Global Gaslighting – “Feeling a little crazy? A little discombobulated by all this doubletalk psychobabble insanity? Welcome to the wonderful world of gaslighting! But it’s not limited to facemasks of course. We were told the lockdowns would flatten the curve and only be necessary for a few weeks. Then they were extended for months and months. Lo and behold the World Health Organization (WHO) decided on October 11th that Lockdowns don’t work!” – Jeff Harris

Coronavirus Fraud Scandal — The Biggest Fight Has Just Begun – “The German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee (Außerparlamentarischer Corona Untersuchungsausschuss), launched July 10, 2020, was founded by four trial attorneys to investigate and prosecute those responsible for implementing the economically devastating lockdowns around the world, as well as using fraudulent testing to engineer the appearance of a dangerous pandemic. The Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee will be working with an international network of lawyers to argue the most massive tort case ever — a case described as “probably the greatest crime against humanity ever committed”” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Halted Trials Raise New Safety Questions About ‘Rushed’ COVID-19 Vaccines – Tyler Durden

‘Mask mandates don’t work’: White House COVID adviser criticizes ‘obsession’ with masks – ” “The evidence on universal masking is really pretty weak.” He cited multiple U.S. counties, states, and worldwide countries in which broad mask mandates have been instituted –from Hawaii to the United Kingdom – that have nevertheless had major increases in COVID-19 cases.” – Daniel Payne

Dead at 31 after her chemo was ‘paused’ due to Covid: Abandoned by the NHS, they are the cancer sufferers fighting for their lives – or in one mother’s case mourned by her family… so who is fighting for THEM? – Liz Hull, Kamal Sultan and Daniel Martin

John Snow vs. The John Snow Memorandum – “The John Snow Memorandum seeks to counter the Great Barrington Declaration, which has made waves globally by suggesting that general lockdowns cause more deaths than they prevent.” – Robert E. Wright  – LONG, BUT INTERESTING!!!!!

Covid-19 vaccine to be MANDATORY in Brazil’s most populous state Sao Paulo – governor – RT

‘Difficult winter ahead’: London heads for stricter lockdown – Reuters


The American Revolution—The Sequel – “The pervasive difficulty here lies in the erroneous concept that there can be a return to freedom whilst maintaining the dependency upon largesse from the State. The two are mutually exclusive.” – Jeff Thomas   – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JEFF!!!!!

Before the Bidens ‘Did’ Ukraine, There Was Iraq – and Serbia – “If they do manage to remove Trump, “by any means necessary,” and Joe Biden takes the helm, we can anticipate a bevy of globalist warmonger appointees that make Trump’s team look like disciples of Mahatma Gandhi.” – James George Jatras

Biden responds viciously when asked about the Hunter Biden revelations – “When all you get is the kid-glove treatment, it must come as something of a shock when a reporter asks a substantive question. When CBS News’s Bo Erickson dared to ask Biden that question, Biden didn’t even attempt an answer. He lashed out angrily at Erickson for daring to ask the question.” – Andrea Widburg

Emails Reveal Bidens are Treasonous (VIDEO) with Kevin Shipp – “Shipp explains, “They dealt with a Chinese espionage firm, and, yes, it is treasonous, I agree 100%. . . . It has implicated that the Vice President of the United States was aware his son was meeting with top China communist officials both in the banks and in this private firm that was known for espionage. The Vice President was aware of his son’s business dealings with these companies. That is treasonous.”” – Greg Hunter

Whoops: Biden Busted for Lying About Endorsement During Town Hall – ““The boilermakers overwhelmingly endorse me, okay?” Biden claimed. “So the Boilermakers Union has endorsed me because I sat down with them, went into great detail with leadership, exactly what I would do, number one.” Except that wasn’t true. At all. The International Boilermakers Union, however, made it clear on its website that it has not endorsed anyone.” – Nick Arama

The FBI, Militias, Truth and Comey’s Legacy – “Is it possible that the militia story [about planning to kidnap the governor of Michigan] is another contrived, anti-Trump, smear job by elements within the FBI? Current FBI Director Christopher Wray hardly engenders confidence as a strong leader bent on cleaning house and reforming a corrupt agency that attempted a soft coup against the presidency.” – Chris Farrell

WOW — OUTRAGEOUS! Chris Wray’s FBI Is Investigating Whether Hunter Biden Emails are “Russian Disinformation Operation” – “The FBI is investigating the damning Hunter Biden emails — not for the myriad of crimes they expose but to see if they are a “Russian disinformation operation.”” – Jim Hoft

Trump Scorned For Saying “I Don’t Know” If A Satanic Pedohphile Ring Exists – “Here we have mainstream media, again, completely ridiculing the idea of some sort of elite level pedophile cult, deeming it a “conspiracy theory” over and over again, using nothing but ridicule and also ridiculing anybody who may think that it’s actually a possibility. We don’t need “Q anon” to see this, there is actually legitimate evidence behind this activity and credible sources can be used to relay that to the public.” – Arjun Walia

NYT Propaganda War on Trump – “In its all-out war on Trump, no misinformation, disinformation, and distortions are omitted by the self-styled newspaper of record NYT.” – Stephen Lendman  – KEEP IN MIND, MR. LEDMAN DOESN’T REALLY CARE TRUMP!!!!!!!!

