World’s Most Vaccinated Nation Struggles With Virus Variants – “With more than 30% of its population vaccinated, Israel leads the fight against Covid-19. Yet the emergence of more infectious variants is overwhelming its hospitals, showing the long road ahead for the rest of the world. After inoculating 82% of Israelis aged 60 and more, going into a nearly month-long lockdown and shutting down the national airport this week, Israel is indicating the end of the tunnel may be further away.” – Gwen Ackerman  – SO WHAT DOES THAT EXACTLY MEAN. THE CURRENT VACCINES AREN’T WORKING!!!!!!

Pfizer Admits Vaccine Does Not Prevent COVID – “Public health officials have said over and over that they do not know if COVID-19 vaccines prevent spread. Pfizer did not test human subjects to see if those vaccinated could get and spread the infection, but when they tested primates, vaccinated animals still got COVID-19 despite being vaccinated. Both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are made from messenger RNA and lipid nanoparticles containing polyethylene glycol (PEG); no vaccines made from messenger RNA nor this type of lipid nanoparticles have ever been used in humans; we have no idea about their long-term side effects” – Dr. Meryl Nass

Criminal COVID Negligence – “By now, I’m at the point where I wonder why nobody -that I know of- has tried holding governments, scientists, scientific journals, MSM, responsible for their negligence of COVID-related treatment and prophylactic evidence that is everywhere if you’re willing to look for it. Because this negligence may well be the reason for millions of deaths, hospitalizations, untold misery, and the disruption of entire societies and economies. When will we hold the willfully blind and dumb feet to the fire for causing all this?” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM RAUL!!!!!

24 Residents Dead in 3 Weeks as One Third of UK Nursing Home Residents Die After Experimental mRNA COVID Injections – “In what is becoming almost a daily report of massive nursing home deaths following injections of experimental mRNA COVID shots, a nursing home in the U.K. is reporting over one third of their residents have died after receiving the mRNA experimental COVID injections. We are now seeing a very predictable pattern as we are reporting all over the world where the elderly are dying at a very alarming rate following mass vaccinations of the experimental mRNA injections.” – Brian Shilhavy

Mass Deaths in Nursing Homes from Covid Vaxxing – “The elderly with weakened immune systems are most vulnerable to harm from covid vaxxing — including a high risk of death. Iconic baseball Hall of Famer Hank Aaron is perhaps the most high-profile victim of covid vaxxing. Instead of sounding the alarm for elderly Americans to shun vaxxing, what happened to Aaron is largely kept under wraps by Big Government, Pharma and complicit media.” – Stephen Lendman

Is the NHS overwhelmed by incoming COVID-19 patients? – “Awoman was arrested in her home after she posted a video of herself wandering around an apparently empty Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. The video appears to conflict with the impression left by the mainstream media: that hospitals are full with COVID-19 patients and can’t cope.” – Ludovic Noble

COVID: If there is no virus, why are people dying? – “I have explained that, many times, and in this article I’ll explain it again. First of all, the whole notion that COVID-19 is one health condition is a lie. COVID IS NOT ONE THING. This is both the hardest and simplest point to accept and understand. Don’t reject the existence of the virus and then say, “So what is THE cause of people dying?” There is no ONE CAUSE. There is no one illness. There is no “it.” By far, the biggest sources of illness we are dealing with are lung conditions: various kinds of pneumonia; flu and flu-like disease; TB; other unnamed lung/respiratory problems. THESE ARE BEING RELABELED “COVID.” It’s a repackaging scheme.” – Jon Rappoport

Only If We Misunderstand the Battlefield, Are Face Masks “No Big Deal” – “The smallest, most concrete victory is available to you at every face mask compliance checkpoint. You choose each time to lose or to win. Everyone can win. Every time. I’m in the most locked down place in America and never ever wear a mask for any reason. There’s no legitimate excuse to do otherwise. What’s your excuse?” – Allan Stevo

Did CDC Deliberately Mislead Public on Allergic Reactions to Moderna Vaccine? – “The CDC had more accurate and up-to-date data that it could have used to calculate the rate of severe allergic reactions to Moderna’s COVID vaccine — why didn’t it?” – Meryl Nass, MD and John Stone

