The Emergence of the Technetronic Society of Humankind – “Real Death, Real Fear, Real Monopolization” – Phil Butler  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM PHIL. REMEMBER. LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Year’s Economic Destruction Due to the State’s Coronavirus Response Will Pale in Comparison to What Is Coming! – Gary D. Barnett

NEJM Says Masks Don’t Protect You? – “In fact, this disquieting pandemic has presented a unique opportunity for public health officials to create better awareness about healthy lifestyle choices that improve overall health, reduce the risk of infection and lessen the severity of any infectious disease. Unfortunately, it appears as if their focus is not on health and wellness of the people they serve, but rather on creating an environment in which pharmaceutical agendas can be pushed as better options.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Faceless Nation – “With one of the two major presidential tickets joined in demanding a mandatory mask rule through Election Day and beyond, this election has become a test of the face of a nation.” – George Gilder

Violators Of New Zealand’s New Mask Law Face Up To $700 Fine – Tyler Durden

Questioning COVID19: Why I Will Never Trust the Medical Establishment About Respiratory Disease. A Case History – Anita McKone

COVID-19 VACCINE MANDATE: The Horrifying Hidden Agenda – “FUNVAX: The FunVax was initially framed as a military strategy to neutralize terrorists throughout the Middle East. It took the U.S. Military 7 years to deploy that particular bioweapon which manifested mainly in Saudi Arabia as Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) from 2012 through 2020. South Korea, another country with a large American military presence which undergoes constant chemtrailing, also suffered a substantial MERS outbreak in 2015. ” – State of the Nation  – INTERESTING ARTICLE FROM STATE OF THE NATION. CONSPIRACY THEORY? WHO KNOWS ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!

US Sanctions Russian Research Institute that Developed COVID-19 Vaccine – “Russia won the race to develop the first vaccine against the novel coronavirus. The United States has responded by slapping sanctions on a Russian research facility involved in creating it.” – Ben Norton

2020: The Year Governments Killed Hundreds of Thousands of Their Own People – “Despite that, faced with the novelty of mapped virus movement in the age of social media, ignorant governments all over the world responded by decreeing the equivalent of Iraq sanctions on steroids against their own populations. What before 2020 governments sought to do only to their enemies to weaken and destroy them, they now unleashed against their own populations as a “cure”.” – Marko Marjanović

Remdesivir for Covid-19: $1.6 Billion for a “Modestly Beneficial” Drug? – Elizabeth Woodworth




‘Protesters Your Ass’: Trump Criticizes Harassment Of RNC Attendees Outside White House – Anders Hagstrom

Will Hillary and the Dems Get the Civil War They Are Trying to Provoke? – “I think that it is pretty clear that the US deep state and the Dem Party are using BLM/Antifa as footsoldiers to create chaos and prepare for even worse violence should Trump win. There are also some signs that the Dem leadership does not want to let the (totally senile) Joe Biden go against Trump in a debate.” – The Saker  – EXCELLENT ANALYSIS FROM THE SAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘Something’s going on here and it’s much bigger than people think’ – “Two things stand out. One, dangerously intransparent foundations, such as the Tides Foundation which takes cash in big amounts from anonymous donors, and has been known to contribute to terroristic organizations such as Earth First! and the “Ruckus Society” have stepped up their donations to “social justice” and “criminal justice” and “racial justice” organizations. George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, while less intransparent, given that its money comes from Soros’s vast fortune as a currency speculator, is in this category too. Second, the Democrats, who also take money from the donors to these foundations that may be behind these riots, have been curiously silent in their failure to condemn the violence, even on people they know and work with from the Senate building.” – Monica Showalter

Kenosha: the culture wars turn bloody – “The killing of two protesters is a tragic but inevitable consequence of the ongoing disorder.” – Kevin Yuill

Facts emerging on Jacob Blake shooting contradict the narrative that sparked riots – “Riot, loot, attack, and burn first, learn the contradictory facts later. Just like Ferguson, Baltimore, and Minneapolis. It is stunning how many recent riots over purported racial injustice have been based on phony stories.” – Thomas Lifson

Rittenhouse Lawyers Say Video Evidence Proves Kenosha Shootings Were ‘Acts Of Self-Defense’ – Tyler Durden  – LIKE I SAID ON THURSDAY, IT WILL BE INTERESTING TO SEE HOW THIS ONE PLAYS OUT!!!!

