WikiLeaks Reveals “Marble”: Proof CIA Disguises Their Hacks As Russian, Chinese, Arabic…

There Was No ‘Russian Hacking’ of the 2016 Election – “The “cyber-security” firm that everyone is depending on to make the case for Russia’s alleged “hacking” of the 2016 presidential election, CrowdStrike, has just retracted a key component of its analysis – but the “mainstream” media continues to chug along, ignoring any facts that contradict their preferred narrative.”

“Most catastrophic fisheries collapse in history” expected along West Coast — Official: “This is a nightmare, I have never in my life dreamed that it could get this bad” — Threat of “coast-wide fishing failure” (VIDEO) – STILL NOTHING FROM THE MAINSTREAM ON THIS!!!!!!!!!

The Ticking Time Bomb That Will Wipe Out Virtually Every Pension Fund In America

Russia Preps for Epic Split With Global Banking Cartel by Dumping US Dollar for Gold Read – Claire Bernish

Bloody day in South Shore: 7 people shot dead in four-block area of South Side neighborhood – SWEET HOME CHICAGO! GOTTA LOVE IT!!!!!!

Interview with Dr. Jim Willie: Top 10 Risks to the U.S. Dollar (VIDEO)

Connecticut considering weaponizing drones – CONNECTICUT, THE ANTI-GUN STATE,  WANTS TO HAVE ARMED DRONES FOR THE POLICE!!!!!!

Fake News And Real Money (VIDEO) – “Propaganda, also known as “fake news,” has become the norm in mainstream media reporting. Somehow the idea of Russia hacking the DNC computers morphed into the generic, “Russia hacked the election.” Per Hitler’s formula, Hillary Clinton introduced the idea during one of the presidential debates and kept repeating it until the press seized it and ran all the way with to the end zone with “Trump is a Russian ally.” Now Congress is pre-occupied with the fraudulent charge that Russia is controlling U.S. politics. The whole spectacle is beyond idiotic.” – Dave Kranzler and Rory Hall

Venezuela Muzzles Legislature, Moving Closer to One-Man Rule – OBAMA WOULD FIT RIGHT IN FOR THAT ROLE IN THE SOCIALIST COUNTRY!!!!!!

This Is Why Europe Is A Boiling Cauldron, Ready To Boil Over – Remember The 1915 Slaughter Of Nearly 2 Million Christians By The Islamic Government Of Turkey?

Forget Trump’s Twitter Posts, the U.S. Is Using al-Qaeda as a Proxy Army in Syria

Explosive Report: Flynn Prepared To TESTIFY Against President Trump And Russia Ties In Exchange For Immunity

Trump Defends Flynn: “He Should Ask For Immunity In This Media Witch Hunt”

You Do Not Go To War With Your Own People – “Donald Trump is making the exact same tragic mistake that other prominent leaders have made in the past. You never, ever, ever go to war with your own people. Yes, you may have some very serious disagreements with your own team sometimes, but you never go to war with them.”

EU trying to poach UK banks and businesses following invoking of Article 50 – “Needless to say, the European Commission has not been accepting the reality that a member state would actually leave the Union very well” – Ken Schortgen

US Imposes New Sanctions on Russia to Make Islamic State Leaders Happy – “The efforts to divide the two great powers to make them go separate ways benefit the IS and others extremists. Imposing restrictive measures against Russia is a sure way to make the IS leaders happy.” – Alex Gorka

EPA Chief Rejects Agency’s Own Science, Won’t Ban Toxic Insecticide In Your Food

Hillary’s 2020 Vision of Revenge – “Did anyone really expect Madame Secretary to meander forever? Even in the wake of her unexpected defeat, Hillary’s professed pining for natural seclusion was, as usual, a lie.”

Last Two Times After Our Dear Government Reported Data Like This, Stocks Crashed – Wolf Richter

Parents must rat on kids for internet piracy, German court rules

#Pedogate: Human trafficking and pedophilia a silent epidemic, cops and politicians involved

Putin Blasts Euro-Western Culture of Pedophilia and Satanism – “Recent events have sparked renewed interest in an explosive speech given by Vladimir Putin at the final plenary meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club On September 19, 2013”

Facial Recognition Tech Could Ensnare Millions of Innocent Americans for Crimes They Didn’t Commit

The Great Interest Rate Illusion – “Now that the Fed went ahead and done what all the Fedheads had said that they would do on March 15, the question is, what did the Fed actuallydo? Did they tighten credit? No. Did they reduce the size of the Fed’s balance sheet? No. Did they decrease the growth rate of the money supply? No. Did they raise interest rates? No.”

These Aren’t Considered SHTF Survival Skills, But They Really Should Be

Frothy and Anti-Frothy – “Precious Metal markets have not been this “anti-frothy” – i.e., undervalued – in decades; with countless, potentially major upside catalysts looming in the very near-term – like the debt ceiling, French elections, etc. The last time I looked, the best time to invest is when markets are at their “anti-frothiest”; and in the 15 years I have watched Precious Metals, that time is NOW!” – Andy Hoffman

Grand deception in virus and disease research – Jon Rappoport

6 Intimidating (And Quiet) Alternatives To Guns


Zephania 1:3  I will consume man and beast; I will consume the fowls of the heaven, and the fishes of the sea, and the stumbling blocks with the wicked: and I will cut off man from off the land, saith the Lord.