Putin: Further Western Strikes in Syria Contrary to Int’l Law Will Lead to Chaos

Russia’s Humanity and Moral Conscience Are Leading to War – Paul Craig Roberts

Global Leaders Condemn Trump’s ‘Scorn for International Law’ As Haley Threatens More Possible Air Strikes – “You can’t combat the alleged violation of international law by violating international law.” – Julia Conley

NATO Trio Bomb Syria With Dubious Bravado – “The strain comes from the fact that the three attacking nations are not the international community. They are acting above the law and have no moral authority – despite their declarations of righteousness” – Finian Cunningham

In Syria strikes, U.S. blurs red line for intervention – Phil Stewart

PLAYING WITH NUCLEAR MATCHES – “Behind President Donald Trump’s bluster and threats over Syria, powerful forces are pushing the US towards war with Russia and Syria: the neocons and the military industrial complex. For a candidate who once proposed a normal relationship with Russia, just peace in the Mideast, and an end to America’s foreign wars. Donald Trump is now hurtling towards a full-scale war with Russia and a new disaster in the Mideast” – Eric Margolis

Serious in Syria: Does WW III-philia Afflict Washington? – Selwyn Duke

An Excessive Emphasis on Theatrics Exposes US Hypocrisy on Syria – Peter Korzun

Trump a Geopolitical Know-Nothing Endangering Humanity – “A geopolitical know-thing, he largely knows rubbish fed him in daily briefings, along with what extremist neocons infesting his administration tell him and Fox News disinformation, his favorite channel – all of the above manipulating his thinking” – Stephen Lendman

General Mattis Continues To Push The Narrative To “Justify” Strikes On Syria – But General Wesley Clark’s 2007 Comments Reveal The Truth – Tim Brown

All Of These Russia Escalations Were Planned Years Ago – “Ordinary Americans rarely thought about Russia prior to 2016. It certainly wasn’t a nation the rank-and-file west was thinking and talking about constantly. This anti-Russia propaganda campaign started in 2016 not because of the 2016 election, but because that was when a Russia hawk was scheduled to replace Barack Obama in office” – Caitlin Johnstone

Attacking Syria: Thumbing Noses at Constitution and Law – Ray McGovern

Independent Swiss Lab Says ‘BZ Toxin’ Used In Skripal Poisoning; US/UK-Produced, Not Russian – “Somebody has some explaining to do… ” – Tyler Durden

Mainstream Media Cuts General’s Mic As He Tells the Truth On Syrian Gas Attack – “When a military general began asking why Syrian President Assad would intentionally attack his own people when the “Civil War” in his country is ending, his interview was abruptly cut short.” – Rachel Blevins

Mounting Evidence Points to a Deep State Coup Has Seized the Presidency – “Although I cannot say the following with 100% certainty, there can be made an excellent case that President Trump has been overthrown and he is operating as a puppet president.” – Dave Hodges

The Deep State Takes A Hostage—Orange Comb-Over And All, Part 3 – David Stockman

Deadly Game Of Cat And Mouse Could Lead To Unexpected Destruction As President Trump Treads Perilous Waters – Stefan Stanford

This How the Russians Protect Their Citizens In War-What Is Your Government Doing for You? (VIDEO) – The Common Sense Show

The Corrupt U.S. Congress Cheers as the War Industry Steals Billions from the People’s Coffers! – “Endless war only helps Wall Street and war profiteers. Everyone else is harmed. The U.S. war industry kills civilians abroad. Period. Everything else is smoke and mirrors.” – Christian Sorensen

Defending Trinitarian Christianity – Bill Heid

The DHS: Acquiring a Core Competency in Tyranny – “I did a web search and quickly found that I’m not the only blogger out there who suspects that this new database has a lot more in common with building a round-up lists and web site-blocking bad boy lists than it does with just creating a super version of CNN Headline News. Congratulations folks; it’s time to give up any pretense that any sort of truly independent media will be allowed to exist in America, ever again.” – James Wesley Rawles  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JAMES!!!!

The NSA Wants a Skeleton Key to Everyone’s Encrypted Data – “Encryption can protect personal data from government intrusion, which means the government wants the key to break it.” – Gavin Hanson

Judge Jeanine – Comey The Liar (VIDEO) – The Still Report

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 14, 2018 (VIDEO) – “Biosphere collapse will push power structures to total desperation.” – Dane Wigington

Google Chrome Caught Scanning Files On People’s Computers – “On top of tracking all the websites you visit and sending it to Google’s servers, Chrome web browser is now scanning all your private files in the interest of “safety.” ” – Chris Menahan – AND I’M SURE IT IS SENT STRAIGHT TO THE NSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


8 Ways To Catch Fish Without Gear – Jim Watson




Obadiah 4   Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle, and though thou set thy nest among the stars, thence will I bring thee down, saith the Lord.



Here comes the eagle
Here comes the bear
And they’re fighting to control
The lion dominion

But the load gonna come tumblin’ down
But the load gonna come tumblin’ down
But the load gonna come tumblin’ down
But the load gonna come tumblin’ down

Here comes synthetic food
And their big time money
And they want to control
Our body and soul

But the load gonna come tumblin’ down
But the load gonna come tumblin’ down
But the load gonna come tumblin’ down
But the load gonna come tumblin’ down

Here comes the maker
To crush the oppressor
Well I bet you didn’t know
It was mind over matter

But the load gonna come tumblin’ down
But the load gonna come tumblin’ down
But the load gonna come tumblin’ down
But the load gonna come tumblin’ down

( Tumblin’ Down by Ziggy Marley and Tyrone Downie )