The Inanity of RNA Vaccines For COVID-19 – “But as we will see in the next installment, instead of putting on a show of preventing a fake pandemic, the RNA vaccine might very well recombine with dormant endoretroviruses and start a very real pandemic in a second epic backfire. If this comes to pass, it would show again that history has a superb sense of irony.” – Pierre Lescaudron  – LONG, BUT INTERESTING!!!!

How COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ May Destroy the Lives of Millions – “The COVID-19 vaccine really isn’t a vaccine in the medical definition of a vaccine. It’s more accurately an experimental gene therapy that could prematurely kill large amounts of the population and disable exponentially more” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

If One Mask Doesn’t Work, Try Two, or Three, or Four… – “I had thought that the insanity would stop at double masking. Welcome to the new normal. Panic porn has taken over even the medical community that should know better.” – Ted Noel, MD

How Many Millions Will Be Murdered by This Bio-Weapon Called the Covid-19 “Vaccine?” – “People across this country and around the world are having horrible adverse effects or dying after taking this injection called an mRNA “vaccine.” It is not a vaccine at all, it is a bioweapon meant to cause any number of problems and death in order to satisfy the agendas of those few that claim to be the ruling class. The elderly have been the hardest hit so far, because they are the first to be targeted with this weapon,” – Gary D. Barnett

WHO’s Covid-19 fact-finding mission visits ill-fated animal market in Wuhan – RT  – GOT TO FIGURE OUT HOW THEY CAN STILL BLAME IT ON A BAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rep. Stephen Lynch Tests Positive for COVID-19 – “The Massachusetts Democrat has received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine for coronavirus” – Mike Pescaro and Asher Klein

CDC DOGMA: Being indoctrinated at public school is “safe” for children, but doing anything else will spread coronavirus – “According to the CDC, the only safe thing for children to do anymore is sit in a public school classroom and have their heads filled with whatever their teachers are telling them. Everything else is simply too dangerous because it could lead to more “positive” test results, and that would be really scary.” – Ethan Huff


The Internet’s War On Wall Street Did What Government Could Not—It United America – Matt Agorist

‘A President is Not a King’ – Attorneys General Blast Joe Biden For Signing Record Number of Executive Orders in First Week in Office – Cristina Laila

Biden Seeks to Finish off Struggling Business Owners – “If business owners were hoping to catch a break in 2021 after having been completely victimized by government lockdown procedures and left-wing rioting, they may want to brace themselves for another turbulent year” – David R. Iglesias

The very divisive president: Joe Biden has unleashed a wave of wokery in his first ten days that will enrage millions – as his supporters in Silicon Valley shut down dissent – Steve Hilton

Corrupti-looza: Biden family wastes no time profiting from public office – “In one-party states such as the old PRI-ruled Mexico, the stealing tended to start late. Before a Mexican president was escorted out for the next, he and his would sweep the presidential palace for everything not nailed down — the lightbulbs, the toilet seats, the doorknobs and more. There were exceptions, but it was generally the known narrative. Which brings us to Joe Biden, and his family’s unusually fast scramble to profit from his public office right out the gate.” – Monica Showalter

Biden Day One: Nothing Changed, Nothing Ever Will – “The Liberal Sleepwalkers are not dealing with the passive, stupid thuggish, unthinking herd that they believe half the American people to be. The Doom of the Biden Administration and within the next eight years of the entire supposedly great and mighty Democratic Party has been written in deeds on the very first full day of Joe Biden’s presidency. There were absolutely no surprises whatsoever in it. Biden did what he said he was going to do. He nominated exactly the people he said he was going to nominate. The US Liberal Mainstream Media with their usual Courage and Character slavishly applauded with unanimous mindless reverence.” – Martin Sieff

The Attacks on Kristi Noem Have Only Just Begun – “The video, like most of the NYT’s coverage of Covid, is highly misleading. The video also ignores crucial context. So shouldn’t the NYT be lauding Kristi? After all, study after study has shown that Covid death rates and policy responses are uncorrelated because the real drivers are policy-insensitive variables like latitude, age and overall health, and pre-pandemic mortality. I truly wish that the world was as simplistic as the journalists at the NYT make it out to be, but it ain’t. Rather than “rebranding her failures as ‘freedom,’” Kristi actually adroitly avoided the high economic and human costs of lockdowns without demonstrably hurting anyone. ” – Robert E. Wright

A Wave of Abusive Federal Prosecutions Is Coming – ” It won’t stop with prosecuting people who broke into the Capitol.” – William L. Anderson

You Will Be Made to Believe Implausible Things – “ar is Peace, Ignorance is Strength, and Biden is President.” – Clarice Feldman

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Crazy And So Is The Rest Of Congress – “I really hope Americans get rid of that dangerous right wing lunatic in congress, by which I mean all of the people in congress. Marjorie Taylor Greene is not more crazy than all the DC politicians who agree the US should maintain planetary hegemony using bombs, regime change ops, starvation sanctions and nuclear threats. She’s just a less popular genre of crazy.” – Caitlin Johnstone   – MORE GOOD OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN!!!!!

Russia’s President Putin Warns That Censorship Is Killing American Democracy – “But the situation for Americans is actually much worse than being censored. Last week the Gestapo-sounding Department of Homeland Security issued a “National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin” on “domestic violent extremists” who think the presidential election was stolen. That’s half of the American population. US. Representative Tulsi Gabbard, the one Democrat in Congress who represents Americans, says it is Jimmy Gomez, John Brennan, and Adam Schiff who are the domestic enemies of America. They are the ones who are taking away our Constitutional protections and free speech. They are the ones who are silencing truth and creating a world of lies in which truth-tellers can be prosecuted and convicted for telling the truth. Is There Anything Left of Our Country?” – Paul Craig Roberts

Dem Governors Aren’t Returning Troops From D.C. Occupation, They’re Sending More – “Gov. J.B. Pritzker activated 500 Illinois National Guard troops Thursday, with plans to send them to Washington D.C. “at the request of the Department of Defense, his office announced. “The state of Illinois continues its proud legacy of protecting our democracy,” Pritzker said claimed.Pritzker might consider sending some troops to Chicago where the weekend started with 15 people being shot ” – Daniel Greenfield

You Can Thank Our Elites For Proliferating Conspiracies – “The media’s disinterest in holding one entire side of the spectrum to account is making this much worse by allowing them to get away with it, circulating false information, and sowing immense distrust.” – Emily Jashinsky

I Can’t Bring Myself to Care Anymore – “There was a time when an allegation of racism was one of the worst things someone could be accused of. Now, it’s a punchline. I could never stand racism or anyone who was. Not much one person can do about it, I learned, but I never lost the disgust at the concept. And now that disgust is surpassed by the way I feel about how Democrats are playing that card so often, and for everything. Democrats have declared every arrest, every police officer, even the very concept of enforcing the law to be racist. Every Republican, every independent, every non-Democrat to be racist.Disagreement, dissent, and any bit of non-conformity… You get the idea. As someone who cares about the real problem of racism, I can’t bring myself to do it anymore.” – Derek Hunter  – EXCELLENT POINT FRoM DEREK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whether Trump or Biden, Europeans Are Still Uncle Sam’s Vassals – “Democrat President Joe Biden may have more transatlantic finesse and sensibility when compared with rough-edged Republican Donald Trump. But the bottomline is Biden feels every bit as entitled as his predecessor did to order the Europeans around like a bunch of flunkies. Perhaps not with quite the same terse rhetoric, but nevertheless with the same overbearing attitude. This was clear from the Biden administration’s declaration on the Nord Stream-2 natural gas project which is soon due for completion between Russia and Europe. “President Biden thinks this is a bad deal for Europe,” said White House spokesman Jan Psaki with an air of finality on the matter.” – Finian Cunningham

Climate Engineering News Q & A, January 27, 2021, #4 ( Geoengineering Watch ) (VIDEO) – Dane Wigington  – GREAT SERIES OF VIDEOS FROM DANE. THE FIRST THREE HAVE BEEN PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!!

