The new US concept of a “perfect” mission: 32 out of 103 – “I would think that completely destroying a non-existing Syria chemical warfare capability could even be called a “infinite success”.” – The Saker

Russia v. America: Good v. Pure Evil Geopolitically – “The geopolitical record of both countries is clear. The Russian Federation never attacked another country. America wages permanent wars of aggression, targeting all sovereign independent states, wanting them replaced by pro-Western puppet rule. Countless millions of corpses, other casualties, and vast destruction attest to US ruthlessness. America is the greatest human rights abuser on a global scale in world history” – Stephen Lendman

Syria: What Just Happened – Eric Zuesse

Why Do They Tell US Transparent Lies? – “US officials and the presstitutes tell us that the illegal US missile attack on Syria destroyed chemical weapons sites where chlorine and sarin are stored/manufactured. If this were true, would not a lethal cloud have been released that would have taken the lives of far more people than claimed in the alleged Syrian chemical attack on Douma?” – Paul Craig Roberts

‘No release of chemicals is best proof there were none’ – employee of bombed Syrian research site – “An engineer at the now-bombed-out research facility north of Damascus, which the US claims was the heart of Syria’s chemical weapons program, says the labs were making medicine and testing toys for safety.”

The War in Syria was a US Intervention Since “Day 1″ – Tony Cartalucci

What Do We Know About Syria? Next to Nothing – “Anyone accepting “facts” or narratives from any interested party is being played.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Russian MoD Says Syria Shot Down More Than 2/3rds of Anglo-American-French Missiles, Pentagon Insists Not a Single Missile Downed by Damascus Defenders – “Somebody’s Lying: The Sharp Contrast Between U.S. and Russian Accounts of the Strikes on Syria” – James the Russian Analyst

No Indication in the US that the Country is at War Again – “Keeping it normal in the world’s leading rogue nation” – Dave Lindorff

Syria missile strikes: based on what evidence? Based on what constitutional authority? – Jon Rappoport

Nikki Haley Seems To Be Saying US Will Remain In Syria As Long As Iran Exists – “All Haley’s gibberish about terms that need to be met before troop withdrawal were just noises she made to avoid directly admitting what we now know: the people who rule America have no intention of ever letting Syria go. Or Iran, or Russia. The agenda to conquer the world and unite all nations in slavery via contracts, alliances, treaties and trade agreements marches on.” – Caitlin Johnstone

War is Just F**kin’ Wrong – Ron Jacobs

The Real Axis of Evil: CIA/Pentagon/State Department – “It may be helpful to add the Department of Justice since Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch both, not only turned a blind eye to the crimes against humanity committed by the State Department under Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, but also for the targeting of conservative Americans attempting to rise up against the CIA/Pentagon/State Department, which has been responsible for most of the misery in our world since 1963.” – Rory Hall

Trump Accuses Russia, China Of Currency Devaluation: “Not Acceptable” – Tyler Durden

What Hyperinflation in Venezuela Really Looks Like – J.G. Martinez D.

Kabuki Warfare – “When that line of defense here at home cracks, nobody will give a barreling fuck about Russia, or Syria, and the great barge of wishes that Donald Trump sailed in on may finally sink. a Wall Street train wreck will kill any delusions about the USA turning back into the 1955 “Life of Riley” utopia that dreams are made of.” – James Howard Kunstler

Obamacare is now so bad that nearly HALF of all Americans aren’t even going to their doctor — even when they’re sick – JD Heyes

WORLD EDGES CLOSER TO WAR: – “Forget Pullbacks, Silver Price Set To Skyrocket 46X!” – Egon von Greyerz

EDGAR CAYCE MAY HAVE BEEN RIGHT ABOUT RUSSIA’S ROLE IN PREVENTING WORLD WAR III – “Cayce foresaw that future world crises would hinge on finance, and he pointed to Russia as being the thorn in the side of the financial powers that were organizing themselves against the good of humanity in a post WWII world.” – Dylan Charles

One False Flag Away From TEOTWAWKI, Is Covert Underground WW3 Preparation Now Taking Place? – “As Putin Warns Of ‘Global Chaos’, Mysterious Underground Booms Return To America” – Stefan Stanford

“They Know What’s Going To Happen” Governments And Big Banks Are Stockpiling Gold Ahead Of Massive Economic Collapse – Mac Slavo

Goldman Sachs Analyst: Curing Patients Not a Sustainable Medical Business Model – “One of the most reviled companies in the United States recently gave Americans yet another reason to distrust their power” – Carey Wedler

Here’s How The US Government Influences What Food You Eat – “Few Americans are aware of the extent to which the US government influences not just the price of their food – thanks to the massive subsidies the US Department of Agriculture disburses to America’s farmers – but also the contents of menus at restaurants and fast food chains.” – Tyler Durden

Founder of One of the Largest Children’s Charities in the World, Arrested for Pedophilia – “A United Nations adviser and the founder of Street Kids International was arrested on suspicion of pedophilia after he was caught with two young children during a police raid.” – John Vibes

Humans will be genetically modified for the first time in Europe as scientists get the go-ahead to use DNA-splicing therapy to treat blood disorder – Charlotte Dean

The Old Technique Of Planting By The Signs – “Through text and scripture from all ages, we can see that planting by the activities of the moon and by zodiac signs has eternally been a part of nature.” – Bob Rodgers

1816 – Year Without A Summer – Massive Crop Failure, Food Shortages – “A big preparedness lesson from history is the summer of 1816 – the year without a summer.” – Ken Jorgustin

LifeCard® by TrailBlazer Firearms: Weekly Product Review – “So why should you own this pistol? From the perspective of someone on a fixed income and with limited resources I can answer this easily. This is a pistol that easily fills multiple roles. You can use it as a last ditch or very covert defensive tool.”- Jesse Mathewson   – DON’T USUALLY POST MANY PRODUCT REVIEWS, BUT THIS ONE WAS INTERESTING. SO SMALL YOU CAN HIDE IT IN A DECK OF CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grid Down: How to Get Water From Your Well When There is No Power – Tess Pennington




Psalm 75:4   I said unto the fools, Deal not foolishly: and to the wicked, Lift not up the horn:



(The original chart Deagel produced, just a few shorts years ago, showed the U.S. population dropping to 65 million now it is revised to 54 million. Deagel is one of those companies that operates in the shadows and, like Rand, with all of their “work” is done for the government – nothing for the private sector.)