Vaccine Billionaires and Human Guinea Pigs – “How do you make a potentially dangerous and ineffective drug appear like a miracle of modern science? You could, for instance, enrol only certain people in clinical trials and exclude others or bring the study to a close as soon as you see a spike in the data that implies evidence of effectiveness. There are many ways to do it.” – Colin Todhunter

Rural Diapers – “So, all many of them hear is “mask,” “mask” and more “mask.” Even if they have been Vaxxed. Lately, they are hearing about the “Delta” scariant – without any countervailing facts about its similar-to-the-original-Rona marginality as a threat to the otherwise healthy; and they’re not hearing that the Vaxxed are the ones that may be most at-risk from this new scariant of the ‘Rona. Which is tragic because the reason for ongoing Diapering appears to be a propagated – by the cable box – fear of the “vaccine hesitant,” concentrated in rural areas. In other words, the rural face-effacers are terrified of the unVaxxed which they imagine to be exhaling death all around them when in fact the real threat is posed by the Vax being injected into them – which makes these poor people more likely to get (and die from) the newest Scariant.” – Eric Peters

Is it COVID or Is it the Flu? Not Even Your Doctor Knows for Sure. – L. Reichard White

Most Flu/Covid Deaths Among People Jabbed for Protection Not Gotten – “According to a Public Health England (PHE) report, 62% or more of flu/covid deaths are among people jabbed with experimental covid mRNA drugs or vaccines. Twice jabbed individuals are most vulnerable to death — from lethal jabs, not the virus.” – Stephen Lendman

Latest CDC VAERS Data Show Reported Injuries Surpass 400,000 Following COVID Vaccines – “VAERS data released today by the CDC showed a total of 441,931 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 6,985 deaths and 34,065 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and June 25, 2021.” – Megan Redshaw

Virus Z: A Thought Experiment – “What’s striking about our thought experiment is how little reliable data we have about the transmissibility of our hypothetical Virus Z and the long-term consequences of its mutations. What’s striking is the number of important data fields which are unknown, only haphazardly collected, or in which data is so incomplete that it is misleading. Science cannot advance if data is unavailable, unreliable or so selectively gathered that it’s misleading. What’s striking about our thought experiment is how little is reliably known about Virus Z’s transmissibility, virulence or long-term effects.” – Charles Hugh Smith

France to Become First Country to Mandate COVID Injections for Ages 24-59 to Stop “4th Wave”? – “Here we go with the next stage of the “Plandemic,” just as predicted. A “scary” new wave of a variant COVID-19 virus is being used as an excuse to step up mass vaccination efforts, just as those who volunteered to receive the COVID injections have now mostly received them, and demand has now dramatically decreased with billions of doses still available worldwide, with more on the way. Has France been chosen by the Globalists to try a test run on mandatory injections, targeting 24-59 year-olds?” – Brian Shilhavy

Covidian Creed – Prof. Graeme MacQueen  – SHORT AND TO THE POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

World Health Organization uses COVID delta strain to resume mask push – “Calling the latest strain ‘dangerous’ and ‘more transmissible than the Alpha variant’ appears to be an attempt to heighten the level of public concern. The embattled World Health Organization (WHO) is using the specter of the recently-discovered delta variant of COVID-19 to renew its calls to keep wearing masks in public regardless of whether one has received a COVID-19 vaccine.” – Calvin Freiburger

Singapore to ‘Live With COVID’, Treat It as Any Other Endemic Disease, Such as Influenza – “No more quarantine, expansive testing, or daily numbers” – Benedict Brook

Father And Daughter Died Four Days Apart Despite Taking Different Brands Of Covid Vaccines – The Empowerer

Clot risk to 18-39s from AstraZeneca vaccine is twice as high as Covid death risk, Euro study finds – Cianan Brennan


