The Crisis Won’t Stop Until The Globalists Are Removed From Power – “The downplaying of the economic danger in particular, the lies all over the web about N95 masks not working, the claims that buying food and supplies is “panic behavior” akin to hoarding, a few months ago everything seemed designed to convince the public to NOT prepare for this event. And it was not just China and the WHO behind it; it was also our own government, the White House and the mainstream media.” – Brandon Smith  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM BRANDON, AS USUAL!!!

The British Corona middle man, seen and yet not observed – “He’s Neil Ferguson: the ghost in the machine. Why do governments salute when he predicts a pandemic and tells them to lock down their countries? Does anyone care about his past? Why does he still have a prestigious job? Who is he connected to?” – Jon Rappoport   – GOOD RESEARCH FROM JON. AND AS USUAL, MR GATES HAS CONNECTIONS!!!!!

Nobel Prize winner who discovered HIV says coronavirus was definitely released from Wuhan lab, contains HIV DNA – Ethan Huff

Operation Coronavirus Next Phases: Resurgence Predictions and Bioterror Attack? – “Now that the New World Order (NWO) manipulators have worked so hard to get everyone isolated and shut up in their homes, many people are naturally wondering: what’s next? Many people have woken up to the fact that the governmental reaction is far worse than the original problem. The NWO manipulators, of course, want to milk this crisis for all it’s worth, which may explain why the MSM has been flooding mass consciousness with the predictive programming of a resurgence – a second wave, a third wave, and so on.” – Makia Freeman

Attempt To Allay Covid-19 Fears Results In Claims Of Promoting Conspiracy Theories, Proffering “Bulls_ _T” And Political – “Some Americans don’t want to hear that their country is lying to them. To some Americans, this wreaks of proffering conspiracy theories or political bias, or just plain “bull_ _t” said one antagonist.” – Bill Sardi

It’s No Coincidence That COVID-19 First Popped Up in Wuhan, But Not in the Way You Think – “Pulmonary patients are studied more closely in Wuhan than almost anywhere else in the world” – Marko Marjanović

Vitamin C For COVID-19: Critical Care Medicine Hospital Chief In Wuhan Provides Updates – Arjun Walia

Coronavirus: patterns of illness and death mainly mirror what was already happening before the pandemic – Marie McIntyre, Grace Thaxton, Helen Clough, John Harris and Jonathan Rushton

WHO lauds lockdown-ignoring Sweden as a ‘model’ for countries going forward – Jackie Salo   – INTERESTING. WHY THE CHANGE OF HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tests in recovered patients found false positives, not reinfections, experts say – “South Korea’s infectious disease experts said Thursday that dead virus fragments were the likely cause of over 260 people here testing positive again for the novel coronavirus days and even weeks after marking full recoveries. “The tests detected the ribonucleic acid of the dead virus,” said Oh, a Seoul National University hospital doctor, at a press conference Thursday held at the National Medical Center. He went on to explain that in PCR tests, or polymerase chain reaction tests, used for COVID-19 diagnosis, genetic materials of the virus amplify during testing, whether it is from a live virus or just from fragments of dead virus cells that can take months to clear from recovered patients.” – Kim Bo-gyung  – THERE YOU HAVE IT; THE PCR TESTS JUST AREN’T RELIABLE ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After lockdown, a world of masks – “Obligatory nationwide Over 50 countries now require people to cover their faces when they leave home, especially on public transport and in shops.” – Medical Xpress





‘The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave’ – “Once the virus arrived here — like a tidal wave — the government’s response has been to treat the freedoms for which brave men and women have fought and died as if they are not the inalienable personal rights Madison and Thomas Jefferson and all the founders and framers and the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution called them but rather privileges subject to government permission slips.” – Andrew P. Napolitano  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JUDGE NAPOLITANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

America the Victim: Are Enemies Lining Up for Revenge in the Wake of the Coronavirus? – “So, the administration is desperate to change the narrative and has decided to hit on the old expedient, namely seeking out a foreign enemy to distract from what is going on in the nation’s hospitals. The tale of malevolent foreigners has been picked up by a number of mainstream media outlets and has proven especially titillating because there is not just one bad guy, but instead at least four: China, Russia, North Korea and Iran.” – Philip Giraldi

The Covid-19 Crisis as an Insight into a Wider Agenda – “The United States clearly sees China as a greater threat to its earlier (and rapidly declining) hegemony and is prepared to use any weapon at its disposal to counter the crumbling of its earlier predominance. Whether or not the United States is in fact the origin of the present pandemic is in a sense a secondary question. There is no doubt that it has sought to capitalise on the outbreak to denigrate its major economic and political challenger. The question is: how far will an increasingly desperate and declining United States go in an attempt to recapture its previous predominance.” – James ONeill

Zzzzzzzz: You still asleep? You Better Wake Up FAST: Here’s Why (VIDEO) – Jeff Berwick

Suddenly, It’s a National Emergency to Have More Immigrants – “It’s Immigrants Who Pack Your Meat” – Mish

