GOP will hit FBI, DOJ with ‘full arsenal of constitutional weapons’ if they don’t comply with subpoena, Gowdy warns – Gregg Re

“Can’t Work With That Woman Anymore”: Merkel Handed A Two-Week Ultimatum On Her “D-Day” – Tyler Durden

Et tu, Laura? – “Laura Bush is publicly supporting the Democrats’ BS propaganda effort, hand-wringing over the poor “immigrants” (make that illegal immigrant law-breakers) who are arrested and therefore separated from the children. She wrote a column for the Trump-hating Washington Bezos Post that is getting major attention from all the other Trump-haters” – Thomas Lifson

As Social Security and Medicare Go Bankrupt, US Gives $10.5 Million a DAY to Israel – Rachel Blevins

The Truth About “Family Separation” – ” When do we start building gallows on the front lawn of the network TV folks, along with the politicians that go for this crap? There is no “humanitarian crisis” with separating kids from their parents who enter the country illegally. There are literally hundreds of thousands if not millions of children who are “separated from their parents” because their parents are in jail (or prison.) It’s what happens when you break the law. When you are detained prior to trial you go to jail. Your children, if any, do not get to go with you.” – Karl Denninger   – THIS ARTICLE BY KARL PRETTY MUCH SAYS IT ALL IN A NUTSHELL. GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stop Comparing Immigration Enforcement To The Holocaust – “Every country arrests people. Just about every country splits up families when they arrest the parents. That’s not unique. The attacks here are motivated by a desire for open borders. Children are being used as human shields in a campaign to end national security forever.” – Daniel Greenfield

Russia Just Sold 50% of Its U.S. Treasuries OVERNIGHT! Will They Dump the Rest? (VIDEO) – The Money GPS

Global Stocks, Futures Tumble On Trade War, Merkel Shock; Oil Volatile Ahead Of Meeting – Tyler Durden

It’s Time To Start Getting Enraged At What Western Imperialists Have Done To Syria – “Six hundred thousand Syrians have lost their lives as a result of this regime change intervention, many of those lives ending in the most horrific ways imaginable at the hands of depraved jihadists. It was planned, and the people who planned it have names and addresses. They deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law for what they did. We should all be loudly demanding war crimes tribunals and life imprisonment for these vicious criminals.” – Caitlin Johnstone

CNN Has Become The National Enquirer Of Cable News – Fake News Alert: No ‘He’ Didn’t Give Birth, No ‘He’ Didn’t Breastfeed And NO ‘He’ Is Not A Man – Susan Duclos

A Huge Wave of Inflation Is Going to Engulf the Planet (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

Violence in Nicaragua: US-Orchestrated Coup Attempt? – “The pattern is familiar. Ongoing violence in Nicaragua has the earmarks of another US-staged color revolution attempt. Dirty US imperial hands operate everywhere, sovereign independent states their prime targets, wanting governments not subservient to US interests forcefully toppled, pro-Western puppet regimes replacing them.” – Stephen Lendman

The Atlantic Council’s Evil Disinfo Portal Trying to Snooker the American Public – A Political Junkie

Atlantic Council Lies Dashed “On the Rocks” in Syria – “The Atlantic Council spearheads pro-war propaganda for US-NATO wars around the globe. This includes US-led hybrid warfare against Russia, the subversion and overthrow of the Ukrainian government in 2014 and the subsequent conflict that resulted, as well as America’s interventions in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.” – Tony Cartalucci

Beware Hawaii-FEMA Barges Are the Newest Form of FEMA Camps – Dave Hodges

How Did JPMorgan Reverse an Arrest Warrant for its Mexico Bank Chief? – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

FATHER’S DAY: Bill Clinton ‘son’ calls for ‘dad’ to take paternity test – Kyle Olson

The occult archetype called vaccination – Jon Rappoport

China Preparing For Gold To Reenter The Monetary System Thousands Of Dollars Above The Current Price King World News

Growing Food When Drought And Heat Are Constant Problems – Bob Rodgers

American Medical Association sliding toward support of physician-assisted suicide… here come the death panels – Vicki Batts

Meet The King Of Pedophiles! Why Is Hollywood Defending His Kind? (VIDEO) – Alex Jones

Empire of Mammon: Secret History of the World’s Financial Capital – Dr Kerry Bolton  – LONG, BUT VERY INFORMATIVE!!!!!




Romans 16:17    Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.