The Myth of Freedom: Does it Really Exist? – “To this very day, Americans continue to boisterously celebrate their non-existent freedom, and revel in braggadocios fashion by claiming to be exceptional and the freest on earth.Virtually every aspect of life in America is controlled, regulated, taxed, restricted, or mandated; from kids selling lemonade at a neighborhood stand, to repairing, improving, or building one’s own home. All movement and any ability to do so is fully controlled, and most every venture from the very simplest to the most complex is dependent on licensing by corrupt and unqualified government officials. This is nothing more than a permission slip that has to be paid for through extortion, and is used for the theft of private assets and control of every single function of life, and is enforced by the armed goons of the state. ” – Gary D. Barnett

Biden Threatens Nuclear War . . . Against His Own People – “If the administration comes for people’s guns, he will set in motion what he aims to prevent.” – Christopher Roach

Heavily Armed “Rise Of The Moors” Members In Standoff With Massachusetts Police On I-95 – Tyler Durden  – HERE YOU GO, JOE. YOU WANT TO ROOT OUT TERRORISTS, THEN HERE’S A START. AND I’LL GIVE YOU A CLUE, THEY ARE NOT ORDINARY PATRIOTS OR SO-CALLED INSURRECTIONISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The “Deprogramming” Begins: Public Defender Representing January 6th Defendants “Re-Educates” Them – “Remember the potential re-education of Trump supporters that everyone said was a conspiracy theory? Welp, it turns out it’s a fact. So far on a small scale. But having Americans re-educated politically in any way smacks of communism. Particularly problematic is that it’s been done on the taxpayer’s dime.” – Daisy Luther

Kamala’s El Paso junket perfectly sums up Biden’s toxic border agenda – “Instead of being yet another carefully choreographed media photo op, the trip was illustrative of everything we have seen thus far from the Biden administration on immigration: recklessness, weakness, radicalism and contempt for the American people and their interests. The question at this point is not so much what can be done about the Biden immigration enforcement collapse right now, but how many decades it will take, if ever, for the country to recover from the damage Biden, Harris & Co. are causing. It’s that bad.” – Brian Lonergan

Sham Surveillance Safeguards Vs. Tucker Carlson – “Those quick to dismiss the TV host’s concerns that he is being spied on by the NSA should consider the sordid history of illicit surveillance.” – James Bovard

Police To Target Americans For Their Ideological Beliefs And Behaviors – “Much has been written about President Joe Biden’s new Domestic Terror law, but nothing I have seen until now shows just how horrifying it is. To say that the White House uses the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) like political puppets to push their own agenda would be an understatement. As America closes in on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, the Feds want the public to believe that unknown terrorist organizations are recruiting your neighbor[s] to become a domestic extremist. But it is not just any neighbor, this time it is far-right “extremists” or White supremacists and Trump supporters who they want to recruit. For years DHS officials have warned Americans of the dangers that lurk just outside their front doors or worse in the far-flung Middle East where extremists are plotting to bomb us, shoot us, or poison our water systems. The only difference to the terrors that await Americans is that now they are allegedly targeting a person’s ideological beliefs. ” – MassPrivateI

Lost in a Roman wilderness of pain: In praise of James Douglas Morrison, 20th century poet, dead at 27 half a century ago- “He was like Blake’s tiger, always burning bright and chasing Rimbaud rainbows – just to finish, like Marat, in a bathtub. He was only 27. Jim Morrison died on July 3, 1971 in Paris” – Pepe Escobar

To the end, Rumsfeld was never held accountable for what he unleashed – “Known for his swagger and jingoistic approach to the job, the former Secretary of Defense later became a symbol of Iraq War failure.” – Daniel Larison

Rumsfeld’s Legacy of torture in U.S. imperialist history – “Accolades may continue to pour in for Rumsfeld, but history will continue to judge the ravages of U.S. imperialist violence. Fellow U.S. war criminals have eulogized the former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld upon news of his death. “A faithful steward of our armed forces,” former U.S. President George W Bush declared. “A period that brought unprecedented challenges to our country and to our military also brought out the best qualities in Secretary Rumsfeld.” Tell that to the tortured, executed and displaced Iraqis tortured upon Rumsfeld’s orders, in line with the “War on Terror” agenda post September 11.” – Ramona Wadi

