Dow tumbles more than 300 points, wiping out gain for year, as Trump directs more tariffs at China – Alexandra Gibbs

Trump Further Escalates Trade War with China – “Things are getting serious. Tit-for-tat tariff announcements assure losers, not winners, if implemented and stick.” – Stephen Lendman

Who Is Buying US Treasuries? – “But as the trade war between the US and China continues to intensify, China could use its holdings of US debt as a weapon. The Chinese can’t out-tariff Trump. The US imports far more products than the Chinese. But China does have an ace up its sleeve.” – Peter Schiff

India Joins the Tariff War: The Party is Just Starting! – Mish

Will Trump Destroy the World for His Statue? _ Phil Butler

Will the Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up? – “Who is he and what does he want to do?” – Philip Giraldi

Why America’s Trade War With China Will Be Absolutely Crippling For The U.S. Economy – Michael Snyder


Inspector General Report: FBI & Media — Leakers & Liars Galore – William F. Jasper

The Pattern of the IG Report Is Identical to Comey’s Clinton Investigation – “First they excoriate but then they exonerate. When it comes the pattern of cover up of the Clinton FBI Email Investigation or the IG Report, the same exact strategy is employed. The crimes are clearly presented, however, no charges are ever recommended. ” – The Common Sense Show

The IG Report: They’re Guilty, but It’s Okay – “The IG report is really Comey 2.0. Comey spent a long time describing how Hillary had broken the law but then concluded that it was okay. Similarly, the IG report lists example after example of political bias but declares that it had no impact on the Hillary email whitewash.” – Tom Trinko

The Myths We Tell Ourselves – “we as citizens remain far too naive and trusting for our own good. If nothing else, the recent Justice Department Inspector General’s (IG) report on the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server should underscore the point” – Michael Krieger

Failed States, Part 1: Hopeless European Millennials And The Populist Takeover – John Rubino

Socialism exposed: thick lipstick on a global pig – “It is just another form of top-down tyranny—as old as the hills.” – Jon Rappoport   – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JON!!!!!!!!

Russia Unveils Soldier Of The Future Equipped With “Predator” Gun And Electrified Shield – Tyler Durden

All Connections, Scams, Corruption, It’s All About To Explode (VIDEO) – X22 Report

Outrage – “Yes, you have every right to be outraged at the disgraceful treatment of children on America’s borders. But that does not give you the right to NOT be outraged by what America has done and is today still doing to children in, just to name a few places, Syria, Libya and Yemen. Be outraged, but don’t make it an echo chamber issue. Because if you do, you, too, are in a cage. So if you see the wives of former presidents speak out about the child separation policies, ask yourself where they get the moral authority to speak out on such issues, after their husbands have bombed the crap out of many countries, killing many many children in the process. And don’t let’s get started about Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM RAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What Pisses Me Off About The Migrant Children Scandal (VIDEO) – Stefan Molyneux

Is NATO Pushing Russia Towards Retaliation? – “The United States and its NATO allies continue to find ways to antagonize Russia.” – Ted Galen Carpenter

These Stories Prove It’s Well Past Time To Get America Out Of The United Nations And Put A Dagger In Their Satanic Agenda – Stefan Stanford

Trump and the invasion of the West – “Where many Americans see illegal intruders, Democrats see future voters” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Government Eyes Are Watching You: We Are All Prisoners of the Surveillance State – “Every move you make is being monitored, mined for data, crunched, and tabulated in order to form a picture of who you are, what makes you tick, and how best to control you when and if it becomes necessary to bring you in line. When the government sees all and knows all and has an abundance of laws to render even the most seemingly upstanding citizen a criminal and lawbreaker, then the old adage that you’ve got nothing to worry about if you’ve got nothing to hide no longer applies.” -John W. Whitehead   – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JOHN!!!!!!

5 Best Home Defense Shotguns For 2018 – Off The Grid News

22 People Shot During a Mass Shooting Sunday, But it Doesn’t Fit the Narrative, So Media is Ignoring It – “At least 22 people were injured in a mass shooting in a state that has notoriously strict gun control laws—and it has quickly disappeared from headlines.” – Rachel Blevins

French Beekeepers Accuse Bayer after Glyphosate Found in Honey – Sustainable Pulse  – SAME OLD MONSANTO, JUST THE NAME HAS CHANGED!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Patience Will Be Handsomely Rewarded by the Next Gold & Silver Surge – “Think of gold and silver ownership as more like an insurance policy than, say, a hot stock tip” – Jeff Clark

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A good flea market can be a prepper’s shopping paradise – Salty

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.43EUR




Proverbs 16:17   The highway of the upright is to depart from evil: he that keepeth his way preserveth his soul.