Migrants Hesitate At Border, Fearing For Their Children – Karla Zabludovsky  – COME IN LEGALLY, THEN YOU WOULD HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why The “Abject Silence” From The Left About Child Migrant Detentions Under Obama? – Tyler Durden

HERE ARE HORRIFYING PHOTOS OF OBAMA’S ILLEGAL ALIEN FACILITIES THE MEDIA REFUSES TO SHOW YOU – “The media and political class become more and more outraged over the Trump administration’s decision to detain and prosecute immigrants illegally crossing the border. Lost in the debate is any acknowledgement that President Obama’s administration also used detention facilities.” – Benny Johnson

What The Hypocritical Media Is Hiding From Americans: Outraged Over Border Crisis But Ignoring The Trafficking, Rape And Murder Of American Children – Susan Duclos

The Fake ‘Child Separation’ Issue Was an Engineered Distraction from the Biggest Scandal in U.S. Political History – State of the Nation

I Remember When America Was A Free Country – Paul Craig Roberts

Christopher Cuomo surpasses Juan Williams in stupidity – “Cuomo ranted the usual Dem-media talking points about the terrible, inhumane Trump. Ms. Conway calmly explained how the law, passed by Congress, operates. It is not that complicated. If one violates the law, then arrest and prosecution follow. She asked Cuomo what the Dem-media proposal is, to which he had no answer. Finally, Cuomo said, why don’t you round up the jaywalkers? They make my life worse than illegal aliens. There you have it. Cuomo believes that jaywalkers are a bigger threat than illegal aliens.” – J. Marsolo

US Liberals Are Clinically Insane and Care Nothing for the American People – Robert Bridge

Is Nancy Pelosi trying to Incite a Rebellion? – Onan Coca

Human Trafficking? Sessions Proposes DNA Tests For Border Migrants – Tyler Durden

Bill Clinton’s ‘love child’ slams the former president for showing compassion for the immigrant children separated from their parents at the border but ‘abandoning his own son’ – Louise Boyle

The Damaging Effects Of 5G Wireless On Your Health – Arjun Walia

For Our Rulers, Smearing A Dissident Journalist Is As Good As Killing Him – “Assange’s side of the story is indeed devastating to the preferred narrative of the US-centralized empire. A journalist (yes, journalist, per definition) who publishes 100 percent authentic documents exposing the inner mechanics of power structures all over the world” – Caitlin Johnstone

Switzerland Welcomes Radicalization – Judith Bergman

NYT Russophobia Rears Its Ugly Head Again -“Like other media scoundrels, the Times never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity to deliver journalism the way it’s supposed to be to readers – especially on geopolitical issues, notably anything on Russia.” – Stephen Lendman

Derangement On Both Sides – “The never Trump folks are utterly insane. Twatter is full of these clowns. Then again, the other side “whatever he does is fine” idiots are out in force too. The US is disengaging from the UN’s alleged “Human Rights” group. May I remind you who is on that committee these days? Decrying the Trump administration for erecting the middle finger to this “group” is now considered “turning out the shining light of America.” Never mind the well-documented rapes that the UN’s so-called “peacekeepers” have committed upon various populations over the years. That fits right in with “human rights”, yes?” – Karl Denninger  – ANOTHER GOOD COMMENTARY FROM KARL!!!!!!!!!!!

Major Changes Can Keep Coming, Trump And Xi Can Solve Both Trade and Immigration – Harley Schlanger

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‘About 60 Organizations’ Are Considering a Lawsuit Against the SPLC Following $3M Nawaz Settlement – “No fewer than 60 organizations branded “hate groups” or otherwise attacked by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) are considering legal action against the left-wing smear factory” – Tyler O’Neil  – THUMBS UP ON THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Global Debt a Parabolic Ponzi Scheme (VIDEO) with Craig Hemke – “the same game that was being played to inspire confidence in the banking system back before the 2008 financial meltdown is happening again. Hemke says, “You can see this today, actually, in the attempt to inspire confidence in Deutsche Bank. You can pull up a chart of Deutsche Bank now, and you can clearly see the heavy hand and the overt support of the Deutsche Bank share price. It is about $11.” – Greg Hunter

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.60EUR




Proverbs 26:5   Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.