemic, research paper concludes – “Study suggests shutdowns cannot be the treatment of choice” – Tom Howell Jr.

Spain’s Proposed ‘National Security Law’ Would Allow Seizure Of Citizens’ Property During Health “Crisis” – Tyler Durden


Independence? Where? – Karl Denninger  – ANOTHER GOOD RANT/READ FROM KARL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Secession Day! – “I haven’t heard; are we allowed to celebrate the Fourth of July or nah? You may recall that after Joe Biden was elected, he said if we were good little citizens and wore our masks, we might be able to celebrate with our friends and families on the Fourth of July. But I never have heard if the president gave us our permission slip or not. By the way — this doesn’t seem to keep with the spirit of the holiday as I remember it. As I recall, the American consists weren’t keen on asking King Geroge for permission.” – Michael Maharrey

Happy “Independence” Day: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – “Today America celebrates its hard-fought victory in its fight to free itself from the rule of British monarchs so it could be ruled by US oligarchs.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – MORE GOOD OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On This 4th of July, Biden Admin Preps for War Against “Domestic Terrorism” — and It Could Include You – “As Americans don their red white and blue sequence bar-b-que aprons and raise their flags, ironically made in China, in an effort to “celebrate their freedom,” government is plotting away this very second to find ways to separate you from that freedom. While all recent presidents have made moves to achieve this very goal, under the guise of fighting domestic terrorism, the Biden administration has ramped it up — big time. Despite Joe Biden running on a platform of unity to bring Americans back together, before he was even sworn in, he reneged on this promise by alienating tens of millions of Trump supporters — essentially declaring them the enemy.” – Matt Agorist

Joe Biden, July 4 Grinch, would now like to get his hands on your selfies – “Whatever you do, try not to send Creepy Joe any selfies. Notice that he’s also having a great big gathering, while having told you that yours must be small, and strictly contingent on his centrally planned vaccination numbers. And after that schoolmasterly browbeating, he now wants your selfies, as the tweet above demonstrates.” – Monica Showalter

Biden’s First Fourth: A Look At What’s To Come – “What independence is left in 2021 – and how much of it will he leave us?” – James Fite

Further evidence (if you need it) of Biden’s increasing dementia – “Those of Joe Biden’s public behaviors that align with classic dementia symptoms are escalating. In the past few days, he strongly exhibited two symptoms: A type of belligerence that’s a cover-up for confusion and memory loss and a paranoid fear of those in charge of him.” – Andrea Widburg

January 6: What really happened? An in-depth look – Patrick Delaney

The Culture War Has A New Target: Independence Day – “The radical agenda to reimagine civic memory would reconceptualize Independence Day as an event not worth celebrating or, even “better,” a day to protest against what is wrong with America. If this agenda wins out, the rising generation of Americans will grow up unable to describe what happened on Independence Day, much less its critical importance to the worldwide advance of human rights and liberty. They will know it only as an important occasion for criticizing and denigrating the idea of America.” – James Jay Carafano

Liberals Try To Ruin The Declaration Of Independence – “There isn’t much of anything that liberals don’t try to ruin. If it’s good, if normal people like it, some leftist will declare it to be some kind of “ist” or “phobe” and try to cancel it. This reality is about as regular as the tide, and the latest wave of stupid from the left is attempting to crush the National Archives, home to the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution.” – Derek Hunter

Reality Takes a Holiday, as Kamala Claims Credit for Getting People Back to Work – Nick Arama

Assange turns 50 in jail – a reminder of a Western democracy paradox he exposed, where non-freedom gives a sense of freedom – Slavoj Zizek

Capitol, symbol of democracy, off-limits on Independence Day – Lisa Mascaro

Illinois Town Celebrates Independence Day By Becoming 2A Sanctuary – Cam Edwards

Using Disaster Capitalism to Control All Humans (VIDEO) with Catherine Austin Fitts – “CV19 and vaccines to cure it are all part of the “Going Direct Reset.” Fitts explains, “This is so simple at the root. The central bankers are using the government to shut down the main street economy, and then they are going direct and injecting money into the private equity firms and Wall Street who are running around the country buying things. Think of this as a leverage buyout of the world.” – Greg Hunter

A Micro Survival Kit for Everyday Carry Part 2 – M.B.  – PART1 WAS LINKED YESTERDAY!!!

Five great ways to start prepping – “Getting into the prepping world and transitioning to an emergency preparedness “lifestyle” challenge some folks and is downright confusing for others. Not everyone visiting Survivopedia has been a prepper for long, and I believe it’s mandatory to give some crucial info to the newcomers. Becoming a prepper is a process, and there are many things you need to cover and consider. Even so, we all need to start somewhere.” – Bob Rodgers


Inflation Invades Household Budgets – “Inflation has battled its way from the “canyons” of Wall Street into the suburbs… where it is boosting house prices at an unprecedented rate. But wait… The Fed could bring out its big guns – interest rate hikes – any day. And lumber prices are plunging… down more than 40% in June. Does this mean inflation is beaten already, as Paul Krugman says? Or is it just trembling in its boots, seeing what it is up against – Jerome Powell and Janet Yellen… some pretty tough hombres, for sure?” – Bill Bonner

Unfunded Pension Liabilities Have Increased by More Than $900 Billion – “According to a report by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), unfunded state pension liabilities in the U.S. total $5.82 trillion” – Cristian Bustos

Will Silver Rigging Ever End: (VIDEO) withDave Kranzler, Rob Kientz, and Chris Marchese – Arcadia Economics


John 8:32    And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.


Freedom, freedom
Freedom, freedom
Freedom, freedom
Freedom, freedom
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
A long way from my home

Freedom, freedom
Freedom, freedom
Freedom, freedom
Freedom, freedom
Sometime I feel like I’m almost gone
Sometime I feel like I’m almost gone
Sometime I feel like I’m almost gone
A long way form my home

( Freedom by Richie Havens )