Vaccine Virtue Signaling And The Cult Of Woke – “But before I address the Woke Cult and and their perverse relationship with the establishment, I have to ask a basic question about the “vaccine” which no one in the mainstream seems to be asking: Why should we take an experimental mRNA vaccine for a virus that 99.7% of people outside of nursing homes will easily survive? This question alone usually explodes the heads of vaccine cultists. Most of them for some reason still believe the death rate of covid is “3% or more”. Why do they peddle this nonsense? Well, I would note that the mainstream media NEVER discusses the death rate of covid; they instead let people make assumptions based on things they have heard in the past from entities like the World Health Organization or the CDC.” – Brandon Smith  – ANOTHER EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!

UN report pushes global government to “prevent future pandemics” – “Global surveillance, “financial independence” and power to override national governments headline WHO’s recommended “reforms”. ” – Kit Knightly

Why are Magnets Sticking to the COVID Vaxxed? – ” A number of people are reporting, with video proof, that when they apply a small magnet to their injection site (usually the upper arm), right where they got injected with the COVID non-vaccine (which is a gene-altering device and not a real vaccine), the magnet is sticking! Yet, when they place this exact same magnet in a different part of their body, it doesn’t stick, and just falls right off. Is This COVID Vaxxed Magnet Phenomenon Evidence of Magnetic Nanoparticles?” – Makia Freeman  – INTERESTING ARTICLE FROM MAKIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CDC Embarks on New COVID Cover-Up – “For many months, experts have warned that COVID-19 is not so much a viral pandemic as it is a “casedemic” — a pandemic of false positive tests — and the thing that kept the fraud going was the fact that laboratories were using excessively high cycle thresholds (CTs) when processing the PCR tests. As part of its COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough case investigation, the CDC has issued guidelines11 for public health, clinical and reference laboratories on how to test and diagnose cases where fully vaccinated individuals are suspected of having contracted COVID-19. In those guidelines, it specifies using a CT value of 28 or less. So, in other words, while healthy people have, for the past year, been misdiagnosed as having COVID-19 when they really didn’t because the CT was set to 40 or 45, they’re now trying to minimize the recorded number of breakthrough cases by using a CT that will minimize false positives.12 Had a CT of 28 been used all along, we would have had nowhere near the number of “cases” currently touted and the pandemic would have been declared over sometime in 2020.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Excess Mortality in The US Has Plummeted to Pre-Covid Levels – “It’s likely these facts won’t stop “public health” bureaucrats from continuing to insist that another “wave” of covid deaths and cases is right around the corner. These activists have many strategies for pushing vaccine passports, mask mandates, and even continual precautionary business closures. They’ll tell us that new covid variants are sweeping the globe.” – Ryan McMaken  – OVER ALL YEARLY DEATH RATES HAS BASICALLY BEEN A ZERO ISSUE. MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING!!!!!

State and Local Governments Should Refuse to Participate in Providing Experimental Coronavirus Vaccines to Children – Adam Dick

Canadian Doctors Are Being Censored – “On April 30th, 2021 the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario put out a highly controversial statement regarding what it considers to be Covid misinformation. The CPSO is a regional regulatory body empowered by statutory law to exercise licensing and disciplinary authority over the practice of medicine in Ontario. Think of it as the equivalent of a State Bar Association for American lawyers except for Canadian doctors.” – Ethan Yang

CDC director defends widely criticized mask guidance: ‘We are following the science’ – Emily DeCiccio

Yankees dealing with COVID-19 issues as seven members of traveling party test positive – “All seven members of the team had been fully vaccinated, per the Yankees” – Katherine Acquavella & R.J. Anderson

Within hours, French National Assembly first rejects, then approves COVID health passport – Jeanne Smits

Anthony Nguyen Kha Huy, Age 45, Dead 10 Days After Covid Vaccine – “Anthony received his covid vaccine on April 20th according to his brother-in-law Phuong Tran. He passed away 10 days later at the age of 45. Family suspects the vaccine caused his death.” – The Empowerer  – HOW MANY DO WE HAVE TO KEEP READING ABOUT!!!!

