“Did Russia Ever Interfere In The US Elections?” Putin Answers: “Watch My Lips, No”

Can Republicans Break Free of the ‘Russian Trap’? – “this tactic is hardly new – it’s easy to recognize these maneuvers from the sad playbook of the McCarthy era. The technique is fairly simple: first an image of absolute evil is established and perpetuated – in this case, of Russia and Vladimir Putin – and then anyone who has had the slightest contact with them or has even offered a sympathetic assessment (a «thought crime») is ostracized.”

Hacking elections: Trump vs. Bill Clinton: not even close – “If Trump was embroiled now in what Clinton was embroiled in then, the press would go over-the-top insane now.” – Jon Rappoport

U.S., Turkey Set on a Collision Course

60% of Americans believe MSM reports fake news – poll

Why Has Trust in Media Collapsed? Look at Actions of WSJ, Yahoo, Business Insider and Slate. – Glenn Greenwald

Democrat Rep Tips Off Illegals to Thwart Enforcement of Immigration Law – “With friends like this, who needs enemies? Of course, she is simply demonstrating that she is on the side of those who break the law, which makes her an accomplice to every single crime committed by illegal aliens in this area. tipping off those who are in violation of the law is unbecoming of a representative who is given authority to legislate. She is committing a crime against her own people! After being called out for her criminal activity, DuBois was unrepentant and began justifying it.”

Leftists, Dick Cheney, And Hillary Clinton Unite To Peddle Russia Hacking Narrative, Provoke New Cold War

Is Monsanto responsible for a 90 percent drop in the bumblebee population? – “Past research has shown that glyphosate is capable of doing serious damage to bees, even at sub-lethal doses that are equivalent to what may typically be found in the environment. In 2014, researchers from Argentina found that Roundup can actually cause bees to starve by interfering with their senses.”

EU could BREAK UP the US: Juncker in jaw-dropping threat to Trump over support for Brexit

12 Signs That America Has Become A Politically-Correct Madhouse

‘Build that wall?’ Some Canadians are calling for more border control, too

The Bill To Fix Health Care – Permanently* – Karl Denninger – MR DENNINGER HAS SOME EXCELLENT IDEAS!!!!!!

Political Noise Can’t Drown out Russia’s Potential – “Russia is an important country that deserves serious consideration, not the superficial caricature now on display. Investors have a rare opportunity to make huge profits in Russian markets right now. They key to unlocking this profit opportunity is to ignore the political bombast and focus on the fundamentals.” – Jim Rickards

Podesta’s Russian Bribe Money (VIDEO) -The Common Sense Show

‘No Jab No Pay’ – Big Pharma Behind Australian Mandatory Vaccines Push

Dr. Phil Interview Exposes Global Elite Pedophiles – “Experts who have studied the phenomenon, though, say this story is just the tip of a gigantic iceberg that stretches across the globe and is especially concentrated in power centers such as Washington, D.C., New York City, and London”

Chelsea Clinton warns global warming causes diabetes – “Not fast food, or sugary drinks, or a poor diet…the weather: The Alt-Left also has a tendency to blame the goofiest things on climate change” – WHAT A DIMWIT, BUT LOOK WHERE SHE COMES FROM. GOD FORBID SHE IS EVER CONSIDERED FOR ANY KIND OF POLITICAL OFFICE!!!!!

The Market Has Its Head Buried Deep In The Sand – “Several “black swans” are looming which could inflict a financial nuclear accident on the U.S. markets and financial system. – Dave Kranzler

Meet Pharmacy Benefit Managers – ‘The Most Profitable Corporations You’ve Never Heard Of’

While American’s Were Sleeping The Surveillance State Is Almost Complete (VIDEO)

8 Basic Survival Skills That You Ought To Know

Record Debt Dangling Over A Cliff: “We all Know How This Party is Going to End”

Margin Debt Hits Record High Coinciding With Extreme Consumer Confidence: Analysts Say “Don’t Worry” – “The Wall Street Journal reports Margin Debt Hit an All-Time High in February. Given that Margin debt has a history of peaking right before financial collapses this seems like a warning to me but analysts say it’s different this time.”

NGA: The Massive Spy Agency You Haven’t Heard Of

Broken America – “Is this the beginning of the end for the United States of America? It has been said that a house divided against itself will surely fall, and today we live in a shattered union. In all my years, I have never seen so much strife, discord, bitterness and resentment in this country. Everyone can see what is happening, but nobody can seem to stop it.” – Michael Snyder

March Comex Silver “Deliveries” – “It seems that every few months, the charade of “physical delivery” on Comex becomes so outrageous that we feel compelled to write about it. Well here we are again today.” – Turd Ferguson of TF Metals Report

WE ARE UNDER A MULTIFACETED ATTACK (VIDEO) – ” Sofia Smallstorm & Ella Draper, mother of the Hampstead Coverup children join me to discuss the multifaceted attack on humanity.”

You Have A Morphine-Like Painkiller Growing In Your Backyard

Shock, Horror: ECB Not as “Independent” as it Claims – Report – “The problem is not just the ECB’s coziness with the institutions it is supposed to supervise; there’s also the inconvenient fact, much ignored until now, that it is considerably more politically engaged than it often pretends to be” – Don Quijones

Is There Lead in Your Water? – “Why to check it, How to test it, What to do about it” – Daisy Luther

Could This Be the Most Versatile Firearm to Use in a SHTF Scenario?

Death Valley Snowballs and Fiat Currencies – “Snowballs in Death Valley tell us most of what we need to know about debt based fiat currencies – and their chances for survival.” – Gary Christenson




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