Pentagon close to reaching agreement to provide around 450,000 Covid-19 vaccinations a day if they’re available – Barbara Starr and Ellie Kaufman  – SOUNDS LIKE A STEP TOWARD FORCED VACCINATIONS!!!!

New clinical trials raise fears the coronavirus is learning how to resist vaccines – Emily Baumgaertner

Is Wearing Three Masks Better Than One? (VIDEO) – “In the video Dr. Ted Noel is among the latest to use common sense and reason to argue that masks don’t work to stop aerosol virus transmission. He uses a vaping device and several different types of masks — including disposable and cloth — to illustrate his point, as the vapor clearly passes around and through the masks. “Aerosols will not be stopped by masks,” he says. “You don’t need a big study. All you need is this [holding up a vaping apparatus]. The [vape] aerosol is actually larger in molecular size than the aerosol from your breath,” yet it still passes easily through the mask.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

As Establishment Pushes ‘Triple Masks’ This State Voted to Over Turn Mask Mandate – Matt Agorist

10 Reasons that SARS-CoV-2 Is an Imaginary and Theoretical Virus – “” – Makia Freeman  – WELL RESEARCHED ARTICLE BY MAKIA. JON RAPPAPORT HAS BEEN SAYING THIS SINCE DAY 1!!!!!

The people were right – “The EU’s unhinged behaviour in the vaccines crisis vindicates the 17.4million.” – Brendan O”Neill

CDC: 329 Recorded Deaths So Far Following Experimental COVID mRNA Injections in the U.S. – “The CDC has done another data dump into the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a U.S. Government funded database that tracks injuries and deaths caused by vaccines. The data goes through January 22, 2021, with 9,845 recorded adverse events including 329 deaths following injections of the experimental COVID mRNA shots by Pfizer and Moderna. According to the CDC None of These Deaths were Caused by Vaccines” – Brian Shilhavy

Government estimates 220,000 will be the true death toll of the pandemic – with nearly half lost to non-Covid causes such as cancelled operations – Eleanor Hayward

‘Who cares?’ Cuomo insists it doesn’t matter where 4,000 hidden nursing home deaths took place – RT

IT’S SO DIABOLICAL EVEN MERCK WANTS OUT! (VIDEO) – “Ok, facts are facts. The mRNA vaccines are so dangerous that even Merck wants out of this deadly game.” – SGT Report

France SHUTS borders to ALL TRAVEL to and from non-EU countries in push to control Covid spread – “The French government will shut the state’s borders to all traffic to and from countries outside of the EU as of Sunday,” – RT

Texas University Tells Students To Wear Masks During Masturbation – “Advises students to “pick a large, well-ventilated space” for masked up sex, “avoid kissing” and “wash your hands before and after”” – Steve Watson



The ‘After Trump’ Era Begins – “In our brave new world, we will hear no more retired military officers weighing in on the “fascism” of the commander in chief. None will compare the recurring violence of antifa or Black Lives Matter to that of Islamic terrorists. None will compare Biden, who dismissed antifa as a mere “idea,” to Mussolini or the Nazis. Any retired officer who smears the president, we will be reminded, would violate the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The media, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Hollywood, top retired military brass, corporate America, universities and professional sports are all recalibrating the truth for our Year One. In about a month, they will have it down. And soon, we won’t even be able to tell the old reality from the new.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Where Is The Uniter In Chief? – “Where the heck is the 46th president of the United States? For a few minutes of the day, we are treated to written statements succinctly read off the teleprompter – so far without him reading the prompts as well, photos of him scribbling his name on stacks of executive orders, and random, excruciatingly scripted tweets. Is this nation not in the same confusing, chaotic, pandemic-challenged one we lived in last week? If so, will Mr. President please come out and tell America her soul has been saved? Otherwise, flyover folks will stay mad, stay home, and, well, not unite with 46 anytime soon.C’mon, man, Americans are desperate to be riddled by the Don Rickles of the presidency. ” – Sarah Cowgill

‘Circling Back’ With Jen Psaki – “Biden’s press secretary reveals that the new era of “honesty” is more about dissembling — but being nice about it. If there is one main message that Jen Psaki, the new White House press secretary, wishes to convey about the Biden administration, it is that they are going to be completely honest and transparent with the public. To the surprise of no one, the liberal media has preemptively declared this to be a major triumph. Psaki has largely avoided saying anything of substance, while keeping the focus on COVID relief and “racial equity.” When Psaki was asked what sort of outreach Biden has extended towards Republican members of Congress, she threw in meaningless phrases such as “They’re looking to have a conversation,” or “They’re looking to have a dialogue.” “I will circle back,” seems to be a particular favorite response of Psaki’s.” – David Keltz

Government Unhinged: No Constitutional Restraints, Just Executive Orders! (VIDEO) – “In just 9 days, President Biden has signed a record 40 executive orders, actions and directives. This is a far cry from the schoolbook instructions on “How a bill becomes a law.” Is this what “our democracy” has come to mean? The stroke of a pen? Where’s the U.S. Constitution?” – Ron Paul

Here it is – The Bill to Destroy Gun Ownership – “Firearms BILLS-117hr127ih Here we have it. They are going after EVERYONE who has a gun or ammunition. They are deeply concerned about a revolution and they want to know every person who has a gun or ammunition. The object of this bill will be to identify every person who has a gun. They will be able to revoke a license and confiscate the gun under rules to be created by the Attorney General.” – Martin Armstrong

