Trump Mocks ‘Cryin’ Chuck Schumer For Switching Positions On Comey

Trump fires Comey: spin doctors go wild in the swamp – “In the political swamp that is Washington, and in the press swamp, motor boats began speeding every which way in the wake of Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director Comey. People in the boats are holding up signs to explain the reason for the firing.” – Jon Rappoport

10 MAJOR FBI SCANDALS ON COMEY’S WATCH – “The FBI interviewed almost every terrorist who successfully struck America”

Lavrov to meet Trump in Washington, Russia’s Foreign Ministry confirms

Report: U.S. THAAD Missile Defense System “May Not Be Capable Of Actually Intercepting North Korean Nukes”

US Congress Bends over Backwards to Prevent Improvement of Relationship with Russia – Peter Korzun

8 Health Benefits Of Spinach You Likely Didn’t Know

New president wants South Korea to learn to say ‘no to America,’ improve relations with Kim Jong-un

North Korea ‘not afraid’ as it plans new nuclear test, says ambassador – “In UK In his first interview, the regime’s UK ambassador tells Sky his nation will continue ballistic missile and nuclear programmes.”

The War on Syria: Justice Dangles From A Tree – “President Putin has called for justice and an “unbiased probe” into who is responsible for an alleged chemical gas attack at Khan Sheikoun, Syria, on April 4, which the Americans immediately claimed was an attack by the Syrian government, without providing any proof in fact nor any motive nor possible benefit to Syria. Syria and Russia state that it is the western backed terrorists who are responsible for making and storing chemical weapons at a sight the Syrians bombed or that it was a provocation by the terrorists and therefore by the Americans and their allies.” – Christopher Black

How World War 3 Will Happen: “The citizen will be the last to know.” – Daisy Luther

French Election A Catastrophe For World Peace – “Marine Le Pen’s defeat, if the vote count was honest, indicates that the French are even more insouciant than Americans. The week before the election the Russian high command announced that Washington had convinced the Russian military that Washington intended a preemptive nuclear first strike against Russia. No European leader saw danger in this annoucement except Le Pen.” – Paul Craig Roberts

French Election of Emmanuel “Clinton” – Revolt of the Western Elites – Pepe Escobar

Chicago logs its 200th homicide of the year: ‘This has to stop’ – AND WE STILL HAVE 2/3 OF THE YEAR LEFT!!!!!

Baltimore Has Become A Rotting, Decaying War Zone As A Raging Opioid Epidemic Eats Away At The City Like Cancer – Michael Snyder

New fear of explosions in Fukushima — Nuclear waste threatens to “spontaneously combust” — Millions of tons of radioactive material could be released — Nuclear Expert: Japanese government is “terrified” (AUDIO)

“Emergency” Declared at WA Nuclear Waste Facility — “Take Cover” Orders Issued

Drone Images Expose Major US, Jordan Military Build-up On Syrian Border

Mexico was second deadliest country in 2016 – SO LET’S LET MORE IN SO WE CAN BECOME THE 2ND DEADLIEST COUNTRY!!!!!!!

Merkel’s former defense minister joins arms corp with links to Saudis, USAF & Erdogan

Are Forces Being Put Into Place Outside Of Venezuela For Regime Change? (VIDEO)

Obama Pockets $3.2 Million For Speaking Gig In Milan – “You can’t sell out again if you’ve already sold out before…come on people, it doesn’t work that way. I’d just point out that in 2008, Barack Obama raised more money from Wall Street than any candidate in history”

Why Liberals Aren’t as Tolerant as They Think – “The political left might consider itself more open-minded than the right. But research shows that liberals are just as prejudiced against conservatives as conservatives are against liberals.”

Tips on How To Survive A Dog Attack

California House Thinks Communists Should Work for State Government – “Of course, with the leftist tilt of the state government over the past several years, perhaps it is not surprising that they would sympathize with state workers who carry a Communist Party card”

Ticking, (Short-Fuse) Time Bombs For The “Challenging” Central Banking Industry – Andy Hoffman

81 Percent Of Americans Are ‘Concerned About Declining Moral Behavior In Our Nation’ – Michael Snyder

Is Gold Signaling The Next Financial Crisis? (VIDEO) with Dave Kranzler and Rory Hall




Isaiah 1:7  Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire: your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers.