Citizens Told Entry Into Society Requires A Pass – “These are testing times — and not just because of the hysteria and hypocrisy over the “pandemic”. Our familiarity with dystopian literature is also being brought to the fore, as the draconis horribilis scenario races ahead. The “ID” in Covid is now being given air time in the mass media,” – James Fitzgerald

Vaccines Are the New ‘Purity Test’ – “The public narrative is not only building prejudice against people who refuse to wear masks or get an experimental vaccine, but is also using healthy people as scapegoats from the very beginning, blaming the spread of the virus on asymptomatically infected people. With the rollout of vaccine certificates, we are stepping firmly into discrimination territory. The last step will entail persecution of non-vaccinated individuals. Vaccine passports are about creating justification for segregation, discrimination and elimination of certain groups of people, in this case, people who don’t want to be part of the experimental vaccine program, which identifies them as noncompliant with top-down edicts.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Feds Won’t Mandate Vaccine Passports, But Will Help States, Businesses, Schools Develop Standards – “States are split on vaccine passport mandates, with some vowing to resist and others embracing the idea as necessary for a return to normalcy, but feds insist their role will be limited to ensuring equity and privacy.” – Megan Redshaw  – OH, WE ARE JUST GOING TO HELP. HMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New York’s Vaccine Passport Program Is Already Failing – “The Cuomo-IBM idiocracy can’t produce a good product.” – Jordan Schachtel

The Next Phase of This Fake Pandemic Will Be Premeditated Mass Murder by ‘Vaccine’ – “The stage is set, the plan is in place, and the people are still asleep. The realization that this state has declared war on the American people is unknown to most, and when the killing reaches high levels, the sheep will be told it is due to a mutated virus variant, and it is their fault for not being injected quickly enough with a poisonous ‘vaccine’ administered by this same criminal state. Make no mistake about it; you are the enemy of the state in this war against mankind.” – Gary D. Barnett

Italy: two more teachers die within 20 days after AstraZeneca shot – The COVID Blog

Italy makes vaccines compulsory for health workers. But some are unconvinced – “Reports of rare blood clots affecting a small number of people in Europe who had had the AztraZeneca vaccine made headlines last month and led to a brief suspension of use of the jab in Italy. However, the European Medicines Agency and the World Health Organization both said there seemed to be no link between blood clots and the vaccine, and both bodies said the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks.” – Hada Messia, Livia Borghese and Laura Smith-Spark  – OH, REALLY. MAYBE CNN, WHO WROTE THIS ARTICLE, SHOULD READ THE ABOVE LINK, INSTEAD OF PUSHING PROPOGANDA FOR ASTRA ZENECA

Mask-Wearing Represents Fear and Blind Obedience, Not Science – Dennis Prager

Texas Has Fewer COVID Cases Than Michigan—Despite Nearly 20M More People and No Restrictions – “In Texas, COVID cases continue to fall. Meanwhile, many other states are fighting a resurgence of the virus despite state attempts to tame it.” – Jon Miltimore

Dr. Fauci Can’t Explain Why Texas COVID Cases Keep Dropping Despite Reopening – “Dr. Fauci seemed dumbfounded. He first suggested that the surge in cases simply hadn’t manifested yet because of a “lag”. That might have made sense if the trend had only been in place for a week or two. But a month has passed, and Texas’ positivity rate – the share of new tests that yield positive results, seen as a more accurate representation of community spread – has continued to fall. “I’m not really sure, it could be because they’re doing things outdoors,”” – Tyler Durden – IN OTHER WORDS, THE SO-CALLED EXPERT, DOESN’T HAVE A CLUE. BUT I GUESS BEING OUTSIDE IS A GOOD IDEA AFTER ALL. IMAGINE THAT. FRESH AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Paradise Lost – “So a single political party gains control of a lockdown-battered country desperate for any and all forms of government spending. Direct payments, loan forgiveness, infrastructure, all of these and more are not just possible, but popular. The president and his Congressional allies simply write the bills, pass them, and bask in the near-universal admiration of their generosity.” – John Rubino

A Government of Thugs, by Thugs, for Thugs – “The Democrats seem to have taken their cues from earlier totalitarians in the way they have built bridges to the world’s thug population.” – Paul Gottfried

America’s left puts Putin to shame when it comes to disinformation – “Why do the Russians need to bother spreading disinformation when our own ­domestic sources do a much better job at it?” – Rich Lowry

Over 170,000 Illegal Immigrants Flood the US in March, Most in a Decade – Mish

Oh My: Looks Like Biden DHS Is Admitting Trump Was Right About the Wall – Nick Arama

Where Is The Outrage? Every Single Day, Christians Are Being Tortured, Beaten And Killed All Over The Globe – Michael Snyder

Everything The West Claims It Values Is Invalidated By Its Treatment Of Assange – “The western world has a very high opinion of itself and its supposed values, and its treatment of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange makes a lie of it all. Truth. Justice. Freedom. Democracy. We are taught from an early age that these are the sacred values our society upholds with the utmost reverence, and that we are very fortunate to have been born in a part of the world which holds such virtue. You see this haughty self-righteousness pop up on a daily basis in the most influential circles on earth, from the way US presidents are still to this day referred to as the “leader of the free world”,” – Caitlin Johnstone

