Your Freedoms Don’t Have to Be Muzzled Just Because You’re Wearing a Mask – “We still have rights. Technically, at least. The government may act as if its police state powers suppress individual liberties during this COVID-19 pandemic, but for all intents and purposes, the Constitution—especially the battered, besieged Bill of Rights—still stands in theory, if not in practice. Indeed, while federal and state governments have adopted specific restrictive measures in an effort to lockdown the nation and decelerate the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the current public health situation has not resulted in the suspension of fundamental constitutional rights such as freedom of speech and the right of assembly. Mind you, that’s not to say that the government has not tried its best to weaponize this crisis as it has weaponized so many other crises in order to expand its powers and silence its critics.” – John W. Whitehead  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JOHN AS USUAL!!!!!!

“Don’t Trace Me, Bro” — Just Say No to Contact Tracing – “Contact Tracing? Really? That’s the next big government program to push for total surveillance over our lives. Now the real fallout from the Coronapocalypse comes to light. The very people who created a fake pandemic out of faulty statistics, media fear-pimping and the rankest of propaganda are now pushing the total surveillance state to protect us (them?) from the next crisis.” – Tom Luango

The Models, the Tests and Now the Consequences – “We have given decisions over every aspect of our lives to the judgment of tests and to the projections of computer models for the coronavirus first claimed to have erupted in Wuhan China, now dubbed SARS-CoV-2. With astonishing lack of transparency or checking, one government after the other has imposed China-model lockdowns on their entire populations. It begins to look as if we are being led like sheep to slaughter for corrupted science .” – F. William Engdahl

9 Simulations, Drills and Laws that Planned and Prepared for the Coronavirus – “They planned and prepared for the coronavirus … decades in advance. The infrastructure has been clearly set up over the last 2+ decades to ensure that when Operation Coronavirus went live, all the pieces would be in place to bamboozle and enslave people, forcing them into a place where they would gladly accept or beg for mass vaccination.” – Makia Freeman

Coronavirus: Chile to introduce controversial ‘virus-free’ certificates – BBC

Freedom Advocate Explains How To Say NO If COVID-19 Vaccination Becomes Mandatory – Richard Enos

Can EMF Make Us More Susceptible to Coronavirus Infection? – “I’m not saying 5G spreads the infection or is a vector of infection. But by lowering your natural immune defenses and causing chronic inflammation, it is likely impairing your innate immune system’s ability to fight off the coronavirus. Naturally, this increased susceptibility to illness would apply to all disease, both acute and chronic, and would not be limited to COVID-19. Exaggerated EMF exposure may well be a hidden variable that could be contributing to the reason why so many people get sick in particular areas.” – Dr. Jospeh Mercola

FDA Reportedly Partners With Gilead To “Quickly” Make Remdesivir Widely Available – Tyler Durden

Remember the Hong Kong flu? – “The Hong Kong flu killed 100,000 Americans, was highly infectious, and vaccine development was hampered because the virus kept mutating. The press wasn’t in a frenzy and there were no shutdowns. It was 1968.” – Carol Brown




Will It Take Food Shortages to End Support for the Shutdown? – Jeff Deist

Nearly 9 in 10 fear economy will collapse during coronavirus shutdowns – Madison Dibble

How Coronavirus Shutdowns Are Killing America’s Health Care System – “Doctors on the front lines of the COVID-19 fight really are heroes, but don’t forget about the tens of thousands of ‘backline doctors’ who are equally at risk, physically and financially.” – Hal Scherz

Millions More US Jobless Than Reported – “Based on how it was calculated pre-1990s, Shadowstats economist John Williams has the real US unemployment rate at around 38%, heading higher.” – Stephen Lendman

Chinagate is the New Russiagate – “When the premier empire on the planet starts blaming external enemies for its internal problems, you know it’s almost always an excuse to let your own elites off the hook and further erode civil liberties. While it appears the novel coronavirus covid-19 did in fact come from China, and China tried to discourage other countries from taking decisive action in the early days, our internal political actors blaming China for their own lack of preparation and timely reaction is patently ridiculous.” – Michael Krieger

