Biden talks COVID-19 vaccine, Supreme Court, equality at Philadelphia town hall – “When asked whether he would require all Americans to take a COVID-19 vaccine once one’s available, Biden said, “It depends on the state and the nature of the vaccine when it comes out and how it’s being distributed.” “We should be thinking about making it mandatory,” he said, adding that he’d ask governors, mayors and council members to encourage and mandate vaccines.” – Danielle Haynes & Darryl Coote

Google & Oracle To Monitor Americans Who Get Warp Speed’s Covid-19 Vaccine For Up To Two Years – “The Pharmacovigilantes. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Department of Defense (DOD) stated that, because Warp Speed vaccine candidates use new unlicensed vaccine production methods that “have limited previous data on safety in humans . . . the long-term safety of these vaccines will be carefully assessed using pharmacovigilance surveillance and Phase 4 (post-licensure) clinical trials.” – Whitney Webb  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE AS USUAL FROM WHITNEY. IN OTHER WORDS, THEY KNOW THE VACCINE WON’T BE SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Covid Is Not Categorically Different – Since March, the coronavirus has been treated as if it is a danger categorically different from other dangers, including other viruses. But this treatment is deeply mistaken. The coronavirus is not a categorically different danger. It occupies a location on the same spectrum that features other viruses.”” – Donald J. Boudreaux

If anyone tries to force apart mourners at my funeral, I’ll be back to haunt them! – “And I also expect any members of my family to respond with proper British vigour to any such attempt. If there is one place where Pfeffel Johnson’s nasty new petty dictatorship ought to be afraid to tread, it is in this intensely private, raw occasion,” – Peter Hitchens

UK covid crisis: standoff between north and south over lockdown – Johanna Ross

“But I spoke with my virologist friend and he said…” – ““But…but this is DIFFERENT. The COVID VIRUS is SCIENCE.” No. It’s not science. This is about an investigation into what is CALLED science.” – Jon Rappoport

The Year of Disguises – “Some examples include computer models/modelers disguised as “science/scientists,” Tyrants/Dictators/Totalitarians disguised as “elected officials,” propaganda machines disguised as “news sources,” brainwashing disguised as “information,” censorship disguised as “public health safeguard,” panic and fear disguised as “social responsibility.”” – Roger W. Koops

How Nitric Oxide Combats COVID-19 – Dr. Joseph Mercola


The Clocks Struck Thirteen – “Was it just me, or did you also notice that NBC’s Savannah Guthrie decided to play Special Prosecutor in Thursday night’s “town hall” gotcha-fest with Mr. Trump, whom they had perched on some Modernista stool-of-punishment? The hectoring interrogation started from the get-go — the “townies” distributed around the set apparently just props — while Ms. Guthrie barked over the President with various renderings of the old shyster’s retort, but do you still beat your wife? Over on ABC, Ol’ White Joe Biden lounged comfortably in low light and cushy seating with his therapist, George Stephanopoulos, free associating on the wonders and marvels he will bring about in the Kingdom Come of his presidency. Strangely, the subject of his family’s lucrative business dealings in Ukraine, China, and Russia a few years back never came up in the confab, a therapeutic omission that seemed to amount to malpractice.” – James Howard Kunstler  – EXCELLENT AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dueling Townhalls Post Mortem: Snarling Savannah Vs Gentle George & Not A Single Question About Hunter Biden – Tyler Durden

‘The big guy’: Is Joe Biden a presidential candidate or the godfather of a mafia-style crime family? – “Fredo Biden and his ‘Big Guy’ have an awful lot of explaining to do.” – Monica Showalter

Biden Tells Stephanopoulos Voters May, Kinda, Sorta, Possibly Know His Position on Court-Packing Some Time Before the Election – Kira Davis

POTUS Punk vs. Dem Dementia – “The whole planet is enthralled, appalled, shocked and awed by the spectacle of democracy as enacted under the shadow of messianic imperialism – complete with a slew of slimy, smoking gun October Surprises.” – Pepe Escobar

Questions the press just won’t ask Joe Biden – Jack Hellner

The Dems Give Flyover Folk A Few More Reasons To Brush Off Biden – “Heartlanders are fired up, paying attention, and heading to the polls.” – Sarah Cowgill

