The Biggest Mistake We’ve Ever Made – “It is yet to be determined how bad this might get, but it could get very, very bad. This risk is real and its universal with all the Covid “vaccines” currently being produced and in trials in the US. Worse, we relied on the RNA and protein data directly from China without independent validation via Koch’s postulate and our own isolation and purification of the virus itself. Today, as you read this, that isolation, purification and confirmation via Koch’s postulate in the United States has not been done. The problem is that when the tricked cells produce the spike protein and thus your immune system identifies them as “defective and dangerous” it now attacks the cells. This raises the potential for a serious or even permanent autoimmune problem; autoimmune disorders arise when your immune system goes haywire, declares your own body’s cells harmful and attacks them.” – Karl Denninger

Hazardous to Health and Well-Being Establishment Media – “Covid mRNA drugs and vaccines risk increased numbers of outbreaks, not the other around as the Times falsely claimed. Everything mandated and recommended by Western governments and their public health agencies are harmful, not beneficial. Lockdowns, quarantines, mass-jabbing with toxic drugs, face masks that don’t protect, PCR tests that don’t work, and destructive to normal human interactions social distancing should be halted straightaway.’ – Stephen Lendman

The Cheapest Covid-19 Therapy in the World (That Big Pharma Doesn’t Want) – Mish

Frightening Forecast Predicts 70% Decline In US Population By The Year 2025: Extermination Of The Masses By Nuclear War or Contrived Pandemic? – Bill Sardi  – BILL IS TALKING ABOUT DEAGEL’S FORECAST OF WHICH SEVERAL ARTICLES HAVE BEEN LINKED OVER THE PAST 5 YEARS!!!!!

The COVID Response Disaster – “The COVID fear playbook is nearly identical to the one used after 9/11.” – Peter Van Buren

The Big Lie: How COVID-19 became a disinformation operation wrapped in a virus – “The CCP pulled off the greatest deception in modern history. Supercharging this process was the breathtaking, horrifying photos and videos coming out of Wuhan. What we were seeing through the lens of social media appeared to be an Ebola-like plague, something so horrifying that it seemed to belong in a Hollywood script. Ultra viral videos and photos often showed citizens in business attire, out and about, seemingly going about their day, when suddenly, they were captured on film dropping like flies. It was “like Walking Dead” in the way that the virus supposedly struck its victims, suddenly and without remorse.” – Jordan Schachtel

Sara Holub: 40-year-old Wisconsin teacher dead four days after Facebook “vaccinated” post – “A 40-year-old music teacher is dead four days after publishing a Facebook photo wearing a mask and hold an “I was vaccinated” sticker.” – The COVID Blog

Why the Silence in the Face of Covid Tyranny? – “Had I encountered this ad any time before mid-March of 2020 I would have been stunned, stupefied, staggered. The revelation that British health authorities are seeking to make the testing of asymptomatic people a normal part of everyday life – and that an effort is underway to propagandize in support of this grotesque invasion of privacy and infringement of freedom – would have sent me first to Google to ensure that this ad isn’t a hoax. But encountering the ad in early April of 2021 sparks no surprise at all. Such a violation of liberty is a predictable part of what David Hart calls the “hygiene socialism” that has descended upon much of humanity over the past 13 months.” – Donald J. Boudreaux  – A GREAT READ FROM DONALD!!!!!!

New Study: Exposure to COVID-19 Confers Immunity Even When Not Infected – “A new study in Nature shows that not only do people infected with SARS-CoV-2 develop lasting T-cell immunity, but so too do their close contacts who never experience a detectable infection and have no detectable antibodies.” – Lockdown Sceptics

Sunlight renders coronavirus inactive 8 TIMES faster than predicted, says new study – RT


Peak Woke – “What were the execs of these mighty companies thinking — these knights of the boardroom, these capitalist geniuses, these moral nonpareils — when they cancelled Atlanta’s turn to host the midsummer All-star Game to “protest” Georgia’s passage of a law that requires voter ID? Surely that they were striking a righteous blow against systemic racism. And then, the rest of the world realized — almost immediately — that Major League Baseball requires online ticket buyers to show ID when they pick up their tickets at any stadium… and that Delta Airlines requires passengers to show ID (duh) before being allowed to fly in one of their airplanes…” – James Howard Kunstler  – A MUST READ FROM MR. KUNSTLER!!!!

Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, and MLB Oppose Election Integrity – “If you are a Democrat or a woke idiot, you think that it is racism or fascism or undemocratic for election laws to require an ID to vote. It is not racism or fascism or undemocratic to require an ID to purchase a bottle of wine or a firearm, to cash a check, or apply for a driver’s license. But you must not try to protect election integrity. Democrats, US corporations, and baseball’s commissioner think that everyone should be able to vote, not just citizens, and they should be able to vote many times by voting in all the precincts, which is what is possible when no ID is required to vote.” – Paul Craig Roberts

“Wokeism” Is The Biggest Threat To America (VIDEO) – Steve Hilton  – VERY GOOD!!!!!!

