David Icke @ London Unite for Freedom rally (VIDEO) – “David Icke speaking to tens of thousands at Trafalgar Square rally, protesting the Covid Agenda 29th August 2020” – Red Fight  – WATCH BEFORE IT IS REMOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chaos erupts in Germany as hundreds STORM Reichstag building in huge ‘anti-corona’ protest – Oli Smith

Your Coronavirus Test Is Positive. It Probably Shouldn’t Be. – “The great majority of test positives (up to 90%) after April have been of people who have very low viral loads, likely no live virus, and who are not contagious. If you come in contact with the virus and your cross-reactive T-cells that you have from common cold infections kill it before you ever got sick, and without you ever shedding virus, you will still pop up as “positive” on the PCR because of the absurd level of magnification (through copying) that catches onto even dead viral debris. (And you will remain “positive” for PCR purposes for several weeks or even several months.)” – Apoorva Mandavilli

Coronavirus hasn’t devastated the homeless as many feared – Janie Har

Robocop Is Here – New Police Helmet Scans For COVID-19 and Uses Facial Recognition – Jack Burns




Suddenly fear of social unrest is everywhere – “In a year that has experienced a global pandemic, Depression-level job losses, a bevy of large-scale natural disasters from wildfires to Cat 4 hurricanes to derechos, the #1 current concern we’re now hearing from our readers isn’t any of these. Instead, it’s the danger of social unrest breaking out in their local community. Anyone with eyes can see that the mercury is rising across America” – Adam Taggart

The Social Fabric of the U.S. Is Fraying Severely, if Not Unravelling – “Why, in the world’s richest country, is every metric of mental health pathology rapidly worsening?” – Glenn Greenwald

Birds of a Feather: Joe Biden, Democrats, and the Rioting Mob – “For three months, the continual riots, looting, fires, beatings of random people, and the non-stop attempted murder of police officers has gone largely unreported. “Mostly peaceful” became a bigger media catchphrase than “Where’s the beef?” or “That’s what she said” ever were in pop culture. Now, with the deaths of two Black Lives Matter activists in Kenosha, the public can no longer be fooled. They saw the videos, they saw who the aggressors were. The narrative of an evil white supremacist simply shooting people he didn’t like gave way to the reality of a kid being chased by a mob, then surrendering himself immediately to police. It also didn’t help Democrats’ claim that he was some sort of racist when his “victims” were all white. Were it not for social media and the unfiltered videos, you can only imagine how the story would’ve been spun and there’s no way any Democrat, let alone Joe Biden, would have said much.” – Derek Hunter

Portland BLM crowd cheers news of murder of Patriot Prayer counterdemonstrator: ‘I’m not sad that a f**king fascist died tonight!’ – “The left wing propaganda media naturally are obfuscating the crime. The New York Times headlines, “Deadly Shooting in Portland After Pro-Trump Ralliers Clash With Protesters, faintly implying that responsibility lies with the pro-Trump crowd who are the subject of the verb “clash.”” – Thomas Lifson

Trump Ready to Provide Law Enforcement Assets to Any US Governor Regardless of Party Affiliation – Tim Korso

Antifa and Black Lives Matter March Through Oakland Chanting ‘Death to America’ – Cassandra Fairbanks

These People Want to Convince Everyone That Looting Is A-Okay – Daisy Luther

How to NOT get your ass kicked by the police (VIDEO) – Chris Rock – OLD, BUT GOOD ONE FROM CHRIS ROCK. MAYBE BLM AND ANTIFA SHOULD WATCH!!!!!

US Marshals intercept battle supplies from Antifa, BLM support groups heading to Kenosha – Lance D Johnson

Corporate Media Didn’t Report What It’s Really Like In Kenosha, Wisconsin, So I Will – “The scene on Tuesday night was something I had only seen in photos of war-torn countries. Men and women stood with baseball bats, hand-guns, semi-automatic rifles, and shotguns in front of their businesses and homes.” – Evita Duffy

What Happened To Patriots and Patriotism – It Just Re-Entered The Room In A 17 Year Old Kid – Rory Hall  – AS MORE EVIDENCE COMES IN, IT DOES APPEAR THAT KYLE WAS JUSTIFIED IN DEFENDING HIMSELF. I’M STILL OUT ON THIS ONE UNTIL I SEE MORE!!!!!!

