Confession: I don’t like Anthony Fauci very much – “How can a rational person not dislike him? It’s uncomfortable to say that you don’t like someone you’ve never met. But I’m going to reject the normal rules of civility and tell you how I really feel about Dr. Anthony Fauci: I flat out don’t like him! True, I don’t know the man. Never met him. But after more than a year of seeing his arrogant, condescending face almost daily on the national news, I feel as if I have a pretty good sense of the character, or lack thereof, of Dr. Anthony Fauci.” – Liam Brooks

Fauci: Vaccinated should have ‘no concern’ about infection from the unvaccinated – Michael Haynes

CDC tells schools to keep students in masks – “The determination comes just days after agency told vaccinated adults they could ditch masks.” – John Solomon

A Vaccine for Lots of Coronaviruses Could Be in Your Future – “There are more pathogens like the one that causes COVID-19. That’s why a team of scientists began work on what you might call a “super-vaccine.”” – David Axe  – AND BIG PHARMA CAN’T WAIT$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

10 Things We Have Learned During the Covid Coup – “One potential positive from the whole Covid-19 debacle is that we have learned an incredible amount about the society in which we live. This will be crucial if we manage to stave off a descent into a nightmare future of techno-fascist slavery.” – Winter Oak  – MORE ON THE BIG PICTURE, WHICH COVID IS A PART OF!!!!!

Science Journals Support Claim that Pfizer Covid Vaccine May Cause Deadly Neurodegenerative Disease – “The article, titled “COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease,” was published in January of 2021 and has been studiously ignored by major media, which has focused its efforts on encouraging individuals to take the jab.” – Janet Phelan

Poll Reveals Who’s Most Vaccine-Hesitant in America and Why –


Biden Is Off to a Disastrous Start – “Demanding we wear masks isn’t the president’s job. Conducting foreign policy is. And since Biden took the reins, the Middle East has dramatically destabilized.” – David HarsanyiMay

The Media Wants You to Trust Washington Again Now That Trump Is Gone – “Perhaps Kosinski is unaware that the Trump-era secrecy she denounced flourished mightily thanks to the beloved Obama administration. In 2011, Obama’s Justice Department formally proposed to permit federal agencies to falsely claim that documents that Americans requested via FOIA did not exist. The Obama White House crippled FOIA responses by adding a new requirement for all federal agencies to permit the White House to review and potentially veto releases of requested FOIA documents that had “White House equities”—i.e., anything that might make the Obama administration look bad.” – James Bovard

America Playing With Fire – “The first thing every totalitarian regime does, along with confiscation and mutilation of reality, is confiscation of history and confiscation of culture.What used to be unimaginable is now taking place in America. We see certain aspects of totalitarianism in the United States: the obsession with race, declaring an ethnic group collectively guilty, shaming, humiliations based on ethnicity, lootings, arson, racist violence, intimidation of opponents, cancel culture, controlled dissemination of news, and indoctrination of children in schools. We see fake news, conspiracy theories, an overhaul of history, a new language imposed, and unprosecuted theft. All in the name of a more just culture. On May 8, we remember that America had a leading role in liberating Europe from the totalitarian Nazi regime. But who will liberate America if it becomes totalitarian state? America is playing with fire.” – Evelyn Markus

Why the White House won’t define pipeline attack as terrorism – “What the Biden administration seems to fear most is public recognition that it is afraid — afraid of the vulnerability of our infrastructure, afraid that the public will learn what cyber terrorists already know.” – Jonathan Turley

Kamala Harris: The Do-Nothing Border Czar – “Is the Biden administration’s handling of the migrant crisis an example of ineptitude or an open borders agenda?” – Jeff Charles

“Infrastructure” Is Now Anything the Government Wants To Do – “But this use of deceptive rhetoric raises even more fundamental concerns. There is nothing new about lawmakers using false or nonexistent logic to support their proposals, but there is something novel to the boldness with which even established mainline party politicians—including influential senators like Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand—are now so openly embracing this rhetorical tactic despite its reliance on a “radical reimagining” of the meaning of an existing word. The issue it raises is this: Do we really believe that these experienced politicians actually think voters are so dimwitted they cannot grasp the relevant difference between bridges and childcare?” – Robert Zumwalt