Washington State Almost Released A Serial Killer Due To COVID-19 – Tom Knighton  – RELEASE THE PRISONERS SO THEY DON’T GET SICK, BUT YOU HAD BETTER STAY AT HOME. SOMETHING’S NOT QUITE RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top Female Democrats Calling Biden Accuser A Liar – “The selective moral compass strikes again…” – Tyler Durden

The Way Liberals Smear Tara Reade Is Everything Rape Survivors Fear – “I have never been in the “always believe all women” camp; it’s a narrative that’s too easy to manipulate once you get enough people believing it. But at this point there are basically only two possibilities: either (A) Tara Reade was going around lying to her closest confidants in the 1990s with the very long-term goal of one day thwarting Biden’s third presidential bid decades later, or (B) a powerful man sexually assaulted a woman. One of these, in my opinion, is a lot more probable than the other.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is Joe Biden’s TV Blackout Balloon Bursting? – “From Tara Reade’s allegations to questions regarding cognitive decline, TV newsrooms are struggling to stay silent on the big Biden stories.” – Leesa K. Donner

As Biden struggles, Hillary waits for the call – Liz Peek  – WASN’T THAT THE PLAN ALL ALONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steele reveals he believes Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice knew about his anti-Trump research – “Rice denies former British spy’s account, which comes in a novel litigation by three Russian businessman suing over Britain’s data laws” – John Solomon

New Docs in Flynn Case Open Door to Prosecute Criminal Russiagate Coup Plotters (VIDEO) – Harley Schlanger

Russian Prime Minister Mishustin tests positive for coronavirus as national total tops 100,000 cases – RT

A Protest from France – “The extraordinary claim is that wartime measures such as confinement and shutdowns of commercial activity are justified by the objective of “saving lives” that are at risk because of the burgeoning coronavirus pandemic. Over here in Europe, we have heard American presidents use such expressions since the 1960s, as in “the war on poverty” or the “war on drugs” or “the war on terrorism” or more recently “the war on climate change.” ” – Jörg Guido Hülsmann

SMALL FARMS, ALREADY STRESSED AND UNDERFUNDED, STRUGGLE FOR FEDERAL CORONAVIRUS RELIEF – “BEFORE CORONAVIRUS HIT, farmers in the U.S. were already hurting from years of falling food prices, severe weather, and, more recently, President Donald Trump’s trade war. Now, with the global pandemic closing factories and restaurants and disrupting supply chains, already stressed farms are grappling with lower demand and fewer markets to sell in, as well as a presidential administration that favors relief for big businesses over small” – Rachel M. Cohen

The Fuel Shortage in Venezuela Will Lead to Starvation – “No gasoline means no crops. No crops means no food. People in Venezuela will die by the thousands unless extreme measures are taken.” – J.G. Martinez D.

Study: Common Core Behind Historic Drop In Student Scores – “Common Core State Standards curriculum were created and owned by two private non-profit organizations, both of which were heavily funded and influenced by Bill Gates of vaccine fame. CCSS has failed miserably and an entire generation has been mentally crippled. – Patrick Wood” – PIONEER INSTITUTE

Google Is Pulling Off A Massive Data Heist During The Coronavirus Pandemic – Rachel Bovard

The Pandemic Is Deepening America’s Many Divides – “And so we’ve reached the precarious state of disunion in which the only thing the warring elites can agree upon is that the Federal Reserve should rescue their private wealth, regardless of cost or consequences.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Covid Prepper’s Man Cave? Yes! – “How to Create the Ultimate Covid Prepper’s Man Cave” – Ali Ball

Liquor for Preppers: Which liquors are best to stockpile for preparedness? – Robert Richardson  – IT’S NOT ALL FOR JUST DRINKING. SEVERAL USES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Week 6 of the Collapse of the U.S. Labor Market – “Gut-wrenching 30.3 Million Initial Unemployment Claims in six weeks. Florida ascends to Number One as it tries to catch up.” – Wolf Richter

True Number of Americans Run Out of Work by Virus Maoists Could Be 10 Million Higher at 36 Million – “Millions lost work but were locked out of unemployment system or did not apply a survey finds” – Andy Sullivan

Here’s What the Government Should Really Do in the Greater Depression – Doug Casey  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM DOUG!!!!!

They’re All High on Fed Fairy Dust – Michael Maharrey

Fed’s Powell Tells Reporters Fed Has Only “Lending Powers” – So How Does It Own $5.5 Trillion of Securities? – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Shanghai gold boss wants super-sovereign currency for post-crisis times – Reuters

War on Cash Kicking Into Overdrive – Jim Rickards

Silver hasn’t been this cheap in 5,000 years of human history – Simon Black  – THAT’S IF YOU CAN GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beef Shortages, Price Goes Up…Gold & Silver Shortages, Price Goes Down: Seems Legit… – “Price discovery at its finest! Soon to be “gouging” for the former, and just a good old-fashioned woodshed beating for spite for the latter…” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Silver Demand vs Gold Demand. (VIDEO) With Chris Vermeulen – talkdigitalnetwork

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.73EUR




Proverbs 10:18  He that hideth hatred with lying lips, and he that uttereth a slander, is a fool.