Black Lives Matter nominated for the Nobel peace prize – “If the Nobel committee’s handing over of the Nobel peace prize to newly elected President Obama seemed like the nadir of the prize’s prestige, there’s now another thing coming. That’s right, a group led by self-described “trained Marxists” who literally spent time with Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and then triggered night after night of violent looting riots at a cost of at least 25 lives and a record $2 billion in insured property claims, (probably much more in uninsured property), and grotesque Red Guard-style repudiation scenes such as forcing restaurant diners to wave their fists in solidarity or face overturned tables and assault, is somehow … is worthy of the world’s top award for peace.” – Monica Showalter

The Destructive Plan Behind the Biden Russia Agenda – “The new Biden Administration has from day one made it clear it will adopt a hostile and aggressive policy against the Russian Federation of Vladimir Putin. The policy behind this stance has nothing to do with any foul deeds Putin’s Russia may or may not have committed against the West. It has nothing to do with absurd allegations that Putin had pro-US dissident Alexei Navalny poisoned with the ultra-deadly Novichok nerve agent. In has to do with a far deeper agenda of the globalist Powers That Be. That agenda is what is being advanced now.” – F. William Engdahl

Russia Deploys Crimea Missile System As Three US Warships Enter Black Sea – “On Thursday a guided-missile destroyer, the USS Porter, was the third American naval vessel to have entered the Black Sea over the past week, with the other two – the USS Donald Cook and USNS Laramie – having been there since Sunday. It’s a significant build-up coming a mere week after Joe Biden entered the White House.” – Tyler Durden

The End Of The Netherlands And Germany – “Many people have figured out what is really going. The Dutch are a peaceful and freedom-loving people, but also, they’re not stupid and the government has gone too far…They realize that the neo-liberal government has sold out healthcare and is making business with PCR tests and vaccinations. Germany is such a rich country which can‘t even get vaccinations, only 2% of its population is vaccinated. It has failing infrastructure, and its harsh lockdowns destroy more villages and cities, especially in the Northern part called North Rhine Westfalen, which looks so ugly. You nearly start to cry or get depressed when you enter cities like Dortmund or Dusseldorf.” – Sonja van den Ende

Soiled Streets Fine In Frisco, But Racist School Names Got To Go! – “The City by the Bay is ready to solve a problem – but is it the right problem?” – Jeff Charles

Is America An Enemy Of Christianity? – “Yes, says conservative Cardinal Gerhard Müller, in blockbuster interview that raises hard questions for US believers. Now the U.S., with its conglomerated political, media and economic power, stands at the head of the most subtly brutal campaign to de-Christianize Western culture in the last one hundred years.” – Rod Dreher

Twitter rolls out Stasi-like “snitch” feature that mirrors what tyrannical bootlickers want for all of society: SECRET POLICE everywhere – “Birdwatch will birth a whole new race of Twitter Youth to police everyone’s speech. Anyone familiar with how Wikipedia already functions will hardly be reassured by this corporate promise from Twitter, which has demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that it caters strictly to the left. Despite claims that it wants to “broaden the range of voices” on its platform, Twitter has proven time and time again that conservatives have no place there, and almost anything they say or do will be targeted as a violation of “community standards.”” – Ethan Huff

Big Tech to the Rescue! Google Deletes Nearly 100,000 Negative Reviews for Robinhood App After Freezing Shares of GameStop – Jim Hoft

Clear Your Mind and Recalibrate – Corey Lynn



The Stock Market, Fatally Wounded by the Truth, Will Stumble and Crash – “It didn’t have to be this way, but this is the reality we must now face: truth is fatal to fraud, and our entire financial-political system is a fraud.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Americans Cut Back as Income from Wages & Salaries Hit Record as 10 Million People Still out of Work: Weirdest Economy Ever – Wolf Richter

GameStop Promoter Keith Gill Was No “Amateur” Trader; He Held Sophisticated Trading Licenses and Worked in the Finance Industry – Pam Martens and Russ Martens


Robinhood Caps Maximum Holdings In 36 Stocks To Just One Share – “Something bad is about to go down at Robinhood. One day after the company drew down on its bank lines and obtain a $1 billion rescue capital investment, the company found itself in lockdown mode, allowing just a handful of shares to be bought at a time, effectively shutting down in all but name (it couldn’t risk another day of furious public outcry and massive client departures if it blocked trading completely).” – Tyler Durden

“This is a financial revolution. . .” “The poor little investment banks had lost money because their fancy algorithms didn’t work. So the exchange was giving them a ‘do over’ at my expense.The lesson is obvious: when we screw up, we pay the price for our mistakes. But when the banks screw up, the whole financial system comes to their rescue. Plenty of people have made this realization over the years. ” – – Simon Black

Million Man Silver Short Squeeze! – “Can you imagine the conversations going on at the CME Group, Federal Reserve, bullion banks and U.S. Treasury? What can these criminal organizations do?” – Rory Hall

Silver may rally above $39 on range breakout – Technical Traders





Proverbs 13:21    Evil pursueth sinners: but to the righteous good shall be repayed.