What If We Ignore the Government? – “What if massive numbers of us make these decisions on our own? What if the governors’ edicts don’t really carry the force of law? What if governors have assumed the power to tell us how to live from either out of thin air or from unconstitutional and outdated state laws? What if it is profoundly unconstitutional for a state legislature to give its law-making powers to the state’s governor?” – Andrew P. Napolitano  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JUDGE NAPOLITANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If the virus isn’t there…why do they believe it is? – “Over the past week, I’ve quoted two major sources—the CDC and the authors of a major European study—who admit they did not have any virus. And both of these groups were, at the same time, constructing a way to do a diagnostic test for that very virus which wasn’t there.” – Jon Rappoport


Dr. Fauci Has a New Demand of You, as His Shameless Media Tour Continues – ” Fauci himself is not stupid — he just thinks you are. That’s why he continues to willfully misrepresent the current situation and make incredibly harmful demands of the public. Now, he’s got a new one. You need to cancel Thanksgiving, you dangerous peons.” – Bonchie

The Fake Signature Canard – “Instead of engaging the Great Barrington Declaration’s arguments, a small group of pro-lockdown activists from the ranks of the public health profession and journalism have chosen to wage an aggressive name-calling campaign against the petition on Twitter and social media. Their behavior to date is both juvenile and self-discrediting, yet they have also ventured into the territory of outright professional misconduct.” – Phillip W. Magness

WHO Now Admits COVID-19 Infection Fatality Rate Is Much Lower Than Expected – “A review of COVID-19 studies from the World Health Organization indicates that median COVID-19 infection fatality rates are only 0.23% — much lower than initially anticipated.” – Mercola

Africa Battles COVID-19 Pandemic Effectively – “Western media astonished at the successful efforts to contain virus on the continent” – Abayomi Azikiwe

Locked down Spain is like a one-party state – “Local and national governments bicker over technicalities, but the lockdown itself is never questioned.” – Alex Cameron

Head Of Oxford University Vaccine Team Says Face Masks, Social Distancing Will Continue Until NEXT SUMMER – “We’re going to be in a position where mask-wearing and social distancing don’t change” – Steve Watson




Running Out of Time… October Surprise Redux? – “There is considerable speculation in Washington about a so-called October Surprise being engineered by either party to change the outcome of the upcoming election.” – Philip Giraldi

Is Biden Cognitively Unfit to Be President? – “Evidence appears to suggest it. He may be unable to complete four years in office. He’s highly unlikely to seek a second term if elected. If he defeats Trump in November, will Kamala Harris be elevated to the nation’s highest office before the November 2024 election? Was that what Dems planned by choosing her as his running-mate?” – Stephen Lendman

Imagine If MSM Consistently Applied The Evidentiary Standards It’s Applying To Hunter Biden’s Emails – “How do we know the email is authentic? We do not,” WaPo tells us. This would be the same Washington Post that has been circulating disinformation about Russia for years due to its disinterest in verifying information before reporting, and has alongside the rest of the mass media been promoting the narrative that Russia interfered in the 2016 US election based solely on unproven assertions promoted by government agencies despite many gaping plot holes in that narrative. Where was the journalistic concern for seeing the data and inspecting the hard drives then?” – Caitlin Johnstone

Emails reveal how Hunter Biden tried to cash in big on behalf of family with Chinese firm – Emma-Jo Morris and Gabrielle Fonrouge

The Media Rallies To Save Joe Biden From Burisma Email Scandal – “Mainstream and social media act in concert to bury the Hunter Biden email story.” – Mark Angelides

concerned cuomo    – NO STORY HERE, NOPE!!!!!!

Shhh! Don’t Talk About Hunter Biden – “Twitter and Facebook crossed a line. They showed their true colors today. When the election is over, Congress is going to have to have some serious discussions about regulating them in the interest of free speech and fairness.” – Rod Dreher

Big Tech is in the tank for Biden, Democrats – “The Post’s story goes to the heart of Joe Biden’s integrity, and American voters deserve to know the details.” – Miranda Devine

The FBI Seized the Hunter Biden Computer in December 2019 – Ignored the Crimes, Did Nothing and Gave the Biden Family a Complete Pass – Joe Hoft

Election WAR GAMES: “A New America Waits in the Wings” After Pre-Planned Chaos – “Are these simulations actually manipulating the outcome of the elections? On the TIP site, it states the goal of the project was to ensure that the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election was legitimate. However, the ties with the Obama administration and pro-Biden groups raises concern that the group is actually planning to ensure the crisis they claim to be attempting to prevent with the simulations.” – Robert Wheeler  – ANOTHER GOOD ARTICLE ON THE TRANSITION INTEGRITY PROJECT (TIP). SEVERAL HAVE BEEN LINKED PREVIOSULY!!!!!

