Where Did The Science Go? – “It doesn’t look to me like we are following the science at all. We’re following something alright, but not that. If and when the vaccine makers themselves state they have no proof their chemicals protect against infection, yet everyone starts opening up their stores and theaters and what have you, but only to the “vaccinated”, I’m at a loss for words.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

The Intentionally Planned Coming Cyber ‘Pandemic” Will Devastate This Country – “We are now in the midst of what can be described as a ‘pandemic’ tsunami. Wave after wave of manufactured threats are coming. These will be in many forms, from the so-called ‘Covid variants,’ to runaway inflation, to targeted uprisings, to disasters blamed on climate change; all of course based strictly on fear. Just as Event 201 was used to warn of the plotted coming fake ‘Covid pandemic’ lie, the next staged event that is foretelling the known future will be Cyber Polygon 2021 set to be held on July 9th, which is less than two months away” – Gary D. Barnett  – ANOTHER GOOD ARTICLE FROM GARY ON THE BIG PICTURE, WHICH COVID IS JUST A PART OF!!!!!

Obedient Zombies Love Their Masks And Servitude To The Cult – “I do believe now, that many of them are exhibiting Cult like behavior. Call it what you will… the cult of Fauci? (who himself helped fund the ‘gain of function’ Covid-19 virus that was set upon the world last year from Wuhan China…) Madness. Zombies. You might say, former humans – having blindly sacrificed their pure humanity with an injection – a cocktail of irreversible experimental mRNA juice. Becoming the human trials which until now had never been approved given prior horrific animal trial results.” – A-Patriot

Fauci says that only ‘a little bit more than half’ of his employees are vaccinated for COVID – “What do they know that they aren’t telling the public?” – Thomas Lifson

We Must Awaken from “Corona Coma”, Reject “Great Reset” Robotic Technocracy and Assert Our Common Humanity – Jack Dresser  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!!

Restricting Freedom Didn’t Defeat Covid – “Still, there’s the question of “elitism.” The lockdowns were the cruelest form of elitism, by far. The implication of the lockdowns was that those who had the temerity to have jobs that were destinations—like restaurants and shops—would have to lose them.” – John Tamny

CDC: Death Toll Following Experimental COVID Injections Now at 4,434 – More than 21 Years of Recorded Vaccine Deaths from VAERS – “The CDC released the latest death figures following the experimental COVID injections this week, and that death toll now stands at 4,434 people, adults and children, that have been recorded as dying after receiving one of the experimental COVID injections.” – Brian Shilhavy  – ONCE AGAIN, BRIAN RELEASES THE LATEST INFO FROM THE CDC. THE MSM COMPLETELY IGNORES THESE WEEKLY UPDATE TOTALS!!!!!!

Rachel Maddow Says She Will Have to “Rewire” Her Brain to Not View Maskless as a “Threat” – “Seems sad that the stigmatization of those who don’t cover up is ending.” – Paul Joseph Watson  – POOR RACHEL HAS NEEDED A REWIRING FOR QUITE SOME TIME NOW. IN HER EARLY DAYS, SHE USED TO BE A DECENT AND BALANCED REPORTER. NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are We Being Set Up for Mass Depopulation? – “The myth of asymptomatic spread was used to justify lockdowns, which in turn were a tool get you used to giving up your freedoms and go along with the intentional decimation of the global economy and old way of life, thereby justifying the Great Reset” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

“I Don’t Care If You’re Vaccinated, You Dink!” – Wisconsin Teacher Put On Leave After Verbally-Abusing Maskless Student – “I don’t want to get sick and die. There’s other people you can infect. Just because you’re vaccinated…You’re a jerk…” – Tyler Durden – THE MASK VS MASKLESS BATTLES BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

78 Percent of UK Businesses Have No Plan to Require Vaccine Certificates, Survey – Lily Zhou


The Gun to America’s Head – “It’s a double-barreled shotgun, pointed straight at Uncle Sam’s forehead: distrust in the media and the federal government. To be frank, why wouldn’t that be the case? The government has betrayed U.S. citizens at every turn: leaving its diplomats to die in foreign countries… outright lying in national security letters… repeatedly violating its own surveillance laws… Even the damn post office has been conducting illegal surveillance (under the fun name “iCOP”), spying on your social media posts… And that is why public trust in the federal government is somewhere below basement level. You already know that the media is feeding into the problem. They’re mass-producing doctored videos and miss-edited interviews to build their social justice warrior agenda. It’s no wonder the vast majority of Americans also believe the media is trying to convince people to have a specific opinion. In fact, this is the first time since tracking started that fewer than half of Americans trust traditional media.” – Marin Katusa