You Can’t Win. Don’t Even Try! – “researchers have known for half a century the mechanism by which people can be made to effectively lock themselves up inside their own mental prison…and it didn’t take long for the intelligence agencies to put that research to use. Today, let’s explore the startling true story of how and how the public has been conditioned into a (false) sense of helplessness, and — more important by far — what you can do to break that conditioning.” – James Corbett

Free Speech Threatened by Censorship Extremists – “A number of elected government officials are using their positions of power to pressure tech platforms into silencing voices of the opposition, or simply those whose speech they don’t agree with. In less than a year, we’ve gone from massively censoring COVID-19 treatment information, the origin of the virus and COVID-19 vaccine information, to censoring election disputes and conservative news networks, to now calling for the censoring of climate information. Censorship will continue to expand until all bases of human thought are covered.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Donald J. Trump: Joe Biden’s Best Friend – “The myth of Biden the healer, and Trump the cruel divider, got Biden elected. But the fantasy that Biden had the answers to problems that Trump created is a far greater—and more dangerous—delusion.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Biden Is Covering Up True Price Tag of Infrastructure Plan, Experts Warn – “Biden is trying to slip thousands extra out of the average federal taxpayer’s pocket without them noticing.” – Brad Polumbo

Exclusive: Janet Yellen to call for global minimum tax rate – Hans Nichols

Forget your phony laptop excuses, Hunter Biden – ““Not that I remember.” It’s a convenient excuse for a self-described longtime crack addict. Yet in his memoir, “Beautiful Things,” he can recount vivid details of his substance use, from his first glass of champagne at age 8 to his months-long crack benders at LA’s $830-a-night Chateau Marmont. He finally was blacklisted from the hotel in 2019 for excessive drug use. Somewhere in Arkansas, there is a 2-year-old girl he refuses to acknowledge as his daughter, even after a paternity case determined she was. “Hunter Biden is . . . the father of three daughters [and a] son,” his book’s jacket declares, callously erasing the fourth of his five children. She may one day read those words and be cut to the core. Hunter says he can’t remember the child’s mother, Lunden Roberts, 28, the stripper he met at one of the seedy clubs at which he spent thousands of dollars in a night. “I had no recollection of our encounter,” he writes. Unfortunately for him, the laptop tells a different story.” – Miranda Devine  – HUNTER ONLY BELIEVES WHAT HE WANTS AND THE MEDIA PLAYS ALONG. MAYBE SOME OF IT WOULD COME BACK IF HE WAS SITTING IN FRONT OF A JUSTICE DEPARTMENT PROSECUTOR!!!!

Biden family values crawl out of the woodwork in Hunter memoir – “Some multi-generational swingerly activity from the house of “devout Catholic” Joe.” – Monica Showalter

‘60 Minutes’ Ignores Democrat Governors’ Scandals, Invents One About DeSantis – “To push the false narrative and protect its favored governors, “60 Minutes” refused to interview people who disputed its false narrative, selectively edited video to hide facts, and omitted data that debunked its thesis and accurately describe Florida’s success.” – Mollie Hemingway

Prosecutors Ask Jurors To Dismiss George Floyd Autopsy Findings – Jonathan Turley

State Defies Feds, Passes Law Letting Residents Buy & Carry Guns With NO Permit – ““We will never be able to outlaw or prevent every single bad actor from getting a gun, but what we can do is ensure law-abiding citizens have full access to their constitutional rights while keeping Iowans safe,” the governor said.” – Matt Agorist  – HERE IS A STATE THAT STANDS BEHIND THE CONSTITUTION!!!!!

Signs And Symbols Of Power – “Capital cities are rife with symbolism and messaging – but what is the demand?” – Mark Angelides

Why is the Biden Administration Pushing Ukraine to Attack Russia? – Ron Paul

US-NATO provocation in Ukraine to stop Russian pipeline – “Ukraine, the US, Poland, and the Baltic States oppose the pipeline, while Russia’s Gazprom is in alliance with several European companies. Ukraine stands to lose approximately $3 billion annually in gas transit fees because of the bypass.” – Steven Sahiounie

Opposing US Imperialism Shouldn’t Depend On Ideology: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – “The empire doesn’t get enough credit for propagandizing us into arguing with each other about whether our expensive new multifront cold war should prioritize escalations against Russia or China, instead of whether that cold war should occur at all. Truly a masterful manipulation.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – MORE OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN!!!!

The dangers of Britain-bashing – “The upper middle-classes’ fashionable loathing for the country they live in is sowing division and tension.” – Brendan O’Neill


Frozen Vacuum Sealed Meat – How Long Is Storage Life In The Freezer – “I used to use Ziploc type bags. I would burp the air out as best I could. But after awhile they would always begin to get some freezer burn. Frosty. This is not good for the meat. But you know what? For the low cost of vacuum seal bags (compared to the price of meat), wow, when it has been vacuum sealed – it looks as good as it went in the bag – even a year or more later!” – Ken Jorgustin

Essential Survival Skills for Bugging Out in the Outdoors – “Far from being a perfect answer to all the problems risen up in an urban scenario, bugging out in the outdoors has certain pros and cons. First of all, being an outdoor enthusiast for all your life doesn’t make you an expert in wilderness living. In fact, there is a substantial difference in spending some weekends out camping, hiking, climbing, hunting, or whatever and mastering real skills which could literally save your life.” – Bob Rodgers


US National Debt Passes $28 Trillion, +$4.7 Trillion in 13 Months. General Treasury Account Down by $480 Billion in 2 Months, $620 Billion to Go – “What does it mean for the markets that the government now spends the proceeds from debt sales last spring that the Fed had monetized back then?” – Wolf Richte

JPMorgan’s Federally-Insured Bank Holds $2.65 Trillion in Stock Derivatives; How Did It Avoid the Archegos Blowup? – Pam Martens and Russ Martens  – GOOD QUESTION. HOW DOES JP MORGAN AVOID A LOT OF THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Great Inflationary Race To Bottom, The Stock Market Melt-Up, And The Winner (SPOILER ALERT: Silver) – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Gold and Silver Under Extreme Pressure (VIDEO) – David Morgan


Isaiah 59:10  We grope for the wall like the blind, and we grope as if we had no eyes: we stumble at noon day as in the night; we are in desolate places as dead men.

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