Obama, Clinton, Biden, Harris, Brennan, Clapper, Hayden, Rice, Comey, Mueller, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff et al. must be charged with treason and sedition… – State of the Nation

Prepare For The Left Unhinging Into A Chaotic Frenzy – “If Trump Wins 2020 The Left Will Completely Unhinge Just look at what happened in 2016, and the the four years since.” – Ken Jorgustin

The tech oligarchs are a menace to democracy – “The censorship of the New York Post’s Hunter Biden exposé is a frightening intervention in the election.” – Fraser Myers

The New Media Has Become like the Old Media—And That Means the Usual Bias – “At this point, of course, it’s hard to see how this is even debatable. While “censor” is perhaps not the most accurate term to use here—given the word’s connotations of state intervention—it is apparent that social media firms, at the very least, limit discussion and the reach of certain political viewpoints by banning certain users. These firms also openly admit to biasing readers against certain content through the use of “fact checkers.”” – Ryan McMaken

Are the big social media companies literally trying to determine who wins the presidential election? – Michael Snyder

The LEAST Important Election Of Our Lifetimes – “A consensus seems to have formed on both left and right that the upcoming presidential election involves some literally existential questions, making it THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF OUR LIFETIMES. In fact, the opposite is true. This election is the least important of the past 30 years and very possibly the least important ever. Because, to put it bluntly, we’re kind of screwed either way. Let’s consider some of those supposedly existential threats:” – John Rubino

Tyranny and the Right to Bear Arms – “Not surprisingly, the gun-control crowd is using the supposed conspiracy to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer to advance their agenda. The idea is that if the American people are disarmed, then the chances of some group overthrowing a state government or even the federal government diminish to slim and none. That would be fine with the gun-control crowd because in their minds, it is impossible for the federal government to become so tyrannical that it would need overthrowing. Oh sure, such things might happen in places like Germany, the Soviet Union, Red China, North Korea, Cuba, and Vietnam. But certainly not here in the United States” – Jacob G. Hornberger

What Has Amy Coney Barrett Said on the Second Amendment So Far? – Teresa Mull

A Media-Political Assassination in Denver – “Do Colorado patriots’ lives matter? What happened to Colorado patriot Lee Keltner should be a national outrage. It was, in my view, a brazen and cold-blooded media-political assassination. But because Keltner was part of the “Patriot Muster,” and not part of the “Mob Muster” or “Liberal Media Muster,” you’ll hear nothing but crickets from American Pravda. Their silence is violence.” – Michelle Malkin

Antifa is real. It’s violent. And you need to plan for it. – Simon Black

Another Dumbshit White Liberal Feminist Makes A Fool Of Herself – “Mary Bucholtz is professor and chairperson of the Linguistis Department at the University of California at Santa Barbara. She declared all white Americans, including herself, to be racists. Indeed, she claims America is suffering a pandemic of white supremacy. Would white racists vote in an immigration law that essentially keeps white people out and fills the country up with black people? Would white supremacists impose affirmative action against white people in order to elevate blacks? Would white supremacist racists elect a black president? Apparently, these questions are too profound for the faculty and administration of the University of California.” – Paul Craig Roberts  – EVER NOTICE HOW ALL THESE CRACKPOTS ARE IN CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!

The Ungrateful Generation – “There’s something annoying about rich kids who despise their parents who happily denounce everything their parents did to provide them an amazing life while living off their money. Liberal kids of conservative parents strike me as the most miserable people on the planet. How many Members of Congress are there because of their last name? They either married someone who retired or died, or they are the kid of someone who did the same. The entire existence of the Kennedy family is based on this idiocy. And so, it seems, is the life of James Murdoch.” – Derek Hunter

Gov’t Considers Allowing Utilities to Use “Smart” Meters to Remotely Turn Off Central Heating, etc. without Warning (U.K.) – “People worldwide DO NOT WANT utility “Smart” Meters – electric, gas, and water. Tens of millions have been installed and millions more are planned despite all their problems – fires, explosions, higher bills, serious cybersecurity risks, and more.” – B.N. Frank




This is Going to be One for the Record Books – “Rather than let the market adjust itself, government typically starts the process all over again with a new and larger “stimulus package.” The more often this happens, the more ingrained become the distortions in the way people consume and invest, and the nastier the eventual depression.” – Doug Casey

Goodbye Middle Class: Half Of All American Workers Made Less Than $34,248.45 Last Year – Michael Snyder

“Temporary” Layoffs Turning Into Permanent Job Losses – Peter Schiff

Almost 900,000 Americans Filed For First-Time Jobless Benefits Last Week But California Chaos Continues – Tyler Durden

The Fed Wants the Public to Know It Can Withhold Information Under an Executive Order and Defy Subpoenas from Courts and Congress – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

The Upbeat Downbeat on Housing and Commercial Real Estate – David Haggith

“Gold Is The Anti-Dollar” (VIDEO) with Andrew Maguire – “It’s not a surprise that the #goldprice is rising given what the Fed is doing to the dollar.” – Arcadia Economics

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.66EUR




Isaiah 26:7  The way of the just is uprightness: thou, most upright, dost weigh the path of the just.