Giving your freedom back as if it were theirs to take away to begin with… – Simon Black

A Primer for the Propagandized: Fear Is the Mind-Killer – “The noose is dangling gently around our necks. Every day, they cinch it tighter. By the time we realize it’s strangling us, it will be too late. Those who – gradually and gleefully – sacrifice their freedoms, their autonomy, their individuality, their livelihoods, and their relationships on the altar of the “common good” have forgotten this is the pattern followed by every totalitarian regime in history.” – Margaret Anna Alice

Can Someone Invent a Clever Use of Western Propaganda? – “My, my, just when you figured the world could not get stupider. According to Business Insider, it is Vladimir Putin who is searching for convenient western enemies in order to distract his people from problems at home! Oh my God, give us a break J.W. Sotak, you’ve had way too much of the Kool-Aide lately, time to sit this dance out. This story had to be drafted by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s PR team” – Phil Butler

Who’s in Charge of the ‘Clattering Train’? – “America is being driven at warp speed toward a train wreck by drunken drivers asleep at the switch. We don’t need experts to tell us that. We know it in our bones. We see it with our own eyes. In four short months, Biden and the Democrats are pushing America toward catastrophe. They dictate to us without consensus. They dictate to us against our wills. They dictate to us against the country’s best interests. And they use troops, violent protesters, businesses, and corrupt government agencies to enforce their dictates. Biden’s government is a dictatorship.” – Will Alexander

Biden plan: Laid off US energy workers to compete with Chinese slave labor, making solar panels – “The Biden administration’s greenie infrastructure plan is trickling out, and the picture is getting ugly. President Biden’s new “climate czar” John Kerry says laid off workers in the fossil fuels industry should be able to easily transfer their skill set into solar. He specifically said they can “make solar panels” instead of making the Keystone pipeline that Biden canceled on day two of his tenure in the White House. Of the top 10 solar panel manufacturers in the world, 8 are Chinese. Ever competed with a slave? Who’s going to come out on top with this?” – Monica Showalter

Big Ag’s Wedding to Big Data – “Producers and consumers seem helpless as food all over the world comes under fast growing corporate control. Such changes have also been worsening environmental collapse, social dislocation and the human condition. Davos’ IR4.0 Not Benign. The Davos World Economic Forum’s (WEF) much touted “Fourth Industrial Revolution” (IR4.0), promoting digitization, is transforming food systems, accelerating concentration in corporate hands.” -Jomo Kwame Sundara

Biden: Massacring Gazans No “Overreaction” – “Palestinian lives, well-being and rights don’t matter throughout the Occupied Territories, according to dominant hardliners in Israel, the US and West. The same goes for ordinary people in the US and most of Europe — exploited and abused, not served by their ruling authorities.” – Stephen Lendman

Anti-Israel Forces Encouraged by Biden’s Weakness – “It has taken the Democrats all of four months in power to screw up the Middle East, and the good guys in the region are not pleased or inclined to play along.” – Christian Whiton

The Alternatives We’re Denied – Eric Peters  – GOOD COMMON SENSE ARTICLE ON ELECTRIC CARS FROM ERIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kids can explore pronoun options on box of Kellogg’s new ‘pride’ cereal – “On the side of the ‘Together with Pride’ box, children will be able to choose he, she or they, or make up their own gender preference.” – LifeSiteNews

All You Need to Know About Tactical Knives – GUEST CONTRIBUTOR – A GOOD PRIMER!!!


The RAGING INFLATION THAT’S DEVOURING AMERICA In One Super Simple Example – “Thought inflation was already pretty bad? It’s actually worse than that. Much, much worse…” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

War Of Words Over Inflation Stirs Questions for the Fed – Judy Shelton

Inflation will hit poor and middle class harder than the pandemic (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

WTF Spike of Retail Sales Lives Another Month on Surging Prices & $1,400 Stimmies. Gonna Be Tough in May – “Government gives consumers Free Money, retail sales spike. Free Money peters out, retail sales sag. Welcome to the new normal.” – Wolf Richter

Swiss Diabolical Cancelation of their Currency – Martin Armstrong

Want to know where silver prices are heading next? Just take a look at copper (VIDEO) – “Silver is very often overlooked in favor of its glistening cousin Gold, however Silver prices have tallied up an impressive gain of over 80% in the last year. As the global economy reopens and the green energy and infrastructure spending boom gathers pace – Silver’s bullish trajectory shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.” – Phil Carr


Isaiah 37:26  Hast thou not heard long ago, how I have done it; and of ancient times, that I have formed it? now have I brought it to pass, that thou shouldest be to lay waste defenced cities into ruinous heaps.