Trump and Juncker Supposedly Agree to Trade Deal: Lies All Around – Mish

Trump vs. The Fed: America Sacrificed At The NWO Altar – ” In order to understand what is happening and why, we must cast off the lie that America is a golden goose that perpetually supports the globalist agenda. Rather, America is more like a host to the globalist parasites, and once the host is drained of all vitality, the parasites will leave and move on to bigger and better targets.” – Brandon Smith  – GREAT ARTICLE FROM BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘Vladimir the Terrible’ US Deep State Desperately Needs a Russian Villain to Cover Its Tracks – Robert Bridge

Suddenly, both the courts and the government are protecting 2nd amendment rights for all Americans – Ken Schortgen

600 Migrants Armed With “Flamethrowers And Feces” Break Through Spanish Border In Morocco – Tyler Durden

“As Goes Africa, So Goes Humanity” – Harley Schlanger

Pompeo on Russia – “Washington is infested with congressional and administration Russophobes, Pompeo key among them. In his first address as secretary of state, he lied saying “Russia threatens allies and partners both militarily, as seen through its invasions of Georgia in 2008 and Ukraine in 2014, and through an aggressive campaign to undermine western democratic institutions.” Truth is polar opposite his above Big Lies and numerous others!” – Stephen Lendman

Pompeo Testifies, Affirms No Crimea Recognition, Neocon Senators Push Sanctions on Russian Sovereign Debt – James the Russian Analyst

The Putin-Trump Helsinki Summit – “The action is in the reaction” – The SAKER

11 Million Reasons for Wall Street & London to Hate Russia – Caleb Maupin

Civility Starts At The White House – ” CNN can suck it and the stupidity of their complaint, along with all other so-called “reporters” who back it, ought to lead to all of those involved having their press credentials revoked. A journalist that cannot practice ordinary decorum in the conduct of their job has no right to ask for privileges.” – Karl Denninger

Washington Post-CIA connections: back to basics – “the Washington Post accepts what its business partner, the CIA, is saying at face value and then leads the charge to blame Russia for handing the election to Trump. The Post doubles down and absurdly accuses numerous sites and blogs of being a) “fake” and b) conscious or unconscious dupes of the Russian government. A nice neat package. Who exactly is the fake news outlet?” – Jon Rappoport  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM JON, FOLLOW THE CONNECTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Gray Lady Thinks Twice About Assange’s Prosecution – “Well, lordy be. A lawyer for The New York Times has figured out that prosecuting WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange might gore the ox of The Gray Lady herself.” – Ray McGovern

Amid Racist Land Grabs, Obama Praises South African Strongman – “Obama claimed the radical left-wing strongman, who is right now leading the charge to steal land from minority farmers without compensation, was “inspiring new hope in this great country.” In reality, critics say he is driving it over the edge of a cliff.” – Alex Newman

Rep. Waters: Dem party ‘not a socialist party’ – “It depends on how you define “socialism.” ” – Rick Moran

US Intelligence Community as a Collapse Driver – “The objective of US intelligence is to suck all remaining wealth out of the US and its allies and pocket as much of it as possible while pretending to defend it from phantom aggressors by squandering nonexistent (borrowed) financial resources on ineffective and overpriced military operations and weapons systems.” – Dimitri Orlov

Is the NSA still SPYING on American citizens? New IG report warns of ‘increased RISK’ to civil liberties – J.D. Heyes

The Bailout Bandaid – Tariffs Work But What Is The Solution For American Farmers? – “Despite the tense nature of American politics in 2018, there are a number of issues both Republicans and Democrats can agree on. Namely, support for Israel, police state measures, and foreign wars. But, recently, another issue of mutual agreement has popped up in the news – the issue of tariffs.” – Brandon Turbeville

More and More of What We Do Depends on Government Permission – J.D. Tuccille

China Exposes the Recycling Scam’s Dirty Secret – “The huge dirty secret of recycling was also one of the world’s worst polluters.” – Daniel Greenfield

The Big Social Media Companies Are Being Used As A Weapon To Advance The Agenda Of The New World Order – Michael Snyder

The Myth of Fed Independence – “It is little known, however, that there is a federal agency that tops the others in secrecy by a country mile. The Federal Reserve System is accountable to no one” – Murray N. Rothbard  – LONG. BUT VERY GOOD!!!!!

The ‘Big One’? Anomalies Discovered Under The Cascadia Fault Line – Mac Slavo

ROCK THE COAST Cluster of 11 earthquakes off California sparks fears ‘the Big One’ could hit at anytime devastating western USA – Erica Doyle Higgins

How Consumer Rights Are Denied While Oppressive Vested Interests Legislation Gets Passed – Catherine J. Frompovich

CBS News Admits, 5G Is Already Causing Staggering Health Problems: ‘A Health Calamity Unlike Anything America Has Ever Seen Before Is Waiting And Could Happen Fast’ – “‘Microwave Bath’ Sure To Cause Cancer Nationwide Can Be Nothing Less Than Intentional” – Stefan Stanford

The Telecom Industry Has Never Said That Cell Phones are Safe. Will U.S. Gov’t Agencies and Elected Officials Ever Start Protecting the Public From “Big Wireless”? – B.N. Frank

Evidence is UNDENIABLE: Smart meters cause massive changes to the heart – Ethan Huff

Oops, Facebook’s Market Cap Plunges by $143 Billion – Wolf Richter

Facebook Insiders Have Sold $4 Billion of Shares Since Scandal – “Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg accounted for 85 percent of the total” – Brandon Kochkodin and Tom Metcalf

3 Things Happening RIGHT NOW That Could Wreak Havoc on the Economy – Daisy Luther

Deep State Takedown: 100% Proof Of the Agency, Who They Are And Their Link To Media… (VIDEO) – Lisa Haven

The Swamp vs. Alternative Currencies – Stefan Gleason

Artificial intelligence begins diagnosing patients in Eastern Iowa – The Gazette

Emergency Water Storage, Containers, and Purification for Preppers – M.D. Creekmore

5 Steps to Start a Homemade Cheese-Making Routine – MorningChores

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.54EUR




Zechariah 7:11    But they refused to hearken, and pulled away the shoulder, and stopped their ears, that they should not hear.