The CDC’s Mask Mess Reveals Why They Can’t Be Trusted On Guns – “We also know that whatever talking points come out the CDC regarding gun control, they’ll be eagerly parroted and taken as gospel by many on the Left, who don’t dare dispute anything that comes out of the mouths of the high priests of Science.” – Cam Edwards

Desperate Don Lemon ‘apologizes’ after teasing ‘end’ of his show in duplicitous publicity stunt – Thomas Lifson – SO BIG DEAL, THEY JUST CHANGED THE NAME OF HIS SHOW, CNN WOULD BE BETTER OFF IF THEY HAD REPLACED HIM, STUNTS LIKE THIS SHOWS THAT HE HAS NO JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY WHATSOEVER!!!!!!!

‘A glorified drug cartel whose dealers wore lab coats, suits and ties’: how Big Pharma made Americans addicted to opioids – Ashley Frawley

Grocery Shelves Often Empty Long Before COVID; What Americans Can Expect in the Future – “Empty Shelves. Today we begin with a bit of a mystery. Why, more than a year into the Covid-19 pandemic, are some products still hard or impossible to find at the grocery store — Even those seemingly unrelated to pandemic necessities? Lisa Fletcher looked into the question and found it has a lot to do with America’s surprisingly fragile supply chain.” – B.N. Frank


The US, China, and the Geopolitical Battle for Monetary Dominance – Nick Giambruno

The Secret – “But the lid just got blown off the false narratives that have been propagated by central bankers from Powell on down with his now infamous claim that “Fed policies absolutely don’t add to inequality“. Of course QE adds to inequality. Even the Bank of Canada just sheepishly admitted it” – Sven Henrich

Dollar Debasement Makes Gold and Silver Shine (VIDEO) with Craig Hemke – “Hemke is predicting “another 45% rise for silver” and a nice ride up for gold, too. Hemke explains, “Look at all of the commodities here. Lumber is up five times. Iron ore is at new all-time highs. Soybeans are at new multi-decade highs. Corn, which goes into everything . . . and all these commodities are taking off, which is, in large part, a dollar debasement story. . . . The idea that ‘inflation is transitory’ is bogus. . . . ” – Greg Hunter

What happens when COMEX silver longs take delivery… (VIDEO) – Arcadia Economics

Odd Man Out at the Fed: Kaplan Talks Tapering, Inflation, Risk Management, Excesses in Financial & Housing Markets, Supply-Demand Imbalances – Wolf Richter

To Lean, Clean, or Reign Supreme – “Fast-forward to today, there is an eerie consensus that something is off in financial markets and money more broadly.” – Joakim Book

The Markets are Rigged (VIDEO) – James Corbett pulls back the curtain on the Wall Street casino and reveals how the house always wins the rigged games.” – Off Guardian


Zechariah 1:15     And I am very sore displeased with the heathen that are at ease: for I was but a little displeased, and they helped forward the affliction.


I been in the right place
But it must have been the wrong time
I’d of said the right thing
But I must have used the wrong line
I been in the right trip
But I must have used the wrong car
My head was in a bad place
And I’m wondering what it’s good for

I been the right place
But it must have been the wrong time
My head was in a bad place
But I’m having such a good time
I been running trying to get hung up in my mind
Got to give myself a little talking to this time

Just need a little brain salad surgery
Got to cure this insecurity
I been in the wrong place
But it must have been the right time
I been in the right place
But it must have been the wrong song
I been in the right vein
But it seems like the wrong arm
I been in the right world
But it seems wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong

Slipping, dodging ,sneaking
Creeping hiding out down the street
See me life shaking with every who I meet
Refried confusion is making itself clear
Wonder which way do I go to get on out of here

I been in the right place
But it must have been the wrong time
I’d have said the right thing
But I must have used the wrong line
I’d a took the right road
But I must have took a wrong turn
Would have made the right move
But I made it at the wrong time
I been on the right road
But I must have used the wrong car
My head was in a good place
And I wonder what it’s bad for

( Right Place, Wrong Time by Mac Rebennack )