Julian Assange’s ‘Trial of the Century’: 10 Reasons Why it Threatens Freedom of Speech – Fidel Narváez

About Those ‘Peaceful’ Protests: Michelle Obama and the Devious Left – “Mrs. Obama looks you in eye and claims with a straight face that this is “an overwhelmingly peaceful movement.” “It’s true!” she dissembles brazenly, “research backs it up: only a tiny fraction of the demonstrations have had any violence at all.” What research? Whose research? Even though the national media have done their best cover up the damage and destruction caused by the riots, it takes about five minutes of your research to expose Mrs. Obama’s lies.” – Vasko Kohlmayer

Comrade Ocasio-Cortez has big plans for your dinner plate – “Listen up, worker ants, People’s Commissar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is once again, more than a little interested in what’s on your dinner plate.” – Monica Showalter

No Real Change Can Come If Speech Is Restricted By Monopolistic Oligarchs – Caitlin Johnstone

FCC Head and Internet’s Most Hated Man Ajit Pai Just Vowed to Kill First Amendment Rights Online – “FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has vowed to reinterpret Section 230 of the Communications Act on President Trump’s orders in a move that threatens to curb what’s left of Americans’ first amendment rights online.” – Raul Diego

Twitter Mob forces dictionary to change definitions – “Are you ready for this week’s absurdity?For a long time, the terms “sexual orientation” and “sexual preference” have been used interchangeably without controversy. That all changed in an instant when Judge Amy Coney Barrett said “sexual preference” during her Supreme Court nomination Senate hearings. A few extra-woke Senators chastised Barrett, claiming the word “preference” implies that gay people choose their sexual orientation. ” – Simon Black

Who’s Afraid of a No-Deal Brexit? – Tom Luango

Je suis Samuel – “The beheading of a teacher in France is the barbaric logical conclusion to cancel culture. On a suburban street on the outskirts of Paris a schoolteacher was beheaded in broad daylight for the supposed crime of showing caricatures of Muhammad to his pupils during a classroom discussion about freedom of speech. Decapitated for dissing the prophet, in France, in the 21st century.” – Brendan O’Neill

U.S. versus China, and U.S. versus Russia – “The U.S. Empire doesn’t call itself an “Empire,” but it is one, and its empire is therefore called instead “the Washington Consensus”, which is a “consensus” in hostility against whatever countries the U.S. Government wants to become regime-changed — to turn into an American colony.” – Eric Zuesse

Lavrov Has Had It. Proposes Russia Stops Talking to the West – Andrei Martyanov

Why Conflict in Caucasus Is Erdogan’s Revenge for Syria – “Turkey’s outsize role in fueling the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan is becoming more apparent. That’s why a peace deal will be hard to cut and indeed the conflict may blow up further into a protracted regional war. A war that could drag Russia into battling in the Caucasus on its southern periphery against NATO proxies.” – Finian Cunningham

Best Survival Food Companies: Top 3 Picks from Preppers, Buying Guide – Bryan Lynch  – THESE ARE THE AUTHOR’S PICKS, I DON’T SEE WHERE HE DID ANY SURVEY!!!!!


The average American has $90,460 in debt—here’s how much debt Americans have at every age – Megan DeMatteo

The economic implosion of 2020: Job losses ramp up again as millions of Americans continue to slide into poverty – Michael Snyder

Two Things That Just Happened Shout ‘The US Dollar Hyperinflation & Crack-Up Boom Have Begun’! – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Hyperinflation is here – “Hyperinflation is the condition whereby monetary authorities accelerate the expansion of the quantity of money to the point where it proves impossible for them to regain control. It ends when the state’s fiat currency is finally worthless. It is an evolving crisis, not just a climactic event.” – Alasdair Macleod

The “Titanic” Analogy You Haven’t Heard: Passively Accepting Oblivion – “The economy and social order were precariously fragile before the pandemic, and now the fragilities are unraveling. We need to start thinking beyond pretense and PR.” – Charles Hugh Smith

May God Help Us! The US Is Broke and $100,000 Gold (VIDEO) with Bill Holter – As Good As Gold Australia


Proverbs 15:12    A scorner loveth not one that reproveth him: neither will he go unto the wise.