The Lockdown to End All Lockdowns – “All Hail the Reopening!” but the work of classical liberals is just beginning. “The” science has spoken: only a clown would impose a lockdown. Not a funny clown, a demented, scary clown. Before all the worst restrictions fade away, though, many Americans will have experienced about a year under socialism,” – Robert E. Wright

Get ready for your COVID anal swab – Simon Black

Huge Gaps in Vaccine Data Make It Next to Impossible to Know Who Got the Shots – “The data being collected is so scattered that there’s little insight into which health care workers, or first responders, have been among the people getting the initial vaccines, as intended — or how many doses instead have gone to people who should be much further down the list.” – Rachana Pradhan and Fred Schulte  – I WOULD HAVE THOUGHT IN THIS DAY AND AGE THAT IT WOULD BE PRETTY EASY TO KEEP A CENTRAL DATABASE.  I’M SURE THEY HAVE OTHER DATABASES THAT THEY HAVE ON PEOPLE. (IE. INSURRECTIONISTS, GUN OWNERS, ETC.).  MAYBE JOE COULD RETRAIN UNEMPLOYED PIPELINE WORKERS AS DATA ENTRY CLERKS TO HELP MOVE THINGS ALONG!!!!



The Man Who Isn’t There – “One might ask: why is it so easy to put over narratives on at least half the people in this country? Here’s the answer: because we are living in a time when nothing adds up and there are no consequences — but especially no consequences for the folks in charge of things that don’t add up. The riot launched Donald Trump back into civilian life under a cloud of odium, labeled an “insurrectionist.” It enabled the Democrats to paint their opponents as “domestic terrorists” and manufacture a narrative that America was under attack by “white supremacists.” Troops occupying the center of Washington since Joe Biden’s inauguration are there to reinforce the story that the government is “under siege.” The tech companies de-platform anyone who writes about or speaks of “election fraud.” Next, the new regime cooks up legislation to intensify surveillance of US citizens. Worked out perfectly for the Party of Orwell.” – James Howard Kunstler

In First Week As President, Joe Biden Tosses Women, Unions and the American People Under the Globalist Bus – “Anything that remotely promotes the interest of the nation will be ostracized as racist and working to the advantage of white supremacist tendencies. In a brutal display of presidential powers that would have made Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un green with envy, Joe Biden rammed through a raft of pro-globalist executive orders just hours after being sworn in as president. For those U.S. voters who were more obsessed with removing Donald Trump than seriously questioning who or what would replace him, they got their answer shortly” – Robert Bridge

Get the troops out of DC – “Biden’s war on ‘domestic terror’ is wildly disproportionate and authoritarian.” – Sean Collins

Biden Regime DHS Creating and Targeting a New Enemy: YOU – “As you already know, the mainstream is painting ALL OF US with a broad brush. ALL Trump supporters. ALL 74+ Million of us. We have been portrayed as less than human. And now, potential domestic terrorists! Really? Yes, really!” – Ken Jorgustin

Pelosi Declares That The “Enemy Is Within The House Of Representatives” In Call For More Security – “Such language obviously thrills many who want to portray any opposing voices as traitors and seditionists. It has been rhetoric building for years as the more leaders and academics engage in the politics of personal destruction. The idea is to avoid responding to actual positions by labeling the opposition as actual traitors, criminals, and threats. It is the very signature of this age of rage in American politics.” – Jonathan Turley

Is the Establishment Still Terrified of Trump? – “The establishment fears that Trump could make a comeback, win the Republican primaries in 2024, become the nominee, and return in triumph as president. They are determined to abort that possibility. Many openly admit it.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Were the Capitol Rioters Really Libertarians? – “Libertarian philosophers from the very beginning have rejected the idea that force is healthy or acceptable foundation for reform. To call an ardent, violent Trump supporter a “libertarian” departs substantially from the traditional meaning of the term.” – James L. Payne

Lessons From Wall Street: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – “The stock market is a scam. There is no “free market” and there never will be. Wall Street predators are the most despised people on earth. The public can do more to fight back than it had previously assumed. There’s surely a lot more we can do to fight back that we haven’t thought of yet.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – MORE GOOD OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN ON THE GAMESTOP SAGA AND MORE!!!!