Think It’s Violently Chaotic In America Right Now? (Spoiler: The Titanic Hasn’t Even Hit The Iceberg) – “The message is that a wholesome family man was needlessly shot in the back several times by racist white cops, along with the message that a violent racist white teenager with an affinity for Trump, guns and the police went on a shooting rampage to take out as many peaceful protesters as possible. Or is that not what the Deep State Globalists via their MSM Propagandists at CNN want the sheeple to think? It just keeps getting hammered and hammered and hammered and hammered into the sheeple’s collective psyche, again and again and again and again:” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Right To Bear Arms Stands In The Gap Of Lost Civility – “The new American mob now assaults people at will. James Madison knew how it would happen.” – Leesa K. Donner

How to Survive When You’re the Target of an Angry Mob – Terry Trahan

CNN has turned itself into America’s Baghdad Bob – “On Tuesday, with its reporter standing in front of a raging fire, CNN ran a ludicrous chyron stating, “fiery but mostly peaceful protests after police shooting.” Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be worthy of reporting three days later. However, for some reason, this chyron was a bridge too far for many people, and the internet is still flooded with memes.” – Andrea Widburg

Suspension of Disbelief? Don Lemon: ‘I Don’t Really See How People Will Say CNN Is Biased’ – “That, from a hopelessly partisan hack who ridicules Trump, calls him a “bigot,” “racist,” or worse, on a near-nightly basis? This, folks, is a perfect illustration of the Left’s elitist mindset. Their beliefs, their causes, their values, their morals (or lack thereof) are baseline in their skewed minds; anyone or anything that “falls short” of their belief system, by nature deserves to be labeled a (pick one, or more): bigot, racist, homophobe, Islamophobe, xenophobe, misogynist, or any other label they deem worthy of slapping on you. And they gleefully do so in all of their self-righteous glory.” – Mike Miller

NPR Claims That Calling a Riot a “Riot” is Racist – “The latest excuse.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Her Name Is Veronica Lee Baker: Four Black Teens Arrested in Murder of White 17-Year-Old In Raleigh, North Carolina – Paul Kersey  – ONCE AGAIN, NOT REPORTED ON THE BIASED MSM STATIONS AND PAPERS. OH, AND BY THE WAY, WHERE ARE ALL THE RIOTS OVER THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Rich: Chelsea Clinton Is Telling Parents How to ‘Erode White Privilege’ Out of Their Children – Beth Baumann


Return Of The Dust Bowl? The “Megadrought” In The Southwest Is Really Starting To Escalate – Michael Snyder

Dem Convention Made No Mention Of Russiagate Or Impeachment, Because Those Were Fake Things – “The cold warriors wanted their escalations, and they got them. From beginning to the end, that’s all this was ever about. They pushed the narratives, the media joined in because it was great for ratings, and the Democrats joined in because it took the focus off their 2016 scandals and gave them a kayfabe phantom to punch instead of pushing for actual progressive changes. And now the slow motion third world war between the US-centralized power alliance and the loose collective of unabsorbed governments is right on schedule, with Biden all set and ready to carry the omnicidal torch forward.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Will Trump Pardon Edward Snowden? – Robert Fantina

Definitive Eurasian alliance is closer than you think – “Beijing-Moscow is already on; Berlin-Beijing is a work in progress; the missing but not distant link is Berlin-Moscow” – Pepe Escobar

UK’s Johnson Reprises Skripal Saga for Navalny ‘Poisoning’ – “Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson is the latest Western leader to wildly jump on the bandwagon claiming that Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny was poisoned, and by implication insinuating the Kremlin had a sinister hand in it.” – Finian Cunningham

Judicial Tyranny in the Drug War – Jacob G. Hornberger

Is the ‘Defund the Police’ Movement Prompting Pro-Gun Legislation? – Teresa Mull




Devastating Consumer Financial Cliff Coming Right Up – Mish

The Coming Chaos and the Eruption of Extreme Volatility – Nathan McDonald

Twisted Picture of a Consumer Economy Running on Fumes of Stimulus – Wolf Richter

The Fed is Creating a Monster Bubble, But the Stock Market Won’t Care – Joseph Young

It All Goes Back To Gold & Silver (VIDEO) with John Rubino – “There is no easy way to get through this massive financial crisis without extreme pain, and whether it’s a 1930s style deflationary crash or a Weimar style hyperinflation, it all goes back to gold, silver, and what the government can’t just create out of thin air…” – Silver Doctors

Tech Signal – “As bears are capitulating and markets keep making new highs on the heels of yet another dovish speech by Jerome Powell investors continue to chase historic valuations. Nothing has mattered so far, not the imbalances, not the rising $VIX, not the data, not the historic stretches in the charts of individual stocks such as $TSLA, $AAPL and others nor valuations. But the deteriorating picture underneath markets has left a familiar trail in some of the signal charts and tech specifically looks at very high risk of a sizable coming correction.” – Sven Henrich

Jerome Powell Confirms Intent To Hyperinflate The Dollar Supply (VIDEO) – Dave Kranzler




Proverbs 24:27    Prepare thy work without, and make it fit for thyself in the field; and afterwards build thine house.