Biden: “Get Vaccinated or Wear a Mask Until You Do” – “Vaccine refusniks could be forced to cover up indefinitely. The direct missive followed an announcement by the CDC that Americans who had taken the vaccine could remove their masks indoors. However, the updated advisory came with a laundry list of exemptions. Masks will still be mandatory on all forms of public transport, in airports as well as for doctor and hospital visits, nursing homes, jails and homeless shelters.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Tucker Carlson Torches Biden’s Mask ‘Ultimatum’ – “Well, it’s not a request, it’s a demand, and the president of the United States does not get to tell me or any other American citizen what to wear.,” Carlson said. “He’s not offering a choice. He’s laying down an ultimatum. He’s saying if you don’t get vaccinated, you must wear a mask. Again, that’s not within his powers to demand.” – Scott Morefield

Considering the ‘Covid’ Lie: This Is No time for Diplomacy, It Is a Time for Truth – “The holes in this ‘pandemic’ fraud are large enough for trucks to drive through, so acceptance of the state’s narrative is no longer valid in any way. At this point, all that matters is the truth, and an acceptance of that truth in order to be able to recognize reality.” – Gary D. Barnett

Anthony Fauci “has no clue and no authority to lecture on what is good for India” – Colin Todhunter  – AS I SAID ON A POST ABOUT INDIA AND FAUCI ON MAY 5TH; WHY DON’T THEY JUST MAKE FAUCI “THE WORLD COVID CZAR”!!!!

“Vaccine” Side Effect: COVID Arm – “When it comes to the experimental gene therapies being falsely labeled as “vaccines,” the side effects are becoming known. One side effect is “COVID arm” but the mainstream media puppets are telling us that it’s completely normal. But is it? Jabs commonly cause redness, swelling, and slight discomfort, however, the Yale medics have stressed the “delayed” plaques are “distinctly different”. Nevertheless, the COVID arm is mild and should not put people off getting vaccinated, they added. Mild? Is that true? What is interesting, can be seen in actual clips from the mainstream media complied in the video below. Start watching at 4:50 seconds. Take a notice of the syringe. Do you see anything strange? Where’s the needle? And what’s that metal tube that is shot under the skin as the healthcare worker depresses the syringe? What the hell is really going on here?” – Mac Slavo  – SERIOUSLY, WATCH THE VIDEO. YOU CAN DEFINITELY SEE A METAL TUBE BEING INJECTED INTO THE ARM. PERHAPS THAT IS WHY A MAGNET WILL STICK TO YOUR ARM AT THE INJECTION SITE; THAT MAKIA FREMAN REPORTED ABOUT YESTERDAY. SEE THE LINK IN YESTERDAY’S VIRUS NEWS. AS MAC SAYS, WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON HERE!!!!!!!

Sweden records 30,000 suspected side effects from Covid vaccines, with AstraZeneca’s jab linked to more than half of all reports- RT

Canadian head of public health: COVID restrictions to be lifted only when 75% are vaccinated – “As draconian lockdown measures are extended, Tam says masks and social distancing will remain even after vaccines, refuses to answer questions.” – Celeste McGovern

Tucker Carlson Interviews Dr. Peter McCullough on Worldwide Conspiracy to Suppress Existing Drugs that Effectively Treat COVID Patients in Favor of “Vaccines” – ” Dr. Peter McCullough, MD testifies How Successful Home Treatments for COVID Make Experimental Vaccines Unnecessary Viewers of this Fox Network program learned that there is, in fact, a worldwide conspiracy to suppress effective treatments for COVID patients in favor of experimental COVID injections. To be sure, neither Tucker nor Dr. McCullough used the politically explosive term “conspiracy,” but they used other terms that communicate the exact same thing.” – Brian Shilhavy

Don’t mention Ivermectin; it’ll upset the vaccine rollout – “The WHO has either made serious mistakes in their analysis or deliberately undermined Ivermectin and other early treatment drugs, in favour of vaccinating the world.” – Andrew Bannister  – I THINK WE KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT ONE!!!!

