Trump Accuses Cohen Of Lying: “I Did NOT Know Of The Meeting” – Tyler Durden

John Brennan’s Security Clearance Is a Danger – Rand Paul

Putin says he’s ‘ready to go to Washington’ and invites Trump to MOSCOW in latest volley over a second high-stakes summit – Geoff Earle

Trump strives to keep his promises, it’s his ‘great’ advantage – Putin – RT

The Treasonous Democratic Party – “No one has ever done America more harm than John Brennan, James Comey, James Clapper, Rod Rosenstein, and the corrput Obama FBI cabal that orchestrated “Russiagate.” ” – Paul Craig Roberts

America a Nation in Decline – “The cutting-edge issue of our time is whether humanity can survive America’s rage for global dominance while failing to acknowledge its declining supremacy relative to other nations. Russia, China, and other nations are rising, America declining politically, economically and militarily.” – Stephen Lendman

Humanity Is Deciding If It Will Evolve Or Die – Caitlin Johnstone

Nuking Sounds Fun When You’re High as a Kite – Martin Berger

Russia Has a Vibrant Civil Society Independent of Putin but Westerners Can’t Wrap Their Mind Around the Idea – “Because the Russian civil society movements don’t stand for things which are trendy in the decadent West” – Anatoly Karlin

The most important thing people missed from yesterday’s trade agreement with the EU is that Trump’s end goal is elimination of all tariffs – Ken Schortgen

Tariffs, Barriers and Subsidies – “I’m far from a Trumponado, I can see his point(s). I find it much harder to see what earlier US administrations were thinking when they agreed to all this stuff. And sure, his approach is brusque and perhaps brutal, but the country he’s, for better or for worse, president of, does seem to have gotten the short end of an very extensive array of sticks.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

11 House Members File Impeachment Articles Against Rosenstein – 11 House Members File Impeachment Articles Against Rosenstein

Corrupt Sessions & Ryan Defend & Shutdown Impeachment of Rod Rosenstein – Tim Brown

Cohen Tapes More Fake News, FISA Lies and Clapper Blames Obama (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Liberal enclaves embrace noncitizen voting: ‘I think this is another good step forward’ – “Forget the Russian government — foreign nationals are increasingly gaining the ability to influence American elections more directly. They’re being granted the right to vote.” – Stephen Dinan

America’s Allies Against Russia & Iran – “Main U.S. allies are Saudi Arabia, UAE, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Israel, & Nazis” – Eric Zuesse

Why Neocons Hate Russia Even More Than They Hate Any Other Nation – Eric Zuesse  – TWO GOOD ARTICLES FROM ERIC!!!!!

Trump’s All Cap Iran Tweet: Precursor to War? – “The moment president Donald Trump invited the neocon John Bolton to run his foreign policy it was obvious Iran would fall between the crosshairs. Bolton has advocated killing Iranians since his days as US ambassador (unconfirmed) to the UN.” – Kurt Nimmo

The Blue Dawn Will Precede the Red Dawn Invasion of the United States: Trump and Putin Are Both In Danger – Dave Hodges

Trump, Banks, and the Endgame of Gold (VIDEO) with Rob Kirby – Reluctant Preppers

Centrism is Dead (And It Never Really Existed) – “Populism isn’t a response to mythical centrism, it’s a response to robber baron looting. An American pastime aided, abetted and institutionalized by “moderate” Republicans and Democrats for decades.” – Michael Krieger – GREAT ARTICLE FROM MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These American states are drowning in ‘irretrievable’ debt – Megan Henney

Russia’s gold accumulation signals their belief that a global currency reset is not only inevitable, but also near – Ken Schortgen

Could China Be Secretly Building Up Its Gold Reserves? – Peter Schiff  – BOTH RUSSIA AND CHINA KNOW WHAT IS COMING AND ARE PREPARING ACCORDINGLY. ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No one has ever lost this much money in all of human history – “Stocks in particular have been rising for years, led primarily by the most popular “FAANG” tech companies– Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. These companies have been pushed to absurd limits.” – Simon Black

Why I Am Prepared and Why YOU Should Too – Ray Gano  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM RAY!!!!

Shocked Farmer Warns: ‘Nobody’s Prepared For This’ – More Evidence SHTF Can Happen Real Fast – “A Refresher Course On Socialism: Are They Planning On Starving Us Into Submission?” – Stefan Stanford

Bugging-In: A Safer And More Practical Alternative To Bugging-Out – Rich M

Why is the CDC spreading false fear about backyard chickens? – Isabelle Z.

Government Aims to Dictate Your Vitamin Dosages – “At the request of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) recently convened a workshop to “assess methodological approaches that could be applied uniformly across countries in setting nutrient intake recommendations,” ” – ANH-USA  – MORE BILL GATES MEDDLING, DOES BILL GATES NEED TO CONTROL WHAT YOU DO. OBVIOUSLY HE THINKS SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why a Concealed Carry 22 Probably Isn’t a Good Idea – Sam Hoober

Prepping Tools & Skills List – Jerry D Young

The Philosophy on Bartering Post-Crisis – Bob Rodgers

Deutsche Bank Continues To FAIL! – A Domino Effect To A MASSIVE Bank CRASH! (VIDEO) – World Alternative Media

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.63EUR




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