Trump Fired Comey: So What? Wasn’t Comey Incompetent? – “The amount of nonsense written about Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey is staggering. Democrats allege the firing is proof that Trump is hiding something. So here we go again with absurd allegations and innuendo that Trump conspired with Rusia to steal the election from Hillary. Let’s start with the key question: Was Comey competent?”

Senate Hearing Summary: Everything You Thought You Knew About Russia/Comey Just Got Destroyed

Bill Clinton Fired the FBI Director the Day Before Vince Foster Was Found Dead – HMMMM!!!!!

Maxine Waters Does It Again… – “Maxine Waters is mad; angry as hell that President Trump dared to fire FBI Director Comey and she took to MSNBC to explain just how terrible his decision to fire Comey was… except it didn’t quite come out that way – as we are used to seeing when the California Democrat opens her mouth. “I do not necessarily support the president’s decision,” asked if she would be okay with a hypothetical President Hillary Clinton dismissing Comey from his position, Waters said yes.” – DEMOCRATIC LOGIC, NOT OK FOR TRUMP TO FIRE HIM, BUT IT WOULD HAVE BEEN OK IF HILLARY DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT IS U.S. GOAL IN THE WORLD? DOES ANYONE KNOW? – “Pat Buchanan on multiple failed interventions: ‘We have lost control of our destiny’ “

Just Another ROTHSCHILD Puppet (VIDEO) – Andy Hoffman

Enter Emmanuel Macron and the Third Reich Redux – Phil Butler

Boston Herald Sets Disgusting Trend Of Dehumanizing Parents, Calls Anti-Vaccine Speech A “Hanging Offense”

EMERGENCY Action Item: Join us in reporting Boston Herald journo-terrorists to the Boston FBI and Boston Police – “Earlier this week, the Boston Herald openly published an editorial representing the views of its entire editorial staff, essentially calling for government-run execution squads to mass murder scientists, journalists and naturopathic physicians who oppose mercury in vaccines.”

Are You Ready to Die? – Paul Craig Roberts

More states follow Trump’s assault on ‘sanctuary cities’ – “At least 33 states considered laws this year to crack down on “sanctuary cities” — nearly double the number from 2016 — following President Trump’s moves against communities that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement.”

President Trump’s ‘Very, Very Good’ Meeting with Russian Foreign Ministerl

The Map the Media Doesn’t Want You to See: Nations With the Most Refugees Have the Most Terror Attacks – “The globalists who run the governments and the media outlets in Europe will never admit the truth about the refugee crisis. They’ll never admit that there is a direct link between opening their nation’s borders to people from chaotic war-torn nations, and horrific terrorist attacks. They’re constantly reassuring their citizens that they have nothing to worry about from refugees who come from terror prone regions, and to suggest otherwise is racist and Islamophobic.”

☎ RED ALERT☎ Dr. Jim Willie Worldwide Collapse Has Begun! (VIDEO)

Can times get better in America without a major crisis?

Debt Apocalypse: US Student and Auto Loans Hit New Record of $2.6 Trillion.

Deep State Running Scared-AG Sessions Has Clinton, Comey, Lynch and Holder In His Sights

The Hammer Is About To Drop On DC Elites: Panic Hits After Comey Firing – Report: Susan Rice Demands Immunity

Kissinger At White House Signals a Bigger Scandal Than Comey (VIDEO) – “Looking back through decades of U.S. foreign policy, we see a familiar pattern of bad plays in the theater of war. With the U.S. repeating similar insanity that seems geared more towards unending war, than the stated outcome. Is it a coincidence that Henry Kissinger was an instrumental influence in the Vietnam quagmire, and now rears his ugly head in the White House as the Syria situation gets worse by the day?”

Essential Survival Skills That Kids Should Know ASAP

The Retail Apocalypse Arriveth

Macy’s Crushed But Don’t Blame E-Commerce – Dave Kranzler

New Orleans Removes Jefferson Davis Monument; Gens. Beauregard, Lee Next – “The assertion that monuments to these men contributes to “racial” problems is belied by how they lived their lives.” – EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!!!!!

Militant Leftists Are More An Annoyance Than A Real Threat To Liberty – Brandon Smith

Watch: The Moment A Driver Shoots And Kills Gunman Who Randomly Attacked Him At Illinois Gas Station – “The video proves once again that the Second Amendment saves lives, because determined criminals who intend to harm innocent people will absolutely get their hands on a weapon regardless of background checks or waiting periods.”

A Tale of Two Justice Systems – Wall Street vs. Main Street – Michael Krieger

The U.S. Govt’s Top-Secret Space Plane Just Returned From Orbit. What Was It Doing?

Worst Restaurant Tailspin since 2009/2010 Crushes Lower End – “Rising household debt load” likely to “suppress consumption, including eating out.” – Wolf Richter

Clean Your Kitchen: How to Trash the Toxins and Focus on Clean Food – “What is “clean” food? This is the food that we are naturally intended to eat, food that our bodies can process and turn into energy and muscle – nutrients we can use to provide us with glowing health – fuel that doesn’t make us fat.” – Daisy Luther

The Manipulation Of The Physical Gold & Silver Markets Must Be Stopped. By Gregory Mannarino (VIDEO)

Something Big Changed In The U.S. Gold Market In 2017




Isaiah 33:1  Woe to thee that spoilest, and thou wast not spoiled; and dealest treacherously, and they dealt not treacherously with thee! when thou shalt cease to spoil, thou shalt be spoiled; and when thou shalt make an end to deal treacherously, they shall deal treacherously with thee.