Are You Prepared For a “New Normal” of Flashmobs, Revolutionaries and a Lower Standard of Living? – “The protests and riots that engulfed the United States just before the election seem to have calmed down. However, you only need to turn on the news to see that random protests and mob street action are popping up all across the country. Sometimes, the target of the mob attacks is the police. Sometimes they involve competing militias. (Antifa vs. Proud Boys etc.) Sometimes, they are organized mob violence against innocent bystanders.” – Robert Wheeler

Milwaukee Black Panthers racially harass and force shutdown of Asian nail salon as media avert their eyes – ” I am not aware of the Black Panthers being a white supremacist organization.” – Thomas Lifson

Pritzker Lobbies For Huge Federal Tax Cut For The Rich With Dishonest Letter To Biden – “So, if Pritzker’s effort is successful, not only would the wealthy get a huge tax cut, they’d also see their home values soar by reducing the after-tax cost of ownership. Pritzker is hardly alone in his hypocrisy on this. Illinois Senators Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth, as well as Illinois Rep. Brad Schneider, are leading the charge to repeal the SALT cap” – Mark Glennon

What Would Hunter Biden’s Laptop Reveal About The Coming Ukraine War? (VIDEO) – Ron Paul

Would Israel Blackmail a US Congressman? – “Should there be any doubt?” – Philip Giraldi

Britain Creating Facial Recognition Database of Everyone! – “Boris Johnson has emerged as a ruthless dictator. One must wonder how this man is staying in power.” – Martin Armstrong

Some Christians believe homosexuality is a sin – get over it – “The fuss over Keir Starmer’s visit to Jesus House is mad. Some Christians disapprove of homosexuality. They think it’s sinful. They might even think it’s yucky. Amazing, I know, that people whose holy book literally says a man should not lie with a man as he would with a woman – it’s an ‘abomination’, booms Leviticus – might feel a little uncomfortable with the idea of two blokes getting hitched or two women sharing a steaming night of passion. And yet here we are.” – Brendan O’Neill

For What Should We Fight Russia or China? – “If red lines are to be laid down, they ought to be laid down by the one constitutional body with the authority to authorize or declare war — Congress. And questions need to be answered to avoid the kinds of miscalculations that led to horrific world wars in the 20th century.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Washington Is Misreading Russia at the World’s Peril – ” I think the risk is high that the American people are going to be very regretful that they permitted the military/security complex to use the dumbshit Democrats to prevent President Trump from normalizing relations with Russia.” – Paul Craig Roberts

War with China? What Fun! – “Why would war seem reasonable? Because Americans have never seen one, and believe their forces to be invincible. If you think that you can’t lose a fight, why avoid one? And because those in comfortable circumstances know that a war in Asia would be fought by the lower economic classes, about whom they care nothing and don’t much like. American elites do not fight. Note the list of draft dodgers during Vietnam: Bush II, Cheney, Bolton, Trump, Biden. These men, knowing almost nothing of the military, war or, very likely, military history, are quickly hijacked mentally by the Pentagon. The firm handshake, the steely gaze, the clean shaven, confident, and patriotic warriors (if only via Powerpoint) are impressive to pols who…well, you know…haven’t done that. They project strength and realism, without necessarily having either. I’d Rather Be Ruled by Brain-Damaged Twelve-Year-Olds” – Fred Reed

Marijuana Legalization Has 3 Life-Saving Public Health Benefits, New Study Finds – “Abandoning the failed war on marijuana would literally have life-saving results.” – Brad Polumbo

Vacation Preparedness: How to Avoid a Survival Nightmare – “It may seem a bit early, but people are already starting to plan their summer vacations. In a couple of months, kids will be out of school, and families will be packing up to head to… wherever. Most people will have enjoyable vacations, with nothing more serious happening to them than spending too much money. But there’s always a tiny percentage of people whose vacations don’t turn out that way.” – Bill White


Prices Surge Broadly Across the Massive Service Sector and Companies Are Able to Pass On these Higher Prices – “Services are about two-thirds of the economy.” – Wolf Richter

Markets Rally, but what about COVID? – “Markets look set to rally strongly into Q2, but are they over-exuberant? The rise in deaths and new strains in Brazil hints the Covid war isn’t won yet, there are rising political risks in Europe, and widening wealth inequality is apparent everywhere. Just how solid are our expectations of stability, renewed global travel and recovery if Covid is here for the long-term?” – Bill Blain

China’s Digital Currency Has Nothing to do with Bitcoin – “Just because a money has the word “digital” in the title doesn’t mean it is a form of Bitcoin. It is not. It is nothing more than a government currency with a different delivery system. The digital Yuan does not live on a public ledger. It is controlled centrally by Chinese authorities, to be changed if, as, and when political whims require such.” – Peter C. Earle and Jeffrey A. Tucker

Possible Bottom In Gold And Silver? – Dave Kranzler


Isaiah 58:4    Behold, ye fast for strife and debate, and to smite with the fist of wickedness: ye shall not fast as ye do this day, to make your voice to be heard on high.