How to Make Your Own Dehydrated Meals – “We have all seen dried vegetable packets and all sorts of “fitness” food like shriveled up banana slices, apple chips, and other dehydrated meals gaining popularity lately. As a prepper, you don’t want to eat just fruits and vegetables, because even if they all healthy, they will get very dull, very quickly. How about we look at some actual meals? Some that will keep properly nourished when grocery stores go empty.” – Bob Rodgers


What Wall Street fears – “This arcane financial system is doomed to fail because it is based on ever-higher and more unstable abstractions of underlying wealth: CDOs squared and cubed, dark pool derivatives markets totaling trillions of dollars, and so on: all of which depends on the financial sector sucking as much money as possible out of a shrinking global economy through securitization. Now that people are demanding the underlying assets themselves, change is beginning. What an interesting timeline: where Russia and unemployed youths have come to the same conclusion for how to defeat the banks.” – The Ister  – LONG, BUT EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!!!!!!

“Everyone Is Afraid Ahead Of The Open” – Reddit-Raiders Spark Nationwide Physical Silver Shortage – Tyler Durden

Naked Shorting is Illegal: So How the Hell was GameStop 140% Short? – Mish

It’s Not Just Robinhood, Reddit Rebellion Has Clogged Entire Financial System’s Plumbing – Tyler Durden

The Resurgence of Silver – Jim Rickards

(Alert!) MARKETS A LOOK AHEAD: Physical Silver Supply Running Out! (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

This Potentially Catastrophic Inflation Surge Slipped Under the Radar (Until Now) – “You’ve read about housing market bubbles, stock bubbles, and even credit bubbles. But the next bubble you’re about to discover could be even more dangerous, and may have even more far-reaching consequences. It’s called a food price bubble, and it’s been inflating under our noses since March 2020. You can also see the dangerous trajectory it’s on compared to three previous years in the FAO chart.” – Birch Gold

Markets Will Correct Heavily (VIDEO) with Alasdair Macleod – ” If you get a pop in the bubble, and there is no doubt equity prices are wildly overvalued compared to the economic outlook. . . . Quite honestly, there is no alternative but for markets to correct very, very heavily. When that happens, you are going to have portfolio outflows out of the dollar. . . . The effect of that will be to take the dollar down along with financial asset prices. . . . We can get the collapse of the dollar happening very, very rapidly.”” – Greg Hunter

Data Reveals Bitcoin Could Be About To Become The New GameStop After Huge Price Spike – Billy Bambrough


John 3:11  Verily, verily, I say unto thee, We speak that we do know, and testify that we have seen; and ye receive not our witness.


I had a come to Jesus revelation
In a blinding light I met my soul’s salvation
My feet don’t falter my limbs don’t ache
Through the waterless land of the thorns and the snake
I could taste the freedom in the back a my throat
My burdens too heavy for me to tote
So I Fell to my knees I dug a hole down deep
Dropped ’em in a bottomless pit for the Devil to keep

No angels heard what I said
i got an urgent message from a voice inside my head
I can suddenly see the good and bad of both sides of me
Down the road to Damascus Road

The righteous and evil are God’s creation
Humanity’s filled with this combination
But my faith won’t waiver my spirit wide awake
I’m Glory bound now with every step I take
I’ve been changed forever when I came to believe
Grace in forgiveness given to me
Like a force of nature cross this wide n wicked land
Won’t cha hear the message and decide on which side you stand

No angels heard what I said
i got an urgent message from a voice inside my head
I can suddenly see the good and bad of both sides of me
Down the road to Damascus Road

No angels heard what I said
i got an urgent message from a voice inside my head
I can suddenly see the good and bad of both sides of me
Down the road to Damascus Road

( Damascus Road by Carlene Carter )