A message about suicide to the pod people wearing masks – “OK, let’s dive in. Desperate times call for surreal measures. In today’s episode of damn the torpedoes, apocalyptic fakery, and I’ll take the Fauci special on rye with extra ham and cheesy case numbers… —The pod people think rebels against the system are dangerous. That’s what robots always think. They’re hooked up to the system. They suck energy from it. They give everything they have to it. For them, this is life.” – Jon Rappoport

Face Masks Make Sense — As a Symbol of Publicly Visible Obedience – “Under the threat of punishment, people should be forced to signal to their fellow citizens that they willingly submit” – Paul Schreyer

We Must Wear Face Masks? Show Me the Science Behind That! – “It should be well known that cloth masks, bandanas, or handkerchiefs will do very little to stop the spread of coronavirus. In fact, they may actually increase your risk of becoming ill from corona and other influenza-like illnesses. A 2015 study found cloth masks, when compared to surgical masks, increase the rate of influenza-like illnesses 13x! (1) Cloth masks are probably best avoided and should not be reused without properly sanitizing them. Regular surgical masks are not much better in this situation. The COVID-19 virus is 0.125 µm in size. Surgical masks have been shown to not adequately filter against aerosols measuring from 0.9-3.1 µm. (2) Other researchers have shown that particles from 0.04-0.2 µm can penetrate surgical masks” – Dr. David Brownstein

McCaughey: Homemade Masks Only 2 Percent Effective – Eric Mack

A “Second Wave” Is Coming . . . And They’re Going To Blame It On YOU (VIDEO) – James Corbett

Here’s the NWO Scheme to Enforce Mandatory Vaccinations – “NWO Globalists Put the Staged Panic on Super-Steroids with Latest False Scare. Big Pharma and WHO Scientists have conspired to declare that no natural immunity is occurring from COVID-19 infections. They are deceitfully pointing to multiple re-infections to prove their case. What they willfully neglect to state is the extent to which 5G (and 4G), annual flu vaccines and chemtrails are being used to trigger corona- virus re-infections.” – State of the Nation

Ex-Russian Intel Officer Exposes Coronavirus Depopulation Agenda – Makia Freeman

‘60,000 Cancer Patients Could Die Because of Lack of Treatment or Diagnosis’ — UK Oncologist on Coronavirus – “We are sleepwalking in to a massive crisis and cancer patients will die unnecessarily if we don’t act now” – ITV

CDC recommends social distancing for pets after some test positive for coronavirus – Rebecca Klar  – GETTING MORE AND MORE ABSURD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

California Doctors Go on Ingraham Angle, Challenge Official COVID Policy — YOUTUBE THEN TAKES DOWN THEIR VIDEOS! – “They did not pass official WHO policy. ” – Jim Hoft  – VIDEO PREVIOUSLY LINKED WHEN IT FIRST CAME OUT, BEFORE THE GOOGLE (YOU TUBE) SENSORS GOT TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What We Give Up When We Compliantly Lockdown – “A Treatise On Choosing To Be Free” – Bill Sardi

[Part 1] What’s After Flattening The Curve – Bill White

MIT Tech Review Smears Study Proving Covid-19 Was Overhyped – “Their articles reflect an eager embracement of the public hysteria prompted by Covid-19’s spread, the socioeconomic paralysis it has created, and the many profitable solutions – particularly those involving technology – proposed to “shape” the world post-Covid-19. Instead of acknowledging the work of Stanford University as an important advancement in our understanding of Covid-19 and a check against public hysteria – MIT Tech Review peppered their article with oblique smears against the team who carried out the study. ” – Tony Cartalucci

Worried about Trump saying something about injecting disinfectants? You do the same thing every time you get a flu shot with mercury (thimerosal) in it – S.D. Wells




