Foreign Governments Dump US Treasuries as Never Before, But Who the Heck is Buying Them? – Wolf Richter

Chinese & US patrol aircraft come ‘unsafely’ close over disputed South China Sea

Hundreds of thousands rally in Iran against Trump, chant ‘Death to America’: TV

War with Iran Agenda: 11 Signs it’s Being Accelerated – “Why Iran? Iran remains one the few countries in the world without a Rothschild-owned central bank. It refuses to bow to the will of the US or to allow the US to place its imperial military bases within its territory.” – INSIGHTFUL!!!!

Why The Melted Fuel Under Fukushima Could Poison Our Planet With Nuclear Radiation For 1000s Of Years

Chemical-ridden GMO foods are now being pushed on Africans, destroying their natural food culture

Cash No Longer King: Europe Moves to Begin Elimination of Paper Money


Putin says he’s ready to meet Trump in Slovenian capital – ““We have always welcomed and count on restoring our relations to the full scale and in all directions, but it depends not only on us, but also on the American side,” Putin said.”

MSM Hides One Of The Biggest National Security Breaches Of The Century From Their Audience – “We have multiple Congressional employees, from Pakinstani descent, accessing information critical to national security on almost every level, with no idea what they have been doing with said information, all under criminal investigation…….. so where are the mainstream media reports?”

16 Fake News Stories Reporters Have Run Since Trump Won – “Journalists, media types, reporters, you have two choices: you can fix these problems, or you can watch your profession go down in flames.”

Trump is Wrong – Saudi Arabia, Not Iran is the World’s ‘Number One Terrorist State

Exercise Sea Shield-2017: NATO Provokes Russia in Black Sea Before Defense Ministers’ Meeting – “Nothing justifies the whipping up of tensions by NATO in the Black Sea region. Too provocative and too dangerous. An incident may spark a fire. The INCSEA agreement appears to be dead as the events in the Baltic Sea demonstrate.”

Holocaust study: medical cartel is destroying America Buckle up. I’ve been telling you about this for years. – “The lunatics and their dupes and proxies are in plain view, every night, on your television screen. There they are. Look at them. Understand what is going on. The full meaning of it. Finally.” – Jon Rappoport

Dow 20,000 + Debt $20,000,000,000,000 = Fiat Slavery In Action – “And make no mistake: The former is directly linked to the latter.”

Congresswoman Maxine Waters Goes Bonkers on Camera (Again)… – “Being no stranger to public meltdowns, fan favorite Congresswoman Maxine Waters has a long history of demonstrating that she lacks a filter that is capable of processing whatever it is that takes place between her ears before it comes out of her mouth, and this week was no different.” – COULDN’T HAVE STATED IT ANY BETTER!!!!!

Mr. President,Why Are There Still Chemtrails Over America? (VIDEO) – The Common Sense Show

The Crash Will Be Violent – “What will be coming soon, however, is the mother of all debt ceiling crises — an eruption of beltway dysfunction that will finally demolish the notion that Trump is good for the economy and the stock market.” – David Stockman

Over 100 dead in Brazil as police strike spurs anarchy

The Reason The Elite Hate Trump So Much Is Because He Is Opposed To The One World Agenda Of The Globalists

George Soros Acquires Stakes In Alphabet, Netflix As Both Corps Ramp Up Censorship, Propaganda – “The willingness of Netflix to engage in distribution of propaganda supporting government initiatives raises questions about how George Soros is using his new influence with the company.”

North Korea Has Resumed Nuke Operations: “The President and the Secretary of Defense Are Taking It Seriously”

Loving Our Servitude in America’s Plantation Economy – “Global capital has optimized the Plantation Model in the form of global corporations. Wal-Mart is the quintessential example. Like a classic agricultural plantation, Wal-Mart enters a region with a diverse, employment-rich ecology of small businesses and supply chains of local and regional manufacturers and distributors, and it bulldozes the entire “forest” of businesses” – Charles Hugh Smith – ANOTHER EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM MR. SMITH!!!!!!!

11.1 Tonnes Of Paper Gold Dumped In Sixty Seconds – ” It represents approximately 30% of the total amount of gold the Comex vault operators are reporting to be available for delivery under Comex contracts – dumped in paper form in 1 minute.” – Dave Kranzler

Domestic Terrorists Attack Free Speech & First Amendment Rights

Great Depression Soup: The Recipe You Better Save For Hard Times – “The point here is that while we would never dream of eating Depression Soup for lunch, remembering how people survived on scraps, literally, might come in handy for tomorrow’s world. We aren’t promised a land of fruit and honey in the future, so knowing how our ancestors survived during hard times might one day ensure our own survival.”

The Importance of Firearms Maintenance in the Wintertime

What We’re Not Being Told About Betsy DeVos and the Department of Education – “DeVos may have undeniable ties to the Republican party, but her policies scare union leaders because they would allow for institutions to use public funds to run schools where staff members aren’t required to be unionized — not because either party is willing to put an end to the federal government’s control of public education.”





Ecclesiastes 9:12   For man also knoweth not his time: as the fishes that are taken in an evil net, and as the birds that are caught in the snare; so are the sons of men snared in an evil time, when it falleth suddenly upon them.