Hackers Hit Dozens of Countries Exploiting Stolen N.S.A. Tool – OK FOR THE NSA TO HAVE THESE CAPABILITIES, HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24 Hours Later: “Unprecedented” Fallout From First Global, Coordinated Ransomware Attack

French Rope-a-dope: Macron’s agenda shows he may actually be a puppet of the Rothschilds rather than the assumed tool of Germany – Ken Schortgen

Japan may host Tomahawk-compatible launchers to counter N. Korea missile threat – media – “Japan is reportedly considering adopting the land-based version of the Aegis missile defense system over THAAD, citing the N. Korean missile threat. The system could potentially be used with Tomahawk missiles, making it a threat to Russia and China.”

Has Venezuela’s Crisis Reached a Tipping Point?

Protesting pensioners scuffle with police in Venezuela

Will Trump agree to the Pentagon’s permanent war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria?

Shut Down the ‘Russia-gate’ Farce – “It’s bogus, it’s boring, and it’s hurting the country” – Justin Raimondo

The NSA Knows Everything! (VIDEO) – “Right Wing News takes a look at the true scope of surveillance that Americans deal with every day, and what’s to come in the future. With the number of household appliances joining the ‘Internet of Things’ set to grow at a record pace, the potential for third parties to monitor our every movement grows as well. There is a price for ease of access and convenience, and it looks like the average American is more than happy to pay it.”

Comey firing justly knocks FBI off its pedestal – James Bovard

The Last Person You’d Expect to Die in Childbirth – “The U.S. has the worst rate of maternal deaths in the developed world, and 60 percent are preventable.”

Gerald Celente – Market Correction? When & How (VIDEO)

$500 Trillion in Derivatives “Remain an Important Asset Class”: Hilariously, the New York Fed – “An important asset class. A hilarious understatement. Let’s see… the “notional amount” of $500 trillion is 25 times the GDP of the US and about 7 times global GDP. Derivatives are not just an “important asset class,” like bonds; they’re the largest “financial weapons of mass destruction,” as Warren Buffett called them in 2003.” – Wolf Richter

WikiLeaks Destroys Russian Conspiracy Theory, Offers $100K for Trump-Comey Tapes – Claire Bernish

BBC Has Evidence of Syrian Chemical Weapons, but There’s One Major Problem – “The intelligence information about the suspected weapons manufacturing sites was shared with the BBC on condition the agency providing it would not be named. “It does not give detail about how the alleged evidence was gathered.”

How to Prepare for War … and Growing Nuclear Threats

G7 Economy Ministers and Central Bankers Take First Step Towards a Global “Web Tax”

Did You See These Viral ‘News’ Stories? Three Days, Three MSM ‘Fake News’ Stories Get Debunked – “The establishment media aka the MSM appears to be attempting to break their own record of how many “fake news” stories they can get to go viral over the course of three days since the firing of FBI Director James Comey.”

Holier-Than-Thou: How US Mainstream Media Rebuke Foreign Leaders

The Imperative of Replacing Google and Facebook – “The two tech giants and others like them may have appeared at their inceptions to political, business, and military leaders around the world as merely opportunistic corporations seeking profits and expansion. However, Google and Facebook, among others, have become clearly much more than that. Both have verifiably worked with the US State Department in pursuit of geopolitical objectives around the world” – Tony Cartalucci

Baking Soda – The Biggest Enemy of the Pharmaceutical Industry

The First World War: A Turning Point in Global History – “Here in the United States, one can only imagine. How would life would be different if World War I and the subsequent chain of events had not occurred. It is very likely that we would still have a sound currency based on specie, a smaller and less centralized government, lower taxes, and suffer much less of the now ubiquitous Surveillance State.” – James Wesley Rawles

Craig Hemke of TF Metals Explains Silver Manipulation Like NEVER Before (Podcast)

Massive Corporate Consolidation of Local News Underway

We’re All Tenant Farmers: Oregon Plans to Douse Azure Standard Organic Farm in Pesticide – “If you buy organic products, chances are you have heard of Azure Standard, which is sort of like a mobile co-op that delivers well-priced organic food and products in bulk to drop-off points around the country. Now that idyllic 2000-acre organic farm, which has produced reasonably priced organic wheat, field peas, barley, Einkorn, and beef for thousands of people across the country, is about to be sprayed against their will with Roundup and other harmful pesticides, due to a ruling from their local municipality about invasive plants.” – Daisy Luther

The Last Act Of A Central Bank,Pillage The People & Leave Them Destitute, We Are Here (VIDEO)

A Frozen Conscience – “Ronald Bernard is a Dutch ex-banker who can vouch that the stories of Elite child sacrifices are true. Read his words here.” – Bankster Slayer

Retail Sales Disappoint Again: Department Stores Clobbered in 2017

Powerful new film on the HPV vaccine being released by ANH-USA – “HPV vaccines like Cervarix and Gardasil have harmed young women and girls across the globe. And yet, many mainstream media sources, like NPR, have continued to perpetuate the myth that these vaccines are totally safe, effective and incapable of causing harm.”

Our Leader’s Crimes Are On Display- The Whole World’s Watching – “The globalist-serving minions in Congress are desperately trying to remove President Trump over some mythical treason allegations connected to treason. Why? Because they see inevitable coming. Soon, those who with horribly depraved life-styles, one that involves victimizing children, will soon be held accountable.”

Silver Demand Shows A Consumer In Trouble (VIDEO) with Dave Kranzler and Rory Hall




Psalm 119:104  Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way.