More than a quarter of EU adults reluctant to get Covid vaccine, survey finds – RT




Can Federal Judges Alter the Constitution? – Andrew P. Napolitano

Biden Mocks Ancient Wisdom – “When an arrogant present dismisses the wisdom of the past, then an all too predictable future becomes terrifying.” – Victor Davis Hanson  – VICTOR’S ARTICLES ARE ALWAYS WELL WORTH READING!!!

Joe Biden walks away from inflation question – “The 46th President spoke at a press conference Wednesday and was asked by a reporter, “should Americans be worried about inflation, sir?” Biden turned and walked away. This, from the ass who said he’d been told by … someone … that he’s not supposed to answer questions, but does so, anyway. He didn’t this time. Yet, to paraphrase Joe, it’s kind of a big … deal. It’s a whopper of an issue, in fact, to be skipping out on, because it’s flaring up everywhere now — in fuel shortages, in fresh fruit and vegetable prices, in auto prices, in lumber prices — and in the 700-point plunge of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which happened precisely because of inflation.” – Monica Showalter

We’re Governed by Morons – “Everyone knows someone who is horrible with money; some friend or acquaintance who is always up to their neck in credit card debt no matter how much money they earn. You probably try to avoid seeing this person as much as possible because it’s always the same old story when you do. Sadly, rather than remove these people from our lives, we’ve elected them to Congress and they keep sticking us with the check. This isn’t about Republicans or Democrats, they’re both horrible when it comes to spending. The only differences between the two parties on spending is Republicans pretend to be responsible when they’re not in power, Democrats don’t even bother anymore.” – Derek Hunter

The American Multicultural State Is Collapsing – Paul Craig Roberts

Joe Biden Releases More than 8.3K ‘Remain in Mexico’ Migrants into U.S. – “Remain in Mexico migrants are only a fraction of the total number of migrants and border crossers that the Biden administration is facilitating into the U.S. interior.” – John Binder

If The Trucks Stop Running, It Won’t Just Be A Gasoline Shortage That We Are Facing… – Michael Snyder

Have You Learned Anything Yet? – “Just wondering, you know. Colonial’s pipeline is allegedly being restarted. That’s nice. Who’s asking why that company is still in business and why we have one firm, with no regulation or oversight, that is responsible for basically the entire fuel supply in the Northeast part of the nation! Excuse me? Oh, it’s just gas. Really? You do realize that without fuel nothing moves. Not airplanes, not trucks, and not cars. Would you like some groceries? That’s nice; how do you think they get to the store? Walmart, for some clothes, or whatever? Same. Air freight of all sorts? How do you do that when there’s no fuel to fill the plane or truck back up after it brings your stuff — or people? Oh, that’s an inconvenience. Is that so?” – Karl Denninger

Lines at gas stations are a feature, not a bug, of Biden’s green future – Washington Examiner

New Mexico Oil Disaster Atop Colonial Pipeline Fiasco Exposes Lunacy Of Biden Energy Policy – “Residents and oil producers in southeast New Mexico watched the Colonial Pipeline turmoil with a mix of amusement and anxiety.” – Tristan Justice

How COVID Lockdowns Will Become Climate Lockdowns – Doug Casey

Government’s ‘Online Safety’ Bill Will Limit Free Speech, Lead To Massive ‘State-backed Censorship’ Warn Watchdogs – “A frightening and historic attack on freedom of speech” – Steve Watson

Illinois Democrats Ponder How To Get Rid Of Guns Without Police – “It’s a real conundrum for many on the Left; how to reconcile their desire for more gun control laws with their demand for less policing. After all, there’s not much point in putting more restrictions on gun ownership in place if the new laws aren’t going to be enforced, but if you believe that we’re already over-policed, then are more gun laws really the best way to address “gun violence”?” – Cam Edwards

WAR FOOTING Israel masses troops on Gaza border and threatens to invade after Netanyahu rejects Hamas ceasefire plea – Claudia Aoraha, Imogen Braddick and Olivia Burke