Colorado Republican Lauren Boebert Shows How It’s Done, as She Lights up the Biden Crime Family in Fiery House Speech – streiff

The Horrifying Rise Of Total Mass Media Blackouts On Inconvenient News Stories – “Two different media watchdog outlets, Media Lens and Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR), have published articles on the complete blackout in mainstream news institutions on the revelation by Icelandic newspaper Stundin that a US superseding indictment in the case against Julian Assange was based on false testimony from diagnosed sociopath and convicted child molester Sigurdur Thordarson. FAIR’s Alan MacLeod writes that “as of Friday, July 2, there has been literally zero coverage of it in corporate media; not one word in the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, NBC News, Fox News or NPR.”” – Caitlin Johnstone  – TO USE AL GORE’S PHRASE – AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Key Witness Admits Lying About Julian Assange, a Major Blow to U.S. Extradition Case, Yet Western Media Ignores This Development – Ron Ridenour

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Links to Clintons Could Be Exposed as Judge Rules to Unleash Bombshell Docs – Aleksandra Serebriakova

Has the Age of “Terminators” Begun? – “The American company General Dynamics Land Systems has already supplied the US Army with several MUTT wheeled ground transport robots for testing; a remotely controlled combat module, or a UAV launch platform, can be installed on these, and it can be used to evacuate the wounded, transport equipment, ammunition, and provisions, or perform surveillance work. The Chinese PLA ground forces used a new type of multipurpose vehicle remotely controlled with a laptop machine that is equipped with two QLG-10 grenade launchers, as well as a set of electro-optical/infrared sensors. Robotization is actively occurring among naval sailors. The United States plans to create a significant number of robotic ships in different classes whose configuration and dimensions can be changed, and in particular for various types of missile weapons systems.” – Vladimir Platov

As Americans Party, Our Enemies On The Other Side Of The Globe Are Preparing For Military Confrontation – Michael Snyder

Alaska’s Largest City Now A Second Amendment Sanctuary – Cam Edwards

A Micro Survival Kit for Everyday Carry – Part 1 – M.B.


What the Heck Happened to Employment (-18K) vs. Jobs (+850K) in June? – “The BLS says jobs increased by 850,000 but Employment fell by 18,000.” – Mish

The Weird Phenomena of “Labor Shortages” While 7.1 Million Fewer People Are Working – “There are plenty of potential workers in the US to fill all those jobs, and there is no shortage of people. There may be a shortage of certain skill sets – and that is always the case, and that’s where training, education, and on-the-job learning come in. But more significantly, there appears to be a shortage of people willing to work under current wage levels, benefits, and working conditions. This is like a quiet strike.” – Wolf Richter


Cornered Fed Weighs Dilemma: Market Crash or Runaway Inflation? – “The U.S. economy is at a fork in the road. One route leads to the return of market fundamentals and sane stock valuations, at the cost of a historic market correction. The other route leads to runaway hyperinflation that eats up the debt almost as fast as it devours the dollar’s buying power. That would likely cause the dollar to lose its hegemony as global reserve currency and bring about a simultaneous market collapse. Here’s where we are, and where we might be going…” – Birch Gold

Cheating – “Silver is manipulated and suppressed in price and has been for decades because large traders on one side of the COMEX – traders labeled as “commercials” on the short side – are cheaters. Cheating is a deliberate attempt to evade the rules of the game to achieve an unfair advantage. Where do I get off calling the commercial traders in COMEX silver cheaters? I am including the referees – the regulators at the CFTC, the CME Group and the Justice Department – as complicit for allowing the cheating to continue. Simply stated, the COMEX is a crooked game run by cheaters and officiated by those condoning the cheating. The proof of the cheating resides in the public data,” – Ted Butler

Beware The Fourth Of July Fireworks In The Silver Market? KABOOM! – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Silver Price Prediction – Prices Rise, as Negative Momentum Decellerates – David Becker


Luke 12:15    And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.