Clinton jabs Trump in first major post-election speech – SHE’S BAAACK! UNFORTUNATELY!!!!

Russia scandal? Inside the Obama-Clinton uranium deal – Hillary OK’d sale as cash flowed to foundation, Bill’s pockets”  – LONG BUT VERY INFORMATIVE. YOU WON’T HEAR THIS ON THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. YOU WILL JUST HEAR ABOUT SUPPOSED TRUMP DEALINGS WITH RUSSIA, WHEN THIS IS ACTUAL FACT!!!!!

Michael Moore Loses It (Again): Warns Of “Extinction Of Human Life Due To Donald Trump” – “Of course, what Mr. Moore perhaps is missing that if indeed President Trump’s cunning plan is human extinction, then this is a truly progressive agenda since the end of humanity would surely be great for the environment.”

Obamacare is the Reason for Anemic Growth-Karl Denninger (VIDEO)

It Begins: ICE Raids Innocent LEGAL Family and Shoots Their Dad – Claire Bernish

Harvard Scientists Plan ‘Chemtrails’ Experiment On Unknowing Public (VIDEO)

You Will Never Hear These Truths Discussed In The Mainstream – “The general public truly lives in two separate worlds. We have the world of the mainstream media, popular culture and political rhetoric; a world which constantly and desperately seeks to twist or destroy any legitimate measure of reality, leading people into a frenzied fog. Then, we have the world of concrete facts; an ugly, brutal world that upsets many people when they see it and leaves them with little more than the hope that the most innovative of us will perhaps reverse the disastrous course, or at least, survive to carry on a meaningful level of civilization.” – Brandon Smith

FATTY FATTY BOOM-UN North Korea threatens WAR with the US after Senator John McCain called despot Kim Jong-un a ‘crazy fat kid’

Smart kids more likely to smoke weed & drink alcohol as teens — study

Brexit Officially Begins: EU Receives Article 50 Notice From The UK; What Happens Next

How Many Jobs Do Robots Destroy? Answers Emerge – Wolf Richter

Recent TSA Molestation Video Proves Americans Have Become Authority Worshipping Slaves

Why the Comey Hearing Was Frightening to a Russian – “What frightened me was this exchange: Rep. Jackie Speier (D., Ca): Do you know anything about Gazprom, Director? FBI Director James Comey: I don’t. Speier: Well, it’s a — it’s an oil company. Gazprom, of course, is Russia’s biggest company.” – THERE YOU HAVE IT. WE HAVE AN IDIOT INVESTIGATING RUSSIA WHO DOESN’T KNOW A THING ABOUT RUSSIA!!!!!!!

WARNING: U.S. Ponzi Retirement Market In Big Trouble, Protect With Precious Metals

House Comittee Passes Bill to Audit the Fed (VIDEO)

Gowdy Shocking Denial Of NSA Surveillance! Tucker Baffled! Gowdy Contests Napolitano And Binney! (VIDEO) – ” Gowdy flatly denies that the Deep State is that deep and suggests that any information would only be used as a result of a FISA request. I love Gowdy, but I find it almost impossible to believe that he is not aware of the extent of the NSA, CIA, FBI, and the existence of a Shadow Government/ Deep State/ Elite/ Cabal, whatever he would know them as. If it is true that Gowdy really doesn’t know and is not really AWAKE, that fact scares the hell out of me! It may be why Trump never saw Gowdy as an option for AG!” – MY THOUGHTS AS WELL, AS GOWDY IS USUALLY ON TOP OF THINGS!!!!!

Out Of Control: Half Of All Americans Are Already In FBI’s Facial Recognition Database – “Technocrats throughout the intelligence agencies collect and store this data with the intent of total social engineering in the future. To our own harm, Congress continues to fund their activities”

The Political Parties Are An Illusion Designed To “Relegate The Governed To A Position Barely Above That Of Cattle”

Census: Immigration to bust 100-year record, continue surging

30mn Africans may come to Europe within next 10 years – EU parliament chief

The Rockefellers and One’s Point of Being – “David was an active supporter of globalization and made great efforts to manually steer complex international processes. In particular, he devoted considerable time to the problem of energy and water shortages, suggesting in particular to the UN to think about regulating the population of the planet, without even being embarrassed by the fact that such ideas were just a step away from eugenics” – Grete Mautner  – WHEN ONE DIES ANOTHER TAKES HIS PLACE. BILL GATES WORKS MUCH THE SAME WAY!!!!!

New radiation spikes detected in multiple countries — Mystery deepens as officials work to triangulate source — Nuclear Expert: “It is serious… likely means a continuing release still going on”

An easy guide to growing herbs – The 12 herbs you should have in your garden

Doctors Gave Boy 3 Days to Live, Then His Mom Secretly Gave Him Cannabis

This State Just Banned Carrying A Gun While Drinking A Single Can Of Beer

A Fight to the Death…Theirs!- “At the end of the day, little damage was done, with both metals poised for the “inevitable, decisive 200 week moving average victory” that must mathematically occur – marking the end of the nearly six year PM “bear market” (in U.S. dollar terms, as foreign-denominated gold prices have soared for years); and the beginning of the end of history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme.” – Andy Hoffman

A Flood of Momentum into Gold & Silver? (VIDEO) – ” Bankers can read charts as well as anyone, and DO NOT want to see the flood of momentum that will return to the long side of the silver market when silver prices break through $18/oz and head towards $21. At that point, we expect to see big money that has been sitting on the sidelines jump into gold and silver as it becomes clear a new bull market is underway.”

‘Powder Kegs’ Placed All Across The Country – Maps Show Terrorists Throughout America – Full Scale Revolution (Part 2)

DIY: Build a Portable, Mobile CB Base Station in a Bag – BUILT FOR LESS THAN $50!!!!!!

Breeder Babies, Satanic Child Trafficking Exposed by Former Hollywood Insider- Jon Robberson Interview (VIDEO) – The Common Sense Show

Retail Investor Euphoria Sign of Looming Market Bubble – Peter Schiff




Psalms 140:3     They have sharpened their tongues like a serpent; adders’ poison [is] under their lips. Selah.