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It’s Been Over a Year Since MSNBC Has Mentioned US War in Yemen – “For a bit more context, in the time period of July 3, 2017, to July 3, 2018, MSNBC dedicated zero segments to the US’s war in Yemen, but 455 segments to Stormy Daniels.” – Adam Johnson

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Reflections on Media Gone Russia-Wild – “Browder’s deceptive public relations campaign against Putin became a critical development in the deterioration of U.S.-Russian relations and the crystallization of the full-on New Cold War. In the wacky aftermath of the Trump-Putin Helsinki summit debacle last week, Browder is back on the guest roster of a U.S. cable news establishment that has gone Russia wild. Last Wednesday night for just one example, MSNBC’s Russia-crazed ratings star Rachel Maddow” – Paul Street

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Second Amendment WIN: Feds declares AR-15s are not “weapons of war” as anti-gun Left frequently claim – “According to the settlement, the government will amend existing regulations so that it no longer considers semi-automatic rifles below .50 caliber as “weapons of war.” ” – J.D. Heyes

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Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.26EUR




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