The Great Conundrum – “Open up is code, of course, for return to normal. You’re kidding, right? Where I live, the future happened ten years ago. Main Street is nothing but consignment shops, that is, old stuff people got rid of, mostly for good reasons. The one thing you can’t get there is food, unless there’s a bowl of mints next to the cash register. Oh, and the Kmart in town shuttered exactly a year ago, so the supply of new-stuff-waiting-to-be-old-stuff has been cut off, too. Welcome to America, the next chapter. The public is understandably frantic to bust out of their quarantine bunkers. Seven weeks of jigsaw puzzles bears an interesting resemblance to the old Chinese water torture. (Can you even say that? There, I said it for you.) What will they find as they emerge blinking from the doleful demi-life of the sequester? It’s liable to be a society in which just about everything no longer works the way it was set up to work.” – James Howard Kunstler

This is a power grab we haven’t seen since 9/11 – Simon Black

If We Lose Our Focus on Coronavirus It Might Bite Us Again – “The discussion of coronavirus has taken some sharp turns. One such turn is the claim that the mortality rate is not high enough to justify shutdowns. But the mortality rate is not the reason for the shutdowns. Reactions to the virus have shown how weak is our sense of social responsibility. Big Pharma and Bill Gates want to use the virus to advance their agenda of vaccination. Police agencies want to use the virus for more control. Libertarians complaining of the infringements on their freedom of movement show an inadequate sense of social responsibility when they insist they shouldn’t be limited as the virus only kills old people. Youth are only interested in their recreational activities.” – Paul Craig Roberts  – SOME GOOD POINTS FROM DR ROBERTS!!!

This Is a Time of Massive Change and the Direction We’re Going Is Not Good – Selco


Bill Gates Says His Foundation Is Abandoning Other Initiatives To ‘Focus 100%’ On Coronavirus – Tyler Durden  – BILL KNOWS THAT HIS VACCINE INITIATIVE IS WHERE THE MONEY AND CONTROL IS AT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blind to Science, Bleach Doctor Trump Pushes Crazy China Conspiracy – Finian Cunningham

Biden’s sexual assault problem gets worse, and he seems more senile than ever – Andrea Widburg

Huh What? Joe Biden Says We Need More ‘Economic Intercourse’ With the World – Nick Arama

“Shut The Door”: Speaker Pelosi Changes Position On Trump Travel Ban Once Called Racist – Jonathan Turley

Politico Quietly Admits Their ‘Trump Owes China Millions’ Article Was Fake News With Midnight Correction – Tyler Durden

Schiff Blocks Release Of Declassified Russia Probe Transcripts, Keeping Americans In The Dark – Sara Carter

Up for a New Cold War — With China? – Patrick J. Buchanan

What’s Going on with Kim Jong-un? – “And even if we were to assume the worst, in 2011, for instance, the announcement about the death of the North Korean leader was made on December 19, two days after he had passed away. And since such a period of time has already elapsed, and there has been no confirmation of him being in a coma other than an anonymous source, we can assume the story is a hoax.” – Konstantin Asmolov

Survival and sustainability: How Canadian ‘preppers’ are encouraging self-sustenance amidst COVID-19 – “When Canada went into lockdown for the coronavirus pandemic, one group of people was already ready. Meet the ‘preppers'” – Kaitlin Sarah Secord

Self-Sufficiency 101: Get To Know Your Local Economy – Erica Nygaard




Are You Ready For The Great Depression Of The 2020s? -Michael Snyder

The Crash Has Only Just Begun – “Everything, including a rational, connected-to-reality, effective financial system, is on back-order and unlikely to ship any time soon.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Third Major Transfer From the Middle Class to the Wealthy – “The Fed is robbing the middle class once again. For the third time in 20 years, the Fed has targeted the middle class for the benefit of the wealthy. Don’t believe Fed lies. Its bailout of risky debt including junk bonds helps investors, not employees. Once again, the Fed Punishes Prudence.” – Mish

Gold Is Set to Crash? No Way! – “An article published by CCN offers three reasons gold could “crash to earth” in the coming months – none of them particularly compelling.” – Peter Schiff

Physical Gold Premiums Soar To Highest Since Crimean Conflict As Congressman Questions COMEX – “The gold market remains chaotic with physical (geographical) shortages, increasing physical demand, paper squeezes, retail interest soaring, and now congressmen raising concerns with regulators.” – Tyler Durden

The Fed can’t print silver – Ahead of the Herd

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.34EUR




Ephesians 4:25  Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbour: for we are members one of another.