5 Massively Deceptive Headlines By MSM to Cover Up Israel Killing Children in Gaza – “If you take in all of your information from mainstream media sources, you likely think that the Palestinians are a terrorist organization who carry out acts of unprovoked violence against the innocent state of Israel. But to those who think for themselves and seek out objective information on the Israeli and Palestinian relations, it is far more complex. It is also heavily one-sided. It is no secret that the United States government is in bed with the Israeli government.” – Matt Agorist

Fifteen Thoughts On Palestine – “You don’t get to drop an entire colony on top of an inhabited country, grind those inhabitants into the dirt for generations, and then claim self defense every time they retaliate. That’s not a thing. The US-centralized power alliance in general is a gargantuan globe-spanning juggernaut that feeds on rivers of human blood and every time its victims try to escape from its fangs it shows up on the news sobbing that it is merely defending itself.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Butting Heads With China and Russia: American Diplomats Are Outclassed – “United State engagement in complicated overseas quarrels should be limited to areas where genuine vital interests are at stake. With the exception of the impending departure of U.S. and NATO forces from Afghanistan, if it occurs, the White House seems to prefer to use aggression to deter adversaries rather than finesse. The recent exchanges between Secretary of State Tony Blinken and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at a meeting in Alaska demonstrate how Beijing has a clear view of its interests which Washington seems to lack.” – Philip Giraldi

Good Riddance, Liz Cheney – “There have been few politicians in modern times who have done more to undermine personal liberty, capitalist prosperity, small government and especially world peace than the Cheney Clan. So upon Liz Cheney’s ouster from the #3 job in the US House GOP hierarchy, we say: Good riddance!” – David Stockman

Why won’t Israelis let themselves be killed? – “The global woke loathing for Israel is taking an even darker turn.” – Brendan O’Neill

I Can’t Stand It, the Assad OPCW Fantasy is Giving me Gas – “There is only so much stupid one can take and still survive. What I am talking about, of course, is the “controversy” over allegation that Syria has used poison gas against “its own people.” Let me begin with a “slam dunk” and then we can move on to simple screaming. Then again, there are his public statements, always reasonable, always truthful, or perhaps truthful only to those who aren’t addicted to childish propaganda or are too ignorant to know the difference. This is also the great strength of the Russian leaders, Putin and Lavrov, always on task, always organized, always reasonable and invariably in line with their pronouncements, correctly quoting either international law or treaty issues. None of this proves that Assad or Putin are kind or harmless, but it does prove one thing, that unlike so many American politicians, they aren’t obviously insane.” – Gordon Duff

Insider View: The Tragedy of the U.S. Deep State – “So where does Kissinger in Arizona fit in? Now, Kissinger reflects the Deep State angst on the Russia-Chinese relationship and wants this split up for dear life. This is interestingly covered here by Kissinger. He does not want to tell the truth about balance of power realities. He describes them as “our values”, when the U.S. has no values left but anarchy, looting, and burning down hundreds of cities. Biden hopes to buy all these disenfranchised masses as money printing goes wild. So we are back to Kissinger shocked at the new Russian-Chinese alliance. They must be separated.” – Pepe Escobar




It’s Getting Serious: Dollar’s Purchasing Power Plunges Most since 2007. But it’s a Lot Worse than it Appears – Wolf Richter

Inflation Will Kill This Stock Market – “I’m not saying nothing else can do the job before inflation fully gets here, just that the kind of inflation I’ve been writing about certainly will do it if nothing else does. That’s what terrifies the market and for a very good reason that may not be the first one that comes to some investors’ minds.” – David Haggith

Another Month, Another Huge Budget Deficit – Peter Schiff

The ‘Take This Job and Shove It’ Recession – Charles Hugh Smith

Home Prices Soar Most On Record As Fed Continues Bubble Blowing Policies – Tyler Durden

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.55EUR




Titus 3:9     But avoid foolish questions, and genealogies, and contentions, and strivings about the law; for they are unprofitable and vain.