The GameStop Saga Isn’t About Finance, It’s Part Of The Ongoing War Between Elites And Populists – “The rules here are simple: Heads Wall Street wins, tails you lose.” – Sean Davis

America’s Trust in the Mainstream Media Hits an ALL-TIME LOW and “Journalists” Are Shocked – “Given the 24/7 hysterical propaganda coming from mainstream media, it is easy to see how Americans are clueless about current events’ true nature, whether it be politics, COVID, or foreign policy. But, there is some good news. For the first time, most Americans do not trust the mainstream media” – Robert Wheeler

God Save Us From The Educated Youth – Paul Craig Roberts

Biden’s Worst Executive Order Went Almost Entirely Unnoticed- “Unfortunately, with this one executive order, Biden shows that he’s intent on giving regulators carte blanch to impose massive new rules on businesses and households, on virtually anything and everything they do, regardless of costs. There’s little else Biden has done so far that will have as wide-ranging an impact.Throughout the presidential campaign, we warned that Biden was hiding his agenda from voters because it was far more extremist than he let on. Now that he’s safely in the White House, he is taking the wrappings off. We hate to say we told you so, but we told you so. ” – I & I Editorial Board

Fake News: CNN ‘Report’ That Trump Left Biden With No Vaccine Rollout Plan Gets Nuked Into Oblivion – “But while Biden’s approach to the virus — frank warnings about the pandemic, mask mandates on federal property — is a reversal from Trump’s policies, his administration’s distribution of vaccines so far looks little different from that of its predecessor. Before Biden was sworn in, vaccines already were being delivered at a pace to meet his goal of 100 million doses in his first 100 days as president. The Biden administration has said they’ll order new doses, but will do so by exercising options in contracts negotiated by the previous administration,” – Sister Toldjah

John Kerry’s Straw Man Arguments for Wasting Money on Climate Change – “It’s cheaper to deal with the crisis of climate than it is to ignore it, says John Kerry. Let’s explore his thought process.” – Mish

Not So Fast, Mr. Biden: Texas Won’t Bear A Deportation Freeze – “With a burst of unforeseen energy, the Oval Office’s latest occupant is in a scribbling frenzy, pushing through Executive Orders to level the transgender playing field in school sports, forcing a new independence on foreign oil, and erasing any trace of former President Donald Trump. On his merry way to uniting a fractured electorate by ceasing all manner of deportations on the U.S.-Mexico border, U.S. District Judge Drew B. Tipton said No tan rápida – or “not so fast” El Jefe. Perhaps sensing a flood of immigrants hoping to cross into a more welcoming country under President Biden, Texas State Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against the new administration to halt the executive missive citing the massive negative fiscal impact it would place on the state. Judge Tipton agreed and set a 14 -day hold on the order.” – Sarah Cowgill

The Oregon Standoff: Understanding LaVoy Finicum’s Death & the Management of BLM Land – “The occupation might not have been perfect, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth it.” – Sam Jacobs  – LONG, BUT VERY INFORMATIVE!!!!!

What to expect from the Biden regime when it comes to firearms – “Without a doubt, the Biden/Harris regime will take on the Second Amendment like they are already attacking the First and Fourth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution, undermining the God-given rights of millions of peaceful, law-abiding citizens.” – Lance D Johnson

Illegitimate Government, Impeachment Backfire, Economy Tanking (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

West’s Navalny Hypocrisy a Gas – “One thing is clear, however, Navalny and his supporters are being facilitated by brazen Western interference in Russia’s internal affairs. Can you imagine the hue and cry if, for example, the Russian embassy in Washington had published maps of the Capitol buildings prior to the January 6 violent assault there by Trump supporters? Or if the Russian embassy in Netherlands published details over the weekend of demos against the Covid-19 curfews the Dutch government has imposed? Can you imagine further the hysteria among Western governments if Russian media had published articles actually calling people out on the streets? That’s the chasm of hypocrisy we are seeing with regard to Navalny.” – Finian Cunningham

Blinken Says Iran Must Comply With Nuclear Deal Before the US Does – “Iran has said they will return to compliance if the US lifts sanctions since the US violated the deal first ” – Dave DeCamp

The End Is Near: Here’s the Gear You Need – “Water should be the number one priority on your list of survival supplies. You can go about two weeks without food but only 72 hours without water. The key here is drinkable water. Each person requires approximately one gallon of water each day, so, for a family of three, that’s 90 gallons of water.” Mark Hedman  – HAVE POSTED SIMILAR LISTS IN THE PAST, BUT ALWAYS NICE TO GET A FRESH PERSPECTIVE!!!!



