This Is Not A Drill! The Economic Crisis Will Start This Year & Last For 5 Years: Clif High (VIDEO)

Eastern Europe & World War III – “Europe could become the site of a new global war in the East as tensions build there against refugees and the economic decline fosters old wounds. The EU is deeply divided over the refugee issue and thus it is fueling its own demise and has failed to be a stabilizing force.” – Martin Armstrong

Mysterious Wikileaks Tweets Are Melting Down The Internet – What Is ‘Vault 7’ And Why Has It Suddenly Gone Viral? – “Is The ‘Bombshell Of All Bombshells’ Coming? Wikileaks Julian Assange To US State Department: ‘I’ll Try To Make This Clear, We Don’t Have A Problem, You Have A Problem'”

As We Approach The Economic Crisis The Government Will Start To Breakdown (VIDEO)

Explosion At French Nuclear Power Plant, No Risk Of Nuclear Contamination – BELIEVE I’VE HEARD THIS BEFORE ABOUT FUKUSHIMA!!!

Fox News: Breaking… “New fuel leaks have been discovered” at Fukushima — “Experts believe melted fuel is leaking” — Radiation levels could be over 5,000 sieverts — “Wow, this is a crazy story”… it only continues to get worse (VIDEO)

NEW AXIS OF EVIL Highly-trained Hamas commandos head to Egypt to team-up with terror group ISIS – “Bomb makers are among those said to have joined Islamic State jihadis”

Radical Islam is spreading across Belgium, Salafists preach via TV & online media – report

Based On Current Trends, It Is Only A Matter Of Time Before The Gay Population In The U.S. Is Larger Than The Evangelical Population

Rare Honesty From A Corporate CEO – “James Tisch shared some extraordinarily candid observations about the financial markets on Loews Corp’s Q4 earnings conference call on Monday. I say “extraordinary” because I do not believe I have ever heard, in well over 30 years of capital markets experience, any corporate CEO – or any corporate officer – ever speak honestly about the condition of the financial markets.” – Dave Kranzler

Rand Paul and Tucker Carlson Discuss Audit The Fed And Potential Neocon Trump Pick (VIDEO)

Why Food Stamps Don’t Promote Healthy Eating – “Food stamps have long been promoted with the idea that they improve nutrition and health. Unfortunately, this has never been shown to be true.”

Recession 2017? Things Are Happening That Usually Never Happen Unless A New Recession Is Beginning

Keeping Your Child Safe in a Killer Infested World – “Having some crazy whacked out nut job go into a school and shoot it up has become a real world reality. If you and your kids are Christians then the odds of them being a target have gone up even more. We need to get real with our children with the day and age that we live in” – Ray Gano

Pity the Children of the Islamic World – “What we repeatedly see is child abuse of the highest order and religiously endorsed pedophilia. It is endemic in the Islamic world and it is now rearing its ugly head in the West with no sign of abating.”

Operation “Chaos”: Trump And His Opponents Ushering In Age of Instability

Without Rule of Law: How to Survive a Real Life Purge Like the One in Brazil – “Banks, schools, parks, public hospitals, and public transit have all closed. Gangs have taken over the cities, and the military has been dispatched to regain order. This has been pretty much blacked out by the media” – Daisy Luther

Moves in Gold Price Suggest There’s Trouble Ahead

Why Silver Prices Will Rise with Trump’s Stimulus Plan – Peter Schiff

Sanctions against Russia are already as good as dead, but reverse sanctions from Moscow working just fine – ” let’s look at what has happened to Europe following Russia’s punitive sanctions against their businesses in response to them following lockstep with the U.S.. In the span of three years time since the Game of Sanctions has been played against them, the European economy as a whole has lost an estimated 100 billion euros, and the potential of two million jobs. And it has also led to political turmoil that could see the leaderships in France, Italy, and the Netherlands change hands, as well as the even the crown jewel of the EU, Germany” – Ken Schortgen

5G Network Being Pushed on the Public with Zero Concern for Safety


China Can’t Beat The BULL Out Of BITCOIN (VIDEO) – “It’s all falling apart for the powers that be” – Andrew Hoffman

6 Rules You Need To Follow When Dehydrating Foods

Could You Rebuild Civilization? – “When disaster strikes humanity at any level, the more MacGyver’s there are in society, the more likely we will recover from it with much less pain. Knowledge allows humans to be creative and constructive following a crisis while lack of knowledge turns people into animals doing anything they can to survive. Modern society has very little real knowledge and that does not bode well for the survival of humanity if the fateful day ever comes.” – Tom Chatham

The Beginning of the End of “Net Neutrality”?

Father of ‘Fake News’ PsyOp is Working With Google and Facebook to Shut Down Alternative Media & Free Speech – Leaked Docs

Pentagon plans for ‘doomsday’ artillery shell containing an electromagnetic pulse weapon powerful enough to cripple an entire city’s electronics revealed

Italy’s Banking Crisis Is Even Worse Than We Thought – Don Quijones

Spend More Time And Resources On Physical Conditioning – “If you are SERIOUS about prepping and preparedness, and if you have ANY suspicion that life as we know it might one day become ‘real’ SHTF, then perhaps THE most important thing you can do NOW is to spend more of your time and resources on physical conditioning.”

How To Grow An Endless Supply Of Herbs In Mason Jars

Prepare For The Worst As Worldwide Food Shortages Now Being Reported, Including In The U.S.




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