Kyle Rittenhouse and The Law of the Pursuer – “Whether Rittenhouse should have been in Kenosha in the first place, and with a weapon a 17-year old cannot legally carry in public, is a separate issue for courts of law to decide. The question at hand is however why he was charged with murder while his surviving alleged assailants were, as far as I know, not charged with anything. Jurors need to understand the simple concept of din rodef, “the law of the pursuer.” Din rodef entitles the one pursued, or a bystander, to use reasonable force, up to and including deadly force, to stop the rodef from completing the intended violent crime.” – Civis Americanus

Gun Rights Group Issues Support for Kyle Rittenhouse – Teresa Mull

Judgment is Coming for America (VIDEO) with Michael Snyder – “The news is not all bad, and Snyder says, “One of the things the prophetic voices have seen is there is going to be masses of people turning to God. It’s really going to be the greatest hour for the people of God since the Book of Acts” – Greg Hunter

“She Hasn’t Done Her Job”: Looting, Riots, & Mayoral Ineptitude Prompt Mass Exodus Of Chicago Residents – Tyler Durden

History toppling spreads to Canada as protesters in Montreal tear down statue of John Macdonald, country’s 1st prime minister – RT

Trump and Pompeo Craft No-Win Solutions for the World – Tom Luango

CIA’s Addiction to Afghanistan War – Finian Cunningham

Drug Cartel Now Assassinates Its Enemies With Bomb-Toting Drones – “The tactic has become widespread on battlefields overseas and now appears to be proliferating to organized crime.” – Joseph Trevithick




Permanent Layoffs Soar, and It Will Get Worse – Mish

“This Might Be The Weirdest Market I’ve Ever Seen” – Charting The Market’s Descent Into Insanity – Tyler Durden

Silver could pass its all-time high (VIDEO) – “If silver had the same kind of performance as the Dow since around the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, then it would have topped out at around $225oz. Yet, it only topped out around $50 in 1980 and 2011. So that begs the question… has silver had its run? Not by a long shot!” – David Morgan

What Is Happening Right Now In The Silver Market May Send Gold & Silver Prices Soaring – King World News

Chainlink’s New Acquisition From Cornell University Could Transform Blockchain For Good – “While initial reactions to this announcement have focused on its impact to decentralized finance (an area that Chainlink is best known for), the repercussions of this transaction are far broader than this narrow space and could fundamentally accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology by corporates.” – Ben Jessel




Isaiah 42:14    I have long time holden my peace; I have been still, and refrained myself: now will I cry like a travailing woman; I will destroy and devour at once.



(We don’t need) No, we don’t need (no more trouble) no more trouble!
(We don’t need no more trouble)

Wo! Oh-oh-oh!
(We don’t need) We don’t need no (no more) trouble!
We don’t need no trouble!

(We don’t need no more trouble)
Make love and not war! ‘Cause we don’t need no trouble.
What we need is love (love)
To guide and protect us on. (on)
If you hope good down from above, (love)
Help the weak if you are strong now. (love)

We don’t need no trouble;
What we need is love. Oh, no!
We don’t need – we don’t need – no more trouble!
Lord knows, we don’t need no trouble!

(We don’t need) We don’t need trouble (no more trouble) –
no more trouble – no more trouble!
Seek happiness! (…) Oh, …!
Come on, you all and speak of love. (…) Oh, yeah!

We don’t need no trouble;
What we need is love, now. (What we need is love!)
(We don’t need) Oh, we don’t need no more trouble!
We don’t need, no – we don’t need no trouble!
We don’t (need) – no, brothers and sisters … (no more trouble!)

We don’t need no trouble; we don’t need no trouble!
We don’t need no trouble!
What we need is love!

We don’t need – we don’t need no more – we don’t need –
no more trouble – we don’t need no more trouble!
Trouble we don’t need (we don’t need),
(We don’t need) Lord, knows! –
we don’t need no more war (no more trouble).
No more trouble – we don’t need no more – more trouble!

( No More Trouble by Bob Marley )