Can Trump Pull a Second Rabbit Out of the Hat? – “Still, this thing is not over. For, at this stage of the 2016 campaign, Hillary Clinton was showing equally impressive poll numbers,” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Pelosi, Barrett and the False Face of Strength – “I mean, for pity’s sake, who is actually lower on the DC political totem pole than Wolf Blitzer? And Pelosi ran up against him and shattered like brittle glass. And when I say shattered I mean atomized, not just for her but for all the crazy, out-of-control feminists she represents. Her carefully crafted facade of the strong-minded, independent woman who could stand toe-to-toe with a man evaporated in between heartbeats.The reason Blitzer took her down so easily is because she’s never seriously challenged. ” – Tom Luongo

Simple Election Choice – Maintain or Overthrow The American Way Of Life – “This election is simple. The stakes are as high as they go. It’s about two ideological choices.” – Ken Jorgustin

Big Tech Tried to Censor the NY Post’s Hunter Biden Story. They Made it Huge Instead – Brad Polumbo

Dogshit Presidents, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – “I have no idea what Alex Jones is even up to anymore. I used to see his face all the time, now I routinely forget he exists. That’s how powerful these Silicon Valley megacorporations are; they can completely disappear anyone from public view. This has nothing to do with Jones as a person, it’s about an immense amount of power which must be left unchecked.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – SOME MORE GOOD OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!

Twitter, Biden and the New York Post – Social Media Censorship Kicks up a Gear – “Major internet companies now claim the power to block any media they want on a totally ad hoc basis” – Kit Knightly



SEAL TEAM 6: BETRAYAL, TREASON & MURDER (VIDEO) – “ALERT: YouTube TERMINATED BOTH SGT Report channels on October 15, 2020 without warning or cause. Both channels were in good standing with ZERO community guidelines strikes. This is fascist electronic book burning!! TRUTH and REAL news will be live at SGTreport.TV. **THIS is the video that got BOTH SGT Report YouTube channels terminated without warning on October 15, 2020** ” – SGT Report  – SGT REPORT WAS JUST ONE OF MANY CHANNELS THAT YOU TUBE HAS BANNED. THEY HAVE ALWAYS HAD GOOD VIDEOS, MANY WHICH HAVE BEEN PREVIOUSLY LINKED. ONCE AGAIN GOOGLE WHO OWNS YOU TUBE IS TAKING AWAY FREE SPEECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Judge Amy Coney Barrett and the Krylenko Test – “By any standard, Judge Amy Coney Barrett appears to be a superbly qualified, first-rate nominee to the US Supreme Court. That would normally be a widely shared and bi-partisan perspective of someone with her experience and reputation, but these are hardly normal times. They are hyper-politicized, ultra-partisan, politically correct, and hysterically ideological times. Judge Barrett is being given the Krylenko treatment by Democrat senators like Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, meaning this: The only thing that matters is whether she will vote their party line in future cases.” – Lawrence W. Reed

Your Marxist Revolutionary Sons and Daughters – “The criminals and the underclass looters are in it (rioting) for fun and profit, but the white college kids are there because they think they are being good Marxist revolutionaries by associating themselves with BLM, whose founders have proudly proclaimed that “we are trained Marxists”” – Thomas DiLorenzo

US Seeks to Prolong Terrorism in Syria, Not Defeat It – Tony Cartalucci

“It’s a hard Brexit’s a-gonna fall” – “Today the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that Great Britain is now preparing for a no-deal divorce from the European Union” – Moon of Alabama

Why are so many Americans suddenly relocating, buying guns and storing up huge quantities of food? – Michael Snyder

Let Go Of The Things That No Longer Serve You (And Have More Room For Your Preps)! – Erica Nygaard

The Art Of Making Maple Syrup – Dan Mowinski


Hard Times in the US: The Greatest Depression Unfolding – Stephen Lendman

Central Banks and the Problem with Playing God – “Indeed, the reach and influence of central banks has never been higher, one could argue. Initially being lenders of last resort for banks, they have also mutated into dealers of last resort for all kinds of shadow banking institutions residing outside official banking regulation. Today the Fed and other central banks have to see to the stability of the entire financial system by catering to the liquidity needs of these shadow banks even though they have developed and grown outside the central banks’ purview.” – Pascal Hügli

Fed Vice Chair Makes “Shocking” Admission: Fed May Never Be Able To Stop Manipulating The Market – Tyler Durden

New Unemployment Claims at Highest Level Since Mid-August – Mish

More Gold & Silver Demand Than Reported (VIDEO) with Dave Kranzler – Silver Doctors

Goldman Sachs: Dump Dollars and Buy Silver – Peter Schiff

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.84EUR


Proverbs 14:7   Go from the presence of a foolish man, when thou perceivest not in him the lips of knowledge.