Rand Paul Takes Media to the Woodshed for Purposefully Avoiding Asking Fauci About Wuhan Lab Funding – “What he’s arguing is he’s parsing his words.” “He knows his group gave money but he’s saying ‘oh, it wasn’t for juicing up these super viruses, we gave it for other research,’” said Paul. “It’s sort of like the Planned Parenthood argument, ‘Yes, we give taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood, but it’s not for abortion.’”” – Brandon Morse




The Age of Fear: A Graduation Message for Terrifying Times – “With all that is crashing down upon us, from government-manipulated crises to the blowback arising from a society that has repeatedly prized technological expedience and mass-marketed values over self-ownership and individual sovereignty, those coming of age today are facing some of the greatest threats to freedom the world has ever witnessed. It’s downright frightening. It’s a dismal prospect, isn’t it? Unfortunately, we failed to guard against such a future. Worse, we who should have known better neglected to maintain our freedoms or provide our young people with the tools necessary to resist oppression and survive, let alone succeed, in the impersonal jungle that is modern America.” – John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead

Circling the Wagons – “It’ll take some kind of math or maff to unravel the mystery of Arizona’s 2020 election results, and the people who run Maricopa County — that is, Phoenix and its suburban asteroid belt, or about 60 percent of the AZ population — don’t want that mystery solved. An awful lot of interested parties don’t want a complete examination of the 2020 Arizona vote to go forward, including now the US Department of Justice, which sent a letter from its Civil Rights Division to state Senate President Karen Fann threatening legal action against canvassers directed to ascertain whether voters actually lived at the addresses recorded on their mail-in ballots.” – James Howard Kunstler

Open Letter From Retired U.S. Military Leaders to ‘Dictatorial’ Biden Administration Suggests Bad Times Ahead – “Echoing a letter penned by a group of French soldiers who warned President Emmanuel Macron that the country was heading for civil war, the retired U.S. military leaders had a similar message for Joe Biden: “Our nation is in deep peril. We are in a fight for our survival as a Constitutional Republic like no other time since our founding in 1776. The conflict is between supporters of Socialism and Marxism vs. supporters of Constitutional freedom and liberty.”” – Robert Bridge

Who’s really in charge in America? – “After a number of high-profile gaffes, the White House press office recently conceded that Biden’s handlers don’t want him answering unscripted questions from the media. Yet now the issue of presidential authority has taken a more ominous turn. On May 11, a group of 124 retired U.S. military admirals and generals signed a letter questioning Biden’s fitness for office and seemingly challenging the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.” – Robert J. Hutchinson

Maricopa County Elections Officials DELETED ENTIRE DATABASE DIRECTORY from Voting Machines – Including “All Election Information” from Main Database — With Copy of Senate Letter = Patty McMurray

House Republicans Defy the January 6 Narrative – “The script about that day might have been concocted by Democrats and the media but the true account of what happened before, during, and after is still being written.” – Julie Kelly

Flyover Folks: It’s Time To Fire Biden’s Writers! – “Whoever has teleprompter duty is annoying the Heartlanders.” – Sarah Cowgill

Are the Halcyon Days Over for Joe Biden? – “But the defining crisis of the Biden presidency may be the crisis on America’s southern border… an annual rate of 2 million people walking into our country uninvited, the advance guard of a Third World invasion that will change the character and composition of the United States.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Here’s How Biden’s Spending Could Become A Hidden Tax On Everything You Purchase – Andrew Trunsky

Biden Plans Expansion Of Feds’ Army Of Snitches In ‘Dollars For Collars’ Program – “How the administration plans on expanding its already massive surveillance apparatus. As part of its war on extremism, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) may exploit a “legal work-around” to spy on and potentially entrap Americans who are “perpetuating the ‘narratives’ of concern,” CNN reported last week. But federal informant programs routinely degenerate into “dollars for collars” schemes that reward scoundrels for fabricating crimes that destroy the lives of innocent Americans. The DHS plan would “allow the department to circumvent [constitutional and legal] limits” on surveillance of private citizens and groups.” – James Bovard

Liz Cheney Lied About Her Role in Spreading the Discredited CIA “Russian Bounty” Story – “As part of her ideological war to reclaim the GOP for neocons, the now-deposed House leader falsely denied her role in a tale designed to block withdrawal from Afghanistan.” – Glenn Greenwald