Suck It, Wall Street – “In a blowout comedy for the ages, finance pirates take it up the clacker” – Matt Taibb

When Predator Becomes Prey – Wall Street traders have traditionally played hardball with each other. They’ll take a position and then “talk their book” on CNBC, or short a competitor’s favorite stock while spreading negative rumors about it, or do any number of other ethically-dubious things to profit at the expense of their peers. When they end up on the losing side of such a scheme they don’t like it, but they understand that this is how the game is played. Then the game changed. The government sent billions of dollars of covid relief checks to video game playing Millennials who had just discovered free stock trading apps like Robinhood.”” – John Rubino

GameStop or GameOn? – “It’s First Notice Day for February’s Precious Metals Deliveries with April Gold up $27, at $1,868.20, right close to the London high at $1,869.60 with the low at $1,841.20. Silver is leading the percentages with its trade at $27.48, up $1.558 after hitting a high of $27.72 with the low at $26.15.” – J. Johnson

Reddit Raiders Eyeball Silver – “A short position on GameStock made sense in a sane market. There is no good reason fundamentally to buy GameStop stock. So, the pumped-up stock price has no connection to reality. It was purely fueled by social media speculative mania. Silver stocks are actually cheap, and represent good investment value. The fact that some investors were foolish enough to short these stocks makes their trade even better. Silver responded, rising over 8.5% Thursday. Interestingly, the advice on Reddit wasn’t just to buy silver mining stocks or silver ETFs. Some were calling on investors to buy physical silver to move the spot price higher.” – Peter Schiff

Is This the Long Awaited “SILVER SQUEEZE?!” (VIDEO) – “I’ve been fighting the Silver Battle for over 20 years and we have NEVER had this kind of EXPOSURE to the SILVER MANIPULATION fraud as we have seen over the past 48 hours.” Bix Weir

Will the Internet Corner the Physical Silver Market? – Stefan Gleason

Welcome Back to the Real World – “A quick word on today’s action in precious metals, specifically Silver. The idea that a bunch of retail traders could squeeze shorts in Silver on the COMEX futures market like those in a microcap stock such as GameStop is ludicrous, imho. The Silver market may be small, but the volumes traded are far bigger than the market cap on GameStop. Second, the shorts in GameStop were hedge funds. The shorts in Silver are the Bullion Banks. They can create futures contracts at will—and in almost unlimited amounts—and sell them into the futures markets to drive down prices. A bunch of retail traders have little or no chance against such volumes. The end of the COMEX is far more likely to be driven by demand for the physical metals than any raid on shorts,” – David Brady  – EXCELLENT POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GameStop Shares: 5-Count Felon JPMorgan Could Have Made Upwards of $174 Million Yesterday – “According to JPMorgan Chase’s 13F filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, it moved from a net short position in GameStop shares as of December 31, 2019 to a big long position as of September 30, 2020, the date of its last 13F filing.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens  – FUNNY HOW JP MORGAN SEEMS TO KNOW WHEN TO GET INTO MANIPULATED CURRENCIES AND METALS LIKE SILVER!!!!

The Year of the Plague in Charts: Weirdest Economy Ever – Wolf Richter

The Democratization / Demonization of Speculation – “How do you unrig a speculative rigged market? You don’t. It simply crashes into a putrid sinkhole.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Going Down The Bitcoin Rabbit Hole – ” I’m fairly confident that if a Central Bank Digital Currency is established, it will usher in an era of official intolerance for private label cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, if Tether is shut-down or is forced to comply with an independent audit of its operations, it will rather quickly introduce legitimate price discovery on the value of Bitcoin.” – Dave Kranzler

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 8.36EUR




Psalm 45:4   And in thy majesty ride prosperously because of truth and meekness and righteousness; and thy right hand shall teach thee terrible things.