Trump Orders Meat Packing Plants to Stay Open – “The absurdities of this administration never end. Four Questions OK, Trump can force the plants to stay “open”, but open for what? Can Trump send in qualified workers to run the plants? Can Trump force the existing workers to show up? If not, will Trump show up himself and do the work?” – Mish

Trump to Invoke Defense Production Act: Who Will Be Forced to Work at Meat Plants? – Daisy Luther

US Government Report Concludes Wuhan Lab ‘Most Likely Source’ Of COVID-19 Outbreak – Tyler Durden

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Claims Multiple Labs in China Are Working on Contagious Pathogens – Tim Korso

Donald Trump says the US will bill China MORE than $160BILLION for coronavirus damage as he claims country could have stopped the spread sooner – Leah Simpson and Chris Dyer  – GOOD LUCK GETTING PAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will the US be Sued over COVID-19? Or what have Pentagon’s Biolabs been Up To? – Valery Kulikov

Joe Biden Needs Women – “Joe Biden has been chasing women all his life. The lucky ones were able to run for it. The unlucky ones had to stand up on the stage while he kissed them, sniffed their hair, or groped them in front of their husbands and fathers. And they had to keep quiet so as not to ruin their chances in politics. Shyness has never been one of Joe’s problems. He tracked down his current wife, a college senior, after he saw a modeling photo of her on a bus shelter. He became infamous for swimming nude in front of female secret service agents. But at 77, he has never needed women as much as he does now. 60% of the Democrat electorate is female” – Daniel Greenfield

Grabby Joe Biden’s Achilles Hand – “Tara Reade’s allegations are substantive. So much for the Party of #MeToo” – Rod Dreher

Joe Biden: Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral? -J.B. Shurk

Dossier Author Christopher Steele Had Previously Undisclosed Meetings With Lawyers For DNC, Clinton Campaign – Chuck Ross

Signs From North Korea Only Raise More Questions About Absent Kim Jong Un – “President Donald Trump has said he knows something of the North Korean leader’s condition – but he won’t disclose it.” – Paul D. Shinkman,

America’s enemy is England, not Russia. Historically, Russia has been perhaps America’s main Ally; England remains America’s top enemy, just as during the American Revolution – Eric Zuesse

China’s Global Intimidation Campaign – “The European Union Self-Censors to Appease China” – Soeren Kern

Normal Is Never Coming Back – Americans Must Remember Who The Tyrannical Dictators In America Were During The COVID-19 Pandemic – Susan Duclos


Pension Crisis is a $5 Trillion Unsustainable Scam (VIDEO) with Alex Newman – Greg Hunter

COVID-19 Is Teaching Us Decentralization Is Needed More Now Than Ever – José Niño




With Superfluous Demand in Free-Fall, What’s the Upside of Re-Opening a Small Business? – “The mainstream view assumes everyone will be gripped by an absolutely rabid desire to return to their pre-pandemic frenzy of borrowing and spending and consuming, the more the better.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Renewed Calls to Dethrone the Dollar – “With the Federal Reserve running the dollar printing press at full speed and the US government expanding the national debt into the stratosphere, there are renewed calls for a currency to replace the dollar as the world reserve. This week, Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) President Wang Zhenying called for a new super-sovereign currency to replace the greenback.” – Peter Schiff

Golden Vaccines and Dow to Gold Ratio – “A vaccine for COVID-19 will be immensely profitable for “Big Pharma” so it will become available. But a vaccine to counter the disease of central banking is available now! We call it GOLD!” – Gary Christenson

“The COMEX is Failing” (VIDEO) with Dave Kranzler – Arcadia Economics

Gold Buyers Are Forking Over Lofty $135 Premiums for U.S. Coins -Justina Vasquez

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.04EUR




Isaiah 42:20  Seeing many things, but thou observest not; opening the ears, but he heareth not.



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