Peter Schiff-Fed Will Sacrifice Dollar to Prop Up Bonds (VIDEO) – “We’ve got a giant wound that we’ve got a band-aid on. Nobody is really looking at the wound because it is hidden by this band-aid, and it’s getting worse, and worse and worse.”

China Foreign Minister: “I Have Suggestion For My American Friends: Brush Up On The History Of World War Two”

Surviving Haiti – A Real World SHTF Environment

The FBI: The Silent Terror of the Fourth Reich – “In fact, following the second World War, the U.S. government recruited Hitler’s employees, adopted his protocols, embraced his mindset about law and order, implemented his tactics in incremental steps, and began to lay the foundations for the rise of the Fourth Reich. Sounds far-fetched? Read on. It’s all documented.” – John W. Whitehead

Globalists Want To Destroy Conservative Principles – But They Need Our Help – “That said, I want liberty activists and analysts to ponder on this for a moment — to what end is this being done? Why is Soros so interested in fomenting leftist rage? Is it designed to overthrow Trump? To initiate mob action and frighten conservatives into silence? Or do the globalists have a greater and more important goal in mind?” – GOOD ARTICLE FROM BRANDON SMITH!!!!

Has The American Establishment Opted for Thermo-Nuclear War? – “If you want to be an American TV talking head or a Western presstitute, you are required to be braindead and integrity-challenged like Bill O’Reilly, CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and all the rest” – Paul Craig Roberts

Congress Targets Federal Reserve’s Globalist Scheming – “the congressman,Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.). specifically cites the Financial Stability Board, or FSB, which brings together policymakers from the world’s most powerful governments, dictatorships, and central banks to develop international financial regulations under the guise of “stability.”” – KUDOS TO REP. McHENRY!!!!!!

Venezuela’s Crisis Claims Its First Infant Malnourishment Death of 2017

The US Government Is No Longer Legitimate – “In short the people of this nation have proved that they will spend their political capital on abortion, gay marriage, whether a man who dresses as woman because he wishes he was one can******in the woman’s room, whether said person as a teen can shower in the girl’s locker room in a public High School, whether a baker can be put out of business for refusing to make a gay wedding cake and dozens of other “issues” that, while certainly a matter of political difference have exactly zero relevance compared to a segment of our economy that takes one dollar in five from every person in this nation, over $2 trillion a year (that’s over $6,000 stolen from every person in this country every year) and literally threatens every man, woman and child in the nation with bankruptcy, death or both on order to continue to do so on a daily basis.” – Karl Denninger

Army Preps for Urban Warfare in MegaCities: “Mass Migration, Disaster and Inner-City Turmoil”

US EPA Scientist Fired For Trying To Tell The Truth About Climate Engineering And Fluoridated Water

Trump Makes Up Murder Stats to Push for More Government Power – “Perhaps Trump confused the word “highest” with “lowest” since he would be far closer to the truth if he said the homicide rate in the US is “the lowest it’s been in 47 years.” “


This Is Not How You Reverse The Curse: Trump Administration Set To Announce Support For A ‘Two State Solution’


Trump Administration Apparently Heading For War As Iran Dumps U.S. Dollar – “While many were hoping against all odds that a Trump administration would live up to some of its campaign rhetoric and begin to back away from imperialistic foreign adventures, it seems those hopes are being dashed by the day as Trump and his team are giving every indication that they are moving toward war with Iran.”

To the people of Europe who still believe in freedom – Jon Rappoport

US, Iran on Brink of Armed Conflict: War Scenario and Consequences

Hundreds of immigrants convicted and not deported committed more crimes — even murder

Fake and False and Just Plain Nonsense – “The press should simply ignore the crazy stuff and focus on what’s real, but they can’t bring themselves to do so for fear of losing ratings and ad revenues. All Trump needs to do, and that’s not a joke, is to fart or burp into their echo chamber and they’ll all be happy and giddy and all excited and self-satisfied. A spectacle to behold if ever there was one.”

This Is How Out-Of-Whack US Trade Relationships Really Are – “After 25 years of apathy.” – Wolf Richter

10 (Non-Yucky) Ways to Use Castor Oil – Daisy Luther

READ YOU LIKE A FACEBOOK Mark Zuckerberg funds bid to develop mind-reading brain implants – ” implants can be placed inside the brain and have the potential to change people’s behaviour by altering their “physiological responses” – the term for reactions which take place in response to external stimuli.” – FACEBOOK IS A MINING PROGRAM THAT COLLECTS PEOPLE’S OPINIONS. ZUCKERBERG IS FUNDING RESEARCH ESSENTIALLY TO BE ABLE TO CHANGE BEHAVIOR UNDER THE GUISE OF HELPING PEOPLE. DON’T FALL FOR THIS BIG BROTHER CONTROL MECHANISM!!!!!!

EXPOSED: Planned Parenthood sets ‘abortion quotas’, rewards clinics with pizza parties

Every Move You Make the Government Is Watching You (VIDEO)

Vizio smart TVs tracked viewers around the clock without consent – “Manufacturer will pay $2.2 million and delete data to settle privacy-invasion charges.” – THIS WAS JUST VIZIO, HOW ABOUT MICROSOFT, GOOGLE, FACEBOOK AND OTHERS!!!!!!

David Stockman: Don’t Swap-Out the Swamp – ““This whole idea of “lickety-split,” hit the ground running, “ready, fire, aim” is going to cause enormous trouble. They need to get back on the economic issues. As someone famously said in 1993, in the Clinton era ‘It’s the economy, stupid.’ That is how Trump got elected. He needs to refocus on that.”

Proposed Law Will Jail Passengers for 4 Months for Riding in a Car Without an ID – “The nanny/security state has reared its ugly head, again”

The Clintons Assisted Goldman Sachs And Angela Merkel In The Greek Financial Crisis

Californians Are Stockpiling Ammo; Sales Skyrocketing; Buyers Fear Shortage

Obamacare’s catastrophic effect on small business – “During the debate over passage of Obamacare back in 2010, opponents warned that the effect on small businesses would be severe. Flash forward nearly 7 years later and you can see the wholesale damage Obamacare has inflicted on small businesses.”

Expropriation and Impoverishment: “Capitalist” Greece and “Socialist” Venezuela – Charles Hugh Smith

U.N. Admits Global Warming Agenda Is Really About Destroying Capitalism (Video) – “And with the mainstream media’s backing, this global scame has been relatively easy for the U.N. to continue to spread its distorted message to people who cannot, or will not, easily distinguish fact from fiction.”

The Eight Ps of Emergency Evacuation




Psalms 34:21   Evil shall slay the wicked: and they that hate the righteous shall be desolate.