Woke Insanity: Why Is There So Little Pushback?! – “The Biden Administration has gone out of its way to show itself as absolutely “woke-compatible” and even as a champion of “wokeness” (Foggy Bottom has just allowed US embassies and consulates to fly the “gay pride” flag next to the Stars and Stripes. I bet you they won’t do that in Riyadh!). ” – The Saker

If the NRA Should Fall, Who Will Fight to Protect the Second Amendment? – “I always saw the NRA as a collective of millions of law-abiding American gun owners standing strong for a righteous cause. We are patriots who love our country and cherish our freedom. By contrast, our opponents view the NRA as an evil faceless corporation to be righteously reviled. In recent years their assessment is likely a bit more realistic than my own. The NRA has evolved into a corrupt and broken entity.” – Will Dabbs MD

Israel’s Military Begins Ground Offensive In Gaza – Tyler Durden

IT’S WAR!: Israeli Troops Enter Gaza As The World Braces For A Horrific Conflict In The Middle East – Michael Snyder

Geopolitical Projection: US Claims China is an “Aggressor” – “The accusations made by the US are a form of projection – the taking of one’s own unacceptable qualities or feelings and “projecting” them onto others – but on a geopolitical level. Secretary Blinken unflinchingly made these claims about China even as the US wages multiple illegal wars of aggression and enduring military occupations around the globe including in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, while also backing several more proxy conflicts including in Yemen – a conflict the UN itself has claimed is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Claims of “1 million” Uyghurs being interned within China – even if it were true – would pale in comparison to the 2003 US invasion and occupation of Iraq alone, in which a million Iraqis died.” – Brian Berletic

60 Per Cent of Police & Military Say They Will Support Le Pen in French Presidential Election – “Support for Le Pen among active duty cops as high as 74 per cent” – Paul Joseph Watson

Did BoJo stoke up racial tensions on the streets of Glasgow to undermine Sturgeon’s bid for Scottish independence? – Chris Sweeney

A Society Based on the Social Credit System is Closer Than You Think – “The social credit system took yet another step forward—this time, from Down Under. Under the guise of a welfare crackdown, Australia moved 25,000 people onto a cashless card system that restricts non-essential purchases. Aussie welfare recipients only access to funds is via a cashless debit card'” – Robert Wheeler

American homeschooling is way up, and likely to stay up – Jeremy Lott  – CONSIDERING THE CRAP THAT THEY ARE TEACHING IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS, IS IT ANY WONDER!!!!




Markets Decided To Get High Again Rather Than Grapple With Reality – “Of course, Wall Street wanting to get (stocks) high is hardly new: think of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. And a world flooded with QE and central-bank intervention like cheap heroine can justify trading that looks like what one would normally do on a combination of laughing gas, poppers, and K. But are we perhaps taking things too far? The PPI and CPI numbers, many claim, suggest we are close to a QE overdose as too much liquidity chases too many real world things. However, markets are going to market.” – Michael Every

Mounting Inflation Fears Push U.S. Consumer Sentiment Lower – Olivia Rockeman and Payne Lubbers

Inflation is Everywhere – “The Fed calls this “transitory”, citing lower prices in April 2020 due to lockdowns in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The mainstream media were quick to point this out. CNBC added that the rise in prices is because the economic growth is accelerating. The problems with these apologetic excuses for rising prices are many. If these increases are solely based on the low numbers in April 2020, then why have they soared from just one month ago? If the economy is doing so well, why does the Fed continue to print ~$120bln a month and keep the Fed Funds rates at essentially zero?” – David Brady

Will Precious Metals Investors Get the Last Laugh? – “Fed officials insist these price spikes are transitory and don’t yet warrant any monetary tightening. By the time inflation becomes so big of a problem that central bankers can’t deny it anymore, it may be too late for investors to exit vulnerable assets and obtain inflation protection – at least not at prices that are as favorable as can be had today.” – Mike Gleason

State of the American Debt Slaves: Fed “Confounded” as They Pay Down Credit Cards, Other High-Interest Debt, and HELOCs – Wolf Richter

Silver is up over 70% in a year. Here’s why experts say it could have further to go – Holly Ellyatt

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.80EUR



Proverbs 29:9    If a wise man contendeth with a foolish